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Lara PenrodHave you ever wondered what you’d do with some of the many adhesive products you see on the market today? Like you, I often think, “I’m sure that product’s really cool—if only I knew what to do with it.” We’ve put together a few techniques using adhesive to get you started. Hopefully, they’ll answer a few questions for you, and get you playing to find some of your own great techniques. 


Adhesives Stickers

These fun adhesives will help you add a little sparkle to any project quickly. And they’re super easy to use!

Simply remove the backing from the sticker, place the design on your cardstock,  peel away the cover paper, and apply glitter.


It’s that quick! If you want to use a couple different colors of glitter, simply peel away only a portion of the cover paper, and apply your first glitter.


 Then peel away the remaining cover paper, and apply your second glitter. 


In just moments, you’ll have a fun, sparkly accent for your page. Our cute cupcake came from Baby Cakes Design Adhesives by Clearsnap.


Glue Pens

We all have a glue pen in our stash of tools. But your glue pen can do more than just adhere cardstock and photos to your page. It’s also the perfect tool to apply glitter to a small area, adding that little bit of zing to your page. I used my glue pen to add glitter to one of the flowers on my patterned paper.



 To create this effect, simply trace the outline with your glue pen,


add glitter and shake off the excess glitter. I loved this paper before, but the glitter just added that little something extra.


You can also use your glue pen to add dimension to your page by applying flock to buttons or brads.

Apply glue directly to the brad,



 dip the brad in flock,


 rub the flock into the glue with your finger,


shake off the excess, and you’ve got a colorful, flocked brad!


Try using the Zig 2-Way Glue pen by EK Sucess for this technique.

Glue Pads 

The best invention since white bread! Oh yes, I was that excited when I saw glue pads hit the market. They’re just like ink pads, but they’re glue! What a great way to apply glitter and flock to you pages. You can use them with stamps or to cover whole pieces of chipboard. For these projects, I used the Essential Glue Pad from Tsukineko.


To stamp an image, simply “ink” your stamp using the glue pad,



 stamp the image,



 and apply glitter or flock and shake off the excess.


Tip: One thing we found while using flock is that it works best with less intricate designs.

Another technique to try is covering an entire piece of chipboard with glitter or flock. First, simply press the chipboard onto the glue pad,


 then apply glitter or flock and shake off the excess.


It’s that easy. And once it’s dry, the glitter stays in place!



Adhesive Sheets 

Perhaps you couldn’t think of a use for a full sheet of adhesive, but I’m here to tell you, this is one product you’re going to want in your toolbox. It’s great for adhering those tiny or intricate elements your page, such a little letters. 


 Cut the sheet of adhesive to the desired size.



Then apply the adhesive sheet to your patterned paper or cardstock.



Cut out your letters or shape.



Remove the letters or shapes for the backing,


 and adhere to your page.


Using adhesive sheets is so much easier than trying to apply adhesive to tiny pieces. And if you’re using an alphabet die, you’ve got extra letters to use another day.

While adhesive sheets make light work of adhering tiny embellishments, you can also think big when it comes to this great product. Using a sheet of adhesive is also a great way to cover a large area of your page.


Here I’ve created a quick border for my page using a strip of adhesive and flock. Trim an adhesive sheet to the size of your page and apply to the edge. You’ve covered a large area of your page in no time! Give the 12″ x 12″ Adhesive Sheets from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L a try for these great project ideas.

We hope this quick look at a few adhesive techniques gets your creative juices flowing. Leave us a comment and let us know how you’re using these great adhesive products. We’ll select two winners from the comments to each win an adhesive grab bag.

Lara Penrod
Senior Editor



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  1. I REALLY enjoyed the tip on using the back of a sticker. I bet I have a couple shapes that the colors on the front never worked for I can turn them over and glitter/flock them! That’s an awesome money saving tip! Thanks!

  2. Love my glue pen but thank heavens somebody FINALLY explained what to do with those adhesive stickers…I just couldn’t imagine what on earth they were for!

    What do you think of doing a review of different tape runners as a magazine article?

