Choose Our Cover: Winner

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You know how they say “be careful what you ask for”? Well, we asked you to choose the cover of our next Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks special issue, and wow—did you ever respond! For a week, all three cover options have been neck and neck, each barely inching out the others for the chance to win. At one point or more, each option was in the lead. What a close race!

But after more than 1,200 votes, the winner is clear: option number 2!

Ta daaaah! The scrapbook layout on this cover was made by the talented Linda Barber.

In case you were wondering who the talented scrapbookers behind the other options are, they are CK Dream Team member Wendy Sue Anderson behind option #1:

And CK contributing writer Mou Saha behind option #3:

Thanks to all of you who voted. We appreciate you input and are excited to feature the cover YOU chose for this issue, which will be on sale in May.

Jennafer Martin, editor-in-chief


Weekly Warm-Up: Memories Each Day

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Capturing the everyday moments that happen in your life is a fun way to record meaningful memories. Whether you call it “A Memory a Day,” “Project 365,” or another clever name, one of the best parts of this approach is you can start any day, not just January 1. Take a moment today to try some of these fun ways to capture memories, including:

*take and/or share a photo each day

*journal a bit each day

*blog a bit each day

*scrapbook a bit each day.

Check out the Project Life kits by Becky Higgins and the Elle’s Studio calendars for some products to get you started.

Project Life by Becky Higgins is a great product to help you capture memories every day.

Or check out this article and video clip of CK’s creative editor, Megan Hoeppner, who shared even more ideas on Studio 5, our local morning show in Salt Lake City.

Take a minute today to notice—and capture—the important moments of your everyday life. Your scrapbooks will be better for it!

Jennafer Martin, editor-in-chief

March/April 2010 Issue: An Insider’s Look

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Hey there! Are you as antsy for spring as I am? If so, make sure you check out the March/April issue of Creating Keepsakes. It’s got so many great ideas for spring-themed pages and techniques to try on them that you’ll be thinking warm, sunny thoughts, even if it’s still a bit chilly outside.

Here are three of my favorite items from this issue, along with a couple of tidbits from our team:

1. Stamping with a template and spray ink

Spritzing and stamping? Ooh la la! Stamping makes me happy, so I was so thrilled to learn about this technique from Liz Hicks, education coordinator for Tattered Angels. I love how Dream Team member Kim Watson interpreted the idea on her page. Want to learn more? Get step-by-step instructions in this month’s “CK Shows You How” column on page 23, and  see Liz’s video demo.

"She Has Spring in Her Step" by Kim Watson, as seen in the March/April 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes, page 26

2. Lots and lots of beautiful pages

If you need a little scrapbooking eye candy, then you’re going to love our “Scrapbook Your Life” article as much as I do—it’s packed with fantastic layouts like this one from Shelley Jaquet. I love how she fit 17 photos on her layout and that they show so many fun family activities.

"Our Family . . . Everyday Life" by Shelley Jaquet, as seen in the March/April 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes, page 72

3. Cool ribbon techniques

Jennifer McGuire always has many creative ideas for using products, and this month’s “Tools & Techniques” column is just too much fun. Check out the grass on this darling “Monster” accent—can you believe she created it by fraying green ribbon? Too clever! (You’ll find additional tips from Jennifer on getting more from ribbon in her column.)

"Monster" by Jennifer McGuire, as seen in the March/April 2010 Creating Keepsakes, page 106

Here are some fun tidbits about this issue from the team:

  • Creative editor Megan Hoeppner designed the adorable layout featured on our cover—didn’t she do a fabulous job? What you may not know is that the photo on the layout was taken by reader/contributor Brigid Gonzalez. She e-mailed it to us at, and it was chosen for this cover! If you have a great photo with strong eye contact and good lighting, send it in for consideration. Your photo could end up being featured in a future issue!

  • Reader/contributor Stacy Cohen found a way to use her instant-coffee purchase on a layout about her morning fix. See the idea on page 108.
  • Editor-in-chief Jennafer Martin had a ball working with contributing writer Mou Saha on the “Spring Is in the Air” feature for this issue. “Mou had so many creative ideas and her enthusiasm for this springy topic brightened up the dreary fall when we worked on it,” says Jennafer. See more of Mou’s work in future issues of CK or on her blog.

