February 2010 CK: An Insider’s Look

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Hey there! Did you pick up your copy of the new CK yet? The February 2010 issue is so much fun—we hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. In this post, you’ll find three of my favorite insights about this issue, along with a couple of tidbits about each one.

1. Technique: Dry Emboss on Metal. Suzy Plantamura created this beautiful layout for us to showcase dry embossing on metal. Did you know metal is a little tricky to photograph? When the first scan came in, we weren’t sure all the metal was silver (the border and small heart looked like they could have been copper).

"Crazy Love" by Suzy Plantamura, as seen in the February 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes

Our team tried out this technique and experimented with different types of templates (plastic and metal), styluses (paper, plastic, and metal) and surfaces (foam mat, mouse pad, notebook, and tabletop).

CK's Brenda Peterson, Joannie McBride, Megan Hoeppner, Jennafer Martin, and Lara Penrod give dry embossing on metal a try.

We discovered that metal styluses scratch the metal (see the photo below), so be sure to use paper or plastic tips when you emboss metal unless you’re going for a scratched, distressed look (which could be cool—try some fine-grit sandpaper for a brushed metal look). See more tips from Suzy and our team on page 26.

2. Framed Chalkboard in the “Tips & Tricks” column. Love the pretty, pink frame below? We picked it up from Ikea, and it was originally black. While we loved the shape, we thought the color made it look a little gothic, so we recolored it with spray paint. If you try this coloring style, be sure to buy spray paint specially formulated to work on plastic, such as the Fusion for Plastic paint from Krylon. You might also buy a primer for plastic to cover the frame before you paint. If you look closely at ours, you can see some of the black through the pink paint (luckily, it works and makes the frame look like it’s straight out of a chic boutique). We decided to leave it with just one coat of paint because we loved the look. If the pink is a little too bold for you, try painting it white, antique white, or turquoise.

3. Hot Spot Trend: Gray-Based Pastels. We’re always on the lookout for trends that translate well to scrapbook pages and deliver a cool, current look. This month’s trend is particularly appealing because even though the main focus is color, it’s also very much about texture.

Notice the soft, sheer, and shiny materials in the above images (a snippet of our research) and how Deena Wuest’s gorgeous layout incorporates both color and texture.

"In the Stillness" by Deena Wuest, as seen in the February 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes

Giveaway Time

What were your favorite items in the February issue? Leave a comment on this post by Friday, January 15, 2010, and you could be one of three lucky winners to receive a sampling of some of love-themed scrapbooking products. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue.

—Lori Fairbanks, product editor



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  1. I always love new techniques and this month’s was awesome!

  2. well whats not to love about the mag.. I think my favorite part is the tips and technique column. I can’t wait to find a mirror and make it my own. I love the pink, especially in a house of all boys..

  3. i too like the techniques-
    it always make me happy to learn some more!
    thank you for that!

  4. Tips & Tricks is always one of my most favorite columns. Love the pink frame!

  5. I love new techniques and tip and tricks!

  6. oh bummer, i haven’t recieved mine yet in the mail!

  7. I love the page examples… I’m trying to bust out of my rut and get more creative… thanks CK!

  8. I was just thinking this morning that it might be time for the Creating Keepsakes magazine to be out. I’m going to get it today! I would so love to win some fun new goodies to start my scrapping year out!

  9. I would love to try metal imbossing– I can’t wait to use your tips.

  10. I haven’t received mine yet in the mail but I look forward to the tips and techniques!

  11. I love the metal embossing–very cool and the tips are super helpful.

  12. That mirror is awesome! Thank you for all your great ideas.


  13. I really loved all the different ways people showcase “love” and valentine’s. It’s always great to get a few new ideas other than the same ole thing! Thanks so much for the chance!

  14. I haven’t recieved mine yet-but now I’m anxiously waiting!

  15. oh boo! I haven’t gotten mine yet! Hurry! I do have to say my favorite article is always tools & techniques! Jen is amazing, so I know I can count on a fabulous assortment of great things in there!

  16. I can’t WAIT to try the metal embossing, and I’m still waiting for my issue too!

  17. I’m super excited about the Feb. issue, but I haven’t gotten my yet either!! Love the pink mirror–I always pass the black one and think it would look great at my house, if it wasn’t black!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love that pink frame!!!! I think a trip to IKEA is in my future!!! I enjoy all the fun tips CK gives!

  19. I haven’t gotten my issue either. I always enjoy reading Jen McGuire’s column. =)

  20. I loved the frame with chalkboard paint! My kids are already lobbying to have one in our house.

    This post is great–loved hearing about things you tried from the magazine and what did and did not work. Please have more posts like this!

  21. TIPS and TRICKS:) LOVE LOVE LOVE that article! Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Love the embossing – and it goes well with valentine’s … some shiny.

    I also just love being inspired by new designs… always gets my creativity going. (Helpful for this beginner.)

  23. I haven’t received my issue yet. But I love the Tips and Techniques.

  24. I haven’t received mine yet, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine’s Day, so I am excited for anything related to that!

