Weekly Warm-Up: A look inside CHA

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This week’s creative kick-start comes to you directly from the winter 2010 Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) tradeshow. In fact, every blog post this week will have a CHA flava. To start the party, we’ve got a look at some of this show’s new and fabulous exhibitors. Ready to embark on this new exhibitor tour? Sweet! Let’s go!

Studio Calico

We were all smiles in this booth, where hip designs lined the walls. A favorite thing on our list from this stop is the FabRips, an easy-to-use sheet of paper-fabric strips. So fun!

These flowers, made from Studio Calico’s new FabRips, are easy to make and would up the excitement of any scrapbook page.

My Cute Stamps

Stamping just got cuter, thanks to My Cute Stamps. The happy images are sure to add a dose of whimsy to your creative projects.

Sweet cards line the wall of the My Cute Stamps booth.

Epiphany Crafts

Making your own acrylic accents is a snap thanks to the hot, new tool from Epiphany Crafts. Plus, their booth is loaded with fresh ideas that really stand out from the crowd.

Teresa Collins

Teresa has done it—she’s taken her flair for product design and branched out on her own. Check out her new baby lines and prepare to be impressed by her stunning booth.

Baby meets fashion with this stunning line from Teresa Collins.

This is just a small taste of some of the new things coming your way. And if this is any indicator, we’re in for a real treat as we roll into the next season of scrapbooking. What about these looks inside caught your eye? Leave us a comment for a chance to receive your own CHA prize package!

–Megan Hoeppner, creative editor



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  1. I love all acrylic stamps, and that button maker certainly caught my eye.

  2. I looove all of Teresa Collins new stuff, I have been drooling over it at her blog!! Tried to win some but not that lucky… Very intrigued by the Epiphany Craft item!!

  3. Theresa Collins line is fabulous…especially since I’m expecting a grandbaby in September… but I also love that epiphany craft item….it sure caught my eye and can’t wait to hear and see more about it.

  4. I love it all!!!

  5. I love the Teresa Collins booth! I have 2 little girls and this line looks fabulous!

  6. love TCollins booth, so elegant

  7. thanks for this post
    love all the info about CHA

  8. Love the new collection from TERESA COLLINS, love the pink and the black together

  9. i’m a Studio Calico fan and those fabribs are so so amazing

  10. really cute stamps and love the Teresa collins booth
    enjoy CHA

  11. Honestly? Not much is catching my eye from CHA this year. 😦 Even BasicGrey, which had me excited with the sneaks, has disappointed me on the full reveal. Probably just as well since I have a stuffed scrap room already!

  12. Teresa Collins and Ephipany. The tool from Epiphany really looks interesting.

  13. I have to have a baby girl in my family right now! And I want all the button options for the Epiphany tool.

  14. Wow! Thanks for showing some pics that I had not seen yet from CHA!

  15. I love Studio Calico and cannot wait for their new line. Amazing!

  16. I’ve never been to CHA so I can only imagine what it’s like and these previews set a very beautiful stage in my mind, especially Teresa’s booth. This is the cream of the creative crop and I’m sure I would be speechless at every stop.

  17. Sooo excited for Teresa’s new release.

  18. Those punches look SO cool, how inivative!

  19. Wow! LOVE the pics! keep ’em coming! Love the Teresa Collins Booth! Pretty pretty!!

  20. What wonderful new goodies coming out. Thanks for a chance to win.

  21. I love how Teresa Collins mixes animal print with the more “fancy” patterns, like the crown printed paper. I could see that making a beautiful and unique baby gift!

  22. the fabribs are my kind of embellishment and the cute stamps look very intriging too! Thanks for the great videos about the new products.

  23. Wow!! Looks like such a fun place to be! Just what I need for the winter doldrums!!

  24. Teresa Collins Chic BeBe line caught my eye. I have to baby granddaughters and this line is perfect to scrap all those photos ive taken of them!

