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If your name is chosen, please e-mail us at with “Blog Winner” in the subject line. The message should include your full name and mailing address, as well as the title and date of the winning blog post. Thanks!

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Happy Easter

Winners posted 04/12/2010

Dana Davis: I love glitter and ribbon. It always seems to make the page extra special with a touch of either one.

 KariLynn:  Happy Easter! I bought the Martha Stewart Fringe scissors to use on my Easter layouts this year to make grass for the egg hunt layout and as the shred for the Easter basket. I think it is a fun tool.

April Fools Day

Winners posted 04/12/2010

Erica: I just bought my first bottle of flock – yellow to use to create tennis ball accents. I look forward to adding more colors and being able to create my own. Thanks for the tip!

 Rosa: I dont do any april’s fool jokes but I started scanning the book at a store and it’s sooo funny! would love to win!

 Marty: No personal experience to add, but I liked Topeka changing its’ name to Google and Google changing its’ name to Topeka. Catchy!

 Alycia Smith: Love the second technique!!!

 Amber R: No personal experience to add, but I liked Topeka changing its’ name to Google and Google changing Love the warmer weather! Thanks for the chance to win!

Latest & Greatest Products: March/April 2010

Winners posted 04/06/2010

Karen G: The sticky back canvas looks like it has a wealth of possible applications!

Madelyn: I always love everything Basic Grey puts out. This line looks great too.

Susan Westberg:  I love the Basic Grey products – so cute!

Melanie C:  I love love love Jillibean Soup!

Patti Angelina:  I LOVE Claudine’s paints. They are so smooth and spread so nicely, and her colors are so pretty and different. The sticky back canvas is really versatile and a blast to work with. Even her paint brushes are better than others!

Weekly Warm-Up: A Scrapbooker’s Springtime Welcome

Winners posted 04/01/2010

Amy J: “I love how excited my kids are to play outside and seeing everything turn gree and the flowers bloom!!”

Michele E: “I love the warmer weather and all the blooming flowers on the ground and the trees. Also love opening up the windows and doors to let in the fresh spring air.”

Top ’O the Morning to Ye! And Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Winners posted 03/22/2010

Michelle H: Love LYB….thanks for the chance to get some cool product!

Meg Barker: how fun. i am feeling lucky!

Sharon Barczak: love the prize package! would love to win!

BevE: Happy St. Patty’s Day & thanks for the chance to win this great set.

Heather Ippolito: love Little Yellow Bicycle!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win their darling line!

Scavenger Hunt: March/April 2010

Winners Posted: 3/22/2010

Marilyn Moore

Sharon Suske

CHA 2010: Demos of New Tools Released

Winner posted: 3/30/2010

Autumn H: “The Cinch looks like so much fun, can’t wait to try it!”

CHA 2010: Trendy Looks

Winner Posted: 2/23/2010

Nitasha: “I’m loving all the banners! I have made quite a few lately and I just love them because they are so versatile!”

All Aboard! It’s Time for CK’s CHA Cute Booth Tour

Winner Posted: 2/23/2010

Lesley F.: “Thanks for sharing…love the Pink Paisley!”

Weekly Warm-Up: A Look Inside CHA

Winners posted: 2/23/2010

Leslie: “Wow! Thanks for showing some pics that I had not seen yet from CHA!”

Teresa Jaye: “It’s amazing all the new ideas these awesome designers think of!”

Scavenger Hunt: Scrapbooking Tips and Tricks–Organization

Winners posted 2/22/2010

canucks1: “3. I love the paper towel roll border strip/sticker holder . . . it was great to see the video on the CK website for how to make it too!”

merri: “3. organize border strips/stickers in paper towel or wrapping paper rolls made over”

Julie Kovach

CHA Winter 2010: Insider’s Look

Winners announced: 2/2/2010

Jamie Greene: “Love the videos, they go great with my morning coffee!!”

Haidee: “I really like the rub on the wooden bangles!!! Great way to make your own style!!!”

