Weekly Warm-Up: Holiday Traditions

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What’s a holiday without its traditions? From blowing out birthday candles to hanging up pretty socks, we all have things we repeat year after year in celebration of an occasion or event. As the following talented ladies have illustrated, designing layouts around traditions is an awesome tradition in its own right. Rather than tackle all your holiday traditions in one year, scrap a single traditions page each year and you’ll eventually have an entire album of family memories to relive. Or, scrapbook the same tradition year after year and watch how the people involved and the activity evolve over time.

Mou Saha makes time to bake with her tiny tots each holiday season. What a sweet way to celebrate time together!

"Sweet Holiday Tradition" by Mou Saha, as seen in the December 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes

It’s a trip to see Santa that makes Mandy Douglass’s jolly list of traditions.

"Meeting St. Nick" by Mandy Douglass, as seen in the December 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes

Wouldn’t a “Traditions” mini album make a great addition to your holiday decor? Simply fill it with pictures and brief descriptions of your favorite holiday activities, and place it on the coffee table for all to enjoy. Soon, flipping through the album will become its own tradition!

One of My Favorite Traditions (and a Little Office Prank)
Now, I’d like to share a favorite tradition of mine at the expense of my wonderful coworkers. (Notice how I slip “wonderful” in there to try and butter them up.) I find this little activity impossible to resist and do it year after year. My holiday tradition: ElfYourself (and your friends)! 😉

Check out my elf-tastic videos below. You won’t be sorry.

Video #1: I join Lori Anderson, Joannie McBride, Dorathy Gilchrist, and Lara Penrod for some holiday caroling.

Video #2: Jennafer Martin, Lori Fairbanks, and Brittany Beattie catch a little disco fever!

Now that you know one of my favorite (and admittedly silly) traditions, I’d love it if you’d share one of your holiday traditions with us. What do you insist on doing year after year? Maybe it’s silly, maybe it’s sentimental, or maybe it’s spiritual. We’re, ahem, all ears! 😉

Megan Hoeppner, creative editor



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  1. Megan I love your post. Elfyourself is sooo funny. I’ve seen it befor and I luv it. One tradition we have is everyone gets Christmas PJs every yr. Next yr I want start the tradition that we open the PJs on Christmas Eve. Hope Santa brought u everything u wanted this yr.

  2. The boys ( now 14 and 11 ) STILL love to pull out their blinking red noses and antlers to parade around in,( but only in the house these days…lol) mainly cause as the older they get, the bigger laugh they get now! Even their Dad got into the act by putting on the antlers just to see my reaction! They love to make me laugh!

  3. One tradition I have is to take pics of our grandsons in front of the tree. These have varied over the years, as it started with just dd’s son, then our son got married and had a step-son to add to the pics. Next they had a son,so the pic became 3, he divorced and it dropped down to 2, now he’s remarried with another step-son, so we’re back to three again, although not the same three! LOL! It’s fun to see how things change, though! Another tradition is one dd started several years ago. She gave me a gift in a little 2 x3 cotton bag made of Christmas fabric that she bought at a bazaar. I gave it back the following year and it still goes back and forth every year! She is having a tough financial year, so this year it came to me with 3 little candies in it! It’s the tradition that is most treasured! LOL! ~Bev~

  4. We have a lot of different traditions every year, but one my mom looks forward to is having a recent picture of the grandchildren as a decal on a plate that my sister and I have painted and had fired. It is neat to see her collection and see how the girls have changed!

  5. Each year, I save the photo Christmas cards and any other Christmas cards that hold a special memory for me and put them in a Chritmas Album my sister-in-law made for me. I put it on the coffee table every year so friends and family can browse through it. There were a few years when my husband and I were building our house that scrapbooking was nowhere to be found on my “to do list.” I saved three year’s worth of cards in ziplocs, carefully labelled by year and eventually was able to catch up. This year, the album is full! Seven years of Chritmases and time for a new album! Just in time for the new decade.

    I love the idea of a traditions mini-album! Another thing to put on my “wish/to do” list of projects!

  6. The kids all get matching PJ’s on Christmas Eve! This year they were Grinchy jams, so cute!


  7. I love the elfyourself videos. We use that site also. My favorite and silly tradition is that I give my children and now daughter-in-law Christmas pjs each year. I’ve done that since they were born and they always look forward to it even though they’re in their 20s now.

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