Wanted: Your Amazing Pages

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megan_headshot-sm6Just as you’re planning your spring wardrobe, we’re already planning our issues for sweater weather. And we want our October 2009 issue to feature your amazing pages! Yep, we’re planning a special section in this issue to showcase stellar, knock-your-socks-off pages. Do you have a layout (or six or more) that fits this description? Do you know of another scrapbooker whose scrapbook designs fit this description? If so, we want to see them. From the stunning pages received, the CK editorial team will select an assortment to be featured in this special section.

This section will replace the usual spots we set aside for Hall of Fame and Scrapbooker of the Year contest winners, since these contests are on hiatus this year. But we didn’t want that to stop us from finding and showcasing fresh talent and amazing pages. Don’t let it stop you from submitting either.

Here’s how:


*Submit as many times as you wish from now until May 10, 2009.

*Please send up to two images (not to exceed 500 KB) of never-before-seen amazing scrapbook pages per email message to AmazingPages@CreatingKeepsakes.com.

*Put “Amazing Pages” in the subject line.

We look forward to seeing your amazing pages!

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor


An Insider’s Look: CK’s March issue

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maurianneWe have so much fun putting together the content for each issue of Creating Keepsakes, and there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes that never gets mentioned. So, I’m here to offer you an insider’s look at the March 2009 issue!

1) Liesl Russell, one of our project coordinators, has been our hand model in Creating Keepsakes pictures for years. (You can see her hands on pages 76, 79, 99 and 111 in this issue.) But this month, you can see her face in the magazine! Turn to page 122, and you’ll see her cheerful smile on the M&Ms featured in “Brian’s Top 5.”

2) You’ll notice that we now have a pull-out of Becky Higgins’ sketches in each issue that you can tear out and put in a binder for future reference. (We have 100 this month! Check them out between pages 98 and 99 in the magazine, and you can download them for free here.) What you may not know is that Neko Carrillo, our senior designer, is the talented gal who puts that pull-out together for you each month.

3) We love holidays and couldn’t let St. Patrick ‘s Day pass without a mention, so we focused an entire article on the color green. Here are a couple of tidbits from that article we couldn’t fit in:

Cindy Tobey’s layout on page 60 doesn’t just include the color green. She actually created a golfing green on her page to solidify the theme.  Isn’t that clever?

-In Mou Saha’s layout (page 60) her green letter stickers were originally a bright lime color. To make them more muted, she sanded them gently and then applied green chalk with Q-Tips. What a cool trick!

For more St. Patrick’s Day ideas, be sure to check out our online article for ideas on photos to take and easy accents you can make from your scrapbook stash.

Now that you’ve got the behind-the-scenes scoop, I’d love to know what you think of the March issue. Leave a comment and tell me which article from this issue was your favorite and why. Monday (March 2) I’ll choose and announce three random commenters who’ll each receive a goodie bag of free scrap supplies.

Happy Spring!

Maurianne Dunn, Associate Editor

And the winner is…

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Hello there, creative friends! I hope this week has greeted with you with a smile. If not, perhaps I can help. How does a long list of lucky winners sound? That’s what I’ve got for you. It’s time to announce the names of all of our CHA post winners.

A Word of Thanks
First, I’d like to thank all of you for participating in our CHA fun.  At the end of the day, I think we’re the real winners here, because you’ve provided us with so much amazing feedback. It’s comments like yours that help direct both this blog and our magazine. Thank you.

A Few Details
Also, I should mention that we’re still working out a few final quirks with our new blog. One such bug has to do with the timer. Some of you left comments on 2/20 that were marked as 2/21. So, to keep things fair, we went ahead and included all of our posts up through 2/21 in our selection. And how were names selected, you may be asking. Well, I simply went to random.org and let them do the choosing.

Drum Roll, Please
Okay, enough with the acceptance speech (the Oscars are over) and the technical mumbo jumbo (we get enough of that with new medication advertisements). Let’s get to those names!