  3. Thanks for the great tips! I love learning new ways to use things that I already have.

  4. My favorite adhesive technique at the moment is making titles using my own handwriting. I apply an adhesive sheet on cardstock, write the title by hand and then cut it, remove the protective sheet, dip in a combination of flock & glitter and then use pop up glue dots to adhere the title. See a couple of examples in my blog: Pieni Onni using black & green flock on black cardstock and Juhlatuulella using pink flock on pink cardstock.

  5. Oops, Pieni Onni link seems to be broken, here a new try in case someone’s interested:

  6. Oh my. and sorry about the triple posting!

  7. I love glue pads too! Thanks for all of the tips.

  8. I love the using the glue pads with my stamps!!!

  9. Wow! These are really great tips…I especially love the flocked brads one…you could definitely use that with glitter too! Or beads or anything! I need to try it! =)

  10. Loving adhesive week. Why have I never though to use my tweezers to hold things? I always use my fingers and end up all sticky!

  11. I definitely need to get some good tweezers to help get things where they need to go! I love the adhesive sheets…I use them for many, many things including craft projects for my girls.

  12. I am wondering if there is any way to use the adhesive sheets with the Cricut. Wouldn’t that be neat?

    You have introduced me to glitter in a way that I am willing to try. I love it but hate the mess. I wind up with glitter on my face everytime. And all around my scraproom, too.

    I am enjoying reading these entries this week on adhesives. So much good information.

  13. Don’t know why I never thought of using the adhesive sheets with my die cuts – what a great idea!!! I’ve been using a Quickie Glue Pen which is fabulous for small shapes, but this makes so much more sense! Thanks for the great tips 🙂

  14. Great tips today. I liked your use of the glue pen to add a little glitter to one part of the flower.

  15. I had no idea there were glue pads! That is ingenius. Perfect for the stuff I cut out with my Cricut. I’m definitely going to have to get me one!

  16. Love all the tips! Easy cheap ways to jazz up 😉 perfect!

  17. oh man I didn’t even know them made glue pads like ink pads. I am so going to get me one of those. I have so many possibilities with that just running around in my head. thanks for the heads up and the other great ideas.

  18. I never thought about using adhesive sheets like that!

  19. I have not heard of glue pads, but now for sure have to get one, that will help with alot! Also liked the brad decorating idea, havent altered brads before.

  20. I’m really curious about those glue pads. Do they “last”? I know that with some of my pigment ink pads (like silver metallic), the pad dries out super fast, which is such a shame. How do glue pads hold up?

  21. using an adhesive sheet on your cardstock before running it through a die-cut machine–great idea!!

    I usually just put the letters through my little Xyron

  22. Fantastic ideas! I’m really excited to try these out. Thanks! 🙂

  23. Loving the ideas! I need to go buy a glue pen. Can’t wait to try it out!

  24. Great tips! I also love to use Crystal Effects (Stampin’ Up!) to stick certain things together. It works great and dries clear!

  25. Neat! Adding glue pads to the shopping list.

  26. Wow, those glue pads look really great! I haven’t used much except from Mod Podge and glue dots so I really need to try something else!

  27. Thanks for the great tips! Never thought of embelishing my own brads- fun! 😀

  28. Thanks for the wonderful tips and info. It’s really amazing all the things you can do with adhesive once you start creating and using it.
    Thanks so much!

  29. wow, great ideas. I’m always trying to figure out how to use the glitter, etc…

  30. Thanks for all the great tips. Hope to find some time this weekend to try some out!

  31. Wow! Those glue pads are neat, never knew they existed gotta try them!

  32. Lots of great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

  33. thanks for the tips! I am really learning alot this week.

  34. Wow! No excuses for not having beautiful embellishments anymore! So easy (so it seems anyway). Thanks for the great ideas!

  35. Wow great tips! Have to try out some of my adhesive in a different way now 🙂

  36. looks like i’m going to have to go buy a glue stamp pad – too cool

  37. great adhesive ideas! I need to use my glitter now!

