Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks: An Insider’s Look

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Hey there! Did you pick up your new CK special issue yet (it’s only $5.99)? The Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks organization issue focuses on all things organization in a variety of scrapbooking topics. We hope it will give you great ideas for whipping your scrap space into shape and arranging it in a way that’s both beautiful and functional, along with tips for organizing layouts, albums, crops, and more.

Here are three of my favorite things from this issue, along with other tidbits from our team:

1. “Design Solutions” column

This issue, the “Design Solutions” column helps you organize your layout designs for stunning pages. I love seeing the difference a little design tweaking can make on a layout. It’s like the seeing the big reveal of a makeover show (but better, because you don’t have to watch the 45 minutes building up to it). Here’s the before and after of Autumn Baldwin’s layout called “That’s Love.” Notice the difference a few pieces of patterned paper placed in a visual triangle makes on her “after” layout.



2. Colorful vertical files

Storing paper vertically makes so much sense because of the space it saves and how accessible the paper is when it’s stored this way. Romanoff Products made vertical files more fun when they introduced their colorful vertical files. A few other features about these files make me happy: they’re very sturdy files that would do just fine sitting on a tabletop or a shelf, they fit perfectly in Ikea’s Expedit bookshelf, and they have a little lip to make them easier to handle.

And sure, they look great as-is, but what’s a scrapbooker to do when she sees such a lovely blank canvas? Embellish it, of course!

The rub-ons I used on the pink file are from Glitz Design. Check out some of their other rub-on designs that would look awesome on vertical files. Imagine these great gold dots on the orange files:

Or this black damask print on the green files:

3. Inspiration frame collage

I love this variation of the inspiration board using a collection of old frames. I snagged these from our design team when they were cleaning out their photo props. You could pick up similar frames for a song at your local thrift store. Check out Club CK later this week for information on how to put old frames to work as dry-erase boards, corkboards and magnet boards for use in your scrap space:

Here are some fun tidbits about this issue from the team:

  • We were super-exited to work with Stacy Julian on her “Creative Album Organization” article for this issue. “When we were planning this issue,” says editor-in-chief Jennafer Martin, all I could think was that ‘Stacy Julian’s philosophy would be PERFECT for this issue.’ She’s not only a talented scrapbooker but she’s also so motivating. She encourages scrapbookers to find a system that liberates them from the stress that often accompanies chronological scrapbooking.” We hope this issue will help readers feel the empowerment that Stacy brings and also enjoy a little touch of Simple Scrapbooks in this issue.
  • The rooms featured in the “Creativity under Cover” issue were shot at the homes of several CK staffers. Some of the furniture was already in place, while other pieces were brought in and propped especially for this article shoot.
  • Speaking of the “Creativity under Cover” article, our team was thrilled with the illustration for the article opener. Look closely at how many scrapbooking items the artist wove into the illustration—check out the umbrella stand, the vases and all the items in the armoire. So clever!

  • Several members of our team use the solutions featured in this issue in their own scrap spaces. For example, associate editor Dorathy Gilchrist uses the towel hanger and media storage boxes from the “10-Minute Tricks” column as well as the ottoman, hanging accessory bag, and sweater hanger from the “Creativity under Cover” article.
  • Love flowers? Our contributors sure do! All three party themes for the article “Stop, Drop & Crop,” were originally submitted as floral themes. Cindy Tobey graciously agreed to transform her items into a jungle theme—we’re delighted with how it turned out!

  • Creative director Erin Bayless commented: “My office was overrun by storage units and cabinets that we were planning to photograph and feature. I had only a little path to my desk! Someone even asked me if I had just moved into my office on account of all the boxes.”

What were your favorite things about this issue? Leave us a comment on this post by Friday, February 19, 2010, and you could be one of three lucky winners to receive a sampling of fun, new scrapbooking products.

—Lori Fairbanks, product editor



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  1. I was a lucky winner on Mou Saha’s blog of this exciting issue! I can’t wait to see it! I’m sure the storage solutions are going to be amazing and creative.

  2. Absolutely love the vertical files, I am thinking of going vertical with my paper, this has definitely encouraged me to do so. Thanks

  3. Cindy Tobey’s jungle supplies are great – nice to see something that would work well for many occasions – birthday party?

  4. just finished cleaning up and organizing my scrap space yesterday. having all my papers upright in a milk crate in color coded file folders works great for me, its also very economical!

  5. Must find those vertical files!

  6. I love the storage tips on a budget. That is exactly what I need in my house and I need to organize without spending a ton of money. I find any article like this useful.

  7. Well I do not have this issue yet. I am in the middle of moving to another state and will need all the organization help I can get once I get there. I will also be on a tight budget so any tips that can save you money and help you get organized gets an A+ in my book!

  8. I loved all the articles of course!! One of my favorites was the article “Stop, Drop, and Crop”. I have been wondering what types of themes to have for a scrapbook party. I would love it if this article was a regular one maybe every couple of months if not every month. I need ideas on favors and things to do during the crop!! Love it!! Been looking online for something similar to this so I am happy!

  9. Colorful vertical files and rub-ons, oh yeah!

  10. those inspiration frames are great! I can see them on my wall in my future scrapbooking room 🙂

  11. Wow I’m loving those vertical files! Thanks for the chance to win and I always love your tips and tricks!

  12. I haven’t received my copy yet, but I really love the idea of embellishing the vertical file storage thingy’s. I’m looking around my scrapbooking room to find things “to embellish”.

