The Secret to Scrapbooking during the Holidays

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Bells on bobtails are ringing. Chestnuts are roasting on open fires. And Jack Frost is nipping at our noses. Plus, who can forget about the parties for hosting, the marshmallows for toasting and the caroling out in the snow? Whew—life is getting busy this month. Amid the hustle and bustle, we’re bound to get a little maxed out unless we have creative time to help us unwind. But some days it’s hard to find much time for thinking about the next scrapbook page when the holiday to-do list is growing by the minute.

Thankfully, the CK elves have just the item for Santa’s big, red bag. (And I hear Mr. Claus will be making a visit before the 25th this year! See below.) The secret is 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges by Elizabeth Kartchner, CK’s 2007 Scrapbooker of the Year. As the sequel to 52 Scrapbooking Challenges, this book is jam-packed with ideas to inspire your creativity.

For example, challenge #3 is to “lift a design idea from a home-decor item,” as Elizabeth did in turning this Amelia rug from Pottery Barn Kids into inspiration for an incredible page element. I love how Elizabeth used the rug design as just a portion of her layout instead of the entire background.

"Wishes & Kisses" by Elizabeth Kartchner, as seen in "52 More Scrapbooking Challenges" (page 15)

And challenge #15 to “stick to a single color” is a perfect jump-start for creating my own holiday layout like Elizabeth’s. In fact, I might just scraplift Elizabeth’s design. It’s fabulous.

"Traditions" by Elizabeth Kartchner, as seen in "52 More Scrapbooking Challenges" (page 50)

Yes, this book is sure to be the spark for creative scrapbooking during a busy season. I’m glad I have my copy in hand! (If you still need your copy, you can order it here, where you’ll also find a link to more layouts from the book.) You can also make an e-visit to Santa and let him know the book is on your wish list. I heard that anyone who leaves Santa a comment on this post by Sunday, December 6, and lets him know what’s on her Christmas list this year will be entered to win one of three autographed copies of the book. Speaking of giveaways, remember to check here to see if you’ve one any of our past giveaways.

For more chances to win a copy of Elizabeth’s book, you can also check out the blogs from these Dream Team members and CK contributing writers:

* Wendy Sue Anderson

* Jen Jockisch

* Elizabeth Kartchner

* Jennifer McGuire

* Suzy Plantamura

* Mou Saha

* Cindy Tobey

* Laura Vegas

* Kim Watson

* Susan Weinroth

And if you know Sara Winnick, she’ll be giving away a copy on Facebook.

I’m off to make my list now!

—Brittany Beattie, online senior editor

P.S. When you make a layout based on an item in Elizabeth’s book, we’d love to see what you create! To submit your work, read the “CK & Me” information here.



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  1. So excited about this book!
    Love Elizabeth’s work!!

  2. I want just to be with my family for Christmas. I have lost my mother and sister in the past 15 months, and my 47-year old husband had a stroke a month ago. I just want to love and appreciate what I have.

  3. What a great idea for a book, I am always looking for ways to challenge myself!

  4. I’d love a chance to win- the book looks fabulous!

  5. i am getting my wish this year! I get to go visit my Dad for the Holidays, now it is 14 hour drive and a brand new ook to read would be just perfect! Hint hint santa 🙂

  6. I have asked Santa for a Scor-Pal and a subscription to your magazine.

  7. I’m wishing for Photoshop elements! PLEASE.. 🙂

  8. I love everything she does, she is so talented. For Christmas I asked for a necklace from the vintage pearl.

  9. I have cricut cartridges on my Christmas list:)

  10. can’t wait to get a copy.

    i’m hoping for an 85mm lens, but would totally settle for all the sickie cooties leaving our house. we’ve been passing the cold around for weeks now.

  11. Oh I love what Susan D. said above, I too have been eying that lens! But on my true Christmas list, I would love for Photoshop CS4.

  12. What a great giveaway! All I have on my wish list this year is a new lens for my camera. Hope Santa thinks I have been good enough!

  13. I’d like a new laptop, Lightroom 2, and a Canon 580EXII flash.

  14. A new DSLR camera is on my wish list this year! I hope I win this book, it looks fantastic!

  15. I always have some good books on my wish list. I’d love to get a couple of novels and Lizzy’s book! 🙂

  16. A laptop and cricut expression is on my wish list!

  17. Would love to have this book! It’s on my wishlist now. 🙂

  18. Not really asking for anything this year, more appreciative of everything I already have!

  19. I want a camera but I’m sure I’m not getting it! Tuff times! Being with family and enjoying the small moments are on my list!

  20. I love how well the layout inspired by the rug turned out!

  21. This book looks like alot of fun.

  22. would love to win a book! I am wishing for a new pair of microtip scissors

  23. I don’t have any specific wishes for Santa, just continued good health and happiness….thanks for the giveaway! I loved the first “Challenges” book and I’m sure this one is just as great!

  24. I’m wishing for a fun-filled holiday and Photoshop Elements! Actually if Santa wanted to leave me anything at all that’s Scrapbook related I’d be happy. 😉

  25. I would love this book! I love all of Elizabeth’s layouts!

  26. Anything scrapbooking related is on the top of my Christmas list!

    PS> I was a ‘blog winner’ on the 10-21-2009 Scavenger Hunt giveaway–However, I have send numerous emails and NOONE has replied in anyway and I have not received my prize. What’s up with that?–Could someone please contact me?

  27. My wish list–well, this book would be on it and also the series for Digital Scrapbookers! And, I want my CK issue to come in the mail! HA!

  28. A Cricut and accessories are on my wish list this year so I can do more with my scrapbooking.

  29. I have a small camera that will fit in my purse on my wish list, so I won’t miss another photo opportunity! Would love to win this book also!

  30. This book is at the top of my list. Other than that, I would gladly take a full night of sleep for my two munchkins! : )

  31. Oh! I’s love a copy of this book!

  32. I really just want some time with my family to enjoy the holidays. I wouldn’t mind some free time for scrapping and some new scrap goodies too though. And this book would certainly make a good addition to my scrap room!

  33. What’s on my Christmas List? Anything scrapbooking or diamonds!!!

  34. I definitely have this book on my wish list! As well as Cricut cartridges, Becky Higgins’ new Project Life scrapbook kit, and a new lightweight folding table for my scrap work space.

  35. New clothes…I lost 50 pounds this year!

  36. A cricut would be a dream come true!

  37. Hugs and kisses from my kids are always on my list…and of course anything scrapbook related! Looks like a great book!

