Weekly Warm-Up: Creative Tree Accents

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meganAre you one of those people who trim the tree the day after Thanksgiving? Or perhaps your tree is already up and dressed to the nines. Either way, our “Festive Techniques for Trimming the Trees” article in the December 2009 issue is going to get you in the spirit to not only decorate your home’s spruce but also to create bitty handmade trees for your layouts.

We have layouts featuring beaded trees, flocked trees, fabric trees, glittered branches, blinged beauties and so much more. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside the article. It’s a layout by the very talented Suzy Plantamura.


With the holiday season right around the corner, we thought we’d provide you with a bonus tree idea. Just call it our little gift to you.

Suzy covered the trees on her layout with flocking. Following her lead, I created the tree on this tag with flocking and foam-square adhesive. Since foam squares come in many different sizes, they naturally come together to form a cute tree shape.


Here’s how to get this look:

1. Dip the sticky side of foam squares in flocking. Tip: The lid of the flocking jar works perfectly as a dish when working with a small amount of flocking.


2. Adhere the flocked squares to your layout (or tag) in the shape of a tree. Tip: Create a tree trunk with faux stitching, created with a pen and a paper piercer.


Bonus Idea
I used a large office tag to create this accent. Since there’s so much extra space at the top of the tag, I decided to make it a gift-card holder by simply attaching a gift card to the top of the tag with a bitty clothespin. It’s an easy and unique way to give someone a little shopping spree!



What ideas do you have for creating decorated page accents this holiday season? We’d love to have you share your tidings and creative cheer here.

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor


Announcing Our 2010 Dream Team Members

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meganWith our December 2009 issue already out and our January 2010 issue right around the corner (can you believe that?), it’s time to announce our 2010 Dream Team. This talented group of 10 women will bring you fresh designs in every 2010 issue of our magazine, as well as act as stellar magazine representatives at various events and activities.

Let’s get to their names and faces (and a few get-to-know-you questions), shall we? Drum roll, please . . .

Congratulations to the following 2010 CK Dream Team members:

Cindy-TobeyCindy Tobey

1. How long have you scrapbooked? 12 or 13 years now.

2. What is your favorite technique? Stitching, either by hand or machine. A close second would be painting.

3. If you were allowed only one scrapbooking embellishment to use on a layout, what type of embellishment would you choose? Buttons or decorative brads. It would be so hard for me to choose just one type, though.

4. Where do you look for design inspiration? Junk mail, catalogs, home decor, book covers, clothing tags . . . everywhere, really.

5. How would you define your scrapbooking style? This is always a hard question for me to answer. Organized, quirky and ever-changing.

6. What do you like most about scrapbooking? The creative process. I love that I’m preserving family memories, but it’s the process that keeps me coming back. I LOVE it!

Deena-WuestDeena Wuest

1. How long have you scrapbooked? I started paper scrapbooking in 2000, shortly after my first daughter was born. I was actually one of those people who swore I would never try digital scrapbooking. Ha. Can you imagine? It was five years later when I realized I was drafting every layout on the computer and using it to design and print my text. Piecing everything together manually turned into the last step, as if it were almost an afterthought. Finally, when my toddler ate half a layout and repeatedly date-stamped his shirt, I reluctantly walked through a Photoshop tutorial. I completed my first digital layout in 2005, and I was completely and utterly in love. I still thank my then-destructive two-year-old son for helping me find my passion.

2.  What is your favorite technique? I don’t know if it’s officially a “technique,” but I love using bold typography on my layouts. The fact that you can create art using just letters and numbers is so fascinating to me. Honestly, I get excited over the placement of text. (I’m still not sure if I should be alarmed by that or not.) While I love fonts and have over 1,000 of them on my computer, I use the same journaling font on around 90% of my pages. At first, I seriously thought I needed a support group. I’ve since embraced it and actually found that using the same font provides a sense of continuity in my albums. Hmm. Who knew?

3. If you were allowed only one scrapbooking embellishment to use on a layout, what type of embellishment would you choose? Interesting question. Since most of my layouts are digital, I am going to claim the “digital brush” to be an embellishment. Brushes add so much to a layout and can range from graphic and bold to soft and subtle. I love the flexibility and freedom they provide. You can adjust the color, size, opacity and blend mode. You can combine them, delete portions . . . the list goes on. It’s complete creative control. I love that!

4. Where do you look for design inspiration? Everywhere. While I love to be inspired by clever design found in advertisements, books, billboards, movie posters and CD covers, I also find myself being inspired by the small things. An unusual color scheme found on a candy wrapper, the texture of a blanket or a spoken phrase heard over the radio have all sparked scrapbook layouts.

