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brittanyb-headshot-smWhen you open the November issue of Creating Keepsakes, you’ll notice a theme running throughout the pages: home. When we gathered as a team to brainstorm the issue, it was the topic that popped up over and over again. Plus, you’ve told us that you want more ways to scrapbook home—from the everyday moments that fill your living room to the memories of your childhood homes. Planning for and reading through our November issue brought back many memories of home. There’s nothing like a trip down memory lane!

Nov_Cov_SmallSpeaking of home, here’s a few fun home facts about our November issue:
* The number of homes of people who contributed to the issue: 119
* The number of states or countries outside the U.S. where those homes reside: 21 states and 4 countries
* The number of layouts with “home” or “house” in the title: 10
* The cover layout came from the home (and talented ideas) of Ali Edwards.

If you want help taking your own trip down memory lane about your childhood home, check out “Going Home Again” by Lori Anderson on page 52. You’ll even get a peek at a photo of Lori when she was 8 years old—just turn to page 54 to see how adorable she was.

Quotes on Home
When you’re ready to share a favorite memory of your childhood home in your scrapbook, let one of these quotes be your springboard:
* “Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.” —Christian Morganstern
* “He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.” —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
* “There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” —Margaret Elizabeth Sangster
* “Home is the most popular, and will be the most enduring, of all earthly establishments.” —Channing Pollock
* “A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.” —Benjamin Franklin
* “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” —Confucius
* “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” —Jane Austen
* “Where we love is home—home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” —Oliver Wendell Holmes
* “You see much more of your children once they leave home.” —Lucille Ball

Take Home Great Products: It’s a Giveaway!

We have a stash of fun, home-themed products to give away in honor of the issue. Simply share a favorite memory of your childhood home in the comments section by Monday, October 19 at midnight MST to be entered to win.


Brittany Beattie, Managing Editor, Creating Keepsakes



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  1. when I think of home I think of goofy things like my brothers grabbing my feet through our open staircase( I- to this day run up open staircases!) I think of the times we would lay in our bedroom doorways and talk to each other late at night 🙂 ahhh home 🙂

  2. I think of home… I think of me, my two sisters, and mom getting ready every morning in the same bathroom! … aawee… memories!

  3. When I think of home, I think of our double wide trailer where the vents were in the floor and my siblings and I would sit on them to stay warm.

  4. My best childhood memories of home don’t come from either of my parent’s homes, but my Grandparent’s home, the house my Mom grew up in. I had my own room there, and my favorite memories are of going out in the morning with a bowl to pick fresh raspberries for my breakfast or sitting with a book in the crook of the old willow tree and snacking from a bowl of whatever my Grandma and I had taken out of the garden that day. I miss that house.

  5. I have a picture from back in the 60’s on the 4th of July. The whole family is in the back yard lighting “snakes” They were little black pellets that “grew” into long snakes of ash when you lit them. I don’t know if they even make them any more but we had so much fun with them every year 🙂

  6. Every Christmas season, my grandmother, mother, sister and I get together to make delectable goodies: chocolates (like 7 varieties), cookies, pies, divinity. It’s a lot of work, and makes for a very long weekend, but I get to spend three whole days with the best women in the world. And, when all is done, we make plates and send the boys out to deliver to our neighbors. I can’t wait!!

  7. A favorite memory for me was just playing outside with my brother and sisters in the summer we stayed out from daylight to dark. So much fun

  8. My favorite memories of childhood came from my grandparents’ home where I spent a lot of time. When I started learning to read, my grandfather and I sat on the bed where he listened to me read countless stories about princesses, farm animals, and far away places. He had so much patience! At such a young age, he instilled in me a love for reading, and it is him whom I have to thank for loving books so much.