  38. I don’t celebrate Christmas. I live in Holland and here whe have Sinterklaas who gives presents (well, some people here celebrate Sinterklaas and Christmas, but I guess they have too much money!). But I would love to get the book anyway!

  39. I would love a gypsy!

  40. This book is definitely on my Christmas wish list!! I wrote a letter to Santa and everything. 😉

  41. What a great book, I am always looking to challenge myself with new and exciting things! I would love this book…hope I am the lucky winner!!! Fingers Crossed!!!

  42. Dear Santa,

    I have been extra good this year. For real. You know all about it, I’m sure! So, being that I have been so good, I think it would be quite fitting for you to kindly deliver in your wonderful little sleigh covered in those fabulous little silver jingle bells, a copy of Elizabeth’s book, signed, of course, along with a few other fun scrappy goodies! With both inspiration and supplies, I assure you, a very nice handmade thank you card will come your way…just leave your addy. Thanks, Santa! I really appreciate it!


  43. well….I would like anything crafty for Christmas–that includes paper, embellishments, mags, books, fabric, ribbon, buttons, glue, storage cases for things, glitter, ink, pens, scissors, EVERYTHING!!

    Thanks for the chance to win this great book!

  44. My Christmas wish is that my three kids stay healthy, happy and grateful for all they have. This book looks awesome, thanks for a chance to win!

  45. Awesome!!!!

  46. I’ve mentioned to Santa that I’d love a couple of cricut cartridges…. 😉

  47. On my Christmas list so far:
    Elizabeth’s new book! All the sneak peeks are making me so anxious.
    2 year subscription renewal to CK Mag. It’s been hard finding in the stores in my area lately.
    My first monthly kit subscription

    LOL I guess I want gifts that keep on giving!

  48. Loved the first– can’t wait for the sequel!!

    Santa, I would really like some organization items for my fridge– I know it’s not too exciting, but it’s practical!!!

  49. Dear Santa,

    I think I have been a pretty good girl this year 😉 Just a couple of things on my wish list this year, is a small camera so that I can keep it in my purse and not miss a single moment! and of course a signed copy of Elizabeth’s new book to get my mojo going 🙂 HOW FUN!

  50. I hope Santa knows I’m hoping for an ipod touch this year! 🙂

  51. I would love a cricut for Christmas and of course I would love some inspiration from Elizabeth’s 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges!! Oh and a sewing machine…:)

  52. This book looks amazing! Elizabeth is very talented and creative. Besides the obvious, good health and safety, I’d love to see some Cricut cartridges under the tree for me!

  53. My wish list–well, lets see I wish for some new paper goodies,Cosmo Cricket ribbon,and some new embellishments.

  54. Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. I would love the chance to win this book! It looks like it has so many great ideas!

  56. This book looks fantastic – just the jump start any of us need to try out new techniques and new looks for our pages.

  57. I would love to win this book!!

  58. Well, I got the biggest present I could ever received on 10/13 when my daughter was born! But, now I would like Santa to bring peace, lack of worries, slightly more financial freedom to my family, less stress, more love and strength to continue on striving for happyness. I haven’t been in much of a Christmas mood because it seems we’re taking 2 steps forward and then 5 back the last 2 years (actually since we’ve gotten married). I keep telling myself that what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  59. this book looks great and fun!!!!!!!!!!
    I’d love to win one 🙂

  60. I would like for my husband to have a permanent job. . .that is all we need this year, and we really need it!


  61. Would you believe I want a new bookshelf for Christmas? I guess I am just practical-just give me a way to stay organized and I am happy!

  62. Elizabeth’s book is definitely on my Christmas list, along with a new lens for my camera…the Nikon 55mm f1.4!! Not sure if I’ll get it though 😦

  63. I’m hoping for Pink Paislee’s christmas collection under my tree.

  64. My wish … an extra hour in each day! No really my wish is for a happy holiday with my family.
    Elizabeths book looks amazing – lover her fresh style!

  65. I would love to get this book!!! Thanks for this giveaway!!!


  66. i wouldn’t turn down a Big Shot Express in my stocking!

  67. Definitely adding this book to the list. Love the peeks of what’s inside.

  68. I would love a copy of this new book…it looks great!
    I asked Santa for a new iMac, but I think I’m just getting a dental crown instead 😦

  69. I love challenges and have entered a lot of card challenges. It would be fun to win this one, with scrapbook challenges. I think Santa may be skipping our house this year — financial difficulties. Anyway, thanks for a chance to win.
    and I was kidding about Santa totally skipping our house, just might be a more slim year than others for the kids.

  70. awsome!!

  71. Wow the sample pages are gorgeous! I’d love to have this book.

  72. Thanks for giving the chance to win what looks like a wonderful book filled with lots of inspiration. The Gypsy (Cricut) is on my Christmas list for this year.

  73. I’m wishing for a new camera this year – I’d love to have one with a fast enough shutter speed so my 3 boys aren’t blurry in all the pictures this year!

  74. I would love the chance to check out Liz’s book, thanks for the chance!

  75. Love the wishes & kisses layout and would love to win the book.

  76. This book is also on my wishlist! Along with an entertainment center, laptop and some books.

  77. I’m not wishing for anything this christmas and that way I wont be disappointed. I know my partner cant afford to get me anything so ill just think of our newborn daughter as our christmas present to each other 🙂

  78. I haven’t even had time to make a list for myself, so anything I get is great!


  79. This book is on my wish list!! My family never gets me scrap stuff though because they think I already have too much of it (what do they know!?). So, maybe you can give me one for an early Christmas…maybe?? Please…

  80. Very cute layout!! I’ve been eyeing this book since it came out, but have been holding off on getting it. I’ve yet to win anything through CK…would love to actually win something!!

  81. Would love to win that book and put it under my tree!! lol I don’t have to much on my list this year, maybe a new electric griddle would be nice and of course anything scrapbook related.

  82. well Liz’s book is on my wish list for sure!

  83. I really liked the first book and am very excited for this 2nd book! Elizabeth’s work is so fun and funky!

  84. I would love to have a present under the Christmas tree this year. Times have been rough for our family, as well as so many others, and the children are the ones getting gifts this year.