5. How would you define your scrapbooking style? Simple. Clean. Graphic.

6. What do you like most about scrapbooking? I love the fact that this amazing hobby allows me to combine my passion for my family with my passion for design. I love that it provides a creative outlet where I’m free to try cool, new things, to experiment and to play. But mostly, I love what it allows me to leave for my family. It’s more than documenting what they wore for Halloween or what they received for their birthdays. Granted, that’s important information. But even more so I want them to know how much they are loved. I have always considered each layout to be a “love note” that just happens to contain a sprinkling of life events. To me, that’s what scrapbooking is all about. And that’s why I love it.

Jen-JockischJen Jockisch

1. How long have you scrapbooked? 6 years.

2. What is your favorite technique? Anything using foam adhesive. I love the depth and dimension it adds to pages.

3. If you were allowed only one scrapbooking embellishment to use on a layout, what type of embellishment would you choose? The one thing I can’t do without is patterned paper. I love mixing different colors and patterns and finding funky combinations.

4. Where do you look for design inspiration? Home-design blogs and ads on Nick Jr. (Seriously, there is some great stuff there.)

5. How would you define your scrapbooking style? Layered, fun and a little whimsical.

6. What do you like most about scrapbooking? I like that I’m not only doing something I love, but I’m actually being productive by documenting my family’s story.

Kim-WatsonKim Watson

1. How long have you scrapbooked? Nearly five years. I started when my little boy was six months old. I wanted to journal his life in a creative, meaningful way.

2. What is your favorite technique? Coming from a fashion background, I love stitching and using fabric. Paper crafting and creating my own embellishments also make the list.

3. If you were allowed only one scrapbooking embellishment to use on a layout, what type of embellishment would you choose? Alphas, definitely alphas.

4. Where do you look for design inspiration? Fashion, craft world, photography and interior design.

5. How would you define your scrapbooking style? Feminine with a touch of whimsy.

6. What do you like most about scrapbooking? I love that it satisfies me on so many levels: my need for a creative outlet, my love of writing and my interest in photography. Above all, the most important reason is to leave a legacy for my children.

Laura-VegasLaura Vegas

1. How long have you scrapbooked? I have scrapbooked for about 14 years now. I started a year before my oldest daughter was born.

2. What is your favorite technique? Collaging is a technique, right? I love to collage my layouts together–whether it’s making photo collages or just arranging my photos and patterned papers into a collaged look to fill up the page. It’s like piecing together a puzzle, and I just love arranging things until they fit together to my liking.

3. If you were allowed only one scrapbooking embellishment to use on a layout, what type of embellishment would you choose? This really isn’t fair to all the other fabulous embellishments out there, but I would have to pick ribbon. The majority of my layouts have ribbon used in one way or another. Since ribbon can be used in so many ways, I never get bored with it.

4. Where do you look for design inspiration? My main inspiration comes from either my photos or product. Great photos can be the starting point for so many layouts. If the photos don’t inspire me, then most likely product will. I’m very product driven, and I will often create layouts just because I want to use certain products or papers, without even knowing what photos I am going to use. So my layouts have been known to start with photos or end with photos. Both ways work for me.

5. How would you define your scrapbooking style? My style is definitely clean and linear, with a lot of straight lines. I gravitate toward bright, fun colors, and I love to use many photos on my layouts. I’m also a big fan of embellishments, and I love to find the perfect amount of fun “stuff” to complete my layouts.

6. What do you like most about scrapbooking? I love that I’m recording memories and events. Just by looking at their scrapbook albums, my girls will always know what happened in our lives. But I think what I love most about scrapbooking is the creative release it gives me. I spend most of my days doing mundane, everyday things over and over. So I feel my happiest when I get some creative time every day to play with paper and embellishments and to have something pretty to show for my time at the end.

Maggie-HolmesMaggie Holmes

1. How long have you scrapbooked? I started back in high school and have been hooked ever since!

2. What is your favorite technique? Right now my favorite technique is color misting. I love to use masks, stencils and anything I can get my hands on that will combine with the color mists to make a cool effect!

3. If you were allowed only one scrapbooking embellishment to use on a layout, what type of embellishment would you choose? My first answer would be patterned paper, but I guess that isn’t really an embellishment. Assuming I can’t use patterned paper, I would say chipboard. You can do anything with chipboard and customize it to work with any layout.

4. Where do you look for design inspiration? Everywhere! Seriously, I am always thinking in creative mode, and I see everything around me—nature, fashion, type, ads, magazines, home decor, photography, etc. Somehow it all mixes and combines in my head and eventually translates into what I create.