  • There’s more than one way for your page to be published in CK. Fresh Face Donna Creedon, whose “Cheeky Grin” layout is featured on page 96, had originally posted the amazing layout on her blog, where creative editor Megan Hoeppner spotted it. It fit so well with the “Spring Is in the Air” article that we snatched it up right away. You never know when one of your layouts will be spotted by our roving talent reporters!
  • Accident or accent? After dropping an ink applicator on her page, reader/contributor Iris Uy turned the unfortunate ink spot into a really cool embossed accent. See it on page 16.
  • April Fools for photos. In the editor’s note, Jennafer Martin wrote a sidebar mentioning a couple of sites to play with your photos. “We didn’t end up publishing it, but I played with my photo on to become one of my favorite superheroes. You can be anyone you want to be by putting your head on a photo there,” Jennafer says. Try it today!

What were your favorite items about this issue? Leave us a comment by Friday, March 26, 2010, and you could be one of three lucky winners to receive a sampling of some fun, new scrapbooking products.

—Lori Fairbanks, editor

Choose Our Cover

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There’s something really liberating about having choices, isn’t there? We know it’s satisfying to pick out just the right ribbon or button as a finishing touch for our pages. So we wanted you to gain that same satisfaction from choosing a part of our upcoming special issue.

The second of four Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks special issues for 2010 is almost ready to go to the printer. But . . . it’s missing a cover. And that’s where you come in. We’d like YOU to tell us which cover to put on this issue. “But Jennafer,” I can hear you saying, “how can I choose the cover when I don’t even know what the issue’s about?” Great question! Here’s a little bit of info to help you.

In case you missed it, the first Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks special issue was all about organization. This is its cover:

Adorable, right?

This second issue is all about paper. Patterned, shaped, laced, and die-cut papers, scraps, and more—this issue has hundreds of ideas for how to use this wonderful supply in unique ways for your scrapbook pages. We asked three talented scrapbookers to create layouts for this issue’s cover, and they are all so adorable—we just can’t decide on a favorite!

So we need your help. Which one should we feature on the cover? See the covers and take our poll between now and March 15, 2010, to let us know your vote.

Thanks for your help!

—Jennafer Martin, editor-in-chief

Mark Your Calendars

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Whether your first week of March came in like a lion or a lamb, I want to invite you to think ahead to the first of May—not just because it’ll be warmer by then, but because it’s National Scrapbooking Day. It’s never too early to plan for that, right?

Mark your calendars to join us the week leading up to National Scrapbooking Day, where we’ll host a weeklong online extravaganza with challenges, page ideas, and more. And if you happen to be in Utah that week, join us in person for CK Scrap & Play. This overnight crop will take place at the Provo Marriott Hotel, and it’s your chance to hang out with Creating Keepsakes editors and contributors, take classes, win prizes, and have a ball celebrating National Scrapbooking Day the CK way. The festivities will include:

* 3 Albums

* 4 Mini Classes

* Over 24 Hours of Cropping

* Contests, Games, and Prizes

For more information, see the CK Scrap & Play site.

We hope you can join us!

–Jennafer Martin, editor-in-chief

Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks: An Insider’s Look

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Hey there! Did you pick up your new CK special issue yet (it’s only $5.99)? The Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks organization issue focuses on all things organization in a variety of scrapbooking topics. We hope it will give you great ideas for whipping your scrap space into shape and arranging it in a way that’s both beautiful and functional, along with tips for organizing layouts, albums, crops, and more.

Here are three of my favorite things from this issue, along with other tidbits from our team:

1. “Design Solutions” column

This issue, the “Design Solutions” column helps you organize your layout designs for stunning pages. I love seeing the difference a little design tweaking can make on a layout. It’s like the seeing the big reveal of a makeover show (but better, because you don’t have to watch the 45 minutes building up to it). Here’s the before and after of Autumn Baldwin’s layout called “That’s Love.” Notice the difference a few pieces of patterned paper placed in a visual triangle makes on her “after” layout.



2. Colorful vertical files

Storing paper vertically makes so much sense because of the space it saves and how accessible the paper is when it’s stored this way. Romanoff Products made vertical files more fun when they introduced their colorful vertical files. A few other features about these files make me happy: they’re very sturdy files that would do just fine sitting on a tabletop or a shelf, they fit perfectly in Ikea’s Expedit bookshelf, and they have a little lip to make them easier to handle.