  13. Love the frame different ways–clever!

  14. I love the Creativity Under Cover illustration! Made me laugh as that’s what I use my wardrobe for, to hide new supplies 🙂

  15. I loved the crop article! I’m planning a weekend long crop at my folks vacation house this summer and I’m so going to use some of their ideas! 😀

  16. Those file folders match my room perfectly. I’m going to have to put them on my wish list!

  17. My favorite was the creativity under cover. That article and pictures is the best idea ever. There some spaces that I never even thought of when you are limited on space. That was a very cool article. Oh and I love the magazine by the way.

  18. Storage solutions!! Just what my hubby and I are working on–especially storing 12X12 papers. Just what I needed!

  19. I love all the pictures and tips for storage. I never thought to decorate my storage bins!

  20. I always love new storage techniques!

  21. Love, love, love ideas on organizing!! 😀

  22. I love the idea of using rub-ons to embellish non-paper things. Duh, why didn’t I think of that?

  23. I always love tips and tricks on organizing my scrap supplies. I’ll be building my own scrap room hopefully soon so I’m stocking myself with ideas that I really find not only efficient and effective, but also girly fun and colorful!!! keep those ideas and all the yumminess coming!!!!

  24. I love the Design Solutions. After scrapbooking for over a decade, I am finally spending some time learning some basic design principles! This column showed some quick ways to see “why” it works!

  25. Love those files from Romanoff Products..esp. after they were all dolled up! Really though, I wish I were more organized. My space is a multi-used bedroom and I need help. Keep sending more articles on useful storage on a budget.

  26. I like the “design solutions” article

  27. i’m rushing out right now to get my copy of this edition . . . sounds like some fun organizational stuff!

  28. love the vertical storage. so colorful & yummy!
    haven’t gotten the issue yet…..gotta make a run to the bookstore soon!

  29. there’s just so much… but my favorite would be how we can spice up and give a new look to our storage space… thanks for the ideas on the storage containers. 🙂

  30. I loved the story on organizing supplies!

  31. I am just waiting for payday and I’ll be subscribing to this-I can’t wait!!!!! I am constantly “organizing” my supplies lol

  32. A couple of years ago I decided to make our spare room into my scrapbooking room. i love becing able to walk away and shut the door whenever I need to. BUT My room is a mess. I have asked a couple of friends to help organize it, but they haven’t. I have tried and certain things have worked, but there are some things that I don’t know where the best place for them would be.

  33. I love the vertical files, but not for paper. For my magazines!!! I’m going shopping at the second hand stores today for old picture frames. I’m in the mood to create with picture frames now. Thanks for the ideas. I just love reading the blogs.

  34. I love the colors of the vertical files!

  35. The frames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have an obsession with photo frames and am always looking for cool ways to use them.

  36. I think I have to buy this book!!!!!

  37. I loved the storage ideas. I mean, who doesn’t need more help organizing their piles of craft stuff?

  38. I’m in love with the Romanoff Paper files! I couldn’t find it on their store though 😦

  39. Those vertical files are so cute. Also the frames are a great idea. I love the old style frame and what a cute way to use them. Thanks for the great tips. Gotta check out this book.

  40. Love the bright colors on the vertical storage!! Anything to brighten up my space is wonderful!

  41. I love the vertical files!

  42. I am a very organized person especially in my scrapboooking room. I have taken all my baskets and hung pretty tags from each. one for punches, stamps, and of course paper. All of my ribbon i hang from a long ribbon with a knot in the bottom. It just looks pretty. As for all the tiny embellishments, I recycled my magnetic spice tins and placed this on my wall. They all shine and sparkle at me, no more digging through drawers to find anything. This helps me to be creative and also allows me time to just sit back and enjoy all the pretty colors.

  43. I love those vertical files!

  44. I love the idea of decorating vertical files with rub ons. Thanks for the great suggestions and advice.

  45. I love the vertical files that you show…especially the pink file with black rub ons! I haven’t received my “Tips and Tricks” magazine in the mail yet, but I can’t wait to check out all of the organizing ideas!!

  46. I love the idea of repurposing the frames-I have a ton of old frames I can make into lovely things for my scrap room!! Thanks

  47. i love the storing files!! those i could put to good use 😉

  48. Love the Design Solutions section! It’s amazing what a big difference little details make. I’m learning a lot from seeing what you do with the LOs!

  49. My favorite part of the entire issue is the $5.99 price. You can not go wrong for $6 and change. The ideas and tips are well worth it but I consider them freebies. Thanks CK! You never disappoint.


  50. I fall in love with the monkey from the last photo! Rub ons are great too 🙂

  51. I love the inspiration frames…I have been wanting to create one!

  52. Great, great inspiration! I loved the design solutions!

  53. I love the jungle theme party items!!

  54. I am always up for more/new storage techniques!

  55. I love that gorgeously framed dry erase board! So cool!

  56. i love the article on the storage space. 🙂

  57. love the vertical storage and the bright colors ae fantastic.

  58. I absolutely loved the storage/organization ideas but wish there was some sort of ‘buyers guide’ to go along with it. I love so many of the things that are used (especially all the glass jars!) but never know where they’re from and there are a couple things I’d love to purchase if I could find.

  59. I can’t wait to get the new tips & tricks magazine. It looks so exciting! Thanks.
    Take care,

  60. I love those new products

  61. Love those vertical files. Have about 30 of the original kind, but these look sturdier, and funkier!

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