Happy Halloween!

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LaraIt’s the scariest day of the year! Are you all set to go out and do a little spooking?

I have to admit, I’ve never really liked dressing up for Halloween. (The photo at left is one of only three that I could find of myself all dressed up!). But there are other Halloween traditions I like just fine: decorating with spooky spiders, bats and brooms. Carmel apples (I can really get behind those). Carving pumpkins is always fun, too.

Isn’t it funny that we carve pumpkins for Halloween? We all just accept that it’s a Halloween tradition as children, but have you ever wondered why we carve this large fruit from the squash family? Halloween started as the Gaelic festival known as Samhain (pronounced sow-in), which celebrated the end of the “light” half of the year and passage into the “dark” half of the year. People celebrated this event by displaying lighted turnips.  Since the Celts didn’t have pumpkins (a new world food), turnips had to do. I’m glad we’ve switched to carving something I can actually fit my hand into!

What’s your favorite part of Halloween? Is it the candy? The costumes?  Pulling the guts out of a poor little orange gourd? Or is it the new and exciting scrapbooking products that come out at this time of year? Yep, I thought that was probably the one!

If you missed our look at new Halloween product in our October issue, or just want to see more of what you love, here are some Halloween products that would be a treat to own.

Carving Pumpkins and Happy Halloween, EK Success.



Dancing Ghosts paper, Halloween Hodge Podge paper, and Halloween Stacked Statement,Karen Foster Design.



The Halloween Stack, Die Cuts With A View


From all of us at Creating Keepsakes, have a happy and safe Halloween!


Brittany Beattie, Managing Editor


Lori Anderson, Online Managing Editor


Dorathy Gilchrist, Associate Editor


Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor

CK Team_Halloween

And the whole gang!

Be safe tonight!
Lara Penrod, Senior Editor



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  1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN CK !!!!!!!! I like Halloween beside the candy and the cute kids in their adorable costumes. My little one is a Pirate Princess for this Halloween. Pictures would be on blog this weekend.

  2. The whole “gang” is really cuuuuuttee! Of course my favorite part are the kids! saying “Trick or Treat”. Now I just have to decide…should I dress up and try to SCARE them? LOL!

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