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There’s something really liberating about having choices, isn’t there? We know it’s satisfying to pick out just the right ribbon or button as a finishing touch for our pages. So we wanted you to gain that same satisfaction from choosing a part of our upcoming special issue.

The second of four Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks special issues for 2010 is almost ready to go to the printer. But . . . it’s missing a cover. And that’s where you come in. We’d like YOU to tell us which cover to put on this issue. “But Jennafer,” I can hear you saying, “how can I choose the cover when I don’t even know what the issue’s about?” Great question! Here’s a little bit of info to help you.

In case you missed it, the first Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks special issue was all about organization. This is its cover:

Adorable, right?

This second issue is all about paper. Patterned, shaped, laced, and die-cut papers, scraps, and more—this issue has hundreds of ideas for how to use this wonderful supply in unique ways for your scrapbook pages. We asked three talented scrapbookers to create layouts for this issue’s cover, and they are all so adorable—we just can’t decide on a favorite!

So we need your help. Which one should we feature on the cover? See the covers and take our poll between now and March 15, 2010, to let us know your vote.

Thanks for your help!

—Jennafer Martin, editor-in-chief



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  1. thanks for the chance to vote. I picked the one that was easiest to read the teaser headlines. Do you agree, I hope so!

  2. I voted! 🙂 How fun!!!

  3. just voted!

  4. can’t wait for the 2nd issue I sure have enjoyed the 1st!

  5. I really enjoyed the first issue and look forward to the next! Thanks for the fun of giving an opinion! Can’t wait to see if my pick is the winner.

  6. I love option 3, the first one is so eighties looking! Option 2 would be my second choice. Thanks for asking our opinions.

  7. voted 🙂

  8. fun!

  9. I like option 3! 🙂

  10. All of them were very pretty but I really liked #1

  11. voted!

  12. I voted, but it would have been easier, even more fair (for what its worth) in my opinion, if we could have seen the 3 choices side by side. Maybe next time…

  13. I voted too! Thanks for asking!

  14. I voted. I love butterflies so that one caught my eye.

  15. Great point, Bonnie. We tried that, but it didn’t work in that survey site. 😦 We’ll work on it for next time, though!

  16. #1 is my option, I love the colors.

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