Holiday Trimmings—Which Trimmer Do You Choose?

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In the January 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes, you learned tips for cropping photos in the “To Crop or Not to Crop” article. But when it comes time to crop, which trimmer should you use? Consider these factors when selecting the perfect model for your holiday trimmings.
* Length of the Cutting Area. Some trimmers have a 12″ length between the ends of the blade track. That length works fabulous for cardstock, but it can be difficult when your patterned papers have the extra border strip that contains the manufacturer’s information. If you like to keep those borders intact, look for a trimmer with a 12.5″ length instead of just 12″.

Notice how the manufacturer strip on this paper still fits within the blade track because of the 12.5" track length.

* Interchangeable Blade Styles. If you love the look of scalloped or pinked edges, look for a trimmer with interchangeable blades. If you frequently cut long edges, using these blades will save you more time than always pulling out decorative scissors or punches.

Many manufacturers offer a variety of interchangeable blade styles that come with the trimmer or can be purchased separately.

* Blade Types. Factor in the price of replacement blades. Or look for trimmers with titanium blades or self-sharpening blades that won’t need to be replaced as frequently.
* Visible Cutting Area. Before you buy, try out the blade. Picture where your photos or cardstock will be placed in the trimmer. Will you be able to see where you’re cutting, or will you have to guess what part of your photo is approaching the cutting area if that area is covered around the blade? Some trimmers offer extra guides to help you see where the photo or paper will be cut, like a laser or wire guide.

Check out how the wire guide on this trimmer helps you see exactly where your cut line will be made.

* Clear Measuring Guides. Most trimmers have a base with marked guides to help you identify inch marks, but some guides are easier to read than others are; find a style that suits you. Also look for guides marked for basic photo or card sizes, like 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″, for quicker measuring.
* Swing-Out Ruled Arm. If your trimmer base has a width less than 12″, look for an option with a swing-out arm that will allow you to measure long lengths on 12″ x 12″ sheets.
* Cutting Style. Watch for safety features, especially if you have young kids around. Look for guillotine blades that lock down and blades that remain covered when they’re not in use.

Now that you know the factors to consider when searching for the right trimmer for you, check out these four fabulous options.

The Laser Trimmer from X-acto features a laser guide for cutting, a self-sharpening metal blade, non-skid rubber feet, and a locking blade.

The Premium Crafter’s Trimmer from Fiskars Americas offers a 12.5″ length on the blade track, a wire guide to help you see exactly where to cut your photos and paper, rubberized feet, and a swing-out arm.

The 12″ Titanium Personal Trimmer with Cut & Score Blades from Westcott comes with scoring and cutting blades, a swing-out arm, a titanium blade, and a 12.5″ length on the blade track.

The Ultimate Trimmer from Purple Cows features 11 blade styles for creative crafting.

Win a Trimmer
Let the Creating Keepsakes team help you add to your holiday trimmings this year. Leave a comment on this post by December 19, and tell us what your favorite trimmer is. We’ll randomly select three winners to receive a portable trimmer from Fiskars Americas or Westcott. Check the Giveaways tab on our blog next week to see if you are a lucky winner.

—Brittany Beattie, online senior editor



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  1. Oh how I would love a new trimmer! My favorite for a long time has been my Creative Memories personal trimmer. It’s not a big trimmer – useful for cropping photos and other small tasks, but it’s a great tool, especially with the self-healing mat on the top!

  2. My favorite trimmer is my Fiskars trimmer (no idea what model), but it is starting to cut a bit crooked, so I could really use a new one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I love my fiskars trimmer, too! But, I would love a new one!!!

  4. I have 6 different trimmers and none of them are my favorite. Some don’t cut straight lines and others are just cumbersome. I’m still looking for the perfect trimmer and am open to any suggestions…I do have to say that of the 6 that I have I usually reach for my original fiskars one

  5. I have to say Fiskars portable since that’s the only one I’ve used. But I’d love to have one with a self-sharpening blade.

  6. I have an olddd guillotine cutter that I like the best but it is only 11 inches instead of 12. I think I would love the purple cow one with optional cutting blades!!

