December CK: An Insider’s Look

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brittanyb-headshot-smWorking on the December issue of the magazine has had me in the holiday spirit for the last several months. (We started working on the issue in July!) Now that holiday music fills the airwaves of Salt Lake City 24/7, that holiday feeling is getting even stronger.

That’s why I couldn’t help but do something festive for our inside look at the December issue of Creating Keepsakes—and the 12 days of Christmas continually came to mind. But rather than spread out this post for nearly two weeks, you get all 12 gifts in one post—a sneak peek at the 12 favorite layouts from our editorial staff. To add even more festivity to the post, you can always listen to this while you enjoy reading the reasons we love each layout so much!

Oh, and be sure to check out all the exclusive online articles for December we have waiting for you here. You can even enter to win a free advent calendar personalized with your own family members!

Without further ado, here are our team’s favorite layouts from the December issue.

Holiday Home by Ali Edwards

“Holiday Home” by Ali Edwards in “Studio A”

“This layout from Ali Edwards makes me want to capture every holiday detail in my home—and I’m going to!” —Joannie McBride, assistant editor


“Ornament a Day” by Amanda Probst in “Monthly To-Dos”

Amanda Probst has a great eye for fonts, and I can’t stop looking at her title treatment on this layout. The colors stand out. The fonts look great together and are readable but unique. It’s so clever how she uses a snippet of conversation to frame her title and photos on the left page of her layout.” —Lori Fairbanks, product editor


“Happy” by Jennifer McGuire in “Tools & Techniques”

“I love Jennifer McGuire’s simple design, nice color scheme and great photos on this layout.” —Janice Barfuss, art director


“She Says” by Lori Anderson in “Computer Tricks”

“This layout is so sweet and sassy. I can’t get enough of Lori Anderson’s adorable pictures and cute use of type.” —Neko Carrillo, senior designer


“Kitschy” by Cindy Tobey in “Tips & Tricks”

“The tree accent is so unexpected. Cindy Tobey made kitschy work for her! I love it.” —Erin Bayless, creative director

Christmas-Favorites-by-Deena Wuest

“A Few of Our Christmas Favorites” by Deena Wuest in “Festive Techniques for Trimming the Tree”

Deena Wuest’s clean and simple design balanced with the clever tree made of photos is so fresh, festive and innovative.” —Jennafer Martin, editor-in-chief


“Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura in “Mandy’s Challenge”

Suzy Plantamura’s title treatment is so clever—she cut her letters by hand and then stamped on them with the letters ‘S,’ ‘N,’ ‘O’ and ‘W,’ respectively.” —Brittany Beattie, online senior editor


“January” by Kelly Goree in “Instant Gift Albums”

“I love how the design of this layout fits so many photos without sacrificing room for embellishments. Plus, each accent Kelly Goree used enhances the feel of the photos.” —Lori Anderson, online managing editor

Christmas-Bliss-by-Jill-Marie Paulson

“Christmas Bliss” by Jill Marie Paulson in “Seasonal Solutions”

“I like Jill Marie Paulson’s simple design with the focus on the photo.” —Brenda Peterson, editorial assistant


“Christmas Morning” by Julie DeGuia in “Seasonal Solutions”

“I like how Julie DeGuia fit so many photos on her layout and still kept it clean. I always take hundreds of photos on Christmas and then wonder how to scrapbook them all.” —Lara Penrod, senior editor


“Roll with It” by Kayleigh Wiles in “Reader Gallery”

“Kayleigh Wiles’s page has great flow despite how the focal point is in a small space. Plus, the beautiful script at the bottom adds charm to the flow.” —Dorathy Gilchrist, associate editor


"2008 Review" by Maggie Holmes in "Scrapbook a Year's Worth of Memories in One Night"

Maggie Holmes managed to capture an entire year’s worth of memorable events on one layout while still creating a clean, easy-to-follow design—not always an easy task. I love how the white space balances out the fun patterns and whimsical details while still keeping her photos the focus.” —Megan Hoeppner, creative editor

Prize Giveaway

What would this holiday celebration be without a gift? Leave a comment by Monday, November 16 at 9:00 a.m. EST, and let us know what your favorite layout is from the December issue for a chance to win this prize package or other December-related goodies.



—Brittany Beattie, online senior editor



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  1. My favorite layout is “Ornament a Day” by Amanda Probst – it’s really BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I prefer the LO of Kayleigh Wiles because of the design and its colours.

  3. I love Ali’s layout! The design is so beautiful and clean. Looking at it makes me want to scrapbook right now!! I’m inspired!

  4. My favorite is Deena Wuests: A few of our favorite things. I love the clean and simple look

  5. Do I have to pick one? I love Ali Edwards. So clean and simple. Jennifer McGuires is a very close 2nd!

  6. I love the layout by Jennifer McGuire. It just makes me smile!

  7. It was another great issue from CK. I pretty much loved everything, but to narrow it down to one… Cindy Tobey’s “Kitschy” layout. I’ve never seen a tree background like that before!

  8. hmm, well MY favorite is that card in Becky’s Sketches… 😉

  9. I love Maggie Holmes 2008 Review, “Scrapbook a Year’s Worth of Memories in One Night”. I think this is such a great idea!

