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 The October issue of Creating Keepsakes is now on newsstands, and we’re thrilled to share it with you. We’re especially excited because this issue is themed as our “Top 10” issue for 2009. In the magazine you’ll find the top 10 tips and ideas for numerous topics. Since I can’t fit them all in one post (without making it over 10 feet in length), I’ll share an overview of 10 of my favorite articles from the issue. Did I mention that the magazine provides over 10 outstanding ideas for each of these topics?


1. Clever new ways to dress up chipboard

2. Fun and inexpensive font finds for your most-scrapbooked themes

3. Pictures to capture your life every month of the year—that’s 120 photo ideas in the article!

4. The best photos to take this fall

5. Design tips for scrapbooking Halloween festivitiesOctober 2009 CK

6. Fun activities to participate in throughout the month

7. Free type paths for journaling in a shape (You’ll find them as free downloads in this article.)

8. Top tips for adding stitching to your layouts

9. Layouts about yourself (I know you may not want to make them, but it’s worth taking the time! Get started with one of these six easy quizzes.)

10. The best adhesives in 10 categories (Our editorial team spent over eight hours testing boxes of different brands and products to find the best ones for your creativity.)


And now for a little behind-the-scenes peek into the creation of the October 2009 issue.

In our April issue, we called for your “Amazing Pages.” Boy, did we have a hard time narrowing the submissions. The task was too difficult, so rather than stopping at just 10 pages, we selected 20. We shared 10 of them in the magazine, and you’ll find the other 10 here.

On pages 50–51, you saw a glimpse of the amazingly talented Mou Saha’s craft room. We’re pleased to share her blog with you as well, so you can get to know her (and be inspired by her) even more.

To test the adhesives for #10 above, we scored all the products using this rubric.

CK Adhesive Lab Scoring Sheet

CK Adhesive Lab Scoring Sheet

We saw many more Halloween-themed products than we could fit into the magazine. For example, you saw some of this great Trick or Treat line from Little Yellow Bicycle, but I couldn’t resist showing you these accents as well.

Little Yellow Bicycle Trick or Treat accents

Little Yellow Bicycle Trick or Treat accents

And check out this festive Eerie collection from BasicGrey.

BasicGrey Eerie collection

BasicGrey Eerie collection

You’re sure to find this delightful Spooky Town collection from Imaginisce to be a real treat.  I love it!

Imaginisce Spooky Town elements

Imaginisce Spooky Town elements

Plus, I can think of plenty of ways to use Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels to add a spooky feeling to my scrapbook pages.

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist


A Halloween Giveaway

In addition to the 10 great sweepstakes being held in conjunction with the magazine, we have a special giveaway just for our blog readers. Our team has put together 5 goodie bags filled with Halloween product (including the fabulous products in this post) waiting for you! Leave a comment on this post by this Friday (September 18) telling us your favorite article or tip from the October issue for your chance to win. Winners will be announced early next week.


Brittany Beattie, Managing Editor, Creating Keepsakes



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  1. I loved the whole mag, but Jennifer and Ali’s articles are still firm favourites!

  2. the magazine was wonderful this month! awesome job, CK. I would have to say that my all-time favorite article is Becky’s Sketches (she will be missed!) and A nice surprise was the additional Stitching article by Ali Edwards 😉 loved it!

  3. As always Ali is my fave.
    “10 ways to think about scrapbooking”

  4. I really liked the “How-To” for Easy Ruffle borders on page 73 from 10 Shortcuts for Fast and Beautiful pages.

  5. I too liked the stitching tips!

  6. I always enjoy Ali’s articles, but I also liked “The 10 Most Important Pages Missing From Your Album”–that article gave me a lot to think about and generated many ideas! Thank you!!

  7. Well, I love Becky & Ali’s articles (as usual), the stitching tips and the ruffle borders tips, and all the Halloween ideas (my favorite time of the year!)

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  8. The quizzes about me! I don’t have kids, so this gives me more to scrap!!!!

  9. I really liked seeing the top 10 pages. I liked that several were “new” faces and different from the regulars in the magazine. I also LOVED the quizzes–gave me a lot of great ideas for pages!

  10. My absolute favorite one that I’ve bookmarked, is the ideas to dress up your chipboard! I’m a chipboard fanatic and I love all the ideas on what I can do with them 🙂

  11. I love the type paths… always looking for more creative ways to use computer generated journaling!

  12. I loved the stitching tips – I’m hoping to be brave enough to start incorporating these ideas onto my pages. 🙂

  13. My favorite was the chipboard tool and techniques! I bought some a while back for making wordbooks and now I have a million ideas of how to use it in other ways! Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  14. “The 10 Most Important Pages Missing From Your Album”–that article was full of ideas!!