5. How would you define your scrapbooking style? Eclectic for sure. I love to mix things–different colors, different patterns and different mediums. I hardly ever use items made to match. Instead, I use bits and pieces from different lines and manufacturers. Combining everything together is where the magic happens for me.

6. What do you like most about scrapbooking? I love two things about scrapbooking. I love that I’m capturing and recording our family story. Our lives pass by so quickly, and I can’t imagine not having all my albums to look back on. The second thing I love is the creative process and the fulfillment and joy I get from scrapbooking. It just feels great to pull all these beautiful products and mediums together to make something that is so unique and meaningful to my family and me.

Sara-WinnickSara Winnick

1. How long have you scrapbooked? I’ve been scrapbooking since my daughter Anna was born in 2002–seven and one-half years!

2. What is your favorite technique? It’s impossible to choose just one!  I have a thing for clear embossing, but I also love piecing together various elements to create cool titles.

3. If you were allowed only one scrapbooking embellishment to use on a layout, what type of embellishment would you choose? Only one? It’s a toss-up between chipboard hearts from Heidi Swapp for Advantus and Flair from American Crafts.

4. Where do you look for design inspiration? Real Simple magazine never fails me. 🙂

5. How would you define your scrapbooking style? I love bold colors and stripes, so I often use them on my pages.

6. What do you like most about scrapbooking? I love creating new pages, but there’s nothing quite like flipping through old layouts remembering.  I scrapbook for so many reasons, but to remember is the biggest reason I love this hobby.

Susan-WeinrothSusan Weinroth

1. How long have you scrapbooked? Since 2004.

2. What is your favorite technique? I love to machine-stitch and sew little tidbits to my pages.

3. If you were allowed only one scrapbooking embellishment to use on a layout, what type of embellishment would you choose? Hmmmmmm. That’s tough! I’d probably have to go with rhinestone brads from American Crafts–they are a current favorite of mine!

4. Where do you look for design inspiration? Home decorating magazines, various favorite websites and storefront displays.

5. How would you define your scrapbooking style? Clean and colorful with a few fun twists thrown in!

6. What do you like most about scrapbooking? I love that scrapbooking has become my “job” and that it allows me to stay at home with my toddler-aged son, while at the same time allowing me to preserve my family’s photos and memories.

Suzy-PlantamuraSuzy Plantamura

1. How long have you scrapbooked? I’ve been scrapping forever. I made scrapbooks in high school with memorabilia, cards, schoolwork, etc. The only difference was they didn’t have any pictures! Once I had Sophie (who is now ten), I started scrapping the way I do now, with lots of photos and journaling.

2. What is your favorite technique? Anything that includes markers–I love hand journaling, doodling, adding borders or coloring in stamped images. Markers are so much fun!

3. If you were allowed only one scrapbooking embellishment to use on a layout, what type of embellishment would you choose? Probably ribbon—I can’t seem to make a layout without it.

4. Where do you look for design inspiration? I don’t spend a lot of time getting inspired. As soon as I see pictures and products, I feel ready to go! When I make the time, I find inspiration everywhere! Catalogs, magazines, books, posters, nature, fashion, home decor–it all speaks to me! If I really wanted to get inspired, I would blog hop more often. Again, time prohibits my ability to do this, but there are so many online resources available to inspire us scrappers!

5. How would you define your scrapbooking style? I’d like to say whimsical, but I don’t always feel that from my pages. But I try! My mathematical mind wants things neat, tidy and aligned, but my creative side wants things messy and artistic. I struggle to balance the two. I wish I could scrap more freely without any constraints!

6. What do you like most about scrapbooking? There is nothing I don’t like about scrapbooking. I like every little bit of it–from starting with buying products to taking the photos to designing the pages. It’s all soooooo fun! There’s nothing more fun to me than getting a new box of products (especially if they’re free!) and sorting them all and organizing them. It’s pure heaven for this girl!

Wendy-Sue-AndersonWendy Sue Anderson

1. How long have you scrapbooked? Forever! I remember helpling my mom when I was a little girl. We used rubber cement (yikes!!) to glue school papers, birthday cards, etc. into a big, green scrapbook. I made my own high-school scrapbook in a magnetic photo album (yikes again!). After I married, I discovered Pebbles in My Pocket on my lunch break one day. I’ve been scrapbooking (safely) almost every day since then!

2. What is your favorite technique? I love machine-stitching on my projects. My parents bought me a sewing machine as a college graduation gift. It’s my favorite scrapbooking tool!