    I do have to say they were all fantastically creative! Thanks for the peek!

  10. I liked Ali Edwards layout.

  11. My favorite was Ali’s spread on page 51.

  12. My favorite layout is Jennifer McGuire’s. So cute!

  13. Love to see Christmas layouts! I love Ali’s so clean and the focus is on the pictures – makes me what to go decorate and then take pictures!

  14. If I had to choose one …it would be Amanda Probst’s – Ornament a Day. Such a simple idea – but can also be the start of a wonderful family tradition….hummm. Thanks for the idea. 🙂 lol

  15. I LOVE Ali’s layout – it’s the little details that we sometimes forget to document and instead focus on all the big events. I definitely want to try something like this this year.

  16. I love the playing with snow layout. Love the colors.

  17. My favorite was the Ali Edward’s Holiday home layout. I’m a big fan of her style, and I definitely want to record my decorations this year.

  18. My fav is the “Ornament a Day” because of how she has captured the conversation. I also love the SNOW layout and how she stamped each letter with that particular letter. Great ideas ladies!

  19. I really like the ornament a day layout. It gave me a new idea. I have a bunch of photos I’ve taken of our ornaments intending to make an ornament album someday to tell the stories behind them. Of course it is one of those never completed projects. Instead I could just combine them on a layout or two with some journaling and the get the project done and most importantly preserve the stories behind them.

  20. I love “A Few of Our Christmas Favorites”!

  21. love Ali’s layout!!

  22. I just love the “Happy” by Jennifer McGuire LO. The colors are beautiful and the pictures are adorable. This is going in my LO’s to lift pile! So much inspiration.

  23. I really like Christmas morning! I love ornaments and they look fabulous on the layout!

  24. I love them all, but my favorite has to be Ali Edwards’s. The design is fantastic! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  25. My absolute favorite layout was the one from Amanda Probst – an ornament a day – it has inspired me to make an ornament a day for the month of December this year with my daughter.

  26. I love Ali Edward’s “Holiday Home” layout! I’m going to absolutely give this fabulous idea a try this year!

  27. There were a lot of great ones in this issue…but I love “Playing with Snow”. I really love the title and the colors.

  28. I like “Playing with Snow.” Soooo cute!

  29. Love both the layout from Ali Edwards and the one from Jennifer McGuire.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. these are all sooo fantastic! i really love Jennifer McGuire’s “happy” LO- too cute 🙂

  31. “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura is my favourite. I *love* how she’s done her title!!!

  32. Love the layout by Ali and Becky’s sketch. Thank you for keeping us inspired and a chance to win!

  33. This December CK is just chock full of gorgeous layouts. Don’t know when there has been a better issue. The layout I am calling my favorite is “Snow Snack” by Keri Babbitt on page 32. Just love the soft look of the layout along with her gorgeous accents. And aren’t the pictures pretty with the blue/pink clothes the children are wearing?

  34. my fave is definitely the 2008 review and I am so totally going to scraplift this for 2010 🙂 and thanks for the chance at such a generous giveaway!

  35. Definitely by far Maggie Holmes. I already bookmarked that page to get inspiration to do a similar page!

  36. I’ll go with “Our Christmas Favorites”… I love the list and then the picture of the kids. Having my three girls home and together for xmas is my Christmas favorite, too! 🙂

  37. I love “Happy” by Jennifer McGuire! Thank you for the chance to win!

  38. I loved April Massad’s PJ’s layout – her handmade embellishments, the swirls, the color combo – definitely scraplifting that one!

  39. I love the layout by Kelly Goree (p.63) … the touch of blue with the traditional Christmas colors is so cute.

  40. I love holiday home by Ali Edwards too! Looking forward to capturing signs of the holidays in my home this year.

  41. WOW!! I about screamed when I saw you picked my layout as one of those to highlight! Thank you so much!! What an honor!

    I’d have to say that Ali’s layout is my favorite. Love her style!!

  42. Hello, Snow by Ali Edwards

  43. Let’s fav layout from the Dec magazine would have to be “Sugar and Spice” by Kim Watson-page 65. I really liked how she journaled in the Christmas Tree shape and included some non-traditional colors on her layout.

  44. While I enjoy all the layouts your staff picked as favorites, I think my favorite is “I Heart This Life” by Noel Culbertson on page 87. It’s a little crazy busy, yet so organized and readable. It’s a great way to document a year in one page, and I love the little details like the subtle patterns next to the photos and behind the title.

  45. You actually have my favorites in your blog post…I loved Maggie Holmes year in review (so cute AND practical) but it was tied with Cindy Tobey’s Kitschy layout…that woman has the most awesome and cute ideas! Loved them both SO much!!

  46. I love Amanda’s ornament a day layout.

  47. My favorite layout would have to be Christmas Bliss” by Jill Marie Paulson in “Seasonal Solutions”. I completly agree with Brenda’s comment regarding the simple design! Love it! 🙂

  48. I love Maggie’s 2008 review. The color combo is one of my favs and it’s just a great layout to showcase the past year. I’ll definitely go back to it when I’m ready to do my own year in review.

  49. I loved Roll With It. Just so cute!!! I also liked the one by Ali Edwards with the big snowflake and Simon marching through the snow!

