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Hello again, blog readers!

Do you sew on your pages? I love the look, and after reading Ali Edwards’ article “15 Easy Stitching Techniques” in the October issue of Creating Keepsakes, I’m itching to pull out my needle and thread.

Whether you’re already using sewing machine or hand-stitching on your layouts or have never ventured into either technique, Ali’s article has so many great tips to share. Come along with me, and let’s get stitching!

 October 2009 CK

Nervous about keeping your stitches straight? Don’t be! Sometimes, a little waviness can be oh-so-charming. Check out the cool wavy border that Ali added to her “Generations” page. So pretty!



I like to stitch by hand—my grandmother taught me to embroider when I was a little girl. Even though it can be time consuming, it’s relaxing and a great way to multi-task when I’m watching TV. Check out these cute border designs that use basic embroidery stitches—I think these would be darling on a page:


Need a refresher on basic stitches? Here’s an easy guide:


One tip I have for embroidery: Go ahead and knot the end of your thread (I have no idea why that’s a no-no in embroidery). It makes me feel like the stitching is more secure and I haven’t been able to see a difference in my projects.

Do you have any tips for stitching (by hand or machine) on your pages? Leave us a comment—we love hearing from you!

Lori Fairbanks
Product Editor, Creating Keepsakes

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  1. I love stitching on my layouts and cards. Just a tip for machine stitching….take care where you put any adhesive as stitching through it will gunk up your needle ….trust me, been there, done that;-)

  2. If I’m stitching on paper, since I have to do it by hand, I try to punch the holes first. Then the needle and thread seem to go through a little easier.

  3. I actually did a little tutorial on this. I hand or machine stitch on just about every project:

  4. I agree with Linda; you need to be careful where you put adhesive. I have a Janome sew-mini and love stitching on my cards. If you stitch on a layer that will be put down on your base, you can not worry about knots and just put adhesive down after you are done sewing to catch the ender threads…then apply regular adhesive to attach to your base. I also love stitching fabric to paper..a little strip of a special scrap, especially on a baby page is very special!

  5. I agree punching the holes first makes things sooo much easier. A friend of mine got some of the plastic sheets with squares all over them from the craft store and made her own 12 inch templates, I thought this was pretty nifty (and cheap)!

  6. My sewing trick? Rub-on stitches!!! or hand stitch an embellie to add to the page–never directly on the page–b/c I’m such an amateur.

  7. Hi have a fabulous tip for sewing on pages – I like doing a zig zag stitch on/off my photos. The photo paper that I use isn’t very slick and “grips” the metal presser foot, keeping the page in place. The result? Many unmentionable words uttered, pictures ruined and pages redone.

    I found a great solution – a Teflon coated presser foot. This thing doesn’t stick to anything and now I can stitch on photos, textured paper, anything. It just glides right over everything.

    Happy Scrapping Y’all!

  8. Yes! Definitely a tip. If you have any problems with your writes DO NOT hand sew on 25 different pages! LOL 😀 My wrist was killing me for about 4 days after that excursion! And I definitely recommend punching holes first. I have a paper piercer and that helps a whole lot!

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