  85. A lap desk is on my wishlist this year. Thanks!!

  86. This book has top placement on my holiday wish list!!!!!

  87. Dear Santa, Would love a copy of this book. Sounds great!

  88. I would love to win this book! Challenges are a great way to be inspired to stretch our creative limits.

  89. Dear Santa, I have been good all year, and would LOVE a copy of this book under my tree!

  90. Some scrapping goodies are top of my wish list along with a few books (would love to win Elizabeth’s) & some pretty stationary. I’ve also asked for the Procrastinator’s Diary, perhaps that’ll help me stay organized next year!

  91. Actually this book is on my list!

  92. would love to have an opportunity for this book to be sitting in my hands 🙂

  93. Wishing for a sewing machine to add some fresh creativity in my life. Would love a chance to win Liz’s book!

  94. Santa, I would like to apologize for impersonating you in the skating show I did last weekend…I could never EVER be you…your red furry ensemble is a bit hot and itchy and really tough to skate in. But I’d really like a copy of ’52 More Challenges’ so I can create just the right layout for the pictures of me in the Santa Suit!!!

  95. I would like a year of the Merry Maids! 😉 😉

  96. This looks like a great book. I love the pink and chocolate layout,

  97. I would just love to win a copy of Elizabeth’s book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  98. I would love if my family would clean out the mess in the sun room so I can make it into a scrap room! I just got a new camera, and have all sorts of papers and “do dad’s” as my DH would say… now I just need the room to get it all out so I can do it anytime I want!


  99. on my christmas list – more blessings to come in 2010 — and one of those electric shark picker upper things that my MIL has.
    thanks for the chance to win!

  100. This book is on my wish list (along with new stamps and paper 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway~!

  101. Top on my wishlist – a safe delivery of our baby girl on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the chance! =)

  102. Love Elizabeth’s work and would love to have her new book!

  103. I’d love a scalloped circle punch…and anything else scrapbooking! Looks like a cool book!!

  104. I’m asking Santa for a Wii fit!

  105. for christmas i’m hoping for a sewing machine…and this book!

  106. This is on my holiday wish list!! Love this book!!

  107. I have been wishing for this book for months!

  108. I love Liz’s work! She’s so much fun. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this!

  109. Dear Santa, I’ve tried to be good this year – my one slip has been spending a little TOO much at my local scrapbook store…..sigh….but it’s all soooo tempting! I’m hoping for a die cutting machine AND this book!!

  110. Well, besides a new scanner (mine is kaput!) I’d love to win a copy of this book! Elizabeth is always so creative, and I love the ladies who contributed to the book too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  111. Santa, I have been a very good girl! I would love to have this book–liz is always full of great inspiration!

  112. Hmmm. My Christmas list. I’m not really sure. I have everything I need. I’d like a DSLR but other than that, I can’t really think of anything.

  113. I’m wishing to get my ears re-pierced from when they closed shut >10 years ago. Of course, I would need new jewelry. 🙂

  114. Santa, I want to go home and see my family for Christmas and I get to this year yay =) The only purchasable item I really want is a Silhoette SD, and my parents are getting me one, (they wouldn’t take I don’t want anything for an answer). Although I wouldn’t mind having one of those books mentioned above, if your elves can wrap one up for me. =)

  115. I believe this book is exactly what I need for my New Year’s resolution!
    As to my Christmas list, I just want to do well on my finals (and survive) 🙂

  116. this would make such a great gift under the Christmas tree.
    thanks fr the chance to win a copy of it

  117. I’d love a slice! (and this book of course!)

  118. I’d love a copy of this book for Christmas. I’m also hoping to find a Nikon Speedlight under the tree this year.

  119. Oh I’ve been sooo good Santa!! I would be ever so greatful if I could win a copy… oh and a DSLR would be FANTASTIC!! 🙂

  120. Liz, would love to win a copy of your book!!!!! you are a great scapper and blogger !!!!


  121. Dear Santa, For Christmas all I ask is that your provide the funds for myself & my hubby to be able to get my little girl a few of the things she is really wanting. She has been really good this year Santa-promise. Seeing her happy is enough of a present for me!

  122. My wish list this year, new bag for my camera, some new shoes,and of course Elizabeth’s book.

  123. Would love a copy of Elizabeth’s book! I can picture myself sitting in front of the fireplace looking through it’s beautiful pages! :))

  124. Dear Santa, this girl needs some more ideas and this book sure would do the trick. And also something really really nice for my parents who gave me my dream wedding a few months ago.

  125. This book is definitely on my Christmas list!!! Would love to see this in my stocking!

  126. Thanks for the chance to win! I love Liz’s work.

    I’m asking Santa for gift certificates to Archiver’s, Mike’s or Jo’s so I can buy whatever catches my eye without feeling guilty. 🙂 Also, I would love for Santa to bring good news for my hubby about a job that would move us closer to my family.

  127. Gift certificates for scrappy stores would be great. I’d love to have less stress and healthy kids too. I’m getting a bit tired of the snotty noses.

  128. can not wait to starting creating from the book!
    thanks for the chance to win this book! liz is such an inspiration!

  129. I want this book so bad for christmas! I am a huge fan of hers and I know that this book would be great inspiration!

  130. This book looks fabulous! We just bought a new house this year so I really can’t ask for anything more. Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. I would love to win this for my sister, who is a big fan and avid scrapbooker. We would have so much fun flipping through this together this Christmas!

  132. I’m a fan of her work so I’ve added this book to my Christmas list…along with a great day with my family.

  133. Love the book – would love a copy!

  134. ooh, santa, i would love to win this book! what inspiration it holds!

  135. I want this book!!

  136. This book is definately on my wish list!

  137. I would like a pink cricut for xmas and to spend time with my family. A little scrappy time would be great too.

  138. Wow, what a beautiful book. Thanks for the chance to win one!
    I just finished college (at age 52) so this year I am asking Santa for a job for Christmas!

  139. Santa please bring me a Cricut!!!

  140. uummmm….my list would be ……. this book and then This book…..and then THIS BOOK!!!!!!!! :o)

  141. Dear Santa,
    I am in such a scrapbooking slump and this book is just what I need to jump start my creativity once again! PS I’ve been good this year!

  142. E-Santa,

    I would love this book for Christmas. I have been very nice this year!

  143. Dear Santa,
    I am in a scrapbooking slump and this book is just what I need to jump start my creativity again. PS I have been good this year – really!

  144. I would LOVE a copy of Liz’s book. I am always VERY inspired by her amazing work of documenting and making the memories come alive in her work 🙂 WOULD LOVE THE BOOK!!!! 🙂 🙂

  145. I’m asking Santa for a Flip Video Ultra series Camcorder. Love to win the book too.

  146. I’ll I want for Christmas is to sit with my family and enjoy our precious moments like these together and then sit down my the fire and read a new book title “52 Challenges”!