  9. My favorite memory of home is the mother and father who where always there for us. My dad worked hard in the logging industry and came home very tired, I’m sure. But he always had time to play a while with us before heading outside to work in a huge garden where he raised all kinds of delicious veggies for us to enjoy. Mother was there in the home cooking delicious meals and sewing some special things. Once our dolls went missing and then suddenly one day they turned up in the cutest little new outfits that she had sewn for them. Just a bit of the happiness I knew as a child growing up in a poor but very happy home.

  10. I never win but here’s mine. My favorite home memory was when my mom decided she needed to get rid of a bunch of leftover paint. She decided to use it up by painting every cabinet door in our kitchen a different color. I LOVED it!

  11. I love going back home and having a family dinner where everyone comes together… Some of the best memories are made and shared over the supper table!

  12. My favorite memory of my childhood home is of the deck on the back of the house. I watched my father build that deck (gazebo and all), and we spent so much time enjoying the seasons on that deck.

  13. My favorite memories are of crossing the lawn to visit my grandparents who lived next door. That and getting to wave to Grandma while doing the dishes (our kitchens faced each other). I recently took pictures of my childhood house to scrap (My grandfather still lives next door to the house)

  14. My favorite memory of home is playing outside with my neighborhood friends. It seems like we were always outside…whether it was sunny & hot or snowing.

  15. My childhood “home” was a tiny room of 100 square feet. My parents and my grandmother and I lived in it. We shared our kitchen and bathroom with three other families on the same floor. I remember it not for the material things or the lack of them but for the love I received from my parents, for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.

  16. I remember my Gram’s cookie jar. I loved visiting her house, and the first thing we would do is walk over and see what homemade goodness awaited us. I lived with her during my junior high years, and my friends learned to do the same. During that time she taught me how to cook her way, with a handful of this, a pinch of that, and I especially loved making cookies with her. Once my husband and I bought our home, I scoured eBay to find a cookie jar to build that memory in my own home. I stumbled across one just like Gram’s… A wishing well with the words “wish I had a cookie” on the front. A few hints to my husband, and it was my birthday present that year.

  17. one of my fav childhood memories is making zucchini bread with my adopted grandmother and playing monopoly whilst we waited for it to bake 🙂

  18. The first childhood memory that came to mind was a unusually hot day in our neighborhood that was hot enough for some water fun. Since we lived in a city that was foggy a lot, we didn’t have any water toys. No one had a slip & slide, so we tried to fashion one out of garbage bags and the water hose. Not too successful. So on to a mini pool. Again, a garbage bag, but this time, in a garbage can. It was only big enough for our littlest cousin to climb into, but maybe that was a good thing. 🙂 How fun, reminiscing about this day, thanks!

  19. We had a horse shaped tree in our backyard … I ‘rode’ him whenever I could!
    In fact I did a layout about it (no photos though 😦
    and now I can’t find the layout!

  20. Getting to water the peony bushes in our garden – I thought they were HUGE and that I was so grown up to be allowed to water them.

  21. My favorite memory of Home is how comfortable it felt. Everyone was always welcome. I remember my friends, sisters and I rollerskating around the unfinished basement. That was a lot of fun. I miss those carefree times. I only hope I can create the same atmosphere for my kids.

  22. Coming from a large family, there are so many good memories. I have 4 older brothers and a younger sister. We all ate dinner together. It was there that we shared our “day”. That is by far my favorite memory of home and childhood. I raised my children the same way and am happy that my daughter does the same with her children.

  23. When I was five I lived up in the Santa Cruz mountains. At the bottom of the road was a line of mailboxes. It always signaled to me that I was almost home. I loved all those boxes lined up with some of the mail-in red arrows up.

  24. I have a very strong memory of all the neighborhood kids getting together and raking each other’s lawns….and then piling the leaves and jumping in them! And then we burned them…ahhh the smell of burnt leaves!

  25. I remember taking long walks with my best friend and talking about all of our dreams for the future.

  26. my childhood bedroom has memories. It changed colors, but it had a lot of windows in a fairly small room. I had my desk, my bulletin board and my record player with all my treasured teen albums. IT was a fun time in my life.

