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Fall is in full swing and we hope ya’ll are enjoying the cooler days and beautiful colors, not to mention gearing up for all the fun holidays. Since next week is the big candy haul, we’ll warm you up with a different sort of hunt.

Pick up a copy of our November 2009 issue, filled with sweet ideas and technique treats. Find the answers to the questions below, and email them to November 2009 Be sure to put “scavenger hunt” in the subject line so we can find your entry. We’ll choose two winners to receive one of this week’s adhesive grab bags. (One less thing to ask Santa for later!) We’ll announce our winners on Monday, so be sure to check back to see if you’ve won!


1. What fun photo trick did Amanda Probst use to make the accents on her “A Leaf Hunt” layout?

2. What did Rita Shimniok adhere to her stitching in “Leaf Collector”?

3. Last Thanksgiving Megan Hoeppner made this with her ‘table scraps’.

4. According to Pam Callaghan (“New Hairdo”), what fun effect comes from cutting your paper image while the watercolor is drying?

5. What ‘real life element’ did Grace Tolman use to help title her layout “Muddy Maddie”?

6. According to the Cool Things” column, this look is back in style.

7. How did Cindy Tobey create the yard line feeling in her layout “It’s All about the Dance”?

8. What is the go-to look of the season?

9. Heidi Sonboul used these two punches to create the fun shapes in “Colorful Leaves”.

10. List three tips given to create great heritage layouts.

Grab your issue and start hunting! And don’t get lost along your way!

Dorathy Gilchrist
Associate Editor



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  1. sounds like fun! can’t wait to play along!!!

  2. I may need to go get a copy of this so I can play! It sounds like fun!

  3. The scavenger hunt idea is so fun! I love it.

  4. Looks like fun, can’t wait to get my hands on the new issue!!


    1. used index prints as centers of embellishments
    2. epoxy leaves
    3. place cards
    4. it will curl up and look like leaves
    5. muddy handprint (TOTALLY LOVE IT–GREAT IDEA)
    6. corrugated look
    7. notches in strips of patterned paper
    8. chain accessories
    9. square, corner rounder
    10. 1. write a letter to a loved one
    2. celebrate personality traits

  6. I hit the send button before I finished with #10

    10. 3. show off similarities

  7. I tried to send this as an e-mail twice. It was returned both times. Do I leave it as a comment here? Thank you! Tami Lopez 🙂

  8. I’ve sent the email as well and it was returned. Please advise!

  9. I’m in the same group…I tried to email two times and it was returned undeliverable.

  10. We apologize for the email problem! Please email your entries to Thanks for letting us know of the problem, and good luck!

  11. Off to look for answers-obviously didn’t read the issue carefully enough.

  12. That was fun!

  13. Oooh, thank goodness my issue finally arrived last week!

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