And sure, they look great as-is, but what’s a scrapbooker to do when she sees such a lovely blank canvas? Embellish it, of course!

The rub-ons I used on the pink file are from Glitz Design. Check out some of their other rub-on designs that would look awesome on vertical files. Imagine these great gold dots on the orange files:

Or this black damask print on the green files:

3. Inspiration frame collage

I love this variation of the inspiration board using a collection of old frames. I snagged these from our design team when they were cleaning out their photo props. You could pick up similar frames for a song at your local thrift store. Check out Club CK later this week for information on how to put old frames to work as dry-erase boards, corkboards and magnet boards for use in your scrap space:

Here are some fun tidbits about this issue from the team:

  • We were super-exited to work with Stacy Julian on her “Creative Album Organization” article for this issue. “When we were planning this issue,” says editor-in-chief Jennafer Martin, all I could think was that ‘Stacy Julian’s philosophy would be PERFECT for this issue.’ She’s not only a talented scrapbooker but she’s also so motivating. She encourages scrapbookers to find a system that liberates them from the stress that often accompanies chronological scrapbooking.” We hope this issue will help readers feel the empowerment that Stacy brings and also enjoy a little touch of Simple Scrapbooks in this issue.
  • The rooms featured in the “Creativity under Cover” issue were shot at the homes of several CK staffers. Some of the furniture was already in place, while other pieces were brought in and propped especially for this article shoot.
  • Speaking of the “Creativity under Cover” article, our team was thrilled with the illustration for the article opener. Look closely at how many scrapbooking items the artist wove into the illustration—check out the umbrella stand, the vases and all the items in the armoire. So clever!

  • Several members of our team use the solutions featured in this issue in their own scrap spaces. For example, associate editor Dorathy Gilchrist uses the towel hanger and media storage boxes from the “10-Minute Tricks” column as well as the ottoman, hanging accessory bag, and sweater hanger from the “Creativity under Cover” article.
  • Love flowers? Our contributors sure do! All three party themes for the article “Stop, Drop & Crop,” were originally submitted as floral themes. Cindy Tobey graciously agreed to transform her items into a jungle theme—we’re delighted with how it turned out!

  • Creative director Erin Bayless commented: “My office was overrun by storage units and cabinets that we were planning to photograph and feature. I had only a little path to my desk! Someone even asked me if I had just moved into my office on account of all the boxes.”

What were your favorite things about this issue? Leave us a comment on this post by Friday, February 19, 2010, and you could be one of three lucky winners to receive a sampling of fun, new scrapbooking products.

—Lori Fairbanks, product editor

Weekly Warm-Up: Holiday Traditions

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What’s a holiday without its traditions? From blowing out birthday candles to hanging up pretty socks, we all have things we repeat year after year in celebration of an occasion or event. As the following talented ladies have illustrated, designing layouts around traditions is an awesome tradition in its own right. Rather than tackle all your holiday traditions in one year, scrap a single traditions page each year and you’ll eventually have an entire album of family memories to relive. Or, scrapbook the same tradition year after year and watch how the people involved and the activity evolve over time.

Mou Saha makes time to bake with her tiny tots each holiday season. What a sweet way to celebrate time together!

"Sweet Holiday Tradition" by Mou Saha, as seen in the December 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes

It’s a trip to see Santa that makes Mandy Douglass’s jolly list of traditions.

"Meeting St. Nick" by Mandy Douglass, as seen in the December 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes

Wouldn’t a “Traditions” mini album make a great addition to your holiday decor? Simply fill it with pictures and brief descriptions of your favorite holiday activities, and place it on the coffee table for all to enjoy. Soon, flipping through the album will become its own tradition!

One of My Favorite Traditions (and a Little Office Prank)
Now, I’d like to share a favorite tradition of mine at the expense of my wonderful coworkers. (Notice how I slip “wonderful” in there to try and butter them up.) I find this little activity impossible to resist and do it year after year. My holiday tradition: ElfYourself (and your friends)! 😉

Check out my elf-tastic videos below. You won’t be sorry.