  50. I like the January one with the navy blue. And I like the Christmas favorites, because it is such a cute layout and cute thought. Very cute.

  51. I absolutely love the “Christmas Morning”-layout by Julie DeGuia. It’s so fabulous – yes, lots of pictures – yes, nice and clean look – yes, lovely details…

    I swear every time I look, I see something new on it! And the effects she created are so great, it could be a wall ornament even –> the hanging frames on the right, the attached ribbon at the bottom… Just wow!

  52. I loved the “January” layout but Jennifer McGuire’s layout was a close second! The colors on both were just so great and I loved the clean lines of the “January” layout eventhough there were lots of pictures on it.

  53. Oh it’s so hard to choose. All of these layouts were so inspiring to me (I can’t wait to get home from work so that I can go scrapbook!)… but if I have to choose, I think I’ll pick “Christmas Bliss” by Jill Marie Paulson. I love how the photos are in a grid but still feel a little bit “random”. and the colors are so cozy!

  54. I wish I didn’t have to pick just one! But I do love Ali’s page!

  55. My favorite layout is Bo Bunny on page 11.(You Melt My Heart) I just love it! It is so sweet. I must get the Snowy Serenade Collection!

  56. My favorite layout is ‘Holiday Home’ by ali edwards.

  57. I had quite a few favorites but I’m going to have to pick Ali’s as it’s the one that makes me want to scrap the most.

  58. My favourite is “A Few of Our Christmas Favorites” by Deena Wuest in “Festive Techniques for Trimming the Tree”

    Idont know if i can enter this contest outside USA. I live in Sweden, but i will give it a try since i cant find any information to not enter.

  59. I think I’ll pick “Christmas Bliss” by Jill Marie Paulson…LOVE IT!!!

  60. Can’t just pick one. 🙂 Its a tie between Ali Edwards’ and Jennifer McGuire’s. Love their simple, yet elegant, styles!

  61. Wow, these are all so fabulous – it’s hard to pick just one. I like Kelly Goree’s layout because I often have full-size photos to scrap, so this is a nice way to incorporate them.

  62. my favorite is playing with snow / suzy plantamera !

  63. Oh it’s sooo hard to choose a favorite. I absolutely loved the layouts in this issue. I think I’ll go with 2008 Memories by Maggie Holmes. I love how she fit a whole year’s worth of memories in one layout and she didn’t skimp on the journaling. It’s cleverly hidden behind each photo.

  64. My favorite layout is “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura. SNOW just jumps right off the page! Arrica Kilburn

  65. I love the 20008 in review. What a cute way to sum up the year!!

  66. They’re all wonderful, but my favorite is the Playing with Snow, because that’s the technique I’m most looking forward to use in a future design! Nice job to everyone!

  67. I love LOVE LA-HA-OVE the “SNOW” layout. I adore how each cutout letter is stamped with mini letters inside. I’m so “lifting” that idea!

  68. I really like Christmas Bliss! Fantastic work done by everyone. Great job!

  69. It’s hard to pick just one but my fav is “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura

  70. all are great but i love playing with snow!

  71. I really like the “palying with snow” layout. I love the color scheme and the playful feel:)

  72. The VERY FIRST lay-out grabbed my eye…Ali Edwards! I should’ve known. She has a style all her own, and I JUST LOVE everything that she creates. Thanks for the inspiration Ali!

  73. Well, I have to pick my friend Tracy’s layout in Becky’s Sketches!!

  74. I like “Happy” by Jennifer McGuire. It’s simple yet beautiful!

  75. Well, the one I am scraplifting is Ali’s ‘Holiday Home’ … I always take a ton of pictures of my ornaments, but never put them on a layout. This year, I am!

  76. Love the ornament layout–something I never would have thought of and think it’s a wonderful idea (to scraplift!)!! Thank you!

  77. I think my favorite layout is Maggie Holmes’s Year in Review. I love doing layouts like this myself! Thank you!


  78. A lot of great layouts! I would have to say my favorite is the 2008 Year in Review by Maggie Holmes. Seeing the changes that can happen during year is a neat idea.

  79. So many beautiful layouts but if I had to choose just one I would pick “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura

  80. These layouts certainly get you in the mood for the holidays! My fav is the “SNow” one, I love the idea of stamping the letters inside the die-cut letters – CUTE!!

  81. I liked Under the Tree by Suzy Plantamura for her great use of multiple photos at one time.

  82. I loved “Gifts of Love” by Elizabeth Kartchner. LOVE that cute little tree!

  83. my favorite is A few of our Favorite Christmas things. I love the LO, colors, and especially the pictures in the shape of a tree.

  84. I like structure, balance, and colors of Julie DeGuia’s layout. Great job!

  85. My favorite is Christmas Morning.

  86. I love Ali Edward’s piece. It’s inspired me to do something similar, as I love my house decorated for the holidays.

  87. My favorite is Susie Plantamura’s “Playing With Snow”. I LOVE how she did the title, stamping each letter…and the falling flakes, as well as the use of colors and lines….SUPERB!