  25. Thanks for sharing all your fun!

  26. It’s amazing all the new ideas these awesome designers think of!

  27. All the supplies look so amazing. I can’t wait for tomorrow to see what you have in store.

  28. I love the My Cute Stamps booth!

  29. Those Fabrips look really fun and I love the ruler papers from Teresa Collins- keep those fun peeks coming!

  30. One of my favorite designers has always been Teresa Collins!

  31. It looks like you’re having a blast!!! Thanks for showing us all the latest and greatest!!

  32. Teresa Collins line looks AMAZING!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. I’m loving the peeks…I want to see more of the Ephaniphy line!

  34. Love the button maker from Epiphany and the wonderful things from Studio Calico and My cute stamps. I would be a kid in a candy store if I was there!!!

  35. I think the Teresa Collins booth is beautiful. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new goodies!

  36. Lots of great stuff coming out. Really love those little monkey stamps.

  37. I love it all, and I really wish I could take 1 of everything from studio calico home with me! Thank you for the chance to win!

  38. I would have to say the Studio calico by far.

  39. Beautiful stuff!

  40. Thanks for the info! and working so hard on our behalf!

  41. I loved SC’s booth and TC’s booth! Can’t wait to see their stuff in stores. Thanks for the videos!

  42. I love My Cute Stamps, it’s a new company to me. I especially loved all the cute cards they made. I hope you are going to keep showing us highlights from CHA. I love seeing all of the goodies.

  43. Such fun things to see! My Cute Stamps look like fun to use!

  44. It’s all gorgeous, but the My Cute Stamps caught my eye along with Teresa Collins booth. WOW!

  45. I loved all of it! The new stamps cute cute. The flowers made from the strips beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. How LOVELY~ someday I so hope to be able to go to CHA and see it all LIVE!!
    Thanks for the oppertunity to win!

  47. Love, love, love everything Teresa Collins!!!!
    That button thingy has me very interested!

  48. Fantastic job of showing the new goodies at CHA! Makes me really want to be there. Loved all of the things, but especially the Teresa Collins and the fabric strips. It would be wonderful to win! Thanks!

  49. I LOVE the Teresa Collins booth!!!! I will have to get some of that to finish up my boys baby albums!!! LOVE IT!!! She Rocks!!

  50. EVERYTHING looks AMAZING– I keep thinking, “What will they think of next!!???” I love everything and anything–so hoping that I will be able to go to the CHA sometime soon!


  51. Hey Meghan,

    Great Videos. I’m loving the new booths. The new Epiphany Crafts tool is toooo cute (I want one). Your doing a great job and I’m sure you’re having fun.

    Thanks for the video’s

  52. I love Theresa Collins! Thanks for showing her new baby lines. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  53. Love the Studio Calico! The Epiphany thing looks interesting too.

  54. Every peek into CHA makes me wish I was there. (maybe someday) Love the My Cute Stamps!

  55. Hi,
    I so wish I could have attended CHA!! I am loving those Cute Stamps!! I have two little boys so anything cute is right up my alley!!

  56. my favorite is the Fabric paper – that sounds like it has potential for serious cuteness!

  57. I am very excited about the new Studio Calico line!

  58. First of all, you’re such a sweetie, Meghan! 🙂 I love the Studio Calico fabric tape. Being able to sew through it is so cool.

  59. I love it all – thanks for all the info & videos!!!

  60. Wow, I’m so excited about all of the innovative tools and products coming out!

  61. I love those cutes stamps–I love stamps and these look adorable! Thanks for all the info and videos!

  62. I LOVE teresa collins’ designs. Her website is great, too! Thanks

  63. I loving all the new My Cute Stamps and Teresa Collins has some fabulous new products that I would love to get my hands on. Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. I love Studio Calico & their fabric rips are amazing! I didn’t know that I could make flowers with them, so thanks for that tip Megan!

  65. I like some of the new cute stamps, but I love the sdhesive fabric strips.

  66. I like the Teresa collins stuff mainly because I am starting my son’s baby book! The stamps from My Cute Stamps are adorable too.

  67. Teresa Collins new line looks awesome, so does her booth! And, I have to get those fabric strips! Thanks for sharing the fun of CHA!

