Weekly Warm-Up: Spring is in the Air

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Good morning! I hope you’re enjoying some beautiful spring weather and have had the opportunity to get out and take some terrific photos of your springtime activities and happenings.

Looking for fun ideas for scrapbooking them? You’ll love our March/April 2010 issue particularly Mou Saha’s “Spring is in the Air” article. She shows you how to use pre-made products like stickers and patterned paper to create seasonal accents like rainbows, kites, and clouds for your spring-themed scrapbook layouts. Here’s a sneak preview of two of the darling pages featured in this article.

I love how Mou used patterned paper featuring clouds as the background for this page, and it’s so clever how she used photo corners to create the kite.

"Let's Fly a Kite" by Mou Saha, as seen in the March/April 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes

Look how cute the buttons make this rainbow patterned paper. If you want to recreate this look but don’t have this particular patterned paper, don’t fret! Use a circle cutter or a dinner plate to cut concentric circles or rings in several colors of cardstock. Then just ink the edges of each piece, arrange them to look like a rainbow and adhere your buttons.

"You Are My Rainbow" by Mou Saha, as seen in the March/April 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes

How about some fun products to scrapbook your photos with? Check out the cute bees and flowers on the Bee Happy line from AdornIt – Carolee’s Creations:

Another cute line you won’t want to miss is Quite Contrary from My Mind’s Eye:

And, if you’re feeling spunky, you’ll want to check out this energetic line from Sassafras called Nerdy Bird:

Want to win one a sampling of one of these great spring lines? Leave us a comment by this Friday, April 16, 2010 and let us know what you like to take photos of in the spring. We’ll choose three lucky winners from the comments to win one of these three great lines.

–Lori Fairbanks, editor


Trend Talk: Ruffles

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-Megan Hoeppner, creative editor, and Lori Fairbanks, editor

March/April 2010 Issue: An Insider’s Look

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Hey there! Are you as antsy for spring as I am? If so, make sure you check out the March/April issue of Creating Keepsakes. It’s got so many great ideas for spring-themed pages and techniques to try on them that you’ll be thinking warm, sunny thoughts, even if it’s still a bit chilly outside.

Here are three of my favorite items from this issue, along with a couple of tidbits from our team:

1. Stamping with a template and spray ink

Spritzing and stamping? Ooh la la! Stamping makes me happy, so I was so thrilled to learn about this technique from Liz Hicks, education coordinator for Tattered Angels. I love how Dream Team member Kim Watson interpreted the idea on her page. Want to learn more? Get step-by-step instructions in this month’s “CK Shows You How” column on page 23, and  see Liz’s video demo.

"She Has Spring in Her Step" by Kim Watson, as seen in the March/April 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes, page 26

2. Lots and lots of beautiful pages

If you need a little scrapbooking eye candy, then you’re going to love our “Scrapbook Your Life” article as much as I do—it’s packed with fantastic layouts like this one from Shelley Jaquet. I love how she fit 17 photos on her layout and that they show so many fun family activities.

"Our Family . . . Everyday Life" by Shelley Jaquet, as seen in the March/April 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes, page 72

3. Cool ribbon techniques

Jennifer McGuire always has many creative ideas for using products, and this month’s “Tools & Techniques” column is just too much fun. Check out the grass on this darling “Monster” accent—can you believe she created it by fraying green ribbon? Too clever! (You’ll find additional tips from Jennifer on getting more from ribbon in her column.)

"Monster" by Jennifer McGuire, as seen in the March/April 2010 Creating Keepsakes, page 106

Here are some fun tidbits about this issue from the team:

  • Creative editor Megan Hoeppner designed the adorable layout featured on our cover—didn’t she do a fabulous job? What you may not know is that the photo on the layout was taken by reader/contributor Brigid Gonzalez. She e-mailed it to us at editorial@creatingkeepsakes.com, and it was chosen for this cover! If you have a great photo with strong eye contact and good lighting, send it in for consideration. Your photo could end up being featured in a future issue!

  • Reader/contributor Stacy Cohen found a way to use her instant-coffee purchase on a layout about her morning fix. See the idea on page 108.
  • Editor-in-chief Jennafer Martin had a ball working with contributing writer Mou Saha on the “Spring Is in the Air” feature for this issue. “Mou had so many creative ideas and her enthusiasm for this springy topic brightened up the dreary fall when we worked on it,” says Jennafer. See more of Mou’s work in future issues of CK or on her blog.