  88. My fav LO is Jennifer McGuire’s “Happy”. I love the colors, using larger pictures but the LO doesn’t seem crowded.

  89. I love the instant gift album LO – so simple but gorgeous. I amtotally going to make one!

  90. I LOVE Kayleigh’s “roll with it” page. It’s is definately my favorite!! So simple and yet so wonderful!!

  91. My favorite is: “January” by Kelly Goree. I like how simple it is, but it still caught my eye.

  92. My favorite is “A Few of Our Christmas Favorites” by Deena Wuest in “Festive Techniques for Trimming the Tree.” Any time you can include info to look back on and a great picture that will make anyone smile, you know you have a winning page.

  93. I love the “Happy” layout.

  94. How can I choose just one??? I guess I would have to say Ali’s. I always love her work.

  95. My favorite is “Christmas Bliss” I love how all the colors of the paper, embellishments and photos all flow together. A nice clean look. Great job Jill.

  96. I love Christmas Bliss by Jill Marie. The colors work wonderful together. I will have to scraplift this page!

  97. All are pretty but I liked “A Few of Our Christmas Favorites” by Deena Wuest the best :o)

  98. Oh… pick just one?!?! I guess I will have to go with Becky Higgin’s Christmas of 08 layout. I know it is going to be her last layout in CK so it was a favorite for sure. I will miss her.

  99. I really like “January” by Kelly Gore. The layout is so easy to duplicate and it really allows you to use several photos to tell the story without cropping. This is exactly the type of layout design that I take from each issue to put into my sketch binder. In fact, I already have!! While I love the variety of layouts that CK offers, it is the tried-and-true layouts/sketches that keep me loving this magazine!!

  100. My favorite is “Holiday Home” by Ali Edwards. I love the C&S, love that she have used picture of things not peoples and these things/memories are the dearest memories of christmas. Things we use every year and bring that christmas-spirit.

  101. My favorite is “Happy” by Jennifer McGuire. I just love the colors. It is beautiful. I am going to have to scraplift this idea.

  102. I like the one that Suzy Plantamura completed. The technique of stamping the title that way is very fresh but so simple. I will definitely be doing that very soon.

  103. What a great prize! I was inspired by the “playing with snow” by Suzy Plantamura. I like how she embellished her title and the colors on the layout.

  104. I’ve always been a fan of Ali Edwards and I love the “Hello, Snow” layout. It’s so simple, clean, and crisp. You can almost smell the fresh snow in the morning.

  105. I really liked Gifts of Love by Elizabeth Kartchner. I think the fabric tree is a great idea.

  106. I love “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura! It is beautiful, I love the title idea!

  107. I just looooove the Playing With Snow layout you showed above! The title work is amazing and I love the decorative strips at the bottom.

  108. I love anything by Ali Edwards. Her “25” layout was inspiring for a Christmas LO.

  109. Personally I love love love this one .
    Love the lettters and the color scheme.

    “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura

  110. I loved them all when i got my recent issue but “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura in “Mandy’s Challenge” grabbed my eye because of the stamped letters in the title SNOW! Fantastic giveaway!

  111. It’s got to be Ali’s stunningly simple Christmas layout.

  112. I love Suzy Plantamura’s layout about SNOW. We get tons of snow here in Central Oregon and I’m always looking for new lo ideas about it. Love the color scheme.

  113. My favorite is “Playing with Snow”.

  114. My favorite layout is the “ornament a day”. I LOVE it! What a neat idea, and the photos of each ornament…I think I’m going to do this one too! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.
    Jessica P.

  115. My favorite is “Playing with Snow”…

  116. Living in a northern climate, we get alot of snow and therefore, alot of snow pictures and layouts. Love Kelly’s January. Lots of pics, clean lines, simple papers and embellishments….can’t wait to do this layout.

  117. I love Christmas! What fun goodies you are giving away.

  118. “Ornament a Day” is my favorite layout. I love the idea of taking a picture of each indivual ornament. I am thinking of scraplifting this idea for my collection of ornaments from my childhood. My parents got each of us kids a new ornament every year and this would be a great way to keep them all on one layout. Great idea!!

  119. My favorite is “Ornament a Day” by Amanda Probst, I think I’d like to do this next year with my boys- since the one is only 4 months & the other has a short attention spain right now at 4. Awesome family idea. I’ve been working on collecting more family activities. You’ve got to make the most of the time while they are young.

  120. Love the month of ornaments– not only is it striking to look out, but it’s a really fun idea for December 🙂

  121. Is it really fair to make us choose just 1, you got 12! lol! They’re all, of course, gorgeous. I do really love the simple complexity (yeah, I know that’s an oxymoron) of “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura.

  122. I really like Ali’s….I love to deorate for Christmas and this is inspiring…Picture taking and scrapbooking! Love it!

  123. I love this month’s ideas! They really work-and inspire me!

  124. The “Happy” layout is my favorite. It looks so easy to scraplift! And it shows a way to use similar pictures without it being too overwhelming. I hear my scrap table and pics calling my name right now!

  125. I really like the look of Jennifer McGuire’s page on pg. 109. the circles and color combo stood out to me as refreshing and simple. Loved it! Jen

  126. I love the 2008 review by Maggie Holmes. What a neat way to either start an album or end one.

  127. My favorite is “Holiday Home” by Ali Edwards in “Studio A”.


  128. Christmas Morning” by Julie DeGuia in “Seasonal Solutions” is my favorite layout love the clean and neat design but love that January for the colors. Very well done ladies.

