Weekly Warm-Up: Send a Photo DVD

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meganPhoto cards are so fun to send during the holidays, but as any scrapbooker will tell you, narrowing down a year’s worth of amazing photos to a single image can be challenging. This is exactly why we included the idea of sending a photo CD or DVD in my “Tips & Tricks” column for our November issue. With that tip, I created an easy-to-make card that will hold a CD or DVD, and some of you have since asked how I put that little card together. Since the holidays are right around the corner, I thought I’d share that information with you here, so you can get to work creating those amazing photo-holder cards to send to your friends and family. I can assure you, this idea will be remembered and treasured when the recipient pops the disk in the player and views the happy memories.


Since holiday cards are created in bulk, I purposefully kept this one very basic. This not only keeps the time down, but also the cost.

Step 1: Fold a 6″ x 12″ piece of cardstock into thirds—a 1″ flap and two 5″halves.


Step 2: Punch a half-circle shape in the center of the bottom third using a circle punch. This will be used to remove the disk from the pocket.


Step 3: Sew the card together along the two sides and the bottom to create a pocket. Note: I used my sewing machine, which is much faster than hand-stitching.


Step 4: Cut two equal lengths of ribbon (about 18″ long) in two varying sizes. Stitch the smaller ribbon down the center of the larger one, with the center of the ribbon positioned over the card flap so the ribbon will also adhere here to it as you run it through your sewing machine. When you’re done, you should have the ribbon stitched to the card flap with about 6″ of loose tail on either side.



Step 5: Insert your disk, fold the flap down over the pocket, wrap the ribbon around the front of the card and tie a knot. The ribbon will not only add a decorative touch to your card, it will also keep it securely closed so the disk will stay put.



Step 6: Dress your card pocket up with embellishments. I used die-cut shapes from My Mind’s Eye and stickers from American Crafts and Making Memories.


Tip: If you’re making a bunch of cards, you may want to opt for stamped embellishments or elements you print on your pocket using your computer. These are both money-saving options that are good to consider when making bulk cards.

Make a Photo Flick


Now that you know how to contain your photo DVD, why not make your movies. SmileShow, a company featured in my “Tips & Tricks” article, has generously set up a special coupon code just for CK readers. Between now and November 29, get $3 off YesDVD Smileshow orders. Click here for more information on this product and this special.

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor



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  1. love this idea! Thanks for showing the steps!

  2. We love this project – so cute! Thanks for including us!

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