  27. I love that we had a fireplace growing up. It was such a cozy spot to gather in the winter and over the holidays. I still look forward to it each year at Christmas!

  28. My childhood memory is of all the neighborhood kids gathering at our house for a fun game of kick ball or dodge ball because we had the biggest yard in the neighborhood.

  29. I loved my bedroom in my childhood home. It had a dormer window which gave the room a little nook where I placed my desk, chair and bulletin board. I spent hours and hours looking out that window and daydreaming! Nancy

  30. I think of spending Christmas together as a family & watching movies by the fire. I lived in a very happy home, and I hope to bring that same sense of peace and happiness to my children.

  31. We had a basement and it was a total kid zone. I had a barre and mirror to practice ballet, an old couch and TV and pool table. Seems like no one here in AZ has basements and I am completely at a loss as to what I am going to do with my kids when they start getting old enough to have friends over!

  32. My favorite memories of one of my childhood homes (I moved a lot) is exploring the woods nearby. I enjoyed the peace and solitude of those nature walks although I didn’t quite realize I was taking a nature walk.

  33. my brother painted a really cool really big picture of a monkey hanging from a tree on our furnace in the basement. I can still remember how mad my mother was at him. but 35 years later when I took my daughter to my old childhood home and neighborhood, the person who owned the house invited us in. Can you imagine my surprise when he recanted how he and his family enjoyed that furnace for many years always wondering who had painted the monkey on the furnace and why. When the furnace finally went belly up, they cut out the section with the painted monkey to keep hanging in their basement 🙂

  34. One of my favorite memories is the long linoleum floored hallway in my childhood home. My brother and I would put on jammies and thick socks then run and slide down the hallway. What fun times those were.

  35. My childhood home was in Melbourne, Australia and I always remember having picnics in the backyard under the lemon tree. We also had grapes which made nice snacks on a warm day and I will never forget that feeling that went with the smell of fresh cut grass.

  36. My home, growing up, was always so warm and welcoming. My mom was a crafter/artist, and she filled our home with things she made/created herself. She is such an inspiration as I create my own home!

  37. my childhood home was always fun because with 6 brothers and sisters there was always someone to play with

  38. I home I lived in from 2nd – 7th grade was the one I consider my “childhood” home. I clearly remember the green shag carpet, the orange/brown/white couch (LOL!), and the shiny silver wallpaper on the walls of the room that I shared w/ my sister. Our eldest sister had her own room, and I thought that the little window ledge in her room was the BEST spot in the house for reading a book.

  39. I loved playing outside in the back yard!

  40. My favorite memory is dancing ( standing on my Dad’s toes ) in our living room to LP’s played on the stero.

  41. My favorite memories of childhood came from my grandparents’ home where I spent most of my time. My grandmother had a beautiful garden with lots of raspberry and blackberry bushes, I loved picking the berries and eating as many as I picked!

  42. I actually had many, many homes in my childhood–we moved 12 times in 15 years, so I don’t have one particular place I call my childhood home. But there are certain things that I associate with home, pieces of furniture or knick-nacks that followed us from place to place. Home really is where your family is–and just for the record, as an adult, I have lived in the same place for 10 years!

  43. I remember playing in the basement under the staircase. We divided it into sections. Oldest with tallest part and youngest (me) with the lowest part. We each made our section into our little fort, including mailboxes.

    Ahhhhhh, the memories!

  44. The tire swing in my backyard. I would go out there and swing for hours singing made up songs!

  45. My dad made a wooden swing that hung from our willow tree…it was the best place to leave your cares behind. We invented a lot of ways to use the swing- it was so much fun!

  46. My parents STILL live in the same house I grew up in, which is awesome! It always smelled good- can’t tell you specifically what that smell is/was- it’s just the smell of home! 😀

  47. I still live in the same city I grew up in and love to visit my childhood home and drive around the neighborhood and just remember!