  129. I love this issue, beautiful job! I love “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura, it’s got so much going on and it all works wonderfully together. They are all amazing, as usual however. Hard to pick favorites for sure, I like them all for different reasons. We don’t really get snow here in SE TX so those snow layouts draw me in, hee hee.

    Thanks CK!

  130. This looks like a great issue. I love the “A Few of our Festive Favorites”, it looks like fun. I like the tree made from pictures. How fun is that.

  131. Always love Ali Edwards’ layouts and the Dec one is no exception. I love how she captures the little things that we will want to know later in life.

  132. I love, love, love the Playing With Snow lo!!! Love the colors and adding the stamped letters on to the bigger title letters-can’t wait to try that technique out!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  133. I really like the negative space LO. :0) The ornament a day Lo is really great. They are all soo Impresive. :0) TFS

  134. I love Julie’s “Seasonal Solutions”. Most of my layouts are collage style because I want to include all my pics from events and holidays are the worst. Thanks for reminding me to “zoom out” to capture the pic and still make it useable and practicle. Thanks, Kelly

  135. My favorite layout is Deena Wuest’s “Christmas Favorites” . I like how she pieced a tree from photos of her families favorite parts of Christmas.

  136. My fav. layout is the Ornament a day by Amanda. I totally love it because I can relate to it being a mom of small children who love to do art projects!

  137. It’s a tie for me: My favorite layouts are: “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura. I love the 3-dimensional SNOW and the color scheme is so soothing. and: “Happy” by Jennifer McGuire, the felt snowflakes add just the right amount of punch to the page. Great job! Your magazine always makes me want to leave my desk job and start scrapbooking full-time! 🙂

  138. My favorite is Ali’s layout. I also loved Jennifer McGuire & Kelly Goree’s too.

  139. I devoured the December issue! I might not have any time to spend scrapping this holiday season – but wow, I loved looking at those layouts!! 🙂

  140. Deena Wuest’s is definitely my favorite and one I’ll be “borrowing”…HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!

  141. They are all beautiful but Deena’s is my favorite!

  142. I really like the ornament a day LO (but the Happy LO is close behind because I love that little face–just want to squeeze those cheeks)

  143. It’s so hard to choose a favorite, so many stunning pages!! But Amanda Probst’s ornament a day page made me want to scrap-lift in addition to creating 25 of my own little ornaments, so it takes the cake!

  144. What beautiful layouts, I don’t know how you guys witle it down to just a few! I can imagine how many you receive. I really like Ali’s layout that shows the little things around the house to make it look festive. I have some many pictures of my tree but never think to take pictures of everything else. Thanks for the idea!

  145. my favorite is: “A Few of Our Christmas Favorites” by Deena Wuest

  146. I am ALWAYS inspired by the fun, clever work of Cindy Tobey! Her “Kitschy” layout is so right up my alley–and her designs are always unique–great inspiration to think outside of the box. I thought this issue was overall one of the best in a long time!

  147. I am loving the ornament a day layout! I have never seen that many photos on one page!!

  148. My favorite layout is Playing With Snow. Love how the title stands out & how Suzy stamped each letter with mini alphabet stamps. Great idea I’ll be “borrowing”.

  149. My favorite article was the one on designing a Christmas card and I loved the instructions on how do to it digitally in your online version!

  150. All of them are great, but the one that catches my eye is Christmas Bliss!

  151. It’s so hard to pick just one! I guess I would have to say the super cute page by Jennifer McGuire. She has such a classic style. Thank you so much.
    Take care,
    Kim T.

  152. It is really hard to pick one since they all have different styles. I would say I like them all because at one point in time I will do a layout like each and everyone of them.

    I can relate to all of the layouts above.

  153. I love page 61. The tree collage is very clever.

  154. My favorite layout has to be the one by Ali. I love the clearn, crisp style that she infuses into her layouts!

  155. I LOVE “Christmas Bliss” by Jill Marie Paulson. Thelayout tells such a story!!

  156. Love the creative title in the “Playing With Snow” layout. The flower/snowflakes are awesome, too. I will definitely be trying those techniques soon!

  157. I love Jennifer McGuire’s happy layout. Also love the one with the photo christmas tree – that is something I might have to try! Will be pouring over the magazine as I head west for business.

  158. I love doing ‘year in review’ pages. Allison Davis’ A Year to Remember would have to be my favorite. The idea of getting each family members favorite memories I think is great. I like the simple yet fun design of the page as well.

  159. I subscribe to and love your magazine. You offer so many inspirational projects. I can’t wait to get my new issue of your magazine to see what you are offering. Keep up the great work.

  160. I loved Kelly Gorre’s January layout so much that I may just scrap lift it for my 2010 Project 12. All of the layouts were fabulous!

  161. I love the non-traditional colors on Christmas Bliss! Great layouts this month!

  162. I just love Jill’s Christmas Bliss layout, It has such great shapes.

  163. Awesome LO’s. Definately will be scrap-lifting!

  164. The Playing in Snow layout is my fav because she used nontraditional colors for her layout. The pink, red and turquouise really catches your eye!