Video #1: I join Lori Anderson, Joannie McBride, Dorathy Gilchrist, and Lara Penrod for some holiday caroling.

Video #2: Jennafer Martin, Lori Fairbanks, and Brittany Beattie catch a little disco fever!

Now that you know one of my favorite (and admittedly silly) traditions, I’d love it if you’d share one of your holiday traditions with us. What do you insist on doing year after year? Maybe it’s silly, maybe it’s sentimental, or maybe it’s spiritual. We’re, ahem, all ears! 😉

Megan Hoeppner, creative editor

Quick, Handmade Holiday Gift Tags

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There’s no denying that even though this is “the most wonderful time of the year,” it’s also one of the busiest times of the year. Whether you’re running around doing last-minute gift shopping, wrapping presents, baking neighbor gifts, or hitting holiday parties, your time is a precious commodity. That’s why we want to save you some extra minutes. As much as we’d love to come over and help bake those holiday cookies (especially if you let us lick the electric-mixer beaters!), we just can’t. But we can give you a creative breather with some time-saving ideas to use your scrapbooking supplies. Take a little time from the holiday bustle to create a few quick and easy holiday tags from our December 2009 issue. In just a few moments, you’ll have holiday gift tags that are almost as memorable as the gifts. And the creative break will help recharge you for the next round of holiday festivities.

Create a quick tag featuring a photo of the gift’s recipient. Just cut or die-cut an ornament from patterned paper and add a photo, monogram letter sticker, and a snip of ribbon for a festive tag that can double as an ornament when the gifts are all open. Tag by Megan Hoeppner.

For a quick and elegant tag, add letter stickers to a patterned-paper circle. Mat the circle on contrasting cardstock and add a loop of ribbon, and you’ll have an elegant, handmade tag that the recipient will love. Tag by Beth Opel.

Punch and layer two scalloped cardstock circles, add some buttons and bling, and you’ve got an adorable handmade wreath tag to add a little holiday happiness to a gift. Tag by Megan Hoeppner.

We hope these time-saving tags help your gifts stand out this season. Happy holidays!

Jennafer Martin, editor-in-chief

P.S. Once you’ve finished your tags, let your mind turn to holiday cards by checking out the Paper Crafts December Gallery Challenge. Upload your holiday cards by December 28, and you could be one of three lucky winners to receive either a one-year subscription to Paper Crafts or a Paper Crafts special issue of your choice. The three winning cards will be featured on the Paper Crafts Connection blog on January 4. And speaking of winners, we’ve posted more winners on our Giveaways tab—click here to see if you’re one of the lucky blog readers!

P.P.S. We’ve posted two new page calls in the Submit tab. Check them out and send in your layouts. We can’t wait to see them.

Thank You, Lisa!

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This is Thanksgiving week in the U.S., and we want to take this opportunity to thank our founding editor, Lisa Bearnson. Long ago (1996 to be exact), she set out on a mission to create a scrapbooking magazine that would inspire people to document their lives. Her message of memory keeping has resonated around the world, and thousands of people participate in this hobby we all love dearly because of Lisa’s vision and the inspiration found in Creating Keepsakes magazine. Ask anyone who scrapbooks if they know who Lisa Bearnson is, and you’ll hear a resounding, “Of course!”

Through the years, the magazine grew, as did Lisa’s family. In fact, many of us have seen Lisa’s family grow and change through her scrapbook pages and in her founder’s note in the magazine, feeling as though we were members of the family, too. In each issue of the magazine, Lisa has shared her family’s sweet stories, her dreams and her hard work.

And now, as Creating Keepsakes continues to inspire people to create, Lisa has decided it’s time to spend more time with her family (read more in her founder’s note in the upcoming January issue of Creating Keepsakes). Lisa will continue to be an ambassador for scrapbooking and participate in CK; she simply won’t be in each and every issue. And never fear, Creating Keepsakes will continue to deliver inspirational content and continue Lisa’s mission begun 13 years ago.

We sure will miss working with Lisa as closely, but we’re extremely excited for her and her husband, Steve, and their children. We’re looking forward to seeing more of the happy times they enjoy and keeping up with their busy lives on Lisa’s blog.  We’ll be checking in often to catch up on her latest news. After all, she’s part of our family.