  7. The only trimmer I have is the Provo Craft Zision trimmer. It has served me well so far. I’m still looking for THE trimmer.

  8. I only have a fiskars trimmer, so I’ve never tried another one.But I would love to!

  9. Not sure that I have a “favorite” trimmer because I’ve really only had one paper trimmer (a Fiskars that only goes up to 12″). I like it for the most part, but I have run into the border strip issue occasionally.

  10. I love my fiskars trimmer, however I am of the firm blief you can never have too many trimmers, scissors or cardstock! I would be thrilled to try a new one 🙂

  11. Fiskars, fiskars, fiskars…that’s all I have to say. I have yet to find one I didn’t like! And don’t stop at just one –

  12. I’ve only ever used the Creative Memories ones and I’d love to try others, especially since I think the CM one doesn’t cut straight. Does the Fiskars one have interchangeable blades? That’s wicked cool!!

  13. And, btw, LOVE the product reviews.

  14. I have a Tonic guillotine cutter, but it still isn’t “the perfect” cutter. Thanks for the product review!

  15. Well I own the crafters trimmer by fiskars and I love it! It would be alot of fun to try the one by purple cow or the laser trimmer as I have never used them before!

  16. I actually don’t have a trimmer as of now, but hope to get one in my stocking! I’d love to get a Fiskars!

  17. I would love to find a perfect trimmer. It seems everyone have is only so-so. I bought a new fiskars last year but the blade keeps popping out of the track. I used to have a cutterbee but the swing arm broke.

  18. I have the personal Creative memories trimmer which I like for small cutting and the cricut trimmer which tears the paper and now I’m trying the Martha Stewart trimmer which so far is the best I’ve tried.
    I’m open to suggestions for THE BEST trimmer yet and would love to win one.

  19. I would have to say fiskars, but only because I haven’t found one I like better. The Fiskars trimmers get skewed after a while and no longer cut straight.

  20. I have one of the first Fiskar’s trimmers. And I have a Creative Memories personal trimmer. Thanks for a chance to win

  21. I’ve had 4 trimmers in my creative past and I think the fiskars is still one of the best. The 12.5″ length and the wire guide is a fab idea. This would be my pick of the bunch.

    good luck to all.

  22. It is FISKARS all the way!!!!!!!!!!!! I have used Fiskar trimmers for the last 12 years

  23. I have a Fiskars trimmer and I like it, however it is soooo old! I would love to get a new one, but somehow have never got around to it — mine is at least 10 years old!

  24. I have a Fiskars trimmer and I like it, however it is soooo old! I would love to get a new one, but somehow have never got around to it — mine is at least 10 years old!

  25. I think I have tried them all, and none of them cut straight. Not Fiskars, definitely not Creative Memories, not the big Making Memories, not Purple Cow. I finally decided to upgrade to the Genesis. LOVE that thing. Perfect cuts every single time. It is a big chunk of $$$$ though, but definitely worth it.

  26. I still use my Fiskars 12″ trimmer because it’s small and convenient.

  27. I sure could use a new trimmer!

  28. Thanks for the product review. I prefer my big heavy duty guillotine cutter but have a Fiskars trimmer on my desk top for shorter cuts.

  29. I have always used a Fiskars trimmer but have had my eye on a Purple Cow trimmer for a couple of years.

  30. I have had just one trimmer and that is Fiskars.

  31. i use the fiskars rotary blade trimmer-I LOVE it!!

  32. I have the creative memories personal trimmer and am in desperate need of a BIG one!

  33. I WISH I had a favorite trimmer. Currently I’m using the Making Memories trimmer, which I like a lot. I’d love it if it was precise. I think the measurements are slightly off or something is a little bit crooked. I don’t know, but I can’t get an exact cut to save my life. I’ve been thinking of going back to Fiskars. I haven’t had one of their trimmers for many years, so I’m sure they’ve improved from the very first one I had.

  34. my favorite trimmer is making memories, but i have used fiskars for years and have been happy!