  48. I lived in a small town called Star City in the middle of nowhere in Indiana…my favorite thing about growing up in our home is that we lived in the middle of nowhere with neighbors 1-2-3 miles away. We were the ONLY house on the road…and the road was DIRT! Literally! Ok, there were a few rocks…but it made for a dusty road, and I loved playing outside and not worrying about cars or other vehicles. My parents still live in that house–and I hope that I will someday return to live in that house! I LOVE IT!

    **Another quick story::: We have always called it the Hoover Homestead. I love that we made it ours by changing the rooms and the decor or the yard or even the buildings on it….but my fav thing that we did was name our property:)

  49. One favorite memory of mine is having a big fat real pine christmas tree with those glass large bulb lights that had the fabric wire and when they got too hot they popped. Not safe at all – but oh the memories!!!

  50. I think of that awesome shag carpeting that made the best grass for our toys! 😀

  51. One of my favorite childhood memories is of my grandmother telling me the story of Little Red Riding Hood – I never got tired of hearing it! 🙂

  52. going on vacation with my Grandpa

  53. I really look at my first home with happy memories! my 4 brothers & sisters, climbing up the fig tree and eating way to many figs at once, catching baby birds who would fall of the big tree in the middle of the back yard! our pet dogs! we had more than one! seeing the cows & horses from the fence! and let’s not forget the chiken coup! and dad’s pet crow, the fun fields to run in!

  54. loved having two closets in my room and I remember when we put carpet in my room. Now I am trying to talk my step dad in to taking up the carpet and restoring the floors. They would be fabulous. He put down laminate instead. He said after was gone I could do whatever I wished to the darn floors.

  55. The one thing that stands out in my mind about my childhood home is the fact that my parents always entertained.There was never a Sunday where there was not a visitor at our dinner table after church. Often old friends of my parents would stop by and my mom would make iced tea with mint leaves from her garden. Those were the days!!!!

  56. My favorite childhood memories are of my grandmother quilting and baking tons of sweet stuff at Christmas. Another favorite is playing with Barbie dolls and playing school with my sister.

  57. Definitely family. There was always tons of family around. Not just at the holidays, which were and are my favorite, but also every day. Looking back, I don’t know how we did it in such a small home, but we had so many people around.

  58. Two things immediately came to mind when I think of my childhood home – extended family gathered at holidays and my best friend living around the corner.

  59. I love that my parents still live in my childhood home. Even though they have remodeled it many times over, it still holds so many great memories. I love the brick hearth where we gathered for many pictures and hung our stockings. I also love how my name is still carved in the wall of my former closet.

  60. My family home was very far out in the country (22 miles from the nearest small town) so I guess I would have to say my favorite memory as a child was coming into the house after doing the evening chores and smelling supper cooking. Our family always sat around the supper table and discussed various things, i.e. what happened that day, etc.

  61. It is hard for me to pick out only one memory of my chilhood home to share, but one of my favorite memories is coming home from church on a snowy winter Sunday to the smell of wood burning in the fireplace & cooking Sunday dinner with my family. Classic!

  62. We moved a lot when I was a kid, so I have lots of home and memories to choose from! One that really stands out in my mind is the year my grandparents came to visit us at Christmastime. Usually we went to their house, so it was so exciting to be able to show them my room and my school and stuff.

  63. My yard seemed HUGE when I was a child. As an adult going back, it wasn’t all that. BUT my brother made the most amazing fort, and we were often allowed to have our dinner out there. My brother decorated with candles, and leis, and it was the neatest place EVER! 🙂

  64. I loved the weeping cherry tree in the front yard. It was beautiful with blossoms in the spring and had a perfect crook in its branches to hide out and read books.

  65. A cute memory of my childhood home was when I built a “playhouse” in the crawl space under the house. It was about 4′ high with a door that I decorated as an entrance.

  66. Every Friday night riding in the back of dad’s tractor’s trailer full of grass clippings or leaves (depending on the time of year) with my brothers through the woods to go dump the trailer’s contents onto a GIANT pile of clippings. We’d hop out of the trailer and play in the pile until dad had emptied his trailer.