Join us this week as we celebrate and thank Lisa. Here, members of the Creating Keepsakes team have written fond memories of Lisa. Please join us and submit your own note to Lisa in the comments section of this post to let her know the impact she or the magazine has made in your life.  If you live in the U.S. and would rather call to wish Lisa your best, please call toll-free at 1-877-641-2849 to leave her a message with your warm wishes. This is a special phone number set up just for the purpose of celebrating Lisa and you bet she’ll be checking her messages!

—Lori Anderson, Online Managing Editor


“I’ve so enjoyed working with Lisa Bearnson. She has an amazing enthusiasm and an inner light she brings to everything. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She has a big heart and truly cares about people. I’m incredibly thankful for her dream to start this magazine, her courage and dedication to make that dream come true and her continued dedication to it. She’s been an incredible colleague, and even though I’ll miss working with her as often, I appreciate and respect her dedication to her family, and I hope they have a ball as they spend more time together.”

—Jennafer Martin, Editor-in-Chief


“Thanks to Lisa for being an amazing leader and friend. It’s been wonderful to work with her for the past several years. She has inspired many people through her innumerable talents. I wish her the best in her future endeavors. I’m sure she’ll continue to touch people’s lives as she has touched mine.”

—Janice Barfuss, Art Director


“Who would have thought the wonderful mother and scrapbooker I first saw in Creating Keepsakes magazine in 1997 would have become such a great mentor in my life? As a new mother, Lisa taught me how important memory keeping was, and she helped me realize the legacy I wanted to leave for my children and my family. Lisa is the most caring, sincere and devoted person I know. She remembers facts and faces better than anyone I’ve ever met, and she greets each person she meets with a smile (and often a hug). Lisa, I am blessed to know you. I’m so thankful you followed your dream and created such a wonderful magazine to inspire all of us. I wish you the best!”

—Lori Anderson, Online Managing Editor


“I want to tell Lisa thank you. Thank you for being so kind to me. From the first day I started at CK, you made me feel like I was part of the team. Lisa, you are always amazingly friendly and generous, and I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I wish you nothing but the best and hope you know how much you’ve made a difference in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Lisa!”

—Joannie McBride, Assistant Editor


“Lisa has been an amazing part of our team over the years and will be missed. I want to thank her for her positive example of kindness and charity. I have loved working her and getting to know her better. I’m thankful she made her love of scrapbooking become a cherished hobby for so many crafters! I am inspired by her ability to make her dreams a reality by beginning a scrapbooking magazine and creating a business that has thrived from the shared love of creating memories that can be cherished for years to come.”

—Erin Bayless, Creative Director


“One of my first direct encounters with Lisa was here at the office when I worked for Paper Crafts magazine. She happened by my desk where a ‘Megan’s Snow Shack’ sign was proudly displayed. (The sign was made by the Paper Crafts team to decorate my desk for my birthday). She stopped dead in her tracks and asked me all about it. Her enthusiasm and energy made me smile from ear to ear. She didn’t really know me well at that time, but that didn’t matter. She sat and talked to me for quite some time as if we were old friends. It was sincere. In fact, she went home and had a ‘Snack Shack’ sign made for her daughter, modeled after my cute sign. This encounter made me realize how positive and full of life Lisa really is, and she’s continued to reinforce that over the years as I’ve gotten to know her better. What a lovely light she brings to everything she does! Thanks, Lisa, for sharing some of your beautiful spirit with me.”

—Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor


“Lisa has always been so gracious, kind, caring, giving and fun. It has been a pleasure getting to know her and enjoying her company. Thank you, Lisa, for all you have done for us as employees and for the company as a whole.”

—Neko Carrillo, Senior Designer


“I count it a great blessing to know Lisa. She has influenced my life in so many ways. From when I first met her in a business class where she presented, my path has never been the same. She’s affected my entire career and created a most wonderful place to work. Her giving nature has shown me how to be a more selfless person. She constantly reminds me of the importance of befriending every person I meet. She is an example of living a rich, full life. She’s also delightfully sweet and kind. Thank you, Lisa, for blessing my life, as I’m sure you’ve blessed so many others. Without you, many of us reading this blog would never have known the wonderful joy of scrapbooking! Thank you for everything!”