  38. And I have some of that Zig glue. Will totally have to try it!

  39. I love using my Zig glue pen to get glittered hand drawn doodles on plain card stock. I also use it for adhering very thin intricate embellishments because I can “draw” the adhesive on the back and get just the right amount for delicate items (no big globs of glue from a bottle)

  40. I just had my 2nd child, and I am out of all adhesives except glue sticks…pick me pretty please! : )

  41. Loved the glue pen idea to apply glitter to a design on pp. I use my glue pen for other things, but never thought of that one!

  42. I dont know what I would do with out my glue pen. I use it for just about everything. Example: To adhere lil chipboard letters or shapes to a project. Also to add a touch a glitter to projects. Thanks for sharing these techniques.

  43. Love the idea of applying the flocking to the brad. I wouldn’t have thought about that, but think I will give it a try now. I just bought some new glitters too! 🙂


  44. I absolutely adore those sheets by Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L – they are so versatile. I also enjoy using the Xyron sticker makers for smaller items as well.

  45. awesome ideas–thanks!!

  46. Fabulous post as always! I love the flocked brad and I’m going to have to pull out my glue pen and start glittering some paper!

  47. These tips are great! I can’t wait to try them.

  48. Great ideas! I love to use the Sakura Quickie glue pen in the pen tool of my Pazzles Inspiration–I can write any title or “draw” an image, then cut it out and add glitter or perfect pearls–looks sooo cool!

  49. I learned so much from this post!!! Thank you for the awesome ideas, I haven’t used my glue pen for ages and your idea for jazzing up patterned paper is one I am going to try next time I scrap!

  50. Tons of great glitter ideas! I never would have thought to use the glue pen with patterned paper. I’m going to start doing it tonight. 🙂

  51. Love that glue pad.

  52. Thanks for doing a week of adhesives. I have only used tape runners and the xyron.

  53. Thanks for the great tips! It’s nice to have a refresher.

  54. love the flocked brad technique. I’ll have to try it, too. I love trying new techniques. And I think I might nieed to get a Xyron.

  55. I loved the idea of using a glue pen to outline part of a patterned paper and then adding glitter – so cute!!

  56. Thanks for all of the wonderful tips!! Some I have used, others I will use now!! Can’t scrap without adhesives!!

  57. Lots of great information – thanks for this post!

  58. I’ll be buying some glue sheets with my next scrapbooking supply run.

  59. I’ve wondered how the glue pads worked. It seems like it would leave your stamps or whatever you use a sticky mess. Thanks for the information you posted. I think I may have to try one and see if I like them.

  60. Thanks for the ideas!

  61. My current favorite is to take a diecut or chipboard shape and use my gluepad to coat it with glue. Then I like to sprinkle glitter on top. I can’t ever have too much sparkle 🙂

  62. Oh, my. I never thought about adding my very own glitter to my patterned paper! I LOVE that idea. Going to try it now.

  63. Thanks! I can’t wait to make my pages sparkly!

  64. never thought of using glue on a brad before thanks for the idea

  65. Great ideas and tips. Can’t wait to try them!

  66. glue pads were the best invention ever!!

  67. Great techniques!

  68. I’ve never seen a glue pad, but I’m going to have to keep an eye out for them as they seem like a pretty cool tool. LOVE the ideas for ways to use the glue pens too!

  69. Great ideas & techniques! I can’t wait to try these!!

  70. Wow! This is great stuff I had no idea about! Thank you!

  71. Thanks for the tips!! I can’t wait to try them!!

  72. Thanks for all the tips!

  73. thanks for all these techniques… I never though of using glue on a brad… clever idea

  74. I love to use glue pad with my stamps and with glitter… so beautiful

  75. I only use tape runners and glue pad, love to discover new techniques with you

  76. i’m going to try all these techniques, thanks for the inspiration
    and thanks for the chance to win

  77. Awesome techniques, Lara! (I’m off to play with my glue now. Hee hee.)

  78. Great tips thank you for sharing. I only use a glue pen for highlighting certain areas on pattern papers but I do want to try the other techniques. 😀

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