3. If you were allowed only one scrapbooking embellishment to use on a layout, what type of embellishment would you choose? Hmmm, I would use buttons. Or ribbon.

4. Where do you look for design inspiration? Everywhere: catalogs, magazines, websites, blogs, picture books, shampoo bottles, junk mail, the grocery store . . .

5. How would you define your scrapbooking style? Clean, simple, cute, consistent.

6. What do you like most about scrapbooking? I really enjoy being creative, but I think my favorite part is seeing my kids enjoy the pages in their scrapbooks. I’m glad they’ll always have a record of the cute things, fun events and interesting family stories from their childhoods.


We’re thrilled to have each of these talented gals on our CK Dream Team for the coming year. They have already brought so much to our magazine and are sure to inspire you in the year to come.

Thanks to Our Dream Team Sponsors
To get their CK year off to an awesome start, we sent each of these gals a lovely welcome gift provided by our 2010 Dream Team sponsors. A great big thank-you goes out to the following incredible companies:

Adornit – Carolee’s Creations, Advantus, American Art Clay Company, American Crafts, Anna Griffin, BasicGrey, Bazzill Basics Paper, Bella Blvd, Bisous, Bo-Bunny Press, Buttons Galore, C.R. Gibson, Clearsnap, Close To My Heart, Colorbök, Core’dinations, Cornish Heritage Farms, Cosmo Cricket, The Crafter’s Workshop, Creative Memories, Die Cuts With a View, Dimensions, Doodlebug Design, Dyno Merchandise, EK Success, Elmer’s, Eyelet Outlet, Fancy Pants Designs, Fiskars Americas, GlueArts, Glue Dots International, Graphic 45, Hambly Screen Prints, Helmar Adhesives, Hero Arts, iLoveToCreate, a Duncan Enterprises Company, Imaginisce, Inkadinkado , It Takes Two, Jenni Bowlin Studio, Jillibean Soup, K&Company, Karen Foster Design, Krylon, Little Yellow Bicycle, Maya Road, McGill, Mimi Collections, Pebbles Inc., Piggy Tales, Pink Paislee, Prima, QuicKutz, River City Rubber Works, Sakura, Sandylion, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, ScrapGirls, Scrapper’s Guide, SEI, Singer, Sounds Easy, Spellbinders, Stampendous!, Stampin’ Up!, Technique Tuesday, Therm O Web, Unibind, We R Memory Keepers, Zva Creative

mou-sahaA New Contributing Writer
In addition to announcing our Dream Team, we have a talented new contributing writer to announce. Mou Saha, a wonderful member of our 2009 Dream Team, has joined our writer roster. We’re delighted to have her working with us in this capacity next year! Congrats, Mou!



A Note from You
Now, please join us in welcoming our newest creative crew by leaving a comment. You’re welcome to suggest ideas you’d like to see them cover in the year ahead, or you can simply give them a happy e-hello. Either way, we know they’ll love hearing from you!

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor

Sticky Techniques

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Lara PenrodHave you ever wondered what you’d do with some of the many adhesive products you see on the market today? Like you, I often think, “I’m sure that product’s really cool—if only I knew what to do with it.” We’ve put together a few techniques using adhesive to get you started. Hopefully, they’ll answer a few questions for you, and get you playing to find some of your own great techniques. 


Adhesives Stickers

These fun adhesives will help you add a little sparkle to any project quickly. And they’re super easy to use!

Simply remove the backing from the sticker, place the design on your cardstock,  peel away the cover paper, and apply glitter.


It’s that quick! If you want to use a couple different colors of glitter, simply peel away only a portion of the cover paper, and apply your first glitter.


 Then peel away the remaining cover paper, and apply your second glitter. 


In just moments, you’ll have a fun, sparkly accent for your page. Our cute cupcake came from Baby Cakes Design Adhesives by Clearsnap.


Glue Pens

We all have a glue pen in our stash of tools. But your glue pen can do more than just adhere cardstock and photos to your page. It’s also the perfect tool to apply glitter to a small area, adding that little bit of zing to your page. I used my glue pen to add glitter to one of the flowers on my patterned paper.



 To create this effect, simply trace the outline with your glue pen,


add glitter and shake off the excess glitter. I loved this paper before, but the glitter just added that little something extra.


You can also use your glue pen to add dimension to your page by applying flock to buttons or brads.

Apply glue directly to the brad,



 dip the brad in flock,


 rub the flock into the glue with your finger,


shake off the excess, and you’ve got a colorful, flocked brad!


Try using the Zig 2-Way Glue pen by EK Sucess for this technique.

