Trend Talk: Elephants

10/01/2009 at 3:12 am | Posted in Hot Trends | 10 Comments
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Elephant onesies


circus elephant


Elephant place card holder


Care Bear


Elephant necklacetalk8White Elephant Collective

talk10Hambly Elephant Paper 


MYLYB - Baby Safari


music note

"Baby Elephant Walk" by Henry Mancini

Click on the music note to begin the song. Enjoy! 🙂



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  1. Man, I love elephants! They’re my favorite animal ever. I even crated a layout about them… but unfortunately, I didn’t have any cute elephant-themed products back then!

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE elephants!! probably because they have chunky legs, just like my toddler 2-year old daughter!! LOL.

  3. Love the wall vinyl – so whimsical! Very cute.

  4. Super fun trend talk!
    And with the new baby elephant at the zoo here, the ooohs and aaahs are on the news every night!
    To top it off, that song was my favorite as a kid, you are hitting all of my trend cylinders!


  5. I love trend talk…..those baby bibs are tooo cute and I love bling, so the necklace from Macys is HOT.

  6. Elephants are the best! They are so bright, their social structure is matriarchal and they are such sweet animals. Glad to see the owl trend go and the elephant trend come “marching in!!”

  7. Awesome trend!

  8. Great stuff, but I can’t beleive you left off Elephant Poo paper! I use it for scrapbooking all the time. There are tons of green sites that sell it. The story behind it goes something like this. Elephants were trampling crops in 3rd world countries so the natives were killing them. The had to do this for their own survival or starve to death themselves. Then someone realized that since elephants only eat vegetation, their poo was pure enough to be made into paper. The natives set up shop creating paper in beautiful colors and designs and marketing it to the world for scrapbooking and stationery. Now the elephants and the natives live side-by-side in peaceful coexistance. Check around on the web for this beautiful paper. Here are 3 to get you started: and and

  9. Hee hee…that is such a fun piece of music. ….and wow, elephants do look “big” right now *LOL*

  10. You two ladies have done it again 🙂 SO CUTE!!! Loving the trend and that ditty.

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