Special Guest Blogger: Beth Gerlach for Bella Blvd

Winner announced 1/21/2010

Heather Lough: “Love the layouts and the new lines, especially the beachy one.”

February 2010 CK: An Insider’s Look

Winners posted 1/21/2010

Christel: “I love the Tips & Tricks section. I especially loved the framed chalkboard and when I showed it to my 7yro daughter, she loved it too so we’re on the look out for a funky frame.”

Savannah O’Gwynn: “TIPS and TRICKS:) LOVE LOVE LOVE that article! Thanks for the giveaway!”

MousEarz: “The metal embossing looks really interesting, but I haven’t received my issue yet. Seems I’m always on the bottom of the pile when it comes to receiving my copy.”

Scavenger Hunt: February 2010

Winners posted 1/19/2010

Amber Ivie

Linda: 2009 Summer Vacation (pg. 39).  This layout really drew me in.  The black and white background and wording was perfect to set off the great photos.

Happy New Year

Winners posted 1/6/2010

Erica: The “Define Your Life” was the last stamp set I bought from Stampin’ Up. I love it! I also love the fact that Stampin’ Up is doing acrylic stamps now. I’d love to win this giveway. The products would be a great addition to my yet-to-be-organized scrap area (my goal for 2010)!

Elizabeth Williams: I’ve decided I am going to do one thing every day that makes me feel good about myself. I have a little pocket calendar I’m going to write them in. As time goes by I think it will be interesting to scrap/art journal the large changes doing this will make in my life.

Year-in-Review Layouts

Winners posted 1/5/2010

{vicki}: My favorite memory was my son making All Stars in baseball. We spent our whole summer at the ball field and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Kristen: My favorite memory from 2009 is counting down the days to winter break with my kids. I love that at 8 they still get excited at the prospect of spending time at home with me over break!

Ilze: As this was the first year of our marriage so I enjoyed every moment what we had together with my husband. I am from Latvia in EU but my husband is US citizen. So it also meant my moving to USA. Everything there was different but I enjoyed to start that life together with him. The best memories still we both have from OBX. We spent there vacation at the ocean and enjoyed great walks together. I loved all the sunsets and sunrises together what we spent at that time.

Special Guest Blogger: Pam Callaghan

Winner posted 12/22/2009

Melanie C.: What a great layout! It is fun with all the circles!

Holiday Trimmings—Which Trimmer Do You Choose?

Winners posted 12/22/2009

Carolina H: Since I already have the trimmer from Fiskars (which I’m very happy with), I’d really like to get the 12″ Titanium Personal Trimmer with Cut & Score Blades from Westcott…as I do need something with a scoring blade.

Heather Garl: I use the EK Success Cutterpede and I love it. I originally had the green version and my two year old pulled the top in the wrong direction! So…I HAD to buy a new one and then got pink!

Tabitha: I love the old Fiskars trimmer; although after much use the measurement markings have rubbed off. Haven’t bought a new yet, maybe I won’t have to now;) Thanks for the review!

Scavenger Hunt: January 2010

Winners posted 12/21/2009

Hannah Means

Janice Macfarlane

January 2010 CK: An Insider’s Look

Winners posted 12/14/2009

Sarah: i’m loving all of the new changes! thanks CK!

Sandy: Favorite part of the magazine are the sketches brought to “real” live pages esp. when they incorporate 4×6 or smaller photos. (Can I add that I’d like to see more on mini-books?)

Nicolle Weber: Love the magazine. I really like the Latest and Greatest section.

Happy Hanukkah! Special Guest Blogger: Stacy Cohen

Winners posted 12/14/2009

Doreen Steinberg Hill: Now that my crafty college daughter is home for winter break, I think she and I will be pleating together! She was born 21 yeats ago on the third night of Chanukah, which happens to be tonight! Celebrating her birthday is truly one of our favorite Chanukah traditions!

Cindy Barriga: As for the tradition I most adore, that’s simple. I love all the cooking, eating and being with family. Great times together make great memories.