Glue Pads 

The best invention since white bread! Oh yes, I was that excited when I saw glue pads hit the market. They’re just like ink pads, but they’re glue! What a great way to apply glitter and flock to you pages. You can use them with stamps or to cover whole pieces of chipboard. For these projects, I used the Essential Glue Pad from Tsukineko.


To stamp an image, simply “ink” your stamp using the glue pad,



 stamp the image,



 and apply glitter or flock and shake off the excess.


Tip: One thing we found while using flock is that it works best with less intricate designs.

Another technique to try is covering an entire piece of chipboard with glitter or flock. First, simply press the chipboard onto the glue pad,


 then apply glitter or flock and shake off the excess.


It’s that easy. And once it’s dry, the glitter stays in place!



Adhesive Sheets 

Perhaps you couldn’t think of a use for a full sheet of adhesive, but I’m here to tell you, this is one product you’re going to want in your toolbox. It’s great for adhering those tiny or intricate elements your page, such a little letters. 


 Cut the sheet of adhesive to the desired size.



Then apply the adhesive sheet to your patterned paper or cardstock.



Cut out your letters or shape.



Remove the letters or shapes for the backing,


 and adhere to your page.


Using adhesive sheets is so much easier than trying to apply adhesive to tiny pieces. And if you’re using an alphabet die, you’ve got extra letters to use another day.

While adhesive sheets make light work of adhering tiny embellishments, you can also think big when it comes to this great product. Using a sheet of adhesive is also a great way to cover a large area of your page.


Here I’ve created a quick border for my page using a strip of adhesive and flock. Trim an adhesive sheet to the size of your page and apply to the edge. You’ve covered a large area of your page in no time! Give the 12″ x 12″ Adhesive Sheets from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L a try for these great project ideas.

We hope this quick look at a few adhesive techniques gets your creative juices flowing. Leave us a comment and let us know how you’re using these great adhesive products. We’ll select two winners from the comments to each win an adhesive grab bag.

Lara Penrod
Senior Editor

Adhesive Basics

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Hi there, blog readers! What do you get if you mix a shiny new BMW and the kitchen sink? I don’t know, but I’d love to find out! Mixing amazing new products with already-have-lying around-the-house items can be so much fun. But  since everyday objects aren’t necessarily made with crafters in mind, one thing I rely on is good adhesive—something that will make my item attach exactly the way I want, perfect look included.

I’ve found that some hard-to-adhere items include:

  • fabric
  • vellum or clear components
  • ribbon
  • metal


Maggie Holmes solved one of these problems in her You layout, shown on page 94 of the October issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. Notice that she has included fabric squares with a multipurpose adhesive, such as Helmar’s Craft Glue, in this cute fall-themed layout. Fabric adhesive is available in both liquid and spray forms as well as temporary and permanent forms, so be sure to read the back of the bottle carefully when you make your selections.

Tip: Use fabric adhesive to prevent fabric edges from fraying. Dab a little around the edges of your piece, and the fibers will stay put.

Vellum or clear components 

What do you do when the product you are using is see-through? Suzy Plantamura used a spray adhesive which dries clear to keep her patterned transparency in place on her Glamour Girllayout, also in the October 2009 issue, page 95. Notice that there is no adhesive glare competing with the sweet photos and the bling.

Tip: Another option to securing see-through items is to use a glue dot and place a fun embellishment (like a flower or a chipboard shape) on top of the transparency to hide the adhesive. 

Metal and Ribbon

Supplies: Patterned paper: Ronnie McCray, Chipboard: SEI. ; Ribbon: Cosmo Cricket; Stickers: Dee’s Designs, Karen Foster and SEI.; Rub ons: Glitz Design; Adhesive: Fiskars, Judikins and 3M; Other: brad, nails, patterned paper and screwdriver head.



I took the challenge on myself to see just how far I could take my adhesive with metal. In this ‘for the mechanic in your life’ themed card I included nails and a thick double-sided screwdriver head. I really wanted to know if that head could be made to hold.

I figured a liquid adhesive, such as Aleen’s Tacky Glue, was a must for this type of job. When the card was dry, I shook it and shook it. I’m pretty sure that after an earthquake that metal piece will still be found glued to its paper.


In this card I also played with ribbon. I figured that a tape or roller adhesive would have the real stick-to-it power I needed while keeping a bumpy, wet look out of the picture. I chose  double-sided scrapbooking tape for both my thick and thin ribbon. Not only did it go on easily and smoothly, but it kept both ribbons in place, regardless of weight.


Tip: When selecting a glue for ribbon, be sure to select a glue with enough stick-power. Therm O Web has some fun options in varying sizes. Perfect for lots of different sizes and types of ribbons!