—Brittany Beattie, Online Senior Editor

December CK: An Insider’s Look

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brittanyb-headshot-smWorking on the December issue of the magazine has had me in the holiday spirit for the last several months. (We started working on the issue in July!) Now that holiday music fills the airwaves of Salt Lake City 24/7, that holiday feeling is getting even stronger.

That’s why I couldn’t help but do something festive for our inside look at the December issue of Creating Keepsakes—and the 12 days of Christmas continually came to mind. But rather than spread out this post for nearly two weeks, you get all 12 gifts in one post—a sneak peek at the 12 favorite layouts from our editorial staff. To add even more festivity to the post, you can always listen to this while you enjoy reading the reasons we love each layout so much!

Oh, and be sure to check out all the exclusive online articles for December we have waiting for you here. You can even enter to win a free advent calendar personalized with your own family members!

Without further ado, here are our team’s favorite layouts from the December issue.

Holiday Home by Ali Edwards

“Holiday Home” by Ali Edwards in “Studio A”

“This layout from Ali Edwards makes me want to capture every holiday detail in my home—and I’m going to!” —Joannie McBride, assistant editor


“Ornament a Day” by Amanda Probst in “Monthly To-Dos”

Amanda Probst has a great eye for fonts, and I can’t stop looking at her title treatment on this layout. The colors stand out. The fonts look great together and are readable but unique. It’s so clever how she uses a snippet of conversation to frame her title and photos on the left page of her layout.” —Lori Fairbanks, product editor


“Happy” by Jennifer McGuire in “Tools & Techniques”

“I love Jennifer McGuire’s simple design, nice color scheme and great photos on this layout.” —Janice Barfuss, art director


“She Says” by Lori Anderson in “Computer Tricks”

“This layout is so sweet and sassy. I can’t get enough of Lori Anderson’s adorable pictures and cute use of type.” —Neko Carrillo, senior designer


“Kitschy” by Cindy Tobey in “Tips & Tricks”

“The tree accent is so unexpected. Cindy Tobey made kitschy work for her! I love it.” —Erin Bayless, creative director

Christmas-Favorites-by-Deena Wuest

“A Few of Our Christmas Favorites” by Deena Wuest in “Festive Techniques for Trimming the Tree”

Deena Wuest’s clean and simple design balanced with the clever tree made of photos is so fresh, festive and innovative.” —Jennafer Martin, editor-in-chief


“Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura in “Mandy’s Challenge”

Suzy Plantamura’s title treatment is so clever—she cut her letters by hand and then stamped on them with the letters ‘S,’ ‘N,’ ‘O’ and ‘W,’ respectively.” —Brittany Beattie, online senior editor


“January” by Kelly Goree in “Instant Gift Albums”

“I love how the design of this layout fits so many photos without sacrificing room for embellishments. Plus, each accent Kelly Goree used enhances the feel of the photos.” —Lori Anderson, online managing editor

Christmas-Bliss-by-Jill-Marie Paulson

“Christmas Bliss” by Jill Marie Paulson in “Seasonal Solutions”

“I like Jill Marie Paulson’s simple design with the focus on the photo.” —Brenda Peterson, editorial assistant


“Christmas Morning” by Julie DeGuia in “Seasonal Solutions”

“I like how Julie DeGuia fit so many photos on her layout and still kept it clean. I always take hundreds of photos on Christmas and then wonder how to scrapbook them all.” —Lara Penrod, senior editor


“Roll with It” by Kayleigh Wiles in “Reader Gallery”

“Kayleigh Wiles’s page has great flow despite how the focal point is in a small space. Plus, the beautiful script at the bottom adds charm to the flow.” —Dorathy Gilchrist, associate editor


"2008 Review" by Maggie Holmes in "Scrapbook a Year's Worth of Memories in One Night"

Maggie Holmes managed to capture an entire year’s worth of memorable events on one layout while still creating a clean, easy-to-follow design—not always an easy task. I love how the white space balances out the fun patterns and whimsical details while still keeping her photos the focus.” —Megan Hoeppner, creative editor

Prize Giveaway

What would this holiday celebration be without a gift? Leave a comment by Monday, November 16 at 9:00 a.m. EST, and let us know what your favorite layout is from the December issue for a chance to win this prize package or other December-related goodies.



—Brittany Beattie, online senior editor

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