Meet the New Exhibitors Post
In my post about new exhibitors, I asked for your feedback on the new products featured. From the responses received, Mr. Random.org selected the following winners:

  • I must have the packing tape from Fancy That. I would use the product to decorate gift bags and mini books. Thanks for sharing:)    Comment by Robin M.
  • I like the Jillibean Soup lines – even the cream of mushroom which I can’t stand to eat. I would like to use them to make journal covers.   Comment by Madelyn
  • How perfect that you featured Bella Blvd. and Jillibean, these are 2 of my new favorites! I can’t wait to see what else you feature!   Comment by Joli

Techniques & New Beauties Post
Do you remember these videos? We learned a hot new adhesive technique and saw an adorable new springtime line. I again asked what inspired you about this particular post. From the responses received, the following friends have won:

  • OK – I’m hooked. Putting all my spring layouts on hold until I get some of that Wellies & Brellas line. How adorable!! Just love it!!   Comment by Brenda
  • Love the adhesives…always looking for great ones. I will have to try their strong one for adhering ribbons.   Comment by Melanie C
  • Love the Prima flowers, as always. Never used the adhesive sheets in that way before-thanks for the new idea.   Comment by Madelyn

Team Events Post
Awe, yes. In this CHA installment we experienced some of the CK activity that took place at CHA. There was our round carpet lunch, our engaging chat with Mr. Brian Tippetts (CK editor-in-chief and author) about his popular new book Get Creative with Type and our little Month by Month Scrapbooking tour with adorable author Amanda Probst. Good times! On this post, I asked for your feedback on our books and special issues. From the great (and informative) comments received, the following three will receive a copy of Get Creative with Type, and it’s even autographed by Brian. Booyah!

  • I love Jennifer McGuire’s 101 Things You Can Do With Your Scrapbook Supplies – so many great ideas!   Comment by tape
  • I love ali’s books, Becky’s sketch books and possibly my favoritest ever…101 things you can do with your scrapbook supplies. Jennifer McGuire is a genius!  Comment by Joscelyne Cutchens
  • I have Creativity tips for scrapbookers. I love how it has info for orgnaization, photography, and creating layouts and projects!   Comment by Ashley

5 Fun Trends Post
In this post, managing editor Brittany Beattie took the wheel and showed you a few of the fabulous trends she observed at CHA. In the spirit of trend spotting, she asked you to list your favorite trends. From the response received, these winners were selected:

  • Hi! I still love the woodland animals. I also love trees and botanicals, so easy to use.   Comment by tracy boxeth
  • I seem to latch on to anything trendy. I’m a sucker… I want it all.   Comment by Leah Yourstone
  • My favorite trend right now is journaling spots/books (Heidi Swapp and Making Memories are my current favorites). I love how versatile they are… especially the circles and little notebooks with decorative edges.   Comment by Erin Taylor


Organization with a Twist Post
In Brittany’s post on organization, you were asked to tell us what organization tips and topics you’d like to see from CK in the future. (You provided fantastic ideas, BTW!) Here are our three winners:

  • The best way to organize paper…I always have problems with that.   Comment by Jennifer Hansen
  • I would love organization tips for storing rubber stamps. I have so many wood mounted rubber stamps and I don’t know the best way to store them for easy access and would love some ideas. Thanks for any and all tips )   Comment by Ruth Allmart
  • I would love to hear about a way to organize my scraps. That’s still an ongoing quest for me!   Comment by Arianne


A Look at the Chatterbox, Fancy Pants and Kaisercraft Booths Post
On this, our last CHA highlight post, I took you on a little trip through a few of the stunning CHA booths I visited and asked you what you liked most about my magical tour. Here’s what our selected winners had to say:

  • As much as I love seeing the projects that have been created by all of the fabulous designers, I have to say that I’m definitely inspired by all of the product. When I see new items that I just fall in love with my mind is immediatly flooded with so many ideas on projects that I can create with the wonderful new goodies!! LOVE CHA!   Comment by Sarah Mullanix
  • Actually I am inspired by both the new products and the projects. It’s almost overwhelming when all the great stuff starts rolling out!   Comment by Wendy Lust
  • I would have to say both. I love to see the new produts; plus, I like to see how designers use them in projects.   Comment by cards4ever

With the exception of my three book winners, each of you will be receiving a package with an assortment of new CHA products included. Yeehaw! Congratulations, you lucky ducks, you!

Claiming Your Goods
To receive your prize, please e-mail me at letters@creatingkeepsakes.com with your name and mailing address. Put “CHA Blog Winner” in the subject line.