  35. I use a Fiskars trimmer that I’ve had since 2002 or so… it works pretty well but I’ve been thinking that I could use an upgrade! It would be nice to have a bit more than 12″ length. These look oh-so-nice! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  36. I’m actually looking for a favorite trimmer. I’ve been looking at the Fiskars Premium in the stores and would love to win this!

  37. I have a large and small Fiskers rotary trimmer. I switched from the regular slide the blade down the track style trimmer when I started getting crooked cuts. The tracks get worn out. You can replace the cutting bar on the rotary trimmers…problem solved!

  38. I have the small Fiskars trimmer, which works fine and is small for storage, but I go thru a lot of blades. My wish list? The Laser Trimmer from X-acto!

  39. This was a very helpful and well done review, thank you.

  40. My fave is the fiskars ultimate craft rotary trimmer. I am having a heck of a time finding the replacement cutting matts for them though…

  41. I use a magnetic ruler and exacto … yeah, not portable, but ACCURATE! I would love a laser guillotine trimmer though … love love LOVE one!

  42. I have yet to find one that I really really love–I own 5 right now….and only use one at a time…I do not have either of the two that you mentioned….they look promising–they could be my FAV!! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  43. I’ve been using a Fiscars’ trimmer, but not really happy with the way it cuts.

  44. All I have ever had are Fiskars and I have been happy with them. But some of these you have shown today are really neat. That one with the laser bit looks wonderful.

  45. Thanks for the tips! I’m definitely at the point where I need a new trimmer. I don’t know which is my favorite…but I love the idea of either giveaway!


  46. I have a Purple Cows trimmer that I love, but it is SO not portable! That is my only complaint with it, really.

  47. I’m a loyal Fiskars girl. I’ve only tried one other trimmer but it was enough to know that Fiskars is the one for me!

  48. i have the Tonic Guillotine {sp?} and loove it! 🙂 it’s a little big to transport, but super light and the handle tucks neatly away underneath, so its not too bad, provided you have space for it!

  49. My trimmer is similar to the 12″ Titanium Personal Trimmer with Cut & Score Blades. I really like the Laser Trimmer from X-acto and I really like the Premium Crafter’s Trimmer from Fiskars, I love how big it is!

  50. As I’ve been making Christmas crafts the past couple of weeks I’ve realized that I really need a new trimmer. Thanks for the article and the chance to win. I think I’ll get the Premium Fiskars trimmer if I don’t win it.

  51. I would LOVE to win one of these trimmers!!

  52. The purple cows one looks pretty cool! I’m still using my classic fiskars trimmer….first ever scrapbooking tool I bought. But I think it’s time for an upgrade.

  53. The Premium Trimmer from Fiskar’s is actually on my wishlist. It’s got a six inch deck to the left of the cutting blade and a one and a half inch deck to the right! Fabulous!

  54. My personal favorite trimmer would be the Making Memories trimmer, love the self sharpening blades and the ease of use.

  55. I love my Fiskars 12 inch cutter, but I would LOVE to upgrade to the newer version that would let me cut paper with the tabs 🙂

  56. I started out with a small fiskars trimmer, but upgraded to the Making Memories trimmer with a self-sharpening blade. I LOVE it!

  57. That laser trimmer from Xacto looks fierce! But of the 2 portable ones you posted, I really like the Fiskars one because of the broad surface area. I have been wanting to try the Tonic Guillotine for quite some time now, so it’s at the tip top of my list. 🙂

  58. What a great idea! Nothing is more important than your trimmer. I would love to try one of these newer versions. Thanks for thinking of us!

  59. I use the EK Success Cutterpede and I love it. I originally had the green version and my two year old pulled the top in the wrong direction! So…I HAD to buy a new one and then got pink!

  60. Still using my original Fiskars trimmer from 12 years ago. It doesn’t always cut straight (probably my fault)but I’ve tried other trimmers and just didn’t like them.

  61. I think I like trimmers like the x-acto. But as I’m just looking for a trimmer I can’t make a definite statement yet.. Perhaps I’m lucky, who knows 😉

  62. I have an old school x-acto guillotine cutter and I absolutely love it. The new one with the laser guide is tempting me to trade up tho 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win! Happy holidays!