So while combining BMWs and kitchen sinks may require lots of duct tape and super glue (and some muscle action!), completing a scrapbook page made with accents of many different materials can be easy and fun if you have the right adhesive.

Tips from the front lines:

*Reinforce your stickers as needed with extra adhesive. This is especially good if your sticker has lost its sticky due to repositioning or an encounter with a toddler or pet!

*If you want a brad in your layout but don’t want to punch it through the paper (maybe you have something on the other side that can’t have a hole and brad legs sticking through), remove the prongs from the brad and use small dimensional adhesive squares, such as these from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L. You get the same look and texture without disturbing the other side of the paper.

Dorathy Gilchrist, Associate Editor

P. S. Thanks for the warm welcome last week. I loved hearing from you. I think I’ll stick around!

Weekly Warm-Up: Adhesives Week

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meganLooks like you’ve gotten yourself into a sticky situation, my friend. This is “Adhesives Week” on our blog! Did you get a chance to check out our comprehensive adhesives article in our October issue? Well, this is an e-expansion of that adhesives-how-to. By the time this week is through, we hope to answer some of your most common adhesive questions in the following categories:


With an entire row of adhesives available, how can I know what kind is best to use with my specific project needs? This is just one of the many glue-based questions we get asked on a regular basis. And while we did address it thoroughly in our October magazine feature, we will take it further this week.

In the spirit of tips, I’ll start this attractive party with one of my favorites:

When you’re gluing and notice you’ve smudged your pretty cardstock with adhesive runoff, don’t fear. Simply use an eraser to lift the gunk from your paper. Or, if you don’t have an eraser, you can always use the soft-rubber handles of scissors—something I do on a regular basis.



Adhesive is a must when it comes to scrapbooking, but how can I take it beyond tacking elements down? The various adhesive types offer so much in the way of creative potential. This week we’ll dedicate blog space to exploring some of these unique ideas. Let’s get started with something I put together.

Add depth to pen stitching using a glue pen and glitter or flocking. The added texture will feel more like real stitching without the need of a sewing machine or the risk of a poked finger.


I applied the pen stitching technique across Frank’s forehead.


Tip: Make sure you add the glitter before the glue dries. With this pen, the glue is blue when it’s wet. Once the glue begins going clear, you’ll know it’s drying.


For the stitching around Frank’s head, I used small strips from my adhesive runner.


Using the adhesive strips keeps the “stitches” around the outside of the card even.



What’s Adhesives Week without “Glue Grab Bags?” That’s like Shark Week without the shark—it isn’t gonna happen. Everyday this week, we’ll select two winners from each post to receive an impressive bag o’ adhesive (M – Th). And we’ll conclude the fun with a special guest blogger on Friday who happens to be hosting a grand giveaway of her own!


Thanks to our Sponsors

We couldn’t have done all of this without our amazing Adhesives Week sponsors. A special thanks to each of the following companies. Way to stick it to ‘em!

EK Success
Glue Arts
Glue Dots
KI Memories
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
Therm O Web

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor

Weekly Warm-Up: Raise Awareness through Cropping & Shopping

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meganMy mom is fighting the good fight. Last October, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, she’s been going through rigorous treatments, fighting for her life—fighting for multiple lives, really, as she is the nucleus of our family, the light at the center of it all! It’s because of support and research that my mom is here to fight. You see, she has an aggressive form of cancer that up until relatively recently made it next to impossible for those that had it to survive. Now, I’m delighted to say, there’s a special therapy that greatly increases the survival rate of this kind of cancer. Each and every thing we do to show support makes steps like this possible.


In the spirit of making strides, we want to welcome October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in a very positive way, by uniting in this good fight.  Like me, so many on our magazine team have first-hand experience with this common killer, just as, I imagine, do many of you. Rather than dwell on this sobering fact, let’s use it as a motivator that springs us into action. Deal? Deal!



Whether you need more everyday supplies or are looking to add a little something special to your craft collection, we’ve compiled a list of scrapbooking goodies which, when purchased, proceeds are donated to breast cancer-related causes.



Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L offers a full line of Nat’l Breast Cancer Foundation products, with 5% of each purchase donated.


Xyron designed its Create-a-Sticker machine in the shape of a pink ribbon, and $0.50 from each purchase benefits the Breast Cancer Research Center. Cute and cool!


Duck brand tape offers an assortment of breast-cancer specific products and donates $0.10 to $0.20 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



Slice it up, and Making Memories will donate a portion of your purchase to aid in the breast cancer search for a cure.