A CHA Farewell Flick
I can’t conclude this CHA series without a final video post. I think you’ll get a kick out of this one. It’s day three of the show (my final day), and I’m taking you on a tour of the redesigned Pebbles booth (super cool, BTW) when I FINALLY come to realization that I’ve so overused the word “cute.” Yes, it took me until my last day of filming to catch this catastrophe, but I guess it’s better late than never, right? LOL Anyhoo, I thought you might get a kick out of it, considering this little cuuuuute and happy journey you’ve taken with me. 😉


Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor


CHA Highlights: A Look at the Chatterbox, Fancy Pants and Kaiser Craft Booths

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megan_headshot-smTime for more CHA fun. Consider this your backstage pass. In this series of CHA videos, I take my camera into three stylin’ booths. Grab your box of Jujy Fruits, it’s showtime!


Let’s begin this tour de CHA with a look at the stunning goodies Chatterbox has to offer. This clip has:

* Inspiring project ideas from various talented designers

* A look at a cool new brad tool

* Time with Melody Ross, sassy Chatterbox founder

Fancy Pants Designs

The Fancy Pants booth is always a packed house. I made my way in to do a little filming and ended up with:

* A peek at one of my favorite CHA releases

* A look at how they so cleverly display their products

* A glimpse at some darling design motifs, including one that made me “squeal with happiness”

Kaiser Craft

This hot company from Austrailia had lots of unique eye candy at their booth. In this short film you’ll:

* See why Kaiser Craft calls itself the “Kings of Bling”

*Get a look at a darling bitty bookshelf full of tiny mini albums (so fun!)

* Spend time with CK friend, Wendy Smedley

This series of clips shows you just how fun the CHA booths can be. From amazing projects and fresh new product to fun accents and happy faces, the CHA trade show is one smiling place that we love visiting twice a year. I hope this look inside the booths gave those of you who were unable to attend the show a taste of what it has to offer.

Time for a Giveaway

This time around, I want to know what inspires you the most about these clips. Is it seeing the project ideas or is the look at new products that gets your creative wheels turning? Or maybe its spending time with a few friendly faces. Please, do tell. From the comments received between now and Feb. 20, I’ll randomly select three winners to receive a CHA prize pack. Giddy up!


Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor

CHA Highlights: Organization with a Twist

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brittanyb-headshot-sm I’m a fan of organization. I love order, especially in my scrap space. That’s why I’m drawn to the ScrapOnizer systems. Very cool products. When I had the chance to visit the ScrapOnizer booth at CHA, I loved what I saw. Not only did their team add more incredible products to their line, but they also displayed some clever ideas for using the organization systems in creative ways. They’ve definitely taken everyday storage items to a new level. In this video, I’ll show you my favorite creative ideas from the ScrapOnizer booth, including ways to create party favors and make your own acrylic albums.

If you’re looking for even more ideas for organization, be sure to check out our March issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine, which is on newsstands now. In this special “organization issue,” you’ll find ideas for organizing your supplies, photos, sketches, thoughts and even journaling. And on our website this month, you’ll find even more ideas for getting organized. For example, our editorial team shares their favorite organization tips, and Beth Opel put together a month’s worth of ideas for getting your space organized. You can even take a quiz to find out your organization “personality type.” I’m “Über Good Enough.” Curious what that means and what your organization type is? Check out the quiz here.

And what would a “CHA Highlights” post be without the chance to win a goodie bag of products released at CHA? (Well, it would still be a great post, but contests always make them even better, right?) For the chance to win one of three goodie bags, simply leave a comment on this post by February 20 and let me know what types of organization tips you’d be most interested in learning about in Creating Keepsakes. Easy!