  63. I have a Fiskars trimmer I liked it at first but now after many years it does not cut straight anymore plus it is hard to cut 12×12 paper b/c it is only 12″. I would love to win a new one!Thanks!

  64. I have lots of paper trimmers, by far my favorite is the Zision by Provo Craft.

  65. I currently have the Making Memories trimmer and it has been the best one I have owned so far. Thanks for the chance to win.

  66. I’ve always been a fan of Fiskars trimmers. It’s the brand I’m always relied on.

  67. My favorite tabletop trimmer is the Making Memories Trimmer, but I have been eyeing the Tonic 12×12 Guillotene trimmer. My favorite all the time trimmer is the Purple Fiskers trimmer (the euro) and the CM personal trimmer.

  68. Great blog 🙂 – I actually have been looking for a new trimmer (still use just the small portable one or a pencil line and exacto blade!!) I learned alot what features to look for – now I know what I want – Thanks. Would love to win one – a nice little Christmas surprise!! Merry Christmas to you!

  69. Well I really need a 12 x 12 trimmer, so going by the information from this post and other things I read about trimmers. I would have to say my fav is a Trimmer that comes with interchangeable blades. It seems that it would be fun to work with.

  70. I love the ease and simplicity of the Fiskars trimmer. So simple to use and the blades are easy to replace. It is a great for my 12 x 12 papers.

  71. My favorite trimmer is the Paper Trimming Buddy because it’s the only one I own. tee hee 🙂

  72. I love the Ultimate Trimmer! All the different cutters it’s fabulous!

  73. I’ve had the smaller Fiskars trimmer since I started scrapbooking. It’s been easy to use and the blades are easy to change. After the review in today’s blog, I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade to the slightly larger Fiskars trimmer!

  74. I have a Fiskars trimmer from Costco that has marks for cutting card sizes printed on it. I have also marked it with my own marks for projects I do often. But it has so many miles, I am afraid it is wearing out! Thank you!


  75. My favorite trimmer is a Fiskars rotary trimmer that I got at Sam’s club of all places!

  76. I have the Tonic Guillotine trimmer and really like it! I had that gray Fiskars portable trimmer forever … and while I love that it is so portable, I couldn’t cut a straight line to save my life. ugh. The Tonic is a bit big, but I do like that it has nice lines. Still not perfectly straight, but does a good job. I would still love to try out another trimmer! There has to be a perfect match out there somewhere?!? 🙂

  77. my trusty little Fiskars trimmer continues to serve me well. a new one would be nice since my little ones think its pretty cool, too.

  78. My favorite trimmer is my orange Fiskars trimmer like on the first picture. Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. I love the old Fiskars trimmer; although after much use the measurement markings have rubbed off. Haven’t bought a new yet, maybe I won’t have to now;) Thanks for the review!

  80. I have an old Fiskars trimmer that I love, but I would love some of the bells and whistles available in these new options! Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. I have 3 different trimmers that I use for different jobs. I have an old guilotine cutter from circa 1850 a.d., a small cutter from creative memories, and a fiskars blade cutter. Each is used for specific types of cutting. All three, especially the guilotine cutter, is in need of being replaced, so to win would be great.

  82. 12 in / 30 cm Premium Crafter’s Trimmer by friskers is my favriote trimmer!!! i am in love with it, i would like to try the purple cow also. I am also thinking about getting a Laser Trimmer to keep at home but i am not sure were i would put it!

  83. I like my Creative Memories personal cropper. Have to keep it away from kids though!!;-) Would love a new one…!:-)

  84. Great Giveaway. Such a wonderful way to spread the Christmas cheer. When it comes to Trimmers, I’m all for Fiskars. All of their tools are just amazing and wonderful. Thanks for the chance
    XXX Rosalee

  85. The only trimmer I ever had is Fiskars basic trimmer. I use it often but but like to get a new one that has different blades to replace it.

  86. I would love to have a new trimmer.I would like to have one that has different blades that you can replace.Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.I love the fiskar trimmers.