  147. This book looks like alot of fun! Recently have gotten into scrap booking and love it, so relaxing and a great way to keep memories!

  148. oh I’ve been a good girl for the most part, so I really hope Santa will leave this treasure in my stocking!

  149. Would love to win this book!! I am asking for a Cricut this year…..pretty please 🙂

  150. Santa – I’ve been good!

  151. This book is on my Christmas wish!
    As well as a Tamron lens and an electronic die-cutting machine.

    Congrats to Liz on her book!

  152. I would love to win this book. Went to Barnes and Noble with no luck!

  153. I’d like some Cricut cartridges and this book please.

  154. cant wait until my little guy goes to bed so i can jump start my christmas album with these 2 layouts- would love to see Liz’s other 50 ideas! 🙂

  155. I love new idea books, but the item that is already on my wish list is a brad maker.

  156. enter me. love e’s blog and this book is like it all wrapped up. on my Christmas list is tons of new paper

  157. i’d love to get her new book, cuz i really like her style! thanks 4 the chance to win!!!!

  158. So excited about this book!

  159. I would love to win this book. It is just full of inspiration and I love to be inspired. Thanks for the chance to win.

  160. I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Kartchner and would LOVE to win this book! It’s definitely on my Christmas wish list, Santa! I’ve been a good girl this year!
    Cindy B.

  161. A sizzix big kick and some dies are on my wish list this year. This book is too! Thanks for the chance to win.

  162. Love the chance to win a copy – can’t wait to see this book!

  163. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! A new camera body would be nice, too! 😉

  164. My Christmas list includes a Gypsy and scrapbooking time!

  165. Dear Santa ~ I’d love a weekend papercrafting getaway with the girls! We mommas need it bad.

  166. Oh Santa, I have been soooo busy this year…all I want is a book and a quiet place to curl up, read it and scrap.

  167. I want a dining room table, pizza stone and Elizabeth’s book. Is that too much to ask? He he he.

  168. A waffle maker (nothing fancy) is on my list this year. I would love to win this book!

  169. I’d love to have a copy of Elizabeth’s book under my tree. I’m also hoping for some Nestabilities. Not much else I want except for health and happiness for my family! ~Bev~

  170. I would love to win a copy of Elizabeth’s book. Please pick me!

  171. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love a copy of Elizabeth’s book too!!! It is on my Christmas list along with a new camera!!! 🙂

  172. i love idea books.

  173. I love the inspiration this book offers, hope I can win a copy! Otherwise, it definitely goes on my wish list!

  174. Ooh la la…I LOVE the sneak-peak into Liz’s book…what a nice giveaway!

  175. I love Elizabeth Kartchner’s work! Her style is so genuine, fun,and remind me of the important things in life. She inspires me in my layouts to play and not be too rigid or stuffy.

  176. My Christmas wish list includes a DSLR camera, a photo printer and plenty of scrapbooking tools. Most of all I wish for peace and love for everyone. May those in pain find comfort and those who are missing someone find their blessings.

  177. Dear Santa – All I want for Christmas is to win a copy of the 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges book. Okay, so that is not all I want but it is a good start!

  178. omg! what a great chance!
    thanks so much.
    and btw dear santa i would love a book!

  179. Oh Santa! I really, REALLY would love this book! I would leave hints around the house for my husband, but honestly, he doesn’t think I need anything related to scrapbooking, but you & I both know that you ALWAYS need a little inspiration!

  180. I want lots of time with my family this year – and a little snow would be nice, too! 🙂

  181. That book looks soooo fun!

  182. Besides this book, I’d also like a DSLR!!!

  183. I would love this book..i would love a peek before xmas!!!!

  184. oh how i would LOVE to win this book! it’s pack w/ such fun inspiration that i really need to boost my crafty mojo =)

    thanks for a chance to win!!!!

  185. I would like to have snowy Christmas and Some new crafting supplies.

  186. Thank you so much for the chance to win this fun looking book!

  187. Would absolutely LOVE a copy of this book – Liz’s work is so inspiring!!!

  188. The book is on my wish list! Thanks for the giveaway!

  189. Santa, darling, I’ve been a REALLY good girl this year and since this is on my list (at the very top) I’d LOVE to win it here 🙂

  190. Don’t really have a list this year, trying to focus on the kids. Did tell my mom I could use new potholders & was hoping for an extra rechargable battery for my camera- so I don’t miss out on the pics when the battery needs charging. Otherwise I would just love the have some time for scrapbooking. The book looks like a good one. Thanks & have a blessed Christmas!

  191. Oo Oo! I want it!

  192. I hope I win! I would love to have this book!

  193. coveting this book…. tripod, clear lens cover & new lens. is that too much to wish for. hmmmm

  194. i would love for the holiday season to not be stressful as there is always so much to do, so i’m reminding myself to take one day at a time and enjoy the process.

  195. I have this book on my list this year! Thanks for a chance to win one!

  196. all I want for Christmas is a healthy happy family and more inspiration to scrapbook. Warmest wishes to everyone out there!

  197. Dear Santa Baby,

    I think I’ve been a pretty good Mommy this year. At least that’s what my kiddo’s tell me! So, if you have me on your Nice List may I please have 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges under my Christmas tree this year?


  198. i am so excited about this book — so many fabulous ideas!!

  199. i would love to win!
    thanks for the chance!

    Megan P

  200. HI, ME HERE!! I would love to have the copy!! love to scrapbook and share the ideas and tips! Pick me!

  201. i’m dying to win this book!

  202. OOOh! Love this! I need all the inspiration I can get(: Thanks for the give away

  203. i want a new desk from ikea for my scrapbooking

  204. wow- love the red page!! thanks for the chance to win!

  205. On my wishlist… #1 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges by Elizabeth Kartchner!! #2 Photoshop Elements 7 #3 Coach crossbody purse #4 scrappy stuff or gift card =)

  206. this book looks great… on my list was a DSLR camera, but we’re going to do a disney vacation together instead of lots of that!

  207. Looks amazing! And know what? THAT BOOK is on my wishlist for Santa this year!
    Apart from that – I am mostly just wishing for a nice and relaxing holiday. Or maybe a gift certificate that lets me take a trip to the day-SPA…! 😉

  208. On my Christmas list: well, this book, of course, and a Cuttlebug! (I’ve been reaaaaaaly good, Santa, honest!)

  209. Love the look of this book. It would be great to win!!

  210. Well, this book 🙂 And it’s prequel. Since my scrap space has been remodeled recently, I’ve added storage items and some new tools to my list!