  • There’s more than one way for your page to be published in CK. Fresh Face Donna Creedon, whose “Cheeky Grin” layout is featured on page 96, had originally posted the amazing layout on her blog, where creative editor Megan Hoeppner spotted it. It fit so well with the “Spring Is in the Air” article that we snatched it up right away. You never know when one of your layouts will be spotted by our roving talent reporters!
  • Accident or accent? After dropping an ink applicator on her page, reader/contributor Iris Uy turned the unfortunate ink spot into a really cool embossed accent. See it on page 16.
  • April Fools for photos. In the editor’s note, Jennafer Martin wrote a sidebar mentioning a couple of sites to play with your photos. “We didn’t end up publishing it, but I played with my photo on Faceinhole.com to become one of my favorite superheroes. You can be anyone you want to be by putting your head on a photo there,” Jennafer says. Try it today!

What were your favorite items about this issue? Leave us a comment by Friday, March 26, 2010, and you could be one of three lucky winners to receive a sampling of some fun, new scrapbooking products.

—Lori Fairbanks, editor

Weekly Warm-Up: Spray on Some Color

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Enough of the gray skies and cloudy days already; we’re ready for some color! It’s a good thing spring is right around the corner. In the meantime, we can always turn to color in our scrapbooking. Spray mists are all the rage right now. If you’ve never given them a squirt or if you just want to learn more about this hot topic, you’ll want to check out our March/April issue of Creating Keepsakes. Just in time for dyeing eggs, CK editor Lori Fairbanks talks about dyeing scrapbook pages (or elements of them) in the “CK Shows You How” column. In the “Latest & Greatest” column, you’ll also find this Spray Ink Review.

"Spray Ink Review," as seen in the March/April 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes, page 49

After seeing how much fun Lori was having, I couldn’t resist getting in on the act. In my “Tips & Tricks” column, I show four fun ways to create a background from mist and around-the-house items or scrap supplies. I’m not going to give all of those techniques away here, but I will share my favorite one. I used mesh from Magic Mesh and Maya Mist from Maya Road to create a polka-dot background. So easy. So fun.

Speaking of “Tips & Tricks,” this page by Steph Devlin comes out of the column’s archives (featured in the July 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes). Steph punched circles from tissue paper and misted them with Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels to create her awesome circle flower. Talk about a textured treat!

"Balance" by Steph Devlin, as seen in the July 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes, page 107

Want to see a little misting in action? Check out my recent “Studio 5” TV segment for a quick demo on misting and a look at some of the happiest color-adding products on the market right now. Plus, see a review of four additional must-try trends and tools.

A Colorful Question for You
The quickest way to cure a case of the winter blues is with a little color. Besides misting, what are some of your favorite ways to brighten up your designs? Leave your thoughts in a comment below, or e-mail editorial@creatingkeepsakes.com. We always love hearing from you.

Happy soon-t0-be-spring!
Megan Hoeppner, CK creative editor

Celebration Pages in Honor of the Closing Ceremonies

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Hey there! I hope you’ve enjoyed the 2010 Winter Olympics and our Olympic-inspired scrapbooking ideas these past two weeks. In honor of the closing ceremonies scheduled this weekend, we’re pleased to bring you celebration-themed pages—layouts that rejoice in and commemorate happy events, accomplishments, and relationships. Take a look at the following categories, and then scrapbook a layout celebrating something wonderful in your life.

1. Firsts and milestones. Many first-time experiences are happy events that mark a significant moment of your life—your first day at a new job, your first car, or your first home, for example. Smaller firsts may also be meaningful to you and worthy of mention on a scrapbook page, such as your child’s first day at school, the first spring flower in your garden, or your pet’s first successful attempt at a new trick.

“Our First House” by Kim Arnold, as seen in the "Super-Fast Pages with 4" x 6" Photos, Volume 2" special issue

2. Birthdays. Commemorate your special day with a scrapbook page. And yes, that’s your birthday too—not just the kids’ birthdays!

“Happy Birthday” by Cindy Tobey, as seen in the June 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes

3. Weddings, anniversaries, and engagements. Keep these important celebrations fresh in your memory with pages highlighting the most memorable images and happenings from the event.

“The Perfect Day” by Kelly Noel, as seen in the June 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes

4. Babies. If there’s a baby in your life, then chances are good you also have thousands of photos of the little one on your computer. Choose your favorites to create special pages that document how tiny and sweet your baby is.

“Elsie, 4 Weeks” by Jamie Waters, as seen in the June 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes

5. Accomplishments. Scrapbook your successes—from goals met to obstacles overcome. Possible topics include graduations (from preschool to college), promotions or raises at work, sports achievements, and more.

“Mike’s Graduation” by Kelly Purkey, as seen in the February 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes

6. Your favorite things. Remember to celebrate the little things as well by recording what makes you happy right now. Your favorite song, your favorite color, the funny nickname your two-year-old has for the dog. Make a list and scrapbook it. Include photos if you have them, or make the layout design all about your words, like Deena Wuest did on her page.

“100 Things I Love” by Deena Wuest, as seen in "Get Creative with Type"

7. Very good days. Record the everyday happenings that make your life happy. Maybe the moments special to you are starting the day with a favorite breakfast, taking an evening stroll with a friend,  or spending time in your garden.