Support Susan G. Komen for the Cure with the Sizzix Scrap Pink Kit and 5% of your purchase will be donated.



StoneCreek Creations donates $2 from the purchase of every Passion Pink Krafter’s Purse to support the cause and the totes even come with a special pink-ribbon pin.


Put your stuff in the Neatnix Stuff Buckets; put your money towards a good cause. Plus, as a loyal CK reader, Neatnix is offering you a special 15% off discount. Simply type in “Creating” as your coupon code in the shopping cart.



Half of the money spent on the purchase of this beautiful Celebrate Life stamp set from Technique Tuesday goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.



Since you’re already going to be out and about making new and wonderful purchases, why not visit a local scrapbook store participating in the Scrap Pink event? Find a complete list of participating stores and additional information on Scrap Pink here.



To start this incredibly moving month off right, we’ve decided to throw in a giveaway. Four lucky winners will receive an assortment of breast cancer products (assortments shown above). To enter, simply leave a comment on this post by Thursday, October 8. We’ll post our winners next Monday. We’d like to thank the following prize sponsors for donating their beautiful products: EK Success, Fiskars Americas, Per Annum and SRM Stickers.

Breast cancer is far too common, but we’re strong. Together we will find a cure. Together we will offer support for the millions impacted both directly and indirectly. Together we will fight the good fight!

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor

P.S. Don’t forget to check the Giveaways tab at the top of the page to see winners of our most recent giveaways.

Weekly Warm-Up: Create & Celebrate

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Hello, crafty memory keepers!

Mark your creative calendars—this coming Saturday, October 3rd is the fourth annual World Card Making Day (WCMD). This day, celebrating all things cards, kicks off the holiday card-making season.

After all, it’s never too early to begin working on those festive greetings. And our friends over at Paper Crafts are hosting an entire week of ideas and prizes to get you in the spirit.


Let’s start the WCMD party early, shall we? Here’s a holiday greeting to get you in that celebratory mood.


Frosted Flakes card by Megan Hoeppner. Supplies Cardstock, stamps and ink: Stampin’ Up!; Embossing powder: American Crafts; Ribbon: American Crafts, Making Memories and Stampin’ Up!; Gems: Doodlebug; Adhesive: Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.

This card only requires a few strips of ribbon, some simple stamping, a little embossing, a few gems and a bit of cardstock for the base, making it a great card choice when it comes to designing in bulk.


Money-Saving Tip: When creating cards in bulk, it’s a good idea to use supplies that stretch, such as stamps and dies.

Here’s the same card in a different color palette.



Money-Saving Tip: Scraps are perfect for creating cards in bulk. If you run out of one color, as was the case with my ribbon bits, don’t be afraid to switch to another happy hue from your stash.


Design Tip: Adhere the stamped images with dimensional adhesive for added interest.


Now, it’s time to turn on your favorite holiday music, pour yourself a cup of cheer, and get ready to celebrate WCMD 2009! Here are a few ways you can join the celebration:

  • Visit the WCMD website. It’s brimming with card ideas from your favorite scrapbooking manufacturers, a list of stores around the world participating in WCMD events and ideas for hosting your own WCMD parties.
  • Join the “Countdown to WCMD” blog bonanza, where you’ll find a huge assortment of holiday cards on various designers’ blogs. The fun starts today and runs through Oct. 2. Find participating blogs here.
  • Save some money. In honor of this big day, we’re offering 25% off of any one item in our online store. For the coupon code, visit any of the participating “Countdown to WCMD” blogs.
  • Go on a worldwide creative tour with Paper Crafts creative editor, Cath Edvalson. She is featuring scrapbooking manufacturers from all over the globe on her Moxie Fab World blog. And, we’re willing to bet you’ll find an awesome giveaway or two while you’re there. 
  • Get inspired by this week’s guest blogger. Maren Benedict, Paper Crafts Go-To Gal, will be visiting our blog to share her cool card ideas this Friday.
  • Feeling lucky? Excellent! Enter your favorite holiday card in the WCMD card contest. You could be one of 20 winners to receive an amazing card-making prize package (below) valued at more than $185! Visit the WCMD website to participate in the contest.



Speaking of holiday card-making, I’d love to have you join me in the card classes I’m teaching for the University of Utah this fall.

Creative Holiday Update Letters: Turn that basic form letter into a memorable annual update your friends and family will adore.

Handmade Cards & Gift Wrap: Learn new techniques and walk away with tons of card and gift-wrap ideas to share this season. Plus, you’ll receive a grand assortment of products from scrapbooking manufacturers you know and love.