Brittany Beattie, Managing Editor

CHA Highlights: 5 Fun Trends

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brittanyb-headshot-sm Each year, it seems that I leave CHA thinking, “Oh, how I love [fill in the blank with a cool trend here]!” And this year, I was delighted to leave the showing saying that of not one but several trends. Yes, it was a treat. I snapped photos of some of my favorites (though this list is not at all comprehensive) so you could enjoy the fun trends as well. Here are the trends in no particular order:

Trend: Zoo Animals
I couldn’t get enough of the adorable zoo animals at the show. In their cute, whimsical nature, they simply made me happy. In this image, you’ll find:
1. Bungle Jungle by Sassafras
2. Jungle Animals (wall vinyl) by Die Cuts With a View
3. Mindy’s Zoo by Autumn Leaves
4. Classic Animals by Hambly Screen Prints
5. Playday by SEI

Trend: Zoo Animals

Trend (Again): Woodland Animals
It’s true—the incredible woodland animals we loved at the last show are still going strong. And of course, they still never cease to inspire my creativity. This collage showcases:
1. Little Sprout by Crate Paper
2. Mommy & Me by Prima
3. Playful Pets by KI Memories

Trend: Woodland Animals

Trend: Elegant Flocking
Amid all the loveable animals, my eye was drawn to a more sophisticated trend as well: elegant flocking. I generally saw this in black/white or black/cream designs, but other color schemes popped up as well, such as the blue/white line from me & my BIG ideas. Three collections that I was lucky enough to photograph are:
1. Paris Nights by GCD Studios
2. Darcy by Anna Griffin
3. me & my BIG ideas

Trend: Elegant Flocking

Trend: Cutesy Monsters
Going back to the cutesy themes, I loved all the little monsters that prowled the show floor. My love of all things monster began when I saw these adorable designs, all in the My Little Monsters collection by Daisy Bucket Designs.

Trend: Monsters

Trend: Mushrooms
If you asked me a year ago if I ever thought I would say “that’s adorable” when I saw a mushroom, I’d have told you “no.” But several companies have proved me wrong. I somehow managed to snap not a single photo of this trend, but you’ll be able to check out some great finds at these links:
1. Mushroom House by Hero Arts
2. Toadstools by Die Cuts With a View

Your Favorite Trends?
Of course, in the spirit of our CHA Highlights series, if you leave me a comment about your favorite trends in scrapbooking designs (either featured here or not), you’ll be entered to win one of three randomly selected CHA prize packs. For your chance to win one of these prize packs, leave your comment by Feb. 20. All winners will be posted when our CHA series is complete.

Brittany, Managing Editor

american royalty

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img_2057-1We are really proud of the fact that we have readers all over the globe. But today, since we are a U.S.-based company, we’d like to recognize the 44 leaders our nation has had at the helm over our 233-year history.

We’d like to encourage you to create a layout honoring one of our Presidents. Maybe you have visited a Presidential library or home or museum. In early January 2007,  I drove to Grand Rapids, Michigan, (I was living in Indiana at the time) to see Gerald Ford lie in state, and this is the layout I made to commemorate the occasion: farewell-ford2

Now, even if you don’t have photos to work with, all is not lost! Do a Google image search or use a postcard or newspaper clipping (don’t forget the Archival Mist if you want to keep it safe for posterity) or omit photos altogether and simply create a page about a President who inspires you.


Aren’t those Presidential images fun? Each one was available at one time from an online shop. Getting crafty with our country’s leaders is tres-hip! And as a gift to you, here is a little tongue-in-cheek Presidents’ Day humor featuring some of CK’s fearless leaders. Go easy on me, though–I’m not a Photoshop genius like some of you are…enjoy!


Beth Opel, Senior Writer

CHA Highlights: Team events

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megan_headshot-smReady for more CHA fun? This time I have an inside glimpse at a few of our team events. Since this is Valentine’s Day weekend, I’m going to kick this post off with a video of Mandy Douglass, Creating Keepsakes2008 Scrapbooker of the Year, hosting a make-n-take event. She created a project you’re going to adore, using sweet dies from Sizzix.

 In this video, you’ll see:

* Cute Mandy Douglass, Creating Keepsakes2008 Scrapbooker of the Year, in action, along with her talented friend and Hall of Fame winner, Amy Martin

* An easy-to-use die cut machine and dies from Sizzix

* Get an easy-to-do project idea.

And here’s a look at Mandy’s cutie-pie projects:


This Sizzix candy box die flips open to reveal a peek at what’s inside.


Valentine’s Day may be over, but you can easily adapt these ideas for a birthday, a party favor and coordinating invitation, a cute Easter-basket surprise and more. Have fun with it!