  25. I haven’t received my issue in the mail yet—boo hoo! But now I’m pretty excited for it’s arrival! I may be caught stalking the postman this week! LOL! Love the framed chalkboard idea. My space could use something new!

  26. I always love the tips and techniques and this month’s are wonderful!

  27. I haven’t received mine either but I love that chalkboard frame! IKEA, here I come!

  28. One of my favs has always been Jennifer McGuire. She never runs out of ideas and she’s such a sweetie.

  29. Love the new color of the frame! Was the chalkboard purchased or made?

  30. all of it! 🙂

  31. I don’t get the magazine (yet) but I loved seeing the photos of your team trying out the metal embossing technique! It makes me want to search out some metal and try it myself. Thanks for all the inspiration 🙂

  32. I just got my copy in the mail today – can’t wait to peruse. Love the mirror – I’d probably never do it but it’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. And love Suzy’s layout – as always.

  33. My issue hasn’t been delivered yet, but I am definitely excited about the techniques!

  34. Totally loved this technique, thanks for sharing and thanks for a chance to win cute stuff!!!

  35. I love the technique of putting transparent words over the photo like Deena Wuest did. Very subtle, but effective!

  36. I am so excited every time I get a new magazine. I loved all the tips and techniques. It is always so inspiring to look through!

  37. The new issue was not on the newstand yesterday at the four stores I shopped. I always love anything vintage and look forward to seeing Creating Keepsakes take on vintage…..

  38. Metal embossing looks like fun. I’ll have to try it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  39. What a great giveaway. Thanks for a chance to win. I love seeing these trends and am off to more closely read my last issue of CK! Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  40. I haven’t received my February issue yet! But I can’t wait til I get it.

  41. Gee the February issue looks just great! Can’t wait to have it in my little hot hands but alas it is still making it’s way across the ocean to me…I have all the dream team’s blogs in my reader though so I never miss a thing & loved the January issue big time – so much so that I have bookmarked many, many pages. Definitely a huge fan of the new layout & content, particularly the really practical stuff like the Technique tutorials – CK sure is going to keep me busy this year!

  42. I haven’t recieved mine yet…boo hooo I really can’t wait now, way to tease!!

  43. The metal embossing looks really interesting, but I haven’t received my issue yet. Seems I’m always on the bottom of the pile when it comes to receiving my copy.

  44. I don’t have mine yet. I sure hope it comes soon!

  45. what’s not to love, but I have to say the inspired In the Stillness LO is wonderful 🙂

  46. My copy hasn’t arrived yet, but Jennifer McGuire always shows me some great ideas!

  47. i love the front color, its so appealing! i might just use it as inspiration for a layout, especially the brown and pink color combo!
    Megan P

  48. I love the new ideas I will have to use them on my pages. I Have boys and metal is great on boy pages.

  49. I love the article on creative spaces, but my favorite is the fast pages with 4×6 photos. I will use these ideas a lot!

  50. I always look forward to Jennifer McGuire’s projects!

  51. I haven’t gotten mine yet — but I am really excited to see it!

  52. I loved the dry-emboss on metal. I’ve gotta try that!

  53. I’ve never tried metal embossing–may give it a go!

    The paint idea was great–I tried it on a Christmas star ornament–it was orange and I painted it gold.

  54. I have pile of things I want to repaint when the weather warms up (thank YOU!!)

  55. I would have to say my favriote part of febs magazine so far is the working with 4×6 photos, i am always looking for new ideas on how to use them. I also love looking at the new products coming out~!

  56. I always love the techniques, but the 4 bonus techniques were excellent this month! Thanks for so much inspiration!!

  57. I loved the pica of your team trying the embossing techniques. I would have never thought to try using templates to emboss!

  58. I love to learn with tips & tricks and always enjoy Jennifer’s layouts 🙂
    Hugs from Brazil!

  59. I can’t wait for the Feb issue but i have not received mine in the mail yet:(

  60. I love the embossed metal! Need to give it a try.

  61. the techniques!

  62. Vintage is big right now and I am grateful for all the advice in that area. Thanks so much. Great issue!

  63. I love every issue! I loved seeing the different ways for embossing! I’ve had several different embossing guides and tools for years but haven’t used it much! I can’t wait to try out some of the techniques in the feb’s issue!!!

  64. I love this issue! And I have the same IKEA frame in my storeroom for severeal months, hated the black but loved the details. Now I’m going to get some spray paint to make it ready for my entrance.

  65. Metal embossing sounds like it is going to be so much fun!!! must be off to find supplies and try it out

  66. I love the pink frame! I love interior decorating tips. I really like all the new features.

  67. I finally got my copy in the mail and devoured it (as usual!). I print my photos at home so the article “Dreamy Photo Effects” was my favorite! I have seen black and white photos with select selective coloring and want to try it-your directions and screen shots make this the easiest I’ve seen. In reality, I love all three tutorials included in this article and I love the fact that you include directions for both digi and traditional scrapbooking.
    Although I am sad to see Ali Edward’s column go, I am excited for the new things happening in ck. I know change is tough but I think if we all just hang in there, we readers will find ck even better.