  87. I have the large Fiskars’ desktop rotary trimmer with interchangeable baldes-grat for decorative cuts and cutting multiple pieces of cardstaock. I also have the Fiskars’ Premium Crafters trimmer-this is the very very best trimmer ever and I have tried a whole lot of trimmers.

  88. To be honest, I have never owned a trimmer that I absolutely “loved.” My favorites so far are the Creative Memories decorative trimmer that features two types of curvy blades and my gigantic Making Memories trimmer which is excellent but too big and bulky for everyday practical use and can’t be taken to crops. So I am always in the market for a new and improved trimmer. Hint, hint!

  89. I have my trusty pink/green Provo Craft trimmer. I have had it forever!

  90. I like my Fiskars, but it is an older model that doesn’t have that 12.5″ opening and is a narrower base. I also have one of those light up trimmers from As Seen On TV. I like the interchangeable blades, but there’s no good place to store them.

  91. I NEED a new trimmer all of mine are worn out from over use! They are well past their life expectancy. I would LOVE to win one of these ! I love reading these reviews.

  92. My Tonic 12″ guillotine cutter is my go-to cutter. My only complaint is that occasionally it will cut out slightly at the bottom, requiring me to turn the paper over and cut from the other-side. It’s sturdy, reliable, and cuts through just about anything.

  93. Sadly my little Carl paper trimmer isn’t quite up to snuff. I keep telling myself “Someday”…
    I was interested reading about the many great trimmers and I love that they make them with a 12.5” length.

  94. I could sure use a new trimmer. I’m looking for one that will continue to cut at a right angle after using it for a while.

  95. I agree a good cutter makes a difference in having fun while scrap-booking and card making,I had a good one once and lost it,and now I’m using a el’ cheapo and would love to win a new one,Merry Christmas!!

  96. I Love my Fiskars trimmer but don’t have the newest model – My old one has served me for at least 7 years! I just keep buyimg the replacement blades and the marks are all worn off – but I do love it!!! I would be oh so grateful to win a new one for Christmas!!!

  97. I just started using a trimmer and purchased a Fiskars. Would love a 2nd one! 🙂

  98. I have a little portable fiskars guillotine, love it for so many uses but I can see why one of the bigger trimmers would be nice to have- thanks for the chance to win!

  99. hmmmm, that xacto trimmer looks fierce…. i’d love to try the westcott though. Thanks for the info!

  100. It is always a good idea to have more than one trimmer! Thanks!

  101. I have several trimmers but my favorite is Fiskers desktop rotatory trimmer – cuts I get straight cuts every time….I cannot say that for any of the other trimmers that I own!

  102. My fav was the Ultimate by Fiskars but then the numbers wore away, then I got a Making Memories one, I use that the most but I keep the Fiskars handy next to my computer and for when I work on a project in the family room. My biggest problem is having them cut straight!

  103. I still use my well worn Fiskars but would be thrilled with a new one. I really like the 12.5 idea for sure!

  104. My favorite trimmers are by Creative Memories. The small guillotine style is perfect for cropping photos. I do like the idea of being able to store additional cutting blades on the trimmer, like the one shown above…nice and compact. Now, if it would only come apart so that it would be easier to take to a crop. I like the idea of trying the trimmer before you buy, but where can one do that?

  105. I have to admit that I love my cutterpede. But I often think that perhaps I love it so much because I have yet to experience many other trimmers. My first was a Fiskars and I always fought with it… it rarely gave me a straight cut and I hated it in the end. Then I bought a cutterpete and fell in love… but as I said, I am a novice when it comes to trimmers so there may be better ones out there ;o)

  106. I absolutely LOVE my Making Memories Precision Trimmer – it is so precise and always straight. I tried to cut cardboard with it though and slightly knocked the blade off it’s track. I’d love to win a snazzy new one! Thanks for the chance 😀