  165. Love Ali Edwards’ layout : )

  166. My fave is Suzy’s – it’s so fun and I really love how she stamped the corresponding letters on the SNOW title – very cool!

  167. I think I really like the Becky Higgins card sketches but, I also like the Year in Review too. They are all great layouts by the way.

  168. Really hard to pick just one. Gotta go with Jennifer McGuire’s.

  169. Not really fair when Ali Edwards has a LO in there- always my fave! I love ‘holiday home’ 🙂

  170. My Favorites are Ali Edwards and Jill Poulson’s.

  171. i love amanda’s ornament a day…that is SO inviting…and i think i might want to give that a go…SO fun!!!

  172. I love the gifted pages…. how special is that?!!!

  173. Loved the 2008 review. Sometimes scrapping EVERYTHING that happens in a year can be overwhelming. Something like this allows you to scrap the big important things and then cover the “small stuff” in this “review”. Love the idea!

  174. It was hard to choose, but my favorite is Christmas Bliss by Jill Marie Paulson. I love the nontraditional Christmas colors and how she used so many photos but kept the design clean.

  175. My favorite layout is “Ornament a Day” by Amanda Probst

  176. Wow, all these make me want to get going on my backlog of CHristmas photos. My fav is Christmas Bliss.

  177. I really liked Amanda Probst’s layout with the handmade ornaments she did with her kids. Each member of my family receives a new ornament each year, and I always scrap them. But I never thought of scrapping the ornaments that my brother and I had made as kids until I saw her layout! Thanks for the great idea!

  178. I love Ali’s Sweet Holiday Memories. I think that it focuses on the pictures with some, but not too much decoration.

  179. I love the Christmas Bliss layout-still red and green, but the blue really adds to it.

  180. Between my husband’s family and mine, we celebrate 6 Christmases, so I loved the layout of Christmas Morning because it can hold so many of those pictures we end up without looking very jumbled.

  181. My favorite is “Playing with snow”. So Cute!!

  182. I’ve already been through this issue at least 5 times. There are many great layouts but the creative photo cropping in “A few of our Christmas Favorites” really caught my eye.

  183. Well they’re all lovely. But Jill Marie’s Christmas Bliss is my favorite. It’s just yummy!

  184. loved seeing your favorites!

  185. I really like “Roll with It” by Kayleigh Wiles in “Reader Gallery” it appeals to my eye and I think she has managed to convey it all in a quite minimalist style which I love.

  186. My favorite from the website is Ali’s layout. She continues to inspire me with her fresh, clean designs and interesting take of everyday topics. My second favorite from the December issue is Greta Hammond’s “Celebrate the Season”. I would never have thought to use brown as a dominant color on a Christmas lo!! And I love her fun tree accents!! Too cute!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  187. I loved Deanna Wuest’s layout.

  188. I LOVE creating keepsakes’s blog and magazine!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of the creations above so beautiful! one of my favorites is Suzy Plantamura’s Snow! Very beautiful and looks like a lot of fun!

  189. I’ve always been a huge fan of Jennifer McGuire’s work. Ooh, that cute little boy!

  190. I love Ali Edwards layout..I’ve been trying to capture little signs of each season as well..
    Thanks for revisiting these layouts!

  191. Ali’s was my favorite too.

  192. My favorite is “A few of our christmas favorites.” I love the idea of making the Xmas tree out of photos. I plan to scraplift this design for a Xmas card…maybe a layout, too, when I scrap some Xmas pix. Thanks for the early preview; it really puts one in a Xmas mood.

  193. Tough question. As with all works of art I like several for different reasons. I love “Happy” by Jennifer McGuire because I love the use of the big circle and intend to scrap lift the heck out of that. But my favorite favorite is Ali’s – Because of the way she makes ordinary beautiful.

  194. Always love Ali’s stuff!

  195. Oh goodie goodie! I absolutely love Jennifer McGuire’s layout…it’s so well done. I’ll be scraplifting this tonight for my daughters baby album.
    Many thanks,

  196. I liked Ali’s layout…in fact I love everything Ali!

  197. I like the January layout. It is nice and simple. In general, I love Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I don’t know if I love most, the images or reading everyone’s journaling? I get caught up in all of it.

  198. My favorite is Ali Edwards, “Holiday Home” layout. What a great idea to document the things that make your home special during the holidays!

  199. Just one?? Just one layout??
    I just flipped a coin…Jennifer McGuire’s page about her son is simply beautiful – clean design w/ stamped background, a few matching embellishments, journaling in a circle, and of course gorgeous photos of her little man.

  200. Hard to pick a favorite, but definitely wanting to scraplift Suzy’s title work idea – love that!

  201. I really like the use of colors including but not limited to red/green for the Christmas layouts….the mixes are inspiring. My favorites…mmmm….probably Maggie Holmes because I just love the photos! And that’s the reason we scrap isn’t it??
    Merry Christmas to all~

  202. Gotta love Ali’s Holiday Home. Love the muted tones.

  203. I love Amanda Probst’s ornament a day layout. What a great idea, and a great way to record this fun event!

  204. I love Jennifer M’s LO, i love using circles on my pages and hers in great!

  205. I also love Ali’s layout. I love how she really makes the most of her beautiful decor and preserves that for her family.