Feeling festive? We’d love to hear how you plan on celebrating WCMD ’09. Leave us a comment and let us know what you’re up to. Whatever it is, we hope your day is merry and bright!

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor

P.S. Be sure to check the Giveaways tab at the top of the page to discover the winners of last week’s blog contests!

CHA Wrap-Up Week: Day 5 with Special Guest Blogger, Kerri Wickersheim of Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L

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KerriHi there! My name is Kerri Wickersheim and I’m the marketing director for SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES BY 3L™. I’ve worked in the scrapbooking industry for many years and am excited to be here today as a guest blogger for CK. Since this is CHA Week, I’d like to tell you a little story about my experience at the first ever CHA Craft Super Show (the consumer side of CHA).

It’s a bit after 9am on Friday morning, July 31. There was quite a bustle of excitement as I walk into the Orlando Convention Center, where just yesterday I was working, to now observe the 1st ever CHA Craft Super Show. Women, children & men (more than I’ve ever seen at a craft show) crowd around and line up, anxiously awaiting entry.

 entrance       crowds


Shortly before the doors open, CHA Board Chairman Michael McCooey and the Orlando Mayor open the ceremonies with a welcoming speech. I can feel the crowds’ excitement as their conversations drown out the speakers.


The doors open and bright and smiley faces are quickly flowing through the entrance. The line almost looks endless from the glass doors at the end of the long hallway. As I enter the show, I’m happily greeted by an area that looks like a craft café along with aisles of Craft vendors lining the hall. The first sign I see is the chart of events that happen at Craft Boot Camp, hosted and taught by CHA Spokesperson, Terri Ouellette.

 boot camp1        boot camp

That’s just the way my day began at the CHA Craft Super Show. “Super” is definitely an accurate description.


We, as exhibitors may be used to seeing cameras and productions crews all around, but these craft convention goers are more accustomed to small booths and cashiers collecting their money for everything from scrapbooking embellishments and ribbon to jewelry kits and quilting notions. But this show is different. CHA has set up the floor to really excite our crafting consumer. Besides offering a one-stop-shop for crafters of all mediums, they also experience free make ‘n takes (which was a welcome surprise to most), demos from their favorite manufacturers, inflated jumping castles, face painting and kid friendly crafts in the Kid Friendly Zone. In between all the activities you can enjoy capaccinos, pizzas, hot dogs and all other fun foods even while you’re watching special craft demos in the craft cafes!

 Make and takes       make and takes1


Some big box craft chains like Michaels & A.C. Moore were front and center, offering many tables to teach and inspire the crafter with talented designers. There were even TV shows being filmed where you could join an audience watching Jo Pearson from Michaels teach some of her favorite tips & tricks!

 michaels      sign-Jo Pearson

I also stopped by the Pioneer Press & Zutter Tools booth where I found Donna Salazar, seasoned designer extraordinaire. Her newest endeavor is a line manufactured by Pinecone Press called Vintage Nostalgia and Winter Wishes. I asked Donna what the Craft & Hobby Super Show means to her. “I’m excited about doing make ‘n takes here because it allows me to speak one on one with the crafter who is actually using my product, that immediate feedback is an invaluable opportunity,” she replied.


I meandered up and down each aisle running into big name designers and some new found friends such as Lauren Ferguson, Margot Potter, and Kathy Cano-Murillo (The Crafty Chica). Upon leaving the hall mid afternoon, I was surprised and happy to see the registration area still filled with newcomers excitingly waiting to get their tickets to the Super Show, Education Workshops and Seminars.

 lauren ferguson

Here’s a shot of the lovely and talented Lauren Ferguson at the CHA Craft Super Show.

CHA planned this out perfectly to ensure no crafter would be left wondering what they should do next. Any visitor’s day would surely be filled from morning to evening and be the new standard of what a Craft Expo should be.


Even after I left, more than an hour after I had arrived, I still saw cars flowing into the parking garage as I was wondering how there was still room in there to fit any more cars! So good job CHA, I think the 1st CHA Craft Super Show is an amazing opportunity for all of us in the Craft & Hobby industry and a catalyst for even more successful and inspiring shows in our future.


 -Kerri Wickersheim, Marketing Director, SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES BY 3L™

Thanks, Kerri. We love reading your view of this crafty extravaganza. For more from Kerri and SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES BY 3L™, check out their Facebook page, their website and Kerri’s blog.


Did you attend the CHA Craft Super Show? If so, we’d love to hear what you thought of it. If not, we’d like to know what you’d like to see most from a craft show. As is our theme this week, we’ll pull a winning comment to receive a CHA prize package.

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