  67. My favorite memories of home are outside. I loved that we could ride bike in the alley behind our home and up to grandma’s house. I love that we had a huge 5 bay garage to play in (and I still have stuff stored in the apartment above the garage.)

  68. My fav. memories of home are simplye one of birthday parites, and family gatherings, of homemade goodness baked by my grandmother and of tradional and yummy dinners at home.
    Thanks for this it really made me think and smile.

  69. We had huge windows in our living room. I loved dancing and doing gymnastics at night in front of them and watching myself. It wasn’t until years later that I realized everyone in town could see what I was doing as well! (LOL)

  70. My older brother and I had our own world in our backyard. We could be anything we wanted to be.

  71. I remember thinking that our front door looked like a bird’s face.

  72. I always look back at my childhood and all the goofy things my brother and I did. It wasn’t always fun and games but most of the time we were best friends and we still are.

  73. love this issue.
    My fav childhood memory is probably Christmas. I had tons of wonderful Christmas’s in that house. One Christmas when I was like 10- 11 ( I think). I got this really cool Polly Pocket house thing. I was soooo excited.

  74. Oh, I miss the swimming pool. So many days were spent splashing and sliding and jumping and making up stupid pool games with my cousins. Great times!

  75. Making up games to play in the backyard, riding bikes with my friends, walking through the field from my house to the drug store for candy…all great memories of my childhood home!

  76. A favorite memory of mine is sleigh riding on teh little bump of a hill on our front lawn… it wasnt really that big but when you little it seemed to be!

  77. The big green table that mom would make us rolls and cookies on.

  78. My favorite memories are of the old front porch that my father ended up closing in to make a larger front room. I loved the beadboard tongue and groove ceiling in that country shade of green. The porch was long and we used to “perform dancing recitals” there. Man, I miss that farmhouse. I miss Mom and Dad too. ^j^

  79. I love that my parents still live in my childhood home, the home where my mom made birthday cakes and halloween costumes, and my dad played baseball with me and read to me, where my brother and I argued, made up, and played together too, and best of now those moments and more can happen with my children too.

  80. My favorite memory, is that I bought my house as a young, single mother. That was 8 years ago, and I have loved every minute if making it a “home” for my family.

  81. I have so many happy memories of my childhood home We rolled down the hill until we got dizzy, sledded, played ball in the yard and roller skated in the driveway. But as a kid, what impressed me the most was that my house was the first on the block and the house number was “one”. As a kid, it didn’t get any better than that. Guess I should get busy doing a layout about my childhood home.

  82. I remember always sitting down at the table for dinner every night–both my parents and all my siblings would be there. And since we lived in the south we didn’t have to drink milk with dinner, but we always had ice tea. I love my mom’s ice tea!

  83. I was a Navy brat, so I didn’t have one home. But I do remember wherever we lived, lots of kids running the neighborhood all day long. We swam during the day and played spotlight (flashlight tag) at night. Our neighborhoods were safe and full of kids. I wish my kids could have that!

    Thank you!

  84. We moved from my childhood home after my Dad died, but I still have fond memories of the wonderful holidays we spent with family around the table. Memories of the barn filled with straw and the fun we had playing softball in the yard or washing cars together. They may sound like chores, but they are always good if they are being completed surrounded by family.

  85. I remember hiding from my mom in the front hall closet. I could see through the slats of the bifold doors, and I would laugh and laugh that she couldn’t find me… it took me a lot of years to figure out that she was pleased as punch to let me stay in there as long as my heart desired =).

  86. My favorite childhood memory would have to be without fail we always sat down to a noon time meal on Sundays. That was the one day every family member was there for sure.

  87. We lived in several different houses during my childhood. The houses weren’t important. Being safe and secure with family made it our home.

