Weekly Warm-Up: Holidays and Family

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Lori_FGood morning, CK friends! Happy Columbus Day and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you!

I love that there are so many holidays this time of year and that they give us a reason to gather together with our families. It’s so great to see everyone, take lots of photos of family members interacting with one another and hear about all the latest happenings.

These gatherings give me material for my favorite types of scrapbook pages—the ones that compare similarities between family members, tell classic family stories or serve as a way to tell someone how special they are to me. Take a look at the following three layouts for ideas you can use for pages about your family.

What family members share physical traits?

What family members share physical traits?

Look for the look-a-likes. Looking through old photos, I came across some pictures of my brother as a little boy and was struck by how much his daughter looks like him (their temperaments are also very similar, but that’s a story for another day). What physical traits do your family members share?

What family members share similar interests and tastes?

What family members share similar interests and tastes?

Recognize commonalities. List your likes and dislikes to discover who has similar tastes. This page from Maggie Holmes tells how she shares her sense of style and fashion with her grandmother. Who in your family do you share similar interests or preferences with?

What family member do you want to be like?

What family member do you want to be like?

Pick up their best qualities. On this page, Brenda Arnall writes about how she wants to follow her grandmother’s example of making her grandchildren feel special. What traits and talents do you hope to emulate or learn from your family members?

What family member do you want to be like? Why? Leave us a comment and share your story. For more great ideas about recording family traits, stories, photos and memorabilia, check out Emily Falconbridge’s article “Handed Down” in our November 2009 issue.

Lori Fairbanks, Product Editor

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  1. Love to compare and find similarities between family members…realizing we are not so different after all 🙂

  2. These los are great and a great way to scrap family members.

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