Mark Your Calendars

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Whether your first week of March came in like a lion or a lamb, I want to invite you to think ahead to the first of May—not just because it’ll be warmer by then, but because it’s National Scrapbooking Day. It’s never too early to plan for that, right?

Mark your calendars to join us the week leading up to National Scrapbooking Day, where we’ll host a weeklong online extravaganza with challenges, page ideas, and more. And if you happen to be in Utah that week, join us in person for CK Scrap & Play. This overnight crop will take place at the Provo Marriott Hotel, and it’s your chance to hang out with Creating Keepsakes editors and contributors, take classes, win prizes, and have a ball celebrating National Scrapbooking Day the CK way. The festivities will include:

* 3 Albums

* 4 Mini Classes

* Over 24 Hours of Cropping

* Contests, Games, and Prizes

For more information, see the CK Scrap & Play site.

We hope you can join us!

–Jennafer Martin, editor-in-chief


Weekly Warm-Up: Terrific Trims and National Scrapbooking Day!

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img_2057Ah, May! We’ve reached one of the most beautiful months of the year. Just makes me want to frolic about amongst the flowers. Here in Utah, the lilacs have reached their peak—those lovely, fragrant harbingers of warmer days ahead. Isn’t it wonderful when you can actually adorn your home with vases of bouquets without having to visit the florist?

I think that scrapbooking’s equivalent to fresh flowers just may be ribbons and trims. Their colors and textures add such vibrance and femininity to your projects. For today’s warm-up, let’s play with our stash of trims. Check out the June issue of Creating Keepsakes (p.41) for some inspiring ideas from Jennifer McGuire, and get festooning!

And who can forget the most significant day of the year for us scrapbookers? Quick! What were you doing Saturday? Were you catching up on chores, rooting for a long shot in the Kentucky Derby, shuttling kids to practice . . . ? Or were you part of the hoopla and excitement of National Scrapbooking Day 2009?

What? You missed it!? Well, never fear. You can still get in on some super cool goodies. Head here for:

  • Free journaling spot downloads
  • Free classic CK font downloads (3 of ’em!)
  • Free download to create a CK cover featuring YOU!


Beth Opel

Senior Writer, Creating Keepsakes

NSD: Gifts for Mom

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meganThis is my last post for today. I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have celebrating our special day. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d conclude with some super cute free downloads we have on our website from our special issue, 101 Hip Handmade Gifts, which would make perfect gifts for Mom. Using my scrapbook supplies to make gifts for others is one of my favorite hobbies. If you’re anything like me (or you want to make some cute things for your own home), you’ll like these ideas.

The following downloads can be found here:

Cooking Set


Here’s some of what you’ll find to download for this set:

Give Mom your favorite recipe on this cute recipe card:

nsd-momSet the table with your napkins wrapped in these pretty numbers:

nsd-mom1Top off your handmade basket of gifts with this stylin’ tag:

nsd-mom2Print these happy numbers on magnets and Mom will have the cutest fridge in town:


And last but not least, give Mom a personalized apron by printing this image on iron-on paper and adhering it:


You think this set is sassy? We also have downloads for the following gifts:

Gardening Set


Sewing Set


CD Set


And it wouldn’t be grand finale without an awesome giveaway. How does the Easy Bradmaker Kit from Chatterbox sound? This is one tool that would love to go home to you! Plus, I’ll throw in a copy of our special issue, 101 Expert Solutions for Scrapbooking.


Do you want to win? You know the drill. It involves leaving a comment. This time you can tell me anything your heart desires. I love hearing from you and look forward to reading your notes. From the comments received, I’ll randomly select two winners.

Winner Announcement

I’ll announce the winners of this and all of my NSD contests on this blog on Tuesday. As a friendly reminder, only those comments received today will qualify.

Thanks so much for joining me in this scrapbooking celebration today. I’ve had fun getting to know you all a bit better and am already looking forward to next year’s festivities.

Happy NSD 2009!

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor

P.S. If you’re having trouble creating and posting a cover for this giveaway you can simply e-mail me the cover layout you would have uploaded. Images need to arrive today and can be sent to Please put “Cover Girl” in the subject line. Thanks!