  211. This book for sure!!!

  212. I just want to be with my family and I always get that so I’m good!

  213. Get to take a class from Elizabeth next year. Very excited! Would love to win her book. Thank you!

  214. Thanks for a chance to win this book. I have been waiting impatiently for it!

  215. A cuddlebug is on my wish list–would love to make some lovely embossed projects–and this book, it sounds terrific!

  216. I would love to win the book!!! A Cricut Expression is on my wish list:)

  217. Looks like a beautiful book. On my Christmas list….a commission would be nice, so I can buy presents for my boys!

  218. Oh, Santa how I would love a copy of this book! I need more challenges and inspiration and this is just the ticket. I hope one of these pops up under my tree this season.

  219. OHhhh, Santa pick ME!!!!

  220. this book is totally on my list! it looks like such a fabulous source of inspiration! :]

  221. I’ve been following Liz for a few years now and she is so amazing! I need to get my hands on this book ASAP. Thanks 🙂

  222. this book looks like so much fun ♥

  223. So excited about this book. You guys have done a great job of selling it to us!

  224. The only thing on my list is to just be able to give my 3 children everything they wish for this year! It’s been a tough year and I don’t know if we will have much of a Christmas :{ I love Elizabeth and her work and sooooooo want this book ;}

  225. ooh it would be so much to win this book!!

  226. I love Elizabeth’s stuff and would so love a copy of her book for Christmas.

  227. I’d love this book!!! I’m crossing my fingers!

  228. Great chance, thank you! This book is up high in my list right behind a bind-it-all ^^

  229. Would love to win the book!
    I already got my Christmas present: a MacBook! (had to, my pc died and
    I can’t work without a computer).

    Happy Holidays!

  230. What I want for Christmas is a totally organized craft room. This is more like asking for a miracle but maybe by next Christmas. I would love some more Spellbinders dies, though.

  231. It would be so great to win this fab book. Thanks for the opportunity.


  232. Dear Santa – I’ve been really good (well, except for my Road Rage issues and maybe I’ve been eating too much chocolate of late and buying a few extra Scrapbooking goodies that I (this is hard to say) don’t need … whew …). Here is my Wish List : –

    1. Peace on Earth (I’m trying …)
    2. No more hungry children (I’m working on this in my area, anyway …)
    3. Lizzy’s 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges
    4. A bed that makes itself every morning
    5. MM new Pink Slice Machine
    6. Some Mists

    ummm … let’s leave it there shall we??? I could of course go on forever …

    Thanks for an awesome Mag

    Love, Tracy G

  233. For Christmas I would love for my husband to find work again.

  234. Oooh, thanks for the chance to win this awesome book! It looks like a lot of fun!

  235. So awesome Elizabeth has a book. She’s so talented! I want one!!!!

  236. Dear Santa…This year for Christmas I would love to have your elves help me organize my scrapbook room! I would also be so excited if I won a copy of Liz’s book 🙂

  237. Santa… I’ve been good and I would love a copy of Elizabeth’s book,
    it looks fabulous!

    thanks and merry christmas!

  238. What a wonderful early Christmas present this would make. I’d be in hog heaven, for sure. Thank you for this chance.

  239. Simply wishing for a happy Christmas day spent with family.

  240. Great giveaway! From Santa, I would love this book and a new camera!

  241. THIS is the first year i have been depressed over the holidays. A great aunt passed away yesterday and a cousin lost their home in a fire. Hopefully things will get better. I just want peace for family this year. rhonda

  242. Oh, Santa! Liz’s book would be the best gift a scrapper girl like me could ask for! And you could throw in a SLICE die cut machine too while you’re at it. 😉 Thanks for the chance to win!

  243. I would love to just have some time to relax! Sitting down with this book would help!

  244. Thx for giving us so many chances to win Elizabeth’s book. I hope I win cuz it looks wonderful!

  245. oh what a wonderful gift that would be if Santa would bring Liz’s autographed copy to me!

  246. I am start scrapbooking not so long time ago…and I want to win this fab book very much! Love Liz works!

  247. This book is actually at the top of my wishlist! I love Lizzy and really want a copy of the book!

  248. This book is on my wishlist this year! I also would love a camera strap cover from Shey B. Also for my Mom to take care of me when we go home for Christmas. 🙂 I’m in the middle of some serious nausea from my fifth pregnancy!

  249. This book looks fantastic, definately going on my wish list

  250. So many things to wish for–now add winning to that ever growing list.

  251. This is definitley on my list this year-But to have a signed copy. Oh My!

  252. Dear Santa, this mommy would like:
    A new camera that doesn’t take blurry pictures!!!
    {Can you tell I am frustrated with my current Camera!}
    It’s for the kids, not really me!! :} :}
    Love, Andrea

  253. I love Elsie’s book, and this one looks just as inspiring. Love Lizzy’s style. Thanks for the chance to win.

  254. Probably never had a longer list than this year, but that’s only due to the fact that I haven’t been able to get many things I’m in need of: new boots/ winter coat/ many kitchen utensils, counter appliances/ … but aside from these neccessary items, some new scrap-indulgences would be the start on top of my tree!!!

  255. WOW – what a great book! glad you are feeling better

  256. I just want to be together with my family this holiday season and see the joy in my children’s eyes while they experience everything!

  257. I am in desperate need of this book….looking for some new inspiration here, and while you’re at it, do you have Time in a Bottle? 😉

  258. Oh goodie, how I’d love this book, it was the very first entry on my Christmas wish list sent to Santa as soon as I “heard” about it online! I just adore Lizzy, she single-handedly rocks my little scrappy world! What an awesome giveaway 🙂 thanks for the opportunity to win! Love from Bella, all the way from sunny Cape Town, South Africa (

  259. I am dying for a new pair of Reeboks with the balance balls in them! My butt needs to be 28% more toned for sure!!!

  260. This book just got added to my list! Along with a Cricut, some XCountry ski gear, a few movies, Creative Memory Product and a new rotary cutter and mat!

  261. Awesome giveaway!! I totally want this book. She’s so motivating

  262. Honestly, there is not a lot that I am wanting in a material way. Just wishing so much that I could have all my children and grandchildren here for the holidays. Not just for Christmas Day but several days. Would be so wonderful.