  206. This is so hard! I love them all–but I love the colors from Christmas Bliss and I also love Jennifer Mcquires and Ali’s layouts–I guess I go for the simple and clean sorta look.

  207. My favorite layout is Jennifer McGuire’s. It’s so cute. And though it may have been simple to put together, it doesn’t look it.

  208. Wow, stunning layouts but my FAVE is ‘Christmas Bliss’ by Jill Marie. LOVE how she has included lots of photos but they don’t look cluttered and the focus stays on the pics and not everything else. Great work!

  209. Hard decision but my favorite is Jenifer McGuire’s. There were so many good ideas in the others I can’t wait to try them.

  210. my favorite is “Happy” by Jennifer McGuire in “Tools & Techniques”…. love all about!

  211. I like both Ali’s layout and Jennifer’s. They are both simple and clean…my fave.

  212. Love Ali Edwards. Fantastic idea that i will certainly scrap lift!! 🙂

  213. My fav. layout would be “playing with snow”, those white and blue flowers make the layout seems snowing.

  214. I really love Ali’s layout. It gives me a great idea how to make photos of my house at Christmas-time.
    Thanks Ali!

  215. I really love Maggie Holmes’ “2008 Review” layout, and I’m now planning to do one of these myself!

  216. I like “she says” – what a wonderful way to remember all the little nuances your child had at a certain age. Made me smile and plan a page like that when my 2 year old gets a bit bigger 🙂

  217. “Under the Tree” is my favorite! (page 60) I LOVE the flocked trees with sequins and rhinestones! What a fun idea!

  218. My favorite layout is on page 109 and is called Happy by Jenn McGuire but I really loved the whole December mag.FABULOUS!!!

  219. I absolutely love every one of those awesome layouts and for different reasons. My favorite has to be Jennifer Mcquire’s because I just love the simplicity of her page and the colors are beautiful!! Her son is so cute as well!! I love this issue of your magazine!! It has truly inspired me this Holiday Season! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  220. I love Suzy Plantimura’s “SNOW” layout. I want to try the same with my coordinations paper, so pretty!

  221. I loved the 2008 in review! I am definitely going to try that one.

  222. I like Playing with Snow–it has a lot of dimension and the photos are such a nice size so you can really see them. It was such a great idea to put a closeup of each girl on each side of the middle photo of both of them. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  223. I like all of them, but “Christmas Bliss” by Jill Marie Paulson in “Seasonal Solutions” is my fovorite! I love that it is a two page spread with multiple photos.

  224. I loved Suzy’s “snow” page. I’m not a big fan of snow or anything cold, but looking at her page made me want to actually take more pics in the snow, and then scrap them.

    But kudos to all the designers. I so admire all of them!

  225. Cindy Tobey’s Kitchey is really cool! I feel it takes a lot of talent to make something like kitch to work. Very talented design team. Thanks for all the inspiration

  226. I love the “Playing with Snow” layout the best. Great job on all the layouts!

  227. I like “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura. Nice work everyone!

  228. I like all of them but I think my favorite is Suzy Plantamura’s…the colors are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  229. It is so hard to make a decision when you know all layouts have been made with pride and awesome work. ROLL WITH IT is wonderful. It is simple but says it all. I will have to scraplift this one and also all the others. Nothing wrong with that.

  230. Definitely Jennifer McGuire’s “happy” layout is my fave!

  231. I love Ali Edwards layout Holiday Home and I also love Christmas Morning by Julie DeGuia they are both so clean and simple- Both are great and I will apply them to my holiday pages this year!! Thanks!!

  232. It’s hard to pick just one, but I love Ali’s simple, no fuss style in Holiday Home.

  233. I love all of them. My favorite is Christmas Morning Suprises.

  234. My favorite is “Roll with It” by Kayleigh Wiles in “Reader Gallery”

  235. “A Few of Our Christmas Favorites” by Deena Wuest

    This layout is my favorite because it is all about the picture and that is what I think scrapbooking is all about.

  236. “Christmas of ’08” by Becky Higgins is my favorite layout.

  237. Love the Playing with Snow layout. The pink is so sweet with the photos and I like that several were used!

  238. I love Jennifer’s Happy LO. So many great ideas in this issue. THANKS!

  239. I love Stacy Cohen’s “The Official Taste Tester” not only because I love the Cosmo Cricket paper but her story and fun candid photos really stood out!

  240. I really loved all the layouts this month and to pick one is hard! “Christmas Bliss” by Jill Marie Paulson will be the one I will definitely scraplift because I always have a ton of pics of my children opening their presents!

  241. I love Jennifer’s Happy layout!!

  242. I adore the “Christmas Favorites” LO. That photo tree is just ingenious!

  243. I want to be Ali Edwards when I grow up, so I’m going to have to go with her layout. Somehow everything she creates just captures me. Great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  244. I absolutely love Julie DeGuia’s Christmas Morning. the lines are so clean despite the use of multiple photos. Our Christmas mornings are so busy and I love capturing each moment, but have never been able to do a layout with them cause I love them all. this way I don’t have to make a choice!

