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Scrapbooking and Lisa Bearnson go hand in hand. There’s no way we’d be able to think of one without the other. Lisa is to scrapbooking . . . well, what jelly is to peanut butter. Does it get any better than that?

Although Lisa’s style may have evolved over the years (both on her pages and in fashion), those who know her well also know she is very much the same amazing Lisa who started this magazine so many years ago! She’s sincerely one of the most genuine and selfless people ever. We are incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to work with her and to be a part of such an amazing venture. We’d like to show our appreciation to Lisa by sharing with you a look at her pages and projects throughout the years. Enjoy!

(Nov/Dec 1996) This card from the first issue of the magazine represented a new start and a time in Lisa’s life to shine and to allow others to shine as well.

(Sept/Oct 1997) Scrapbooking has always been about family and preserving family memories. It’s all the better when you can get your family involved in the memory-keeping process.

(Sept/Oct 1998) Lisa taught us to record important facts about our loved ones and to do it in fun, new ways!

(July/Aug 1999) And remember how she taught us about capturing the everyday moments too, because we’ll want to remember them—and so will others.

(February 2000) We learned that recording traits and characteristics will not only be special to our immediate family but to the generations to come as well.

(May 2001) Lisa also inspired us to create clever announcements and to record our special occasions.

(April 2002) She shared personal memories so we could get to know her and her family better.

(March 2003) Lisa said to let kids be themselves in photos, because that is who they are. And really, who wants perfection all the time?

(October 2004) She encouraged us to capture the milestones in life and to do so wholeheartedly.

(December 2005) We learned that it’s important to record our blessings—because the world could use a little more happy!

(April 2006) Whatever our traditions and no matter what time of year, Lisa encouraged us to document them.

(June 2007) We were reminded to scrapbook the little moments in life, because often those moments are the ones that mean the most.

(May 2008) So that future generations would know about our loved ones, Lisa invited us to think about those who came before us and the impact they had on us and the world—and to capture them in our scrapbooks.(December 2009) Above all, Lisa taught us to appreciate the life we have and to treasure the moments we get to spend with the ones we love.

Lisa, here’s to all your new adventures and a huge THANK YOU for what you’ve done for this hobby! We love you.

—Joannie McBride, Assistant Editor



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  1. That was so much fun to watch her family grow up and to see her pages change! I am so thankful for what she has done to the scrap booking industry. Thank you Lisa!

  2. That was great, to see someone else’s scrap style evolve! Especially Lisa’s! Thanks!

  3. fun! How cool to see her style change–like everyone’s does. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What’s going on with CK? As a subscriber I’m starting to get very nervous about continuing to subscribe!! First, Becky Higgins leaves, then this week it’s announced that Ali Edwards and Lisa Bearnson will no longer be part of it too!! I hope this doesn’t mean that the magazine is going away from their vision and that of Stacy Julian’s because if it does then I definitely won’t renew my subscription!

  5. This is too much to believe: Ali Edwards, Becky, & Lisa all leaving CK? Very frustrated that this is happening. Ali is THE reason I subscribed, also like Jennifer McGuire’s little article (that has gotten smaller and smaller in past year), and Becky’s sketches sometimes were a great jog to get in the mood to scrap. Won’t be renewing CK as husband has every Christmas for the past several years for me…. now what shall I ask him for? Hope Ali will write some more books…..

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