Yapha: My favorite Hanukkah tradition, from when I was little through now, is to sing ALL of the verses of Maoz Tzur on one of the nights. And to eat a ridiculous amount of latkes!

The Secret to Scrapbooking during the Holidays

Winners announced 12/7/2009

Tonya: Santa please bring me a Cricut!!!

Kari B: This would be a great present to open on xmas morning and the perfect thing to jump start my scrapbooking next year!

Kristin B.: Thanks for the chance to win this adorable & inspiring book! On my Christmas list is a few more scrapbooking tools and of course jewelry!

Special Guest Blogger: Allison {Kreft} Abad of Hambly Screen Prints

Winners announced 12/2/2009

Allison M: “I am making a December daily for the first time this year. I also have plans to make a mini-book documenting all of my baby girl’s firsts over the year. First smile, first foods, etc.”

Heather Garl: “My next mini album will be featuring the first days of my daughters’ lives…the days they were born!”

Scavenger Hunt: December 2009

Winners announced 11/23/2009

Susan Mealiea

Michele Kirkpatrick

Insider’s Look: December 2009

Winners announced 11/16/2009

Lorie B.: “A lot of great layouts! I would have to say my favorite is the 2008 Year in Review by Maggie Holmes. Seeing the changes that can happen during year is a neat idea.”

AnitaB: “Wow, all these make me want to get going on my backlog of Christmas photos. My fav is Christmas Bliss.”

Kimberly Ann: “I loved Deanna Wuest’s layout.”

Insider’s Look: November 2009

Winners announced 11/16/2009


Carol Metully: “Coming from a large family, there are so many good memories. I have 4 older brothers and a younger sister. We all ate dinner together. It was there that we shared our ‘day.’ That is by far my favorite memory of home and childhood. I raised my children the same way and am happy that my daughter does the same with her children.”

Jenny McGee: “My childhood bedroom has memories. It changed colors, but it had a lot of windows in a fairly small room. I had my desk, my bulletin board and my record player with all my treasured teen albums. IT was a fun time in my life.”

Savannah O’Gwynn: “I lived in a small town called Star City in the middle of nowhere in Indiana…my favorite thing about growing up in our home is that we lived in the middle of nowhere with neighbors 1-2-3 miles away. We were the ONLY house on the road…and the road was DIRT! Literally! Ok, there were a few rocks…but it made for a dusty road, and I loved playing outside and not worrying about cars or other vehicles. My parents still live in that house–and I hope that I will someday return to live in that house! I LOVE IT!”

Tamra: “My favorite childhood memory would have to be without fail we always sat down to a noon time meal on Sundays. That was the one day every family member was there for sure.”

Cindy D: “One of my favorite childhood memories is chasing lighting bugs with my cousins!’

CK & Me

Winners announced 10/27/2009

Sarah de Guzman: I was inspired to “lift” one of Maggie Holmes’ layouts. She created a double-page layout (“Oct. ‘06”) that I found stunning.

Meg Barker: What’s not to love about the “Favorite Photos” layout by Maggie Holmes? As I sat down @ my girls weekend and started flipping through my July CK and came across this page by Maggie, I was in love!

Cheri Johnson: I was especially inspired by the circle accent Lori Anderson used, which reminded of a product I’d had for a while and had wanted to use but hadn’t yet. Lori’s layout inspired me to use this product that had been sitting around for awhile along with some newer items I had in my stash as well!

Adhesives Week
Winners Announced Tuesday, Oct. 27

Weekly Warm-Up
Kendahl: “I love the adhesive runner idea! It looks so cute and makes everything even, which is great.”
JoLynn: “I love these ideas! Thanks so much! I am excited to try them…maybe on Christmas cards.”

Adhesive Basics
Tammy G: “I needed the tip for vellum. Thanks!”
Nicole: “Great Tips, Thanks!”