    Would love to win a copy of Lizzy’s book.

  263. I’ve been married for 20 years now and for the first time ever i am asking for jewlery. A couple of months ago i lost 2 anniversary bands and i’ve been heartbroken. I’m hoping to find a replacement under my tree this year 🙂

  264. Great book…it is now on my wish list. Along with a Gypsy and copic markers…

  265. This is the only scrappy book on my wish list! All the other are on photography.

  266. I just ordered this book on Amazon for a friend…sure would like one for myself! : ) Merry Christmas

  267. This looks like a great book and I’m sure it would keep me very busy! 🙂

  268. Copic markers are on my Christmas list! 🙂

  269. My Christmas list is full of things to get me ready for a trip across the globe. Can’t wait. However, my scrap desk would sure get a nice boost of activity with this *fabulous* book!

  270. Oh my goodness, I would love to win this book! I love Liz Kartchner and was so sad that I could come to her party.

  271. I’ve been waiting to see this book ~ hope I’m a lucky winner. My list includes a gift card from iTunes. I’ve got a long list of songs I’d like to download.

  272. wow. I would love to get one. could i be so lucky

  273. I love this book!!!

  274. I would just LOVE to win Liz’s new book! I’m always looking for new inspiration. I will personally sit on Santa’s lap and whisper this in his ear….

  275. Looks like a fabulous book! I’ve got a Silhouette on my list, but I’m not sure that I’ve been quite THAT good this year. 😉

  276. I am really excited about this book! It looks great! And of course, this book is on my Christmas wish list, along with “Twinkle Sews!” Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  277. I would LOVE to have this book. Currently on my christmas list, but I could always help out my family by shortening my list:) Your so awesome!

  278. A smaller butt is on my list, though I would settle for smaller stomach or thighs. We’ll see what happens Christmas morning!

  279. I found a desk and 12×12 cubby shelf at Ikea that would be perfect for my scrapbook corner. I so hope to be able to go buy it after xmas with xmas money

  280. This book is DEFINITELY on my list, as well as the 7 Gypsies Artist Printers Tray!

  281. What is on my list?? Hoping my kitchen remodel will be finished by Christmas. Also, I would love to sneak in a few creative moments during these coming months.

  282. I’m hoping for some accessories for my camera and of course this fabulous book!

  283. I want another baby for Christmas. Since that’s unlikely to happen unless I can convince my hubby, the only other thing I would love is Liz’s book! She is my hero!

  284. OH I would love a copy of this book…I’m so excited about getting it (hopefully by giveaway!)!!

  285. My only wish is for this fabulous book and MORE scrapbooking supplies 🙂

  286. On my list….
    A canon rebel XTi
    A GMC Acadia…..dream on.
    Some earings from Target
    Elizabeths book

  287. I’d love a photo printer! And this new book! 🙂

  288. I am so in love with this new book. Holy cow. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  289. I just really want to go back home and be with family this Christmas. Of course I asked my husband for a puppy too but Id be happy with just being home. Thanks for giving away such an awesome prize!

  290. On my wishlist this year is a long-arm stapler, Photoshop Elements, and Elizabeth Kartchner’s book!

  291. What a terrific book. Would love to have a closer look. I’m wishing for some Copic markers this Christmas to add to my (small) collection.

  292. great book

  293. OOohhhh I’d love to win that book!

  294. Gift cards to scrap stores, since it my family never has any idea what I’m talking about product wise.

  295. It’s on my wishlist – I would love to get this for Christmas!!

  296. Santa already brought me a new washer and dryer, but I’m hoping he finds a few items of clothing and some earrings to bring on the 25th!

  297. I would love a chance to win the book! THANKS!

  298. Santa I want a raise this year for Christmas. Do you think you can arrange that?

  299. For a non- traditional Christmas gift, I would love to get word that we can get the process started on adopting another wee one.

    Thanks for a chance at winning the book!

  300. i would love to have a new camera lense for christmas.

  301. Santa – definitly would like to see this book under my tree this year.


  302. Santa – I’d love this book & the inspiration to be found inside

  303. I’m going for the necessary things this year on my list. Bookshelves, new cookware and a magical product that dusts the house for me. ;P

  304. I am soo excited to find this book! And even better if it showed up in my mail box!!

  305. I am very happy about this new book

  306. This book would be great!

  307. My Christmas List:
    Rhonna Farrer’s 100 Creative Exercises
    Elizebeth’s new book 52 challenges
    New I-top Brad maker!

  308. A Canon 50D is on my list. Not quite sure Santa will bring that this year, but you never know! I also would love to have a copy of this awesome book. I definitely need some inspiration right now!!!

  309. Another wonderful book! Thanks all the fantastic inspiration, and for sharing your great ideas. Pedita Hall

  310. Looks like lots of fun stuff I would like to do.

  311. I am only wishing for health and happiness for my family. Everything else is icing on the cake!

  312. Dear Santa,

    Please bring me inspiration for Christmas. So I can be as creative as Elizabeth Karchner. (Or, bringing her new book to me may do the trick, too.)

    Love, AngMomof3

  313. Would love a copy of Elizabeth’s book!

  314. Dear Santa,

    I have been a very good girl this year…well, most of the time. 😉 I so, so, so want a copy of Liz K.’s new book. I just know it would help my get those creative juices flowing again. So Santa, if you can find an extra copy in your big bag, please drop one down my chimney (well, you’ll actually have to leave it on the front porch as we don’t even have a chimney! Oops.)

    Love, A (Mostly) Good Girl

  315. Looks like a fun book!


  316. I want snow for Christmas 🙂
    And this book!!

  317. I would LOVE to have a copy of this book – it looks so fun!!!

  318. I’ve got lots of scrapbooking and craft supplies, as well as books on my list. Most of all, though, I’d like a safe, happy, and fun holiday for all of us.

  319. I would LOVE to get Photoshop for Christmas! But more realistically I would be happy with a new purse. 😀

    This book looks wonderful- thanks for the chance to win!!!

  320. A couple of Copics would be nice since I have none… and this book. Thanks for this chance.

  321. dear santa, please oh please grab me a copy of that book… and a new mac and a new PSE 8.0 and how about a nanny? I think I was so good that last one should be for sure.

    — dalis

  322. Thanks for the chance to win this adorable & inspiring book! On my Christmas list is a few more scrapbooking tools and of course jewelry!
    -Kristin B.