Okay, back to the videos. The CK Media booth was a happenin’ place this CHA. When Mandy wasn’t busy creating, Brian Tippetts, our amazing editor-in-chief, and Amanda Probst, a darling CK author and contributing editor, where keeping the booth party going with book signings. In this flick we have:

* An interview with Brian Tippetts, CK’s editor-in-chief, and a look inside his new book Get Creative with Type

* An interview with Amanda Probst, CK contributing editor and author, and a look inside her new book Month by Month Scrapbooking!

In between walking the show floor and hanging at the booth, our team took time to recharge over lunch with a group of our CK friends. Enjoy this clip and get to know some of the talent behind our magazine.

Naturally, a CHA post wouldn’t be complete without a CHA giveaway. This time around, I’m looking for book feedback. Do you own any of our Creating Keepsakes books or special issues? If so, please leave a comment stating which is your favorite and why. If not, simply leave a comment stating which one(s)  is on your wish list (it doesn’t have to be one of the books shown in the video, but it certainly can be). You have until Friday, Feb. 20 to enter. From the comments received, we’ll select three random winners to receive new CHA goodies. Winners will be posted on our blog when our CHA series is complete. Good luck and thanks for playing! 🙂


Megan, Creative Editor

absolutely love-ly!

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img_2057I love my job. Seriously love it. But despite what some people seem to think, we don’t actually get to scrapbook all day long! In fact, rare is the day where we actually pause to PLAY and CREATE.

Happily, yesterday was one of those days. We had our weekly training meeting, and then we spread out the goodies and got crafty! We wanted to let you, our readers, know just how much we love and appreciate you. And what better time than Valentine’s Day to express our gratitude?

valentines1You inspire us. You amaze us. You touch us. We are so blessed to have readers and contributors who are passionate about documenting their stories and creating treasured keepsakes.

valentinesBefore I sign off for today, I can’t resist sharing a layout with you. My parents are the ultimate Valentine couple. They celebrated their 50th anniversary this past summer by renewing their wedding vows. Isn’t true love incredible?


So from us to you, Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re so glad to be yours every day of the year!

Beth Opel, Senior Writer

CHA Highlights: Techniques and new beauties!

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megan_headshot-sm3Ready for more CHA delights? How does a cool new technique using adhesive sheets sound? Or an interview with Kezia Whitteker about the inspiration behind her Wellies & Brellas line from Creativity Inc.? Let’s get this product party started!


Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L


In this interview with Karen Lang, designer for 3L, you’ll find:


* Fabulous ideas for using adhesive sheets with delicious scrapbooking toppings (glitter and flocking)

* Ideas for using 3L’s strongest adhesive, and what this power glue is

* Several unique and creative project ideas, including mini albums and home décor made with 3L adhesive and stunning Prima product.



Are you on Facebook? If so, check out 3L’s new Facebook group. While you’re at it, we’d love to have you join our CK group and become a Facebook fan of the magazine. By doing so, you’ll get insider tips, calls for scrapbook-page submissions, good company and more!


Creativity Inc.


I’ve had my eye on the umbrella and galoshes trend for a while now, and it finally seems to be hitting the scrapbook scene. The Wellies & Brellas line by Kezia is an adorable example of just how stylish these motifs can be. This video has:


* An exclusive interview with Kezia Whitteker, the creative mastermind behind this sparkling line

* An up-close look at this happy collection

* Information on where Kezia got her inspiration for this line. 



Did you like this round of flicks? I sure hope so. The same rules apply this time that applied in my last CHA post. Leave me a comment about what it is you found inspiring in this here post, and I’ll randomly select three lucky winners to receive CHA prize packs. You have until Feb. 20 to leave your comment. All winners will be posted when our CHA series is complete.


Note: While our CHA prize packs will include fabulously fresh new products from the show, they will not necessarily be products highlighted in this post.


Good luck!

Megan, Creative Editor  


P.S. We’re looking for some hot summer-themed pages for an upcoming article. Here’s what we’re after:

* Layout (single or double page)
* Color photos and multiple photos per page encouraged
* Summer-themed (think sunshine, outdoor activities/play and fun!)


Please e-mail scans to: editorial@creatingkeepsakes.com with “Sunshine” in the subject line.

Deadline for scans: Thursday morning, February 19.


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