NSD: Find the Party

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meganSo, how are things going thus far? Are you having a good time? I know I am. And I’m about to have an even better time, because I’m going to talk deals and free stuff. There’s much going on today (and this month) in the way of special scrapbooking deals and giveaways. Here’s some of the fun to be found:

CK Blog Blasts

In addition to this blog, you can find celebrations on the following CK family blogs:

  • Mandy Douglass has some tricks up her creative sleeve. Check her blog for details.
  • Amanda Probst is celebrating by giving away an assortment of scrapbooking supplies on her blog.
  • Jessica Sprague is giving away two scrapbooking classes on her blog.
  • Emily Falconbridge is doing a delightful weekend giveaway on her blog, not necessarily for NSD but she does have lots of craft goodness included.
  • Kelly Noel and Maggie Holmes are both participating in the Studio Calico NSD challenge. Visit their blogs for amazing layout ideas and even more prizes!
  • Mou Saha has posted some stunning project ideas on her blog today. Trust me, you don’t want to miss these beautiful ideas.
  • Tiffany Tillman has information on {i}NSD (International Scrapbook Day) on her blog, including discount offers and fresh project ideas.
  • Stacy Julian has information on a 50% off coupon for Big Picture Scrapbooking on her blog.
  • And I’ve even prepared a little blog bonanza of my own on my personal blog. I’m giving away goodies and sharing why it’s important to give a hoot about scrapbooking (you’ll see).

More Online Fun

There are also many manufacturers, magazines, kit clubs and online groups celebrating today. For a list of some of those participating, check out the Scrapbook Update blog.


Your Hot Spots

Now it’s your turn to share. Are you doing something special on your blog to celebrate? Or do you know where another NSD party is happening. Share your tip/link in the comments section of this post. From the tips received, I’ll be drawing two winners, who will each receive a copy of Scrapbook Play with Photos (the latest special issue from Simple Scrapbooks magazine) and a pack of American Crafts ribbon* (who doesn’t love ribbon).

26Image courtesy of American Crafts.

Be back with more soon! 🙂

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor

*Note: Ribbon received may not be the same ribbon that’s shown above. Thanks.

NSD: Storage Solution that Sparkles

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I have exciting news! My craft room is featured in our June “Creative Spaces” column. It’s been a loooong work in progress, so making it to this point is a definite milestone for me. I can’t wait to share it with you soon. (You’ll have to let me know what you think when you see the column.) In the meantime, I’ve prepared a small (and super easy) organization project from my space in honor of today’s festivities.


As I imagine most creative peeps are, I’m a very visual person. I like things to sparkle…even the boring stuff like storage labels. Thus, I made these glittery guys, which hang from my punch storage system (a hanging shoe rack from IKEA). Here’s how to create your own dazzling identifiers:

Step 1:

Punch squares from cardstock. Since I used the pretty pink tag rims from Making Memories, I used their square punch to get my cardstock squares.


Step 2:

Frame punched pieces with metal rim tags.


Step 3:

I used the Making Memories Tag Maker to seal my metal edge tags around my cardstock squares.


Step 4:

Print labels. I used a label maker, but you can also write or type your labels on cardstock and adhere them to your cardstock squares.


My punches are organized by shape/style, so I made labels for each category (circles, squares, borders, images and scallops).


Step 5:

Pierce your tags on either side of the label and insert brads. My pink glitter brads are from Doodlebug Design.


Step 6:

Punch a notch in the top of your tag. The notch tool I used is from Making Memories.


Step 7:

Thread and tie coordinating ribbon through the slot.


Step 8:

Adhere the tag to the appropriate punch drawer with a safety pin.


These come together SO quickly. In a few simple steps you can have your own organizers that are so much prettier than basic white office supply tags. Let the colors of your creative space direct the colors of your tags for a finished look that really shines.


How would you like your own set of custom tags? They don’t have to be for punches, either. They can be for anything you think needs a tag (ribbon jars, sticker drawers, stamp bins, you name it). Well, I’m willing to make two lucky people their own set of six custom tags. If I randomly select your name, I’ll work with you to get you the storage words and color scheme that works for your space*. Interested? Need more convincing? How about I throw in a Making Memories Desktop Organizer (in kraft) to sweeten the deal?


Leave a comment on this post, stating your favorite organization tip. This contest is for today and today only, so don’t delay. BTW, I know our blog timer is all messed up. Don’t worry, I’ll factor that in when pulling qualifying comments in to the drawing.

That’s all for now, folks. See ya again in a couple of hours. Until then, I look forward to reading your ideas!

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor

* Note: There are limited options when it comes to the color of your tag rims, but I can do them in silver to complement any space. Thanks.

NSD: Introducing the “CK & Me” Challenge

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Ready for the big challenge announcement? I know I am. It’s something we’ve been saving for today and today is finally here. At last! So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to “CK & Me.”