  245. I like the layout January. Shows there is something good in an otherwise long, cold and dark month.

  246. I love them all, it is too hard to choose just one fave.

  247. My favorite was “Ode to Joy” by Megan Hoeppner. I absolutely loved the different ways she made her musical notes–how clever! I loved the colors too–not just black and white as normal note colors!

  248. The Playing with Snow layout. Although they are all so wonderful it’s hard to choose just one!

  249. Love the colors used on the SNOW layout.

  250. Elizabeth Kartchner’s grabbed my eye this month on page 107. I like how she used the number stickers (thickers?) to start her journaling points.

  251. Jill Marie Paulson’s Christmas Bliss is a beautiful layout! I love the color combo! You have no idea how hard it is to pick just one! Thay are all winners in my book!

  252. My favorite layout is SNOW, I love the colors. However, They are all beautiful and hard to choose from. 🙂

  253. Love the “Kitchsy” Layout–too fun!!

  254. “Roll with it” will be scraplifted immediately.

  255. This is a tough choice because each layout was unique & special but I have to say that Jennifer McGuire’s “Happy” just tugged my heart strings. Her little boy beams.
    Her skill shines too!

  256. Lovin’ pg 47 “My Cool Guy” and pg 51 “Hello, Snow”–they are both adorable and I may just have to scraplift!! 🙂

  257. Happy by Jennifer McGuire is just too cute!!! I wish I had a million little boys with that cute smile to make a scrapbook of! I do love all the rest though–thanks for sharing such beautiful and creative layouts!

  258. My fave is Elizabeth Kartchner’s: Gift of Love on page 65…love that tree!

  259. my favorite is “christmas bliss” by Jill Marie Paulson. I love to see multi photo layouts because that is what I need, I have way too many photos of each event!

  260. My favourite is 2008 Review, definitely inspired me. I love Maggie’s style of scrapbooking, it’s always her articles that I turn to first 🙂

  261. My fav is “Christmas Bliss” by Jill Paulson, her layouts are always amazing! “Happy” comes in a close second tho!

  262. I like Elizabeth Kartchner’s gift of love. Big fan of Elizabeth’s work.

  263. “A Few of Our Christmas Favorites” is such an original and endearing page. Such an original idea for a Christmas page-love it! Of course they are all wonderful so it is hard to pick just one!

  264. I am always amazed at the creativity and time that goes into putting together a scrapbook page. These are all wonderful, but my pick would be Deena’s A Few of Our Christmas Favorites. Photos in a tree shape just make the page along with the crisp and clear picture of the children.

  265. Holiday Home by Ali Edwards is my favorite but it was a hard choice..I really love most all of them!

  266. I like the Ornament A Day layout because it looked like an advent calendar.

  267. I like Ali’s “25” and the LO on p.117 “They’re the Best.”

  268. I really love “holiday home” and “happy” the most!

  269. I love the 2 page layout with the little hanging tags from the child’s gifts.

  270. I really liked a number of them, but if I had to pick a favorite, I choose KIm Watson’s ” Sugar & Spice.” Beautiful colors and I love the unique border around it.

  271. It is hard to pick just one layout from so many beautiful ones. But at the end I decided that my favorite is “Christmas morning” because that is something that inspires me how to make my Christmas layouts with many pics.

  272. So much inspiration! Gorgeous stuff. I hate to name favourites… I was amazed by “January” by Kelly Goree – that clean, but not boring, look that I never seem to be able to achieve myself. Clearly something to aspire to.

  273. Oh how can anyone pick just one favorite LO???There are so many gorgeous Lo’s in this months magazine but I guess if I was forced to pick just one it would have to be “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura.I’m a sucker for that red/bluish color combo and LOVE the way she did the “Snow” word!

  274. Love ‘Happy’ by Jennifer McGuire!

  275. They are ALL so inspiring !

    I LOVE clean and simple… vote goes to Ali !!!! (Holiday Home)

  276. I love 2008 review by Maggie Holmes. What a clever idea. I’m going to have to try that myself.

  277. I love the SNOW layout! It pops right out to me.

  278. I love all things “Ali”, so my fave LO is “25” on page 90.

  279. I love the colors and design of Jill Marie Paulson’s layout.

  280. I absolutely adore “Playing with Snow” by Suzy Plantamura as the title is awesome and the whole layout is lovely.

  281. I love what Maggie Holmes did to represent 2008 – really super layout!!!

  282. Only one…. It would have to be Jennifer’s LO of her sweet son Colin. Super cute.

  283. So hard to pick a favourite!!! I do really like the circular one by Jennifer and “A Few of Our Christmas Favorites” and I love the colours in “Playing with Snow”!

  284. I really like a lot of them! Jill Paulson’s was great, as was all of Ali’s LO this month, and I really like the colors in Suzy P’s snow LO!

  285. I’ve really grown to like Ali Edwards’ layouts! This month was no exception.

  286. My fave LO from Dec is the “thank you for” one on page 55. i love the colors amd layout of it but most of al that is what we are working on as a family -to be more grateful and thankful in all things… This one is for a father but it could be perfect for Thanksgiving too!

  287. love the Ornament a Day idea!

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