Scavenger Hunt
Jean Schmuker

Sticky Techniques
Kim: “Wow! This is great stuff I had no idea about! Thank you!”
Christina: “Lots of great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.”

Special Guest Blogger: Tracy Weinzapfel of Helmar USA
C@rol: “Hi Tracy! Thank you for the opportunity to win your things! So generous.”
Libby: “What a cute mini album! Thanks for sharing!”
Mary Kathryn Matthews: “I would love LOVE to win some of your awesome products! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!!”
Laura: “love all kinds of adhesives!!! thanks for the chance to win some.”
Amber R.: “Wow another great post! I really got to get some of that Liquid Scrap Dot glue it looks fabulous! Thanks for the chance to win!”
Jeannine S.: “Love the album:) Most people have an obsession with paper…. I have an obsession with adhesives!”
Tessa Desharnais: “Love the album! Beautiful work as always Tracy!!!! Congrats on getting on the CK Blog, now they need to publish your work in their magazine.”
Pam K.: “wow cute album. Love that and would love to win that nice selection of adhesives.”
Cheryl B.: “Thanks for sharing such a cute mini book… and the demo of the different types of adhesives.”
Amy P.: “I love the ghost album! I will have to make one for our family Halloween this year! I also will have to search for the glue in my local craft stores!”

Weekly Warm-Up: Raise Awareness Through Cropping & Shopping
Winners Announced Monday, Oct. 12

Shanon Gibson: “While there has been great strides in treating breast cancer there is still a long way to go….I will gladly support companies who contribute to the amazing research being done!”

Susan Westburg: “What a wonderful giveaway! My sister walks the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk so these items would be great for her fundraising as well as pages in the album I’m doing for her. I hope that LOTS of money is raised with the purchase of all these products. Let’s beat cancer of all kinds once and for all. Good luck to all!”

Kerri W.: “Meghan – thanks for sharing your story and the companies that support the cause. I love that so many of us can come together to truly make a difference within (and outside) of our community. We’re all so strong and with each others’ support, we can inspire one another to fight anything!”

Mel: “Thoughts with your mom on her good fight. Never let her think anything but that she can win. Our family has also fought this fight—too many times, but I remain hopeful that there is a cure out there. ScrapPink and other movements like it help us toward that day!”

October Issue Scavenger Hunt Giveaway: Winners announced: Monday, Sept. 28

The correct answers were:
1. Adhesives week is October 19-23, 2009.
2. Becky used 16 photos on her layout.
3. Mou stores her most-used embellishments in small, metal bins on her cutting island.
4. Westcott (Acme United) makes the trimmer.
5. Marianne Williamson is the author of the inspiring quote.
6. Megan recommends a foam mat (craft foam, fun foam also acceptable).
7. Jackie used Sakabe Animal 01 dingbats on her page.
8. “Freshly baked cookies” was a photo suggestion for September.
9. Ali’s sewing machine is a 1970s model.
10. All photos in the article are 4″ x 6″.

Our three winning blog commenters are: Melanie J, Stacey Frazier and Gloria Martens. Congrats, ladies!

Scrapping to Breathe Kit Giveaway: Winner announced: Monday, Sept. 28

The winner of the kit is Nicki Lundeen, who commented:

I would love to have a kit. Thanks for sharing with us and for supporting a worthy cause.

House of 3 Giveaway Winners announced: Monday, Sept. 21

Beautiful project!!!! I would use this to make shadow box with pictures of my family. My husband is deployed and my toddlers love seeing pictures of their daddy and this would be the perfect way to display photos as it would be a piece of heart…er…I mean art!   Shanon Gibson

The heart box will be a perfect gift (with a mini album inside) for my mom’s 70th birthday. Thank you for the project. Best regards, Wanda Contreras

I would put a photo of my children in it and hang it by my computer to inspire me as I work all those hours on photos of them!  Michele in La

Papertrey Ink Giveaway Winners announced: Monday, Sept. 21

I absolutely love this set and cannot wait to get it!! Great tutorial idesa, too! Thanks for the chance to win!   Leslie E.