“Thursday Morning Waffles” by Jennifer Davis, as seen in the February 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes

Whatever celebrations you choose to scrapbook, we hope you’ll share your happy pages with us by posting your celebration pages on our idea gallery at Club CK.

—Lori  Fairbanks, product editor

P.S. Don’t forget to download your free font as part of Free Font Friday! This week, you can download CK Lounge Act here.

Trend Talk: Bingo!

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Opening Pages: The “Opening Ceremonies” of Your Albums

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Hey there! Are you watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics? Millions of viewers around the world will be tuning in tonight and over the next two weeks to catch ceremonial fanfare and incredible feats of athleticism. If you like to scrapbook while you watch TV, you’re in for a fantastic two-week stretch of scrapbooking bliss—what a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles and achieve your scrapbooking goals!

Tonight as you’re watching the Olympics from the front seat of your living room, think about special ways you can celebrate the contents of your albums and mini books. Decorative album covers and opening pages are the “opening ceremonies” of your album, providing an introduction to your topic or theme, setting the stage, and building excitement for the content yet to be viewed in subsequent pages.

Following are great examples of album topics where decorated album covers and opening pages are particularly effective. All images are from the Quick & Easy Photo Albums special issue from Simple Scrapbooks magazine.

1. An album about a loved one. If you’ve made an album about someone special in your life, embellish the album or the photo opening of the album to make it extra special.

"Bill" by Angie Lucas

Choose a favorite photo to introduce the theme of the album. Be sure to include your thoughts about why the person featured in the album’s pages is so special to you.

You can add specific details and share more in-depth stories on the album’s interior pages.

2. An album about an event. If you’ve created an album about a special event or celebration, take time to make the album cover reflective of that topic.

"Happy Birthday" by Wendy Smedley

Tell the who, what ,and where on the opening pages on an event-themed album. Select a photo that includes either the star of the show or all the participants.

Include memorabilia on the interior pages.

3. An album documenting a set period of time. If an album covers a specific time period, be sure to note it either on the cover, the album spine or the opening page. In this album, it’s included on the opening page.

"My Childhood" by Erin Sweeney

Notice how the same patterned papers were used on the interior pages to add a coherent feel.

More Olympics Fun

We’ll be commemorating the Olympics here on the blog with Olympic-themed scrapbooking inspiration and ideas spread over the next two weeks. We hope you’ll enjoy the celebration with us!

–Lori Fairbanks, product editor

P.S. In honor of the Olympics, our Free Font Friday download celebrates the Olympians from all over the globe, including the Netherlands. Download the CK Holland font for free here.

Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks: An Insider’s Look

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Hey there! Did you pick up your new CK special issue yet (it’s only $5.99)? The Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks organization issue focuses on all things organization in a variety of scrapbooking topics. We hope it will give you great ideas for whipping your scrap space into shape and arranging it in a way that’s both beautiful and functional, along with tips for organizing layouts, albums, crops, and more.

Here are three of my favorite things from this issue, along with other tidbits from our team:

1. “Design Solutions” column

This issue, the “Design Solutions” column helps you organize your layout designs for stunning pages. I love seeing the difference a little design tweaking can make on a layout. It’s like the seeing the big reveal of a makeover show (but better, because you don’t have to watch the 45 minutes building up to it). Here’s the before and after of Autumn Baldwin’s layout called “That’s Love.” Notice the difference a few pieces of patterned paper placed in a visual triangle makes on her “after” layout.



2. Colorful vertical files

Storing paper vertically makes so much sense because of the space it saves and how accessible the paper is when it’s stored this way. Romanoff Products made vertical files more fun when they introduced their colorful vertical files. A few other features about these files make me happy: they’re very sturdy files that would do just fine sitting on a tabletop or a shelf, they fit perfectly in Ikea’s Expedit bookshelf, and they have a little lip to make them easier to handle.

And sure, they look great as-is, but what’s a scrapbooker to do when she sees such a lovely blank canvas? Embellish it, of course!

The rub-ons I used on the pink file are from Glitz Design. Check out some of their other rub-on designs that would look awesome on vertical files. Imagine these great gold dots on the orange files:

Or this black damask print on the green files:

3. Inspiration frame collage

I love this variation of the inspiration board using a collection of old frames. I snagged these from our design team when they were cleaning out their photo props. You could pick up similar frames for a song at your local thrift store. Check out Club CK later this week for information on how to put old frames to work as dry-erase boards, corkboards and magnet boards for use in your scrap space:

Here are some fun tidbits about this issue from the team:

  • We were super-exited to work with Stacy Julian on her “Creative Album Organization” article for this issue. “When we were planning this issue,” says editor-in-chief Jennafer Martin, all I could think was that ‘Stacy Julian’s philosophy would be PERFECT for this issue.’ She’s not only a talented scrapbooker but she’s also so motivating. She encourages scrapbookers to find a system that liberates them from the stress that often accompanies chronological scrapbooking.” We hope this issue will help readers feel the empowerment that Stacy brings and also enjoy a little touch of Simple Scrapbooks in this issue.
  • The rooms featured in the “Creativity under Cover” issue were shot at the homes of several CK staffers. Some of the furniture was already in place, while other pieces were brought in and propped especially for this article shoot.
  • Speaking of the “Creativity under Cover” article, our team was thrilled with the illustration for the article opener. Look closely at how many scrapbooking items the artist wove into the illustration—check out the umbrella stand, the vases and all the items in the armoire. So clever!

  • Several members of our team use the solutions featured in this issue in their own scrap spaces. For example, associate editor Dorathy Gilchrist uses the towel hanger and media storage boxes from the “10-Minute Tricks” column as well as the ottoman, hanging accessory bag, and sweater hanger from the “Creativity under Cover” article.
  • Love flowers? Our contributors sure do! All three party themes for the article “Stop, Drop & Crop,” were originally submitted as floral themes. Cindy Tobey graciously agreed to transform her items into a jungle theme—we’re delighted with how it turned out!

  • Creative director Erin Bayless commented: “My office was overrun by storage units and cabinets that we were planning to photograph and feature. I had only a little path to my desk! Someone even asked me if I had just moved into my office on account of all the boxes.”

What were your favorite things about this issue? Leave us a comment on this post by Friday, February 19, 2010, and you could be one of three lucky winners to receive a sampling of fun, new scrapbooking products.

—Lori Fairbanks, product editor

Trend Talk: Tantalizing Turquoise

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"Love Banner" by Megan Hoeppner, as seen in "Super-Fast Pages with 4" x 6" Photos, Vol. 2"

"Cards for Kids" by Jennifer McGuire, as seen in the February 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes

"Fun in the Sun" by Lori Anderson, as seen in "Super-Fast Pages with 4" x 6" Photos, Vol. 2"

"Hold On" by Elizabeth Kartchner, as seen in "52 More Scrapbooking Challenges"

—Megan Hoeppner, creative editor, and Lori Fairbanks, product editor

February 2010 CK: An Insider’s Look

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Hey there! Did you pick up your copy of the new CK yet? The February 2010 issue is so much fun—we hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. In this post, you’ll find three of my favorite insights about this issue, along with a couple of tidbits about each one.

1. Technique: Dry Emboss on Metal. Suzy Plantamura created this beautiful layout for us to showcase dry embossing on metal. Did you know metal is a little tricky to photograph? When the first scan came in, we weren’t sure all the metal was silver (the border and small heart looked like they could have been copper).

"Crazy Love" by Suzy Plantamura, as seen in the February 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes

Our team tried out this technique and experimented with different types of templates (plastic and metal), styluses (paper, plastic, and metal) and surfaces (foam mat, mouse pad, notebook, and tabletop).

CK's Brenda Peterson, Joannie McBride, Megan Hoeppner, Jennafer Martin, and Lara Penrod give dry embossing on metal a try.

We discovered that metal styluses scratch the metal (see the photo below), so be sure to use paper or plastic tips when you emboss metal unless you’re going for a scratched, distressed look (which could be cool—try some fine-grit sandpaper for a brushed metal look). See more tips from Suzy and our team on page 26.

2. Framed Chalkboard in the “Tips & Tricks” column. Love the pretty, pink frame below? We picked it up from Ikea, and it was originally black. While we loved the shape, we thought the color made it look a little gothic, so we recolored it with spray paint. If you try this coloring style, be sure to buy spray paint specially formulated to work on plastic, such as the Fusion for Plastic paint from Krylon. You might also buy a primer for plastic to cover the frame before you paint. If you look closely at ours, you can see some of the black through the pink paint (luckily, it works and makes the frame look like it’s straight out of a chic boutique). We decided to leave it with just one coat of paint because we loved the look. If the pink is a little too bold for you, try painting it white, antique white, or turquoise.

3. Hot Spot Trend: Gray-Based Pastels. We’re always on the lookout for trends that translate well to scrapbook pages and deliver a cool, current look. This month’s trend is particularly appealing because even though the main focus is color, it’s also very much about texture.

Notice the soft, sheer, and shiny materials in the above images (a snippet of our research) and how Deena Wuest’s gorgeous layout incorporates both color and texture.

"In the Stillness" by Deena Wuest, as seen in the February 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes

Giveaway Time

What were your favorite items in the February issue? Leave a comment on this post by Friday, January 15, 2010, and you could be one of three lucky winners to receive a sampling of some of love-themed scrapbooking products. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue.

—Lori Fairbanks, product editor

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