“CK & Me” is a scrapbooking challenge that we’re kicking off here and now. The idea is for you to post a project you’ve created that was somehow inspired by something you saw/learned/loved in CK. Here’s a wonderful example:

CK reader, Christina, created this stunning digi page…


Which was inspired by this beautiful page Elizabeth Kartchner created for our May 2009 issue of the magazine.


Christina shared how she so beautifully acted on inspiration she found in CK on her personal blog. This is her “CK & Me” story.


So, what’s your story? How have you personally been inspired by something you’ve seen on the pages of CK? I want to read about it and see your examples.

Here’s the Challenge

If you’ve ever written your own “CK & Me” story online, please leave a link to your story in the comments section of this blog. From the links I receive today, I will randomly select two names to receive a brand spankin’ new copy of Easier Than Ever Scrapbooking 2 (get a sneak peek of the issue here), as well as this stylin’ Eyelet Border Punch and this adorable Hooray Designer Hardware from Stampin’ Up! (below).


“CK & Me” Beyond Today

Even if you don’t have a story to share right now, there’s still time. All month long we’re continuing this challenge, so if your NSD is full, you’ve got all of May to share how you’ve been personally inspired by something you read in CK. Just  send us a link to it via e-mail at Put “CK & Me” in the subject line. If you don’t have a blog, go ahead and send us an image of what you’ve done with information on where you got your inspiration. We will monitor this mailbox closely and periodically showcase “CK & Me” stories right here on our blog. Sounds pretty good, right? We think so!

Well, that’s all she wrote for now. Back in a few with more scrapbooking goodness!

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor

Party Time!

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Hip hip hooray! It’s National Scrapbooking Day (NSD)! Can I hear some cheering? Some hootin’? A little hollerin’? This is our day, friends! So, let us unite and celebrate all that scrapbooking is about—making connections, preserving memories, creative self expression and, of course, delicious products.

Today’s holiday is brought to you by the letters N, S and D. Sure, there’s the obvious reason for this (it’s the acronym for the name), but there are other good things behind these letters. Let’s break this thing down.

N: New Stuff

With giveaways on our blog every other hour today (from 9–5, MST), several of you will have new goodies to add to your stashes before the day is through. Yes, these giveaways are for today and today only, so I’m glad you stopped by to participate in our celebration when you did. Plus, everyone walks away a winner with our free downloads (below). Sweet!

S: Savings

There are many deals and NSD promotions going on today. I’m going to give you the scoop on where some of those can be found.

D: Downloads

It wouldn’t be a scrapbooking par-tay if we didn’t offer cool favors, so we’re offering plenty of free downloads. Let’s get to them, shall we?


In honor of NSD, you can download the following fonts for free by clicking here:

1. CK Anecdote


2. CK Newsclips


3. CK Terzini



See what it’s like to be a scrapbooking cover girl by adding your amazing layouts to our drop-in covers, available here.

CKCover09_08_MOCK.qxd:Layout 1Print


This colorful assortment of journaling spots are yours just for stopping by today. Click here to download them.

quotes2:Layout 1


Now, let’s get to our first giveaway. In order to enter, I need you to download one of the magazine covers, drop in your own layout and post the personalized cover image somewhere on the internet where I can see it. This can be your blog, your FB account (as the profile image in case I’m not already your friend, or you can add me as a friend, which would also be nice), the CK online gallery, Flickr, anywhere. Once you’ve got your cute cover image up, please leave me a link to where it is in the comments section of this post. From the links I receive today (and today only), I will randomly select three winners to receive the following prize package:


The package shown above includes: the complete (and beautiful) Lovebirds collection from SEI; a copy of Snippets: Mostly True Tales from the Lighter Side of Scrapbooking and an autographed Snippets bookplate (signed by author Lain Ehmann); and a copy of Stacy Julian’s super popular book, Photo Freedom.

I can’t wait to see your easy, breezy, beautiful covers, girls (and guys).  😉

Thanks for coming to the party, my fellow NDS celebrators. I’ll see you back here again later today (11:00 AM MST) for another post and some more giveaway action!


P.S. Check back next post (later today) for an exciting challenge announcement. It’s called “CK & Me” and I think you’re going to like it. 🙂

You’re Invited

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 Hey, hey! Tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day (NSD) and you’re invited to the blog party.

Who: You and your friends at CK

What: Getting together to celebrate this hobby we love

Where: Right here on the CK blog

When: Tomorrow, Saturday, May 2. This is an all-day party, so be sure you check back often for fresh fun and giveaways.

How: We’re celebrating with free downloads, cool tips, fun projects and plenty of giveaways

This is one e-partay you don’t want to miss, so be sure you check back tomorrow. See ya then!


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