  107. I have a VERY old fiskars trimmer- but would LOVE to win a new one- thanks for the chance! 🙂

  108. I’ve tried several 12″ trimmers and all seem to have some problems…I started with the “old” fiskars, then tried the Creative Memories one when I broke the fiskars at a CM crop…Hated the CM trimmer. I tried a big Purple Cow trimmer. It works really well if you use the quillotine side, but to me the only way I can get the sliding blade to cut is to stand up and really put pressure on it. Also, it is really large to carry to a crop, so I went back to my “first love” and got another original Fiskars trimmer. I like it, but I do have problems getting my cuts “just exactly right” sometimes!!! I’m really interested in the new Fiskars now that I’ve seen that it has the wire guide and also the 6.25 base would really seem to help with those typical cuts that need to be made at 4.5 inches that you have to sort of guess at on the old Fiskars, cause it’s in the crack between the side of the cutter base and where the extension flips out.

  109. I just bought a new pro Fiskars trimmer with the wire paper cutting guide! So far so good! Love it! I hear lots of good reviews about the tonic guillotine trimmer too, have yet to try it though!

  110. Right now, I’m loving the 12″ Tonic trimmer. Accurate and easy to see measurements.

  111. just purchased a fiskars with rotary blade, but don’t like the way the arm “locks”. I think for me simpler is better

  112. I have been using a Fiskars trimmer, I think, but I am in desperate need of something better!

  113. I have two different Fiskars trimmers that I take to classes and use for a whole slew of different projects. Then I also have a big Xacto cutter for heavy duty cutting and when doing a bunch of cutting all at once. Love each of them and they each have a slightly different specialty!

  114. love the review, because I hate to buy a tool, just to find out it’s not for me. I a 6″ cm photo cutter I’ve been using since about 1997 and I still love it. My 12″ is a Fiskars is my other favorite. But still looking for a another good one to have on hand.

  115. I have an older Fiskars which I do like, but hate having to buy new blades all the time. Would love to try something new.

  116. My favourite is the Carl Trimmer … but I am itching to get my hands on one of those Purple Cows you’ve featured above …

    Tracy G

  117. I haven’t found my favorite trimmer yet. I’m tired of getting crooked cuts with my current trimmers. Please help me with one of your giveaways.

  118. I have tried many. Still searching for the perfect one. I’ve gone through 3 Fiskars in a year….the numbers wear off. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    I have a Stampin Up! guillotine that seems to work the best…if I remember to place fingers properly before cutting.

    Would love to have a trial opportunity on some of the latest and greatest.

  119. I started with an EK Success, but found that those design edge blades really didn’t work well. Move on to an Xacto like the one reviewed, the grid and blade are straight but I find a guillotine cutter pulls the paper making it hard to get straight cuts. Now I’m using a Making Memories and I find that the top edge and the cutting grid don’t line up with each other. I am beginning to think that there is no perfect cutter out there, but I find them a necessary evil. So, I would love to win a brand that I haven’t already tried. Oh, and don’t you hate it when the size you need to cut isn’t there because of the way the extender meets the base unit…arghhh….

  120. I love my Purple Cows guillotine!

  121. I’m currently using the Dahle 507 for cardstock and the small Tonic guillotine for photos. I love that they’re both self sharpening because nothing annoys me more than a “furry edge” to my photos.

  122. Right now I have an old Fiskars trimmer that I’ve had for 7 or 8 years. I wouldn’t say it is my favorite because it cuts slightly crooked now and I would love for it to be more than 12″ wide. I have a feeling I’d love the Purple Cow trimmer you featured because of the different blades.

  123. I have Fiskars trimmers. I would love to try that Purple Cow trimmer. I think it is great how the different blades are stored within the trimmer – a great way to keep track of them.

  124. I think I have three trimmers! One large fiskers one with the guillotine, a small tonic swing out arm trimmer and the small creative memories 6″ trimmer (the best investment ever!!). I really don’t care for wither of my large trimmers… but they do the job ok.

  125. I’ve loved my fiskars 12 inch trimmer for a long time, but it’s getting worn out and I could use a new one! thanks for the chance to win.

  126. I have had a fiskars 12″ trimmer that has been loved for many years. It is definitely time for a new one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  127. I have two favorite trimmers. For cutting many sheets at once I love my Carl 18″ cutter. For every day cutting I love my Fiskars trimmer (not sure of the model, but it is the orange one). They both cut great.