  323. This would be a great book to have. Well Santa here are a few things on my wish list this year. 1) Martha Stewart Art & Craft marker set 2)A 12×12 paper trimmer 3)Some Spary Mist…….thanks for reading Santa

  324. The most important thing I would love for Christmas this year – is my grand-daughter Shelby returned to her mother . . . her father came to our home the day after Christmas last year and disappeared with her. It took 5 months to find out where she was . . . she is now in Michigan with her dad who is lying and faking who he is (how do some people get away with this) to try and get custody of her. He has told us that we cannot see her because we reported him to the police – !!! Anyway, we would most love to have Shelby returned to her mother and family who love and miss her!

  325. Santa – all I want for Christmas is a beautiful holiday with my family.

  326. Wow this looks like a fabulous book for inspiration and some great challenges. Thanks so much Elizabeth and all who contributed to make this wonderful book.
    Also a big Thanks to CK for the chance to win one.

    Fran heupel

  327. OMGosh! I would LOVE this! Pick me! PLEASE! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  328. Dear Santa, Since it’s my birthday this month, I would love to win a copy for my birthday present. That would be sweet!!

  329. I’ve never seen this book, so would love to win it!

  330. Before this week, my top thing on my Christmas list was a KitchenAid mixer. But since my grandma passed away this last Monday, my new Christmas wish is that we can get through the holiday with our joy intact, knowing that she is in Heaven.

  331. I love her work! Is “Time” something I can ask SAnta for?? Time to scrap?? 🙂

  332. On my list is a DSLR, a laptop and this book:) I prob won’t get any of them but it sure is fun to dream!!

  333. Love to get this book….also hoping for a few nestabilities. 🙂

  334. I need all of the help I can get. Good Luck everyone!!!!! Hugs Ketena

  335. My Christmas list is all about what I want to give to others and what I wish I could give.

  336. I would like a bind-it-all. And this book is on my list too (seriously). It’d be great to cross one off the list!

  337. This book looks so good! So many fun and inspiring challenges.

  338. I would LOVE to have a copy of this book.

  339. dear Santa,

    please bring me some motivation so that I can organize my scrap space!

    thanks alot!

  340. I’d love to win a copy – just needing some “input” to jump on back to my scrapbook creativities!
    Thanks for the chance!

  341. Such a fantastic book. I can’t wait to see more. Thanks for the chance to win!

  342. Dear Santa, I love Elizabeth’s layouts & blog AND would love her book for all the inspiration a girl could want! If I cannot be so lucky? I would love some pretty fabric!

  343. This book looks so cool; I would LOVE to win a copy!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  344. Have to try to win one… Cause I can’t find one here in the Netherlands!

  345. There is nothing in particular I need at the moment. My Christmas wish is for those in hard times to have their difficulties lessen.

    Thanks for the opportunity to wish everyone Holiday Holidays!

  346. This sounds like a great idea book. I think it will be on my wish list this Christmas.

  347. love to win this book. Love creating keepsakes.

  348. On my list is this book! And about a million other things.

  349. I am so excited there are so many ways to try to win her great book. Love you CK!

  350. My husband spoils me all year round so I really don`t need anything, but would love a Tattered Angels Craft Mat and to win this book.

  351. I have mostly books on my wishlist-it is an addiction!
    Of course this book is definetely on my list…

  352. What I wish for, for Christmas would be peace on Earth, and for people to carry the Christmas spirit all year round, and maybe a little help in the Scrapbooking department with this wonderful book. I need all the inpiration I can get! LOL Thank you for the chance.

  353. I wish for good health in the coming new year for my family. I also wish for someone else to come in and clean my house for me.

  354. I have been really good this year and I would love to have a treat for Christmas. This book looks fab and I love just what I have seen of the pages above, pick me, pick me!!!!

  355. dear santa

    i was a very nice girl this year and my wish list is:
    52 Scrapbooking Challenges by Elizabech Kartchner
    Candy (!!)
    Cricut Expression
    Candy (!!)
    Nikon 17-55/2.8
    Candy (!!)
    and a Gift Card for Michaels


  356. I am definitely hoping to win!

  357. I am wishing for a relaxing and fun Christmas with my husband’s family. We travel 800 miles every other year to spend the holiday with them. Om those years we doe not get gifts for each other. It is just great to spend time with family.

  358. I love to have a copy.

  359. On my list this year: a trip to MI to visit family. I just had my first son about 3 weeks ago, and can’t wait to take him to Michigan to meet our family 🙂

  360. This book looks like so much fun! Thanks for the chance!

  361. I have a couple of craft books on my wish list this year (including this one!). C’mon Santa, you know where I live and the cookies will be waiting!

  362. I’m hoping to win this book for my wife. It is on her list and what a surprise it would be if I won it for her. :o)

  363. I’m hoping that my son’s wedding goes well and that I can enjoy a peaceful Christmas day with my husband and daughter.

  364. My husband (who will always say he can’t stand my scrapbook habit) was the one who convinced me I wanted a cricut!

  365. Cool giveaway! I just wished my Husband wasn’t so stressed this holiday season. Wishing he gets his promotion and that it comes with a nice raise. We could use the extra dough.

  366. I would love to win the book. It looks great!!!

  367. I wish this book for christmas. Really hope I can win a copy. Please, please CK-Santa. Wish you all a merry Christmas.

  368. I’m hoping to win so I can expand my capabilities. I love scrapping and card making. Having a valuable source for ideas is a treasure.

  369. Happy Holidays to all and a Happy Scrappy New Year!! Thanks for doing what you do to help us to do what we do!@!

  370. This book is definitely on my wish list! I wish for more work for DH next year and that my 2 yo enjoys the big day! In dream world would love to update to Cricut Expression, but am just wishing to get my room clean and have more time to scrap!

  371. This book looks awesome, can’t wait!

  372. I would love a copy of this book for Christmas! I would like a little plug for Independant Scrapbook Stores, If you have a LSS in your area Visit Us , we are always happy to order special items for you, as LSS I try to keep items that you won’t find in the Big Box stores, you will always find unique and different items at a LSS , we are all different so usually never the same. Merry Christmas and Happy Scrapin!

  373. Dear Santa,

    I would love this book! 🙂

    I’ve been good!

  374. hmmm…i’d love this book for Christmas…and some extra time alone for scrapping!

  375. I hope Santa will bring me a washing machine so I don’t have to wash clothes away from home anymore.

  376. I want a Cricut for Christmas. I made a list of items for my family at my LSS, hopefully, I’ll get some of those things too!