  88. my favorite childhood home was my grandma’s (I didn’t live with her, but I loved visiting her). She lived in an big, old white farmhouse with a barn loaded in the summer with square bails of hay to climb on. The room with the Christmas tree was turned into a runway where my cousin and I would always put on a runway show of our new outfits after presents were opened. It was the coolest house!

  89. I remember playing on our swing set with my sisters.

  90. We had HUGE gardenia bushes all around the front porch that my mom really nurtured and fertilized a ton and there would be flowers year round! We would sit out on the porch and be surrounded by that delicious fragrance – what a great memory!

  91. I have lots of happy childhood memories of home, but I always loved our real fireplace, mmm, I remember sitting in front of the fire on a cold winters evening making hot buttered toast and roasting chestnuts!! Those were the days!

  92. The woods across from my house had great stuff to explore, hills to sled down and places to hide and daydream. I wish my kids had some place similar.

  93. My favorite memory of home will always be the Sundays evenings spent making crepes. The whole family will then sit down together to savor them. It always lifted my spirits just before the dreaded Monday mornings and going back to school.

  94. One of my favorite memories from “home” is playing scrabble at the kitchen table by candlelight whenever the power went out during a summer storm. We had so much fun those evenings just hanging out together as a family.

  95. I think my favorite memories are of all our holiday and family gatherings at our home. Also, as a child I loved exploring in our backyard which felt like a small forest back then.

  96. The two memories I have of my first home were the giant fish tank my mom had and the smell of the basement. I remember that the sucker fish used to jump out of the tank and we’d find them on the floor when we got home. I’ve always loved the smell of musty basements and books – I think because I associate it with that smell from my childhood.

  97. Many of my memories of home are from the kitchen, which my parents recently remodeled. There are lots of photos of the kitchen as I knew it, and we even inherited the old cabinets to use in our new house.

  98. I have fond memories of home. We would do things together like play board games, go ice skating and sledding. We would gather in the kitchen and mom would make popcorn the old fashioned way and a big pot of hot chocolate.

  99. I remember carving the name of the boy I liked into my wooden windowsill when I was nine years old with a straight pin. I was so scared that my my Mom would see it! But when she did… she just smiled and said she understood that sometimes you just can’t stop yourself when you’re in love… but please don’t do it again! What a great Mom!

  100. My favorite memories were just playing with my brothers and sister. With eight children we never were in need of a playmate. Times were simple then.

  101. My favorite memory is when my dad use to help me wash my hair as a little girl in the sink. He would sing “zippidi do da” to me to help pass the time.(I hated washing my hair back then) It still brings a smile to my face when I hear that song.

  102. My favorite memories are roller skating with my family all over parks in Los Angeles, and climbing our huge maple tree in the backyard. (I had a blast with my 4 younger siblings too!)

  103. A favorite memory is when my father (since passed) surprised us with a real Christmas tree (instead of a fake one). When we were little my mom didn’t drive and was a stay at home mom with three little ones. She would put up the fake tree and we would make paper decorations. Except one year, dad brought home a real tree for us. I can still smell the fresh pine scent from that tree! What a treat!

  104. I love so many things about my childhood home-especially that when I picture it-I see my mom in all the different rooms with all those memories as she has passed away now. I also remember the neighborhood being full of kids and playing outside until the street lights came on-that was our signal to go insdie.

  105. There are so many great things about my childhood home: baking with Mom, playing with my sister, eating watermelon with my Dad…the list could go on and on!

  106. One of my favorite childhood memories is chasing lighting bugs with my cousins!

  107. When I think of home, I think of summers and the patch of rasberry plants in the backyard and my parents making jam.

  108. My favorite childhood memory is of one XMAS when my brother was naughty and got coal in his stocking – I will always remember his shock and terrified expression.

  109. One of my favorite memories of my childhood home is when we brought home a new dalmatian puppy! Upon placing her on the floor in the kitchen she slid into all the walls because her tiny puppy paws couldn’t hold any traction on the linoleum tile! She was a great animal who added lots of adventures in that house!

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