  68. What’s NOT to love?! I have to say I was definitely inspired By “In the Stillness” Layout and the Tips & Tricks Column.

  69. The sketches. I love sketches!

  70. I loved the article – Beating the Winter Doldrums..very inspirational! Also love the cover this month..love the color combo…will use it forsure!

  71. My fav is always Tips & Tricks.

  72. the embossing technique looks like fun!

  73. I’m still waiting for my issue! I thought it might come today but no such luck.

  74. I thought the 4 bonus techniques were excellent this month and I love the tips and tricks! Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. just got my issue today- was getting worried the postman wanted to read it first! I absolutely LOVE the new magazine– to keep me in line with my new years resolution to be healthy, I only “let” myself read the new issue while Im on my treadmill– I have never been so excited to work out! 🙂

  76. What is my fave besides everything? Hmmm…tough call since I just love the whole mag.

  77. The technique on blurring the background of a photo was my favorite.

  78. I love all the “fresh faces”!

  79. Tips + tricks!

  80. Everything! FRont to back, you never disappoint!!!

  81. Loved the new use for leftovers article. I can never seem to want to throw away any bits and pieces.

  82. Loved it all! Loved the altered frame to make the chalkboard! I am definitely going to try that, with the one from IKEA too b/c I love it! I love the column on photo effects too!

  83. Oh…there are so many things that I enjoyed about this issue, but one of my favorites is the Fire adn Ice Technique… simply awesome!

  84. Boo-hoo, I too am still waiting for my monthly Christmas present to arrive over the sea, it’s my favourite time of the month when I get home and the gift that keeps on giving is waiting patiently for me to ravish it from cover to end! Thank you so much though Lori for the littly sneek peaks, it looks tantalising and it’s making me even more excited to get my copy!!! Now only if I lived in the US to get to Ikea for that frame, pink is after all my favourite colour 🙂 Thanks for the fabulous hearty giveaway xxx Bella (Cape Town, SA – bellaq@legalinteract.co.za)

  85. I always look forward to the Creative Spaces article, love seeing everyone’s craft studios and picking up some great storage ideas, thanks.

  86. I love Valentine’s day LOs but I have not found a Feb issue in stores to buy yet in KY. I am going hunting at lunch again.

  87. I have to say the sketches this month! Wow! And the layouts in this issue are just crazy, inspiring!!!!! Yay, CK! Thanks for nailing another issue right on the head! =)


  88. Everything!!! I can’t pick just one! 🙂

  89. I loved the Fire and Ice column and all the techniques included 🙂

  90. I love the “Fill Up Your Heart” page. I am going to use the ideas for a page I have started working on for a heritage album. I also enjoy the free tag download. The magazine is great keep up the good work.

  91. TEACH ME MORE!!!!!

  92. Love the whole magazine!

  93. I really liked the tips & tricks. I would like to try making the chalkboard since I am always trying to find something to write on. 🙂

  94. I liked this issue…I think CK has improved a lot in the last year, and I am enjoying the more techniques and tips that are being included. There were several great ideas in this issue.

  95. My favorite is the fast pages w/ 4 x 6 photos for sure! Love that mirror, awesome!

  96. I love the tips and techniques. Your magazine is always full of the newest and latest ideas. Thank You for your dedication.

  97. I am enjoying the 4 bonus techniques that you have added to each issue. It is so cool that you a zooming in on some of the details of the layouts. The crinkled title letters and spiral flowers we my two favorite techniques.

  98. my favorite is the fast pages with 4 x 6 photos – big time saver!!!

  99. I’m disappointed! My issue hasn’t come yet. 😦

  100. Great issue! I love the tips and tricks, also the wonderful techniques! Thanks CK!

  101. As usual I love it all! I turn page by page quickly and then go back and READ the whole thing. Every month is excitement just waiting to happen for me. THanks everyone!!

  102. The metal embossing was cool. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  103. I enjoy the showcasing of the “hot” new products/lines that CK loves.

  104. I really like the tips and tricks and my favorite one being the chalk board, oh so cute!!

  105. I love the tips and techniques and also the Fire and Ice section!!!

  106. I love the Tips & Tricks section. I especially loved the framed chalkboard and when I showed it to my 7yro daughter, she loved it too so we’re on the look out for a funky frame.

  107. love any new techniquesm but I really liked the metal dry embossing

  108. I absolutely adore Becky Olsen’s scraproom on pages 54-55. I’d love to know more about the large metal shelf unit in the center of the picture on page 54. She has some wonderful storage ideas!!

  109. I haven’t received mine yet, but love the frames on the post.

  110. I absolutely loved the Meet Market layouts.

    “Love At First Bite….Come Hungry-Leave Happy”

    “When the Lady Met This Fellow…That’s the way we all became this crazy bunch”

  111. I love all the vintage inspired products! I love that look and feel, like something my grandmother would have kept.

  112. I love all the layouts!

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