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meganOur team is excited to introduce not one, but two new members of the Creating Keepsakes family. Both of these gals are talented, creative and fun. They’ve already brought so many cool ideas to the table that you’ll see in future issues of the magazine. Plus, they’re masters of the red pen (editing), which is great for our team and our magazine. Thanks for making me sound better, ladies. I always appreciate a good editor!

Now, without further ado, let’s get to know Dorathy and Lara!


Full Name: Dorathy Gilchrist

Official CK job title: Associate Editor

You’ve been here about a week now. With all of that experience under your belt, what would you say is your favorite aspect of your new job? Working with the lovely people here and getting paid to create!

What color best describes you and why? Shades of blue. They can be fresh, fun, and crisp, or calm, contemplative, and enveloping (like a good story or dream).

The best place to blow $50: Thrift stores, because I love finding cool vintage items and letting my creativity go wild with ideas of how to use all the mismatched stuff. (But Archiver’s  is quickly becoming my next favorite!)

Favorite scrapbooking technique: To come up with something clever and fun with limited supplies and lots of creativity.

Favorite season: Autumn—because it’s the time to anticipate great things, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

If you were to pick one scrapbooking mag to rule them all, what would it be? The one I work for,  of course. 😉

Lara Penrod

Full Name: Lara Penrod

Official CK job title: Senior Editor

You’ve been here about a week now. With all of that experience under your belt, what would you say is your favorite aspect of your new job? Seeing all of the great layouts and creativity of our contributors and readers. These folks blow me away. I’ve been turning to them for inspiration for years now.

Something about yourself that you’re proud of: I’m Jocelyn’s aunt. I can occasionally even get her to admit that I’m her favorite aunt!

What color best describes you and why? What’s a really silly color? Because that would be me!

The best place to blow $50: Barnes & Noble

Favorite scrapbooking technique: Hmm… Maybe I should just go with actually getting a page done! My sister accuses me of just being a collector of scrapbook paraphernalia. What’s wrong with that?

A blog you look at for inspiration: Truth’s out, I am not a cyber girl. I turn to print materials every time. What can I say? I’m a writer!

Favorite season: Summer! I love the heat—and in Utah, there’s no humidity to ruin it.

If you were to pick one scrapbooking mag to rule them all, what would it be? CK of course! Even before I worked here, it was the #1 inspiration go-to for me.

Whoo hoo! We’re so excited to have these gals on our team. Please, help us welcome them to our blog world by leaving them a comment. We know they’ll love hearing from you just as much as we always do.

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor



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  1. Welcome! Always fun to see the great minds behind the magazine.

  2. w

  3. Welcome Lara and Dorathy!

  4. Its nice that you welcome the new ladies, but what about a ‘thanks so much’ to someone who is no longer there?

  5. How exciting for you ladies! Welcome, welcome, welcome!

  6. WELCOME Ladies 🙂

  7. welcome 🙂

  8. welcome! Love this mag–hope you enjoy working there!

  9. What happened to Beth?

  10. Welcome ladies! 🙂

  11. Welcome to Dorathy and Lara!
    It was nice to learn a little about you and hope to see much more of you in the future!


  12. Welcome, welcome, welcome! 🙂

  13. Welcome Dorathy and Lara;) So glad you joined the team–Have a great day:)

  14. Welcome Ladies, I know your going to have soo much fun with this team. Have a scrap happy day

  15. Great to meet you ladies! Congrats on joining the CK team! It is going to be super getting to know you better!

  16. Welcome to the CK Team Dorathy and Lara! Hope to get to know you both better in the near future. Suzy Plantamura

  17. […] S. Thanks for the warm welcome last week. I loved hearing from you. I think I’ll stick […]

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