  68. Megan, your class in Manchester last year was my favorite class so can you grab some of those new stamps from My Cute Stamps, then swing by Maya Road for some albums, then come to Manchester this May to teach another fun class? You could call it CHA Sampler.

  69. I would love to attend CHA…but I’m overwhelmed when I walk into a LSC, how in the world would I function at CHA?!?! Talk about sensory overload! 🙂 I’m interested in seeing those fabric strips up close and personal. Genius idea!

  70. I love My cute stamps. The name is perfect. They are so adorable. I have recently really gotten into stamps. Thank you for sharing the latest ideas and supplies with us.

  71. Oh these videos are just perfect to see what great new things are out there, you are just so cute and funny in these shorts. Thanks for the peeks!

  72. I love it when you share stuff! My Cute Stamps are…well, CUTE! Love those! Also am very intrigued by the button maker from Epiphany. Thanks for the previews!

  73. Love the Studio Calico. Can’t wait to see the Dear Lizzie line in full, that’s what I’m most excited about!

  74. Love the button maker and the cloth/paper. Would like to see more of the Collins line.

  75. Thanks for all the great peeks at CHA…what fabulous stuff! I just started getting into sewing so I really love those fabric strips from Studio Calico.

  76. I absolutely love the new looks from Teresa Collins. She is amazing!

  77. Ilove the new Teresa Collins line and the My Cute Stamps products. I wish I could be there to see everything in person.

  78. LOVE LOVE LOVE…….thanks for sharing the FUN @ Cha for thse who can’t make it out there!!!! Hope your having a SUPER FANTASTIC time!!!!! 🙂

  79. Love me some fab rips! I am looking forward to these! And of course, I LOVE the TC lines! That chandelier? GORGEOUS!!!

  80. my cute stamps! they look so….. cute!!!

  81. I love stamps..so they caught my eye! So did Teresa Collins’ booth. Love the color combination there. Glad everyone is having such a great time!

  82. I love those Studio Calico alphabets… 🙂
    And the rubons!!

  83. Thank you for sharing the wonderful new products. I really love the fab rips! I also love the baby lines by Theresa Collins. Just beautiful!

  84. Looks like you had loads of fun! Like a kid in a candy store. 🙂
    I enjoyed all the products but I loved the My Cute Stamps.

  85. great stuff !

  86. Thank you for the excellent walk-through of a few of the booths today. I liked the My Cute Stamps the best. Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow.

  87. Never heard of Teresa Collins before today but LOVE her stuff! So chic – which is really hard to find for baby scrapbooking items. Thanks for the chance to win!

  88. Looking forward to checking out those cute new stamps….the owl was so cute! Thanks for sharing….looking forward for more sneaks!

  89. I love, love the Teresa Collins designs. Looking forward to the rest of the sneak peeks!

  90. Those “My Cute Stamps” are absolutely adorable!

  91. Loved the video meets and teachings.
    It was a great way to get a visual of the new products.

  92. I loved the fact that I did not have to walk the entire center but still got to see the goodies. Thanks!!

  93. I loved the fact that I was taken on a mini tour of the exhibitors that I like. No expense for me just pure comfort from my room. Thanks!! 😀

  94. those stamps are *so cute*!! (and megan, your descriptions just made me smile!!) i love that you’re showing off the new exhibitors. thanks for the tour– looking forward to more!

  95. Love the Epiphany booth, it was awesome. The colors, the textures, and the inspiration is calling my name to make a card with similar colors, and textures.. Thanks for showing us around who are stuck at home..

  96. So many innovative ideas! My favs so far are the Studio Calico fabric rips and the Epiphany button maker.

  97. Those stamps are so CUTE!!! OMG, I will most decidedly be obtaining some of them. Thanks so much for showing some of the wonderful new goodies being showcased at the Scrappiest Place On Earth.

  98. i love the studio calico stuff, but i also really love the teresa collins loot…too hard to choose!!