  15. My fav was the “10 Most Important Pages Missing from your Album” article. I tend to scrap celebrations and day to day stuff, but I need to include more in-depth pages. Thanks for the ideas.

  16. Becky’s Sketches are always my favorite but I really enjoyed Ali Edwards’ article about stitching.

  17. My favs are the top 10 adhesives. I had just ran out of pop dots before I got my issue and was wanting to try something different. Thanks for the list!!

  18. I liked the adhesive review. Always on the lookout for new adhesive products, aren’t you?

  19. I liked “10 Shortcuts for Fast and Beautiful Pages,” “10 Can’t-Miss Photos to Take Each Month,” and “The 10 Most Important Pages Missing from your Album.”

  20. Great Magazine this month (and always). I loved the adhesive portion. I’m always looking for the best adhesive for certain situations, and like that you all broke it down. Thanks!

  21. I loved the ALL ABOUT ME section, the quizzes are a very good prompt. I have already journaled five pages about me and hope to get them into layouts this weekend!

  22. I loved the ten most important pages missing from your album article. ❤
    please enter me

  23. I love the whole sewing article I’ve been wanting to try it for some time now and now I have an whole article full of Ideas!

  24. Absolutely loved this issue!! My favorite was the article by Ali with sewing tips 🙂

  25. I loved Ali Edwards’ article, “10 Ways to Think about Scrapbooking”. I just love how she makes it so simple–document your daily routine, get back to the basics and my number 1 favorite…don’t feel guilty!

  26. the 10 most important pages missing from your album!!!

  27. I would LOVE to comment on my favorite tip from the October issue, only I don’t have it yet. Why? Because I’m a subscriber, and it hasn’t shown up in my mailbox, even though it is on all the newsstands. I hate to buy it when it should be in the mail. Any day now, right???

  28. I always love the top 10 Issues! I like the stitching tips. Top 10 Layouts…oh shucks ..I love it all! 🙂

  29. Stitching all the way. I can’t wait to grab ahold and get stitching! I have been too scared to try it before now!

  30. I actually had two VERY favorites in this issue. They were: The 10 Most Important Pages Missing From Your Album and the 12 month list of pictures to take! LOVE THEM both!!!

  31. I love the whole magazine, but I especially love the article about different wants to dress chipboard. I also love Becky Higgins sketch.

  32. I love all the tips in the magazine. I really liked all the chipboard ideas. I’ll be sure to use lots of these ideas on future projects.

  33. “10 shortcuts for the fast and beautiful pages.”

  34. I love reading Ali’s article! Love her style!

  35. “10 Can’t-Miss Photos to Take Each Month” was great! Just when you think you’ve taken every picture possible for the month..you get an idea to stack sweatersfor another page to scrap about in January!Especially when you had it available to print in a neat pdf file! I printed a bunch for my scrap group to put in their journals as a great reference! Now some of the gals want to subscribe to the mag!

  36. I loved the article on the adhesives and the ruffling technique with the crepe paper!

  37. I have to say I love the adhesives article. I am always looking around to see what new adhesives is out.

  38. I liked the computer tricks of typing on a curve and dressing up the chipboard.

  39. I always love the Halloween issue because it’s my favorite holiday!!! Not sure which part was my favorite…. stitching tips were cool and I loved the adhesive review and of course everything Halloween related! Thanks for the great magazine!!!

  40. “10 Can’t-Miss Photos to Take Each Month” I always need fresh pictures.

  41. 10 Can’t-Miss Photos to Take Each Month I always need fresh pictures.

  42. I think my favorite article was the 10 Most Important Pages. I really try to scrap all the important stuff like that to add to our story, and thios article gave me some new ideas. Thank you!

  43. “10 ways to think about scrapbooking”
    it’s my fav for this month
    thanks for all the inspiration

  44. my fav article is 10 Most Important Pages, perfect for inspiration for my layouts
    thanks for the chance

  45. love your article about ruffling technique with the crepe paper, it gives my ideas for a mini album

  46. 10 Can’t-Miss Photos to Take Each Month : my very fav
    but I love to read every article

  47. 10 shortcuts for the fast and beautiful pages.
    and all Ali’s articles
    thanks so much for the inspiration and the techniques

  48. “10 ways to think about scrapbooking”
    and “10 Can’t-Miss Photos to Take Each Month”
    thanks for the chance to win

  49. What an awesome issue! My favorite was the adhesives article. I have my favorites and never branch out to try new things as I’m afraid they will be a waste of money. It’s nice to have some new ‘tried and try’ products to try.

  50. Sooooo