  377. Hope to have this book, Congrats to Elizabeth

  378. I would love to have peace and harmony with my step children…

  379. Love to have this book

  380. I need this book! I am in need of inspiration and help to make my scrapbooks look different than they are now!

  381. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of challenges this book can help me with.

    Thank you for taking time to put this together.

  382. this looks like such an awesome book!

    this year, i just want to spend time with my family and friends, appreciating the little things. my husband is losing his job at the end of december and it amazes me how quickly life can change. i don’t want to take those important relationships for granted.

  383. My family knows scrappy gifts always bring a smile to my face. I already got an early gift of a gypsy from my 2 sons & sister they each made one of the quick pays for mine leaving me just 1 payment to make – it was a great gift that I’m happy to already be playing with

  384. Dear Santa,

    I have been a good girl this year, and i am sending my wishlist just in case I am on the good girl list.

    52 more Scrapbooking challenges by Elizabeth Kartchner
    Any kind of new stamps.
    Wide format printer

    and a happy healthy family.

    Love Trish

  385. I love CK!!!!

  386. The top thing on my wish list is to be home for Christmas. That won’t happen….so I’d settle for a netbook!

  387. A subscription to CK is on my list:-) I can’t wait to see this book too!!! Here’s hoping Santa brings it to me….

  388. Well…I’d really, really love a new desk so I could spread out and do my scrapbooking lay-outs…and this book would look great on my new desk so PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME…PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  389. Wow 52 Challenges would definatelly Inspire those of us in Scrapbook Rut~ Sounds Like a fun book….

  390. Pick me, pick me pulleeze. Looks like a great book, Elizabeth has kewl scrappin style.

  391. My list is full of equipment for my new Canon dslr. Strap covers, lenses, and extra batteries! This book looks amazing. I would love to add it to my collection.

  392. I would love to win this new book, I have the old one and love it.

  393. I would love to win this new book, I have the older one and love it.

  394. Pick me! I’m running on low lately. Would love some fresh ideas.

  395. This year I have totally fallen in love with scrapbooking and cardmaking. I never really considered myself a creative person, but have discovered that given some ideas to spart my imagination I actually have some hidden creativity in me. My wish list definitely includes a copy of 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges as well as 52 Scrapbooking Challenges. These books sound like the kick start my creativity needs. Tops on my list would be a Spellbinder Wizard.

  396. It’s def. on my wish list this year…I love Lizzy’s work & have been a fan for a while…so excited to get her hands on her book 🙂

  397. My list is simple- more time to do the things I enjoy, like SCRAPBOOKING! And I’d like the new book for my stocking.

  398. The book looks fabulous! I’m looking forward to some new jeans for Christmas – not “mom” jeans 🙂

  399. This looks like an awesome book!

  400. Would love a chance to win this book!

  401. hmmm, the same wish since I was a kid – candy. 😉 Everything else is icing – technically I guess that’s pretty close too. Love the book – it looks gorgeous.

  402. I’d really love to get a few new shirts to add to my (kinda pathetic) wardrobe. I’ve been on a shopping freeze for a little while, and I’m ready to add something new again. And….I’d love to get my hands on a copy of liz’s book!

  403. My wishlist includes an OTT lite for my scrap table.

  404. I’m trying to get back into my scrapbooking and this might just be the motivation I need!

  405. I’d love to win this book – it looks great. I love her work and can’t wait to read this book.

  406. I’d like a new Kitchen Aid food processor for Christmas…and a copy of this book too!

  407. This would be a great present to open on xmas morning and the perfect thing to jump start my scrapbooking next year!

  408. dear santa.

    i would really love it if my living room remodel would be done when i wake up on christmas morning. please and thank you.

    this book is on my list too! :0)

    xoxo andie…

  409. WOW!! I would love one of here books!!!that little oatmeal face is so cute!!

  410. I already got my gift from Santa…although I will have to be flying on Christmas Day, I will get to spend some time with my whole family! But this book would make a great addition to the event…cause I am sure I will have lots of photos 🙂 hehe Thanks for the chance to win!

  411. Thanks for the chance to win the book!!

  412. On my Christmas list this year I asked for a brad maker and flocking powder. I really want to try them!

  413. I love Elizabeth’s layouts and would love a copy of this book to inspire me!

  414. Wish List-
    A Cricut
    A Copy of the Scrapbook Challenge book
    A Clean Work Desk
    A Whole weekend w/o interruption to use them in !!
    Any or All of the Above

  415. Santa,
    I would just really love some financial relief. I hope that the Teacher Forgiveness Loan that I have applied for will be approved and $5,500 of my 6,000. teacher student loan would be forgiven for teaching in an impoverished school.
    Plus, I hope I win!

  416. This book makes me excted to take and scrap all of my holiday photos. Dear Santa, Please bring me a great book with great ideas this Christmas.

  417. Lizzy K’s book is on my wish list for Christmas! But I don’t have a lot of confidence that my dh will get it for me. It looks FAB! :o)

  418. Her book is on my Amazon wishlist. I would to own a copy!

  419. My Christmas list… An entire day to myself!

  420. I so want this book! It looks so awesome and I love Elizabeth’s scrapping style!

  421. Hi, love the book and love lizzie’s wonderful ideas. I am from South Africa and we will only get this book maybe by middle om next year if we are happy. Please let me win this fabouls book to show the rest of the scrapbooking friends, that the demand can be that we bring it into SA. I will put it on my wishlit for this year.

  422. This is a wonderful time for a giveaway!! Thanks for the inspiration Lizzie!!

  423. Lizzie’s book is on my ever-growing wish list! I love her style and would be thrilled to own a copy of her book! So much inspiration!

  424. […] Check out the Giveaways tab to see if you were one of three lucky winners to receive an autographed copy of 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges by Elizabeth Kartchner. Possibly […]

  425. Dear CK,
    I am a huge fan of EK & CK and I have been especially good this year.
    I would simply love to be choosen and win a copy of Elizabeth’s brand spankin’ new book.

  426. My husband knows that my Christmas list always includes gift cards to our local Scrapbook stores. I also love getting new papers (new paper pads are my favorite!!). And, I’m also hoping to get “Reflections” this year from CTMH. There are also a few books on my Christmas list.

  427. Wow, it looks like a great book, would love a copy.

  428. I’m so excited about this book…would LOVE to win a copy!
    Cindy Baker

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