  99. I’m very excited about all the new releases. Time for a new style.

  100. How much fun it must be to be amidst all this exciting new product. Would love to win some for my own use.

  101. Really liked what i could see of Teresa Collins products. Also my cute stamps and the Fabric rips!

  102. What fabulous features!!! I love the Teresa Collins line, the fabRips & the My Cute Stamps sure are adorable!

  103. Wow! It all looks YUMMY!!! The FabRips and Stamps are probably my favorites! Cheers, Mary

  104. um… I love it all! 🙂 I’m kinda giddy about all the pink in Teresa Collins’ booth!

  105. I’m a total cure-stamper, so those stamps definitly caught my eye!
    Love the Teressa Collins as well.

  106. I love Teresa’s designs. I want to play with them all!!!

  107. Thanks for showing us what’s hot! I wish I were there!

  108. Gotta try those fabrips! So many possibilities there!

  109. Megan, you are so cute! I love that you are showing off new vendors. I might be a little biased, but I love “My Cute Stamps” and they are even cuter in person!!!

  110. I love the Tim Holtz embossing folders and dies. Thanks.

  111. Love My Cute Stamps! So, well, cute!!

  112. Teresa Collins ROCKS

  113. Rock on Studio Calico!!!

  114. I love the Studio Calico stuff!

  115. Wow – if I was at CHA – I would be on information-idea overload – actually just watching and reading the previews I have a ton of ideas – Thanks so much – jealous I’m not there but please learn lots and pass it on!!! Thanks.

  116. Love all the new items you are showing us from CHA! The Theresa Collins line is beautiful!

  117. One can never have enough CUTE stamps !!! Sounds like you are completely immersing yourself into the world of CHA and to share it with us is just awesome!

  118. I love all the new companies. My Cute Stamps looks very exciting and well CUTE!

  119. I love Teresa Collins paper. I would be so poor if I was at this convention. Glad I don’t own a LSS!

  120. I love Teresa Collins EVERYTHING!!! “my Cute stamps” are adorable! Epiphany Crafts has an awesome idea!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  121. The tool by Ephiphany Crafts looks neat.

  122. The fabrips and fantastic looking. I so need some of these.

  123. I am seriously drooling….looks like oodles of fun! off to grab a mop.

  124. I’d love to try out the FabRips from Studio Calico. Looks fun!

  125. I love the pink and chocolate color combination. And the chandelier card in the My Cute Stamps booth is adorable. I will try to make it by myself :)) Thanks for the pics, I wish I could be there too…

  126. wow! I love the “insiders” view! Thank you for sharing the videos and introducing new companies. Some I have never heard of so it is nice to get the info AND pictures/videos.

  127. Love the cute stamps! How adorable are they!

  128. Love Love Love the Teresa Collins collection! So very pretty, girly, and chic!

  129. It’s a hard choice between the button maker and the Teresa Collins baby line! Brown is my current favorite color for scrapbooking/decorating.

    The frames at the Teresa Collins booth looked very familiar. Then I realized it was the exact same frame (just a different pink) used in the framed chalkboard in the “Tips & Tricks” article of the Feb. CK issue!

  130. Thanks so much for letting us see the inside of CHA! What a neat place! I would love to see more of the Studio Calico products!

  131. I love the FabRips!!!!

  132. Teresa Collins papers are amazing and I think the Button Maker is so unique. Can’t wait to try. Love the idea of making your own. Can’t wait to see all the new products from Studion Calico

  133. Love the Teresa Collins!

  134. these all look fabulous! can’t wait to get ahold of these

  135. Teresa Collins products are always a favorite of mine and I would purchase her new line. I also find the FabRips interesting. I will definitely visit My Cute Stamps website. Thank you for introducing these products to the viewers.

  136. Thanks for the little peek into CHA!

  137. Epiphany Crafts certainly caught my eye!

  138. Love Studio Calico! Great videos Meagan!

  139. DROOLING!!! Thanks for all the inspiring ideas

  140. Loving the my cute stamps booth! Holy card ideas on that sucker! How cute are the stamps? Divine!

  141. I love Teresa Collins designs! She’s got style! I love all her sweetness!

  142. Studio Calico colors are amazing – just inspiring combinations and patterns.

  143. So far I like My cute stamps. I also think epiphany Crafts are interesting.

  144. LOVE Studio Calico! And MCS has a place in my heart!

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