Hi Nichole, I am just amazed with all the product and inspiration you provide everyone with! This Vintage Label set Rocks! Hands down what a cool idea! P.S. I just love the layout and what you did to the foam stickers! What a cool idea!  Avril

Oh my goodness I’m just itching to have it all!! I absolutely love your project AND am just thrilled to death about having the label set to match the nesties. Thanks for the chance to win!  Melissa Sauls

I love the idea of making different sizes of journaling labels. I think that it would make me more excited to put journaling on my pages if I had this cute way of doing it!  qsogirl

wow! These are COOL!  Diana

October Insider’s Look Giveaway Winners announced: Monday, Sept. 21

I liked the adhesive review. Always on the lookout for new adhesive products, aren’t you?  SarahLewy

I actually had two VERY favorites in this issue. They were: The 10 Most Important Pages Missing From Your Album and the 12 month list of pictures to take! LOVE THEM both!!!  Tammy

I liked the whole mag, especially the cover. I’m a fan of Laura’s work (and blog), and I was thrilled to see her layout right on the front.  Lynn Brown

Layouts about you or I guess, me. I have never made a page about me and know I should. I can use some of your ideas and make one, now. Maybe.  Glyniss

Halloween is my favorite!! I loved the stitching section for sure!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!  Christine



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  1. woohoo! thanks so much CK 🙂

  2. I am doing the woo-hoo dance over here too! Thanks CK! *Ü*

  3. WOW! I actually won something… this is just icing on the cake for the wonderful day you folks put on. Thanks so much! 🙂

  4. Holy moly. Seriously. Can’t even believe I won! Thanks, CK!

  5. This is so cool. I hpoe that all have a good day

  6. i have one of the magazine and i love it. i entered a couple of the contest i hope i win one!!!

  7. i’m so excited! thanks!! 🙂

  8. I just checked the giveways and I won the Kit of the Month!!! I am so excited!! This made my day!! Thank you CK!!!

  9. Woohoo! I am a winner, too! I cannot believe it; I love anything Papertrey! Thanks! – Do I need to send someone the mailing information?

  10. Oops, just read the details on what to do. I was just too shocked that I won to soak all the information in. Thanks CK and PT!

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  12. Congrats winners!

  13. Congrats Gloria and all the other winners. 🙂

  14. Thanks! How exciting 🙂

  15. I love the tag template called ‘backpack pizzazz’ featured in your August 2008 issue. I immediately downloaded the template and used it on my daughter’s backpack and lunch bag in school last year. Recently, my hard drive crash and I tried downloading it from the website again but couldn’t find it. I am wondering if you could send me the template via email?

    Much appreciate it.

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  22. My fav things in the Feb 2010 issue are:
    1. The Porcelain font and where to get it free! 🙂
    2.So loved the framed chalkboard, that will definatly be my next home project!
    3.The gutter storage in Becky Olsens scraproom, genius!
    4. The Loving Words by Technique Tuesday and Journaling Spots by Close to my Heart.
    5. Last but not least the endless pics of the scrapbox, which I totally covet!

    I did however miss the Becky Higgins article this month, she is one of my fav scrappers, along with Jennifer McGuire! Love to scraplift from them! Thanks for the ideas girls!!

  23. As a Newbie, I am always exploring online for articles that can help me get further ahead. Thanks a million!

  24. First time to this site. Enjoy reading the comments. I’m new to scrapbooking, so love hearing what everyone likes.

  25. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for my package (1.21.10 winner)….I LOVED all of it! I cannot wait to use my papers and stamps and rub-ons….love love love it:) THANK YOU!

  26. I love your layouts with the flurries and the sunburst template!! How much would i love to win them??? VVVVery much!! you are so lucky to have so many inks and chalks–hope that will be me someday soon!!

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  28. my favorite would be the claudine hellmuth products

  29. I like the double edge EK punches. I can’t wait to get a hold of that.

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