An Organized Start to the New Year

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We regularly receive requests for more organizational ideas, which is easy to understand. After all, scrapbooking is more efficient and enjoyable when you’re organized. Right? Right!

If you had a chance to check out my “Tips & Tricks” column in the January 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes, you’re already familiar with our inventory solution. This easy-to-use tracking system helps you remember the supplies you have, which means you’re much more apt to use those supplies. Download the Inventory Tracking Sheet here. Below is an example of how I transformed the sheet for my supply of pink and red inkpads.

Inspired by these sheets, I want to share a few additional ways to keep track of the product manufacturers on your supplies, so you can toss the packaging but remember all the information you need. So often as scrapbookers, we sort our goodies by color or type, which can complicate replacing and/or sourcing products for layout (such as when you submit your layouts to CK, of course). Here are a few easy tricks for remembering where your product delights came from, long after you’ve tossed the packaging.

Thanks to digital cameras, snapping pictures is free and easy. Create a product file on your computer and take a pic of your product packages before you discard/recycle them. If you want to take this idea a step further, print small pics of these images and write the product info on the image. Here’s how I created an inventory card for photos of some of my accents before I separated them.

Inventory card for accents

Patterned Paper
If, like me, you file patterned paper by color and occasionally find yourself wanting to reunite a collection, you’ll like this simple solution. Punch out small samples from the collection sheet (the one that comes in the paper pack) and adhere them to a note card with the collection name and the manufacturer.

Inventory card for paper

Stamps (Clear and Rubber)
Remember which images came together in a stamp set by visiting the company website and saving the image of each stamp set you own. Then write or type the name of the set and company on a card with the images. Don’t forget the name of the stamp set, the item number (if you want to get that specific), and the company name. This way you can keep track of your original sets, even if they get divided up over time or due to your unique filing system.

Inventory card for stamps

Ribbon scraps oftentimes end up in jars, which can make sourcing them a challenge. Remember who made your favorite trims with cards containing small scraps of the ribbons.

Inventory card for ribbon

With the new year around the corner, I hope these tips get you off to an organized start. I also hope you’ll help us respond to your request for more organizational ideas. Share your favorite tips in the comments section of this post. Not only will they be enjoyed by everyone who reads this entry, but there’s also a chance we’ll contact you to use your idea in an upcoming issue of CK.

Megan Hoeppner, creative editor

P.S. For more ideas on getting your creative environment in order, check out the “Shape Up Your Scrap Space” article found in the January 2010 issue of CK. It’s full of quick cleaning “workouts” that can all be done in under an hour! So turn on your favorite oldies record and let the sweating begin. 😉



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  1. Great ideas, thanks a lot!

  2. Wow- you are over the top organized!

  3. …and I mean that in a good way.

  4. I LOVE the paper idea! I’ve never figured out-or take the time to record which papers make a set. But it’s never too late to start. An your idea is GREAT! I could even scan the page and put it in a database as a backup reference.
    The way I keep my stamps organized (and I have way too many) is by using a simple photo database:ImageAXS. It will only store jps or pngs. But by scanning either a stamped image or the page set; the image can be stored along with a thumbnail, name, number, co., keywords (so you can pull up all “birthday” stamps easily) location of storage and description including on what projects the stamp has been used. Then I print it on a 5×8 index card in case my computer isn’t handy. I use the same program -different files- for any collection of digi images: papers, stamps, and kits, etc.
    Inks, markers and any colored medium would have to be like your data collection but they could still be scanned for a backup record even though printing wouldn’t give the true colors. I think any free and simple photo organizing program could yield the same results.

  5. Wowsers! You are some kind of organized. Not sure I will be able to come close to your efficient system, but I am encouraged to be a little more organized with my supplies. And not only with sb supplies and items. I think I could use a system for all over my house!! Tired of hunting for things.

  6. My favorite trimmer is the Making Memories. Thanks!

  7. This is an awesome idea Megan. My biggest frustration is trying to remember who made something when I throw out the packaging. I also am too lazy to look through all my supplies, so if I had a section for b-day or something, it would be easy to find what I need right away. Love this idea – and here I thought I had nothing new to learn – heeeeheee!!!

  8. Great ideas! An inventory of your supplies is an excellent idea, especially for insurance purposes. If any thing horrible should happen to your craft space (flood, theft, fire, etc) you have proof of the huge investment you have that has added up with all the little bits and pieces.

    I keep a excel spreadsheet with model numbers, store purchased from and price of my main tools and supplies for this reason too.


  9. I tried one of the organizational workouts in the magazine. It worked great and my workspace was cleared off in minutes.

  10. wow! talk about being organized!! 🙂

  11. I organize my small rubber stamps in a fishing tackle box–then i saw the same style in a sb store! So, I guess I was onto something!

    I also use clear envelopes that stickers from Creative Memories come in for storing acrylic stamps. They are sturdy and see thru.

    I keep pencil boxes for markers, one for colored pencils, & one for paintbrushes and misc tools.

  12. Organization is not my strong suite and is one of my resolutions for 2010. I need ideas on paper organization, including scrap pieces. Right now, my paper is on shelves. My husband build little shelves for my rubber stamps and my acrylics are in a photo album in the individual sheets. I like the idea about accessories. Too often, I throw the packaging away and don’t remember what I used.

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