    I would love to own a new trimmer. Thanks for the chance.

  128. OH, how I need a new trimmer! I’ve always bought Fiskars trimmers and have never had a problem with them! I just wear them out! (I’ve had my current one for at least 4 years now and I use it non-stop!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. I have two Fiskars trimmers. A super big one and a smaller one to fit in my scrap bag.

  130. I really like my Purple Cows 2 in 1. The only problem is that it’s actually 11 inches wide so sometimes I have trouble measuring cuts on a 12″ piece of paper. I didn’t even think about it when I bought it. But, I make do. I have a Provocraft trimmer too if I need to do something I can’t fit on my Purple Cows. I LOVE having the two blades though! That makes it worth it to me.

  131. I have a Fiskars but would love another Fiskars with the interchangable blades! thanks for a chance to win.

  132. I really like the Premium Crafters Trimmers. It’s such a perfect size. What a treat it would be to win. Happy Holidays!

  133. I love that this hobby of ours offers such variety to meet everyone’s preferences. And most are of excellent quality. Papercrafting has the best companies!!

  134. I am not sure if I have a favorite, but I use the Carl trimmer. It has been a good one for a long time and I am lucky that I have been able to get replacement blades for it for so many years.

  135. Laser trimmer is my choice!

  136. Anything from purple cow. I love them, they have not disappointed me! 😀

  137. I have a cricut trimmer–I seem to eat thru the blades pretty regularly. I’m thinking maybe of trying Purple Cow next.

  138. I love my fiskars! Absolutely. Although, who always cant use another cutter??

  139. I would really love one of these! they look great and easy to use!

  140. I’ve used a Cutterpede for many years. Both the America’s Trimmer and the Westcott trimmer look like they are worth checking out. Thanks.

  141. Thanks for the great review! A new trimmer is on my wishlist as the one I have now is giving me a hard time. Meanwhile I use an exacto knife as a substitute for cutting cardstock and photos. I think, I love both the Westcott and the Fiskars trimmer for they are small – as is my scrap space 🙂

  142. My favorite trimmer is the Premium Crafter’s Trimmer from Fiskars. Thanks for all the great tips on choosing trimmers 🙂

  143. good trimmers are hard to find! But Fiskars hasn’t let me down!

  144. Right now, I love the Cutterpede…but I am without it right now because the arm broke off!!! Maybe I should say that I loved my Cutterpede before the arm broke off!

  145. Well, I have two current trimmers – the blue one by fiskars and the big folding one by making memories. I had others but if you ever let you children borrow them, they tend to not make it back home.

  146. I LOVE the Fiskars portable trimmer!

  147. I have had a Carl for awhile, but have never been happy with it. I’m on the hunt for a new trimmer, just not sure which one yet.

  148. I love my cutterpede – am intriqued by the MM big one and the purple cow you are demoing, but i love that the cutterpede is portable and has interchangeable blades. the only ones i use are the scoring and cutting

  149. Since I already have the trimmer from Fiskars (which I’m very happy with), I’d really like to get the 12″ Titanium Personal Trimmer with Cut & Score Blades from Westcott…as I do need something with a scoring blade.

  150. I guess my favorite is an ancient guillotine trimer of unknown brand my husband bought in the 1980s. Unfortunately, it has to be taken to a knife or lawn mower sharpener, which I desperately need to do right now.

  151. I would love to have a new trimmer!!! My current fav is my Fiskars lil guy. I have had it FOR-EV-UH. Time for a newbie for sure!! Thanks!

  152. I love my portable Fiskars and won’t scrap without it.

  153. Santa please bring me a new trimmer!!!!

  154. I could use a new trimmer! Mine is YEARS old! thanks for the chance to win!!

  155. I love the Tonic Studios one with the big cutting arm

  156. Just read this blog and I was very interested in reading all your comments, great feedback. I have an offer for some of the ladies who have a need for a new trimmer, try out the Westcott Titanium Trimmer! I work for Westcott in the marketing dept. and I am offering 25 trimmers to the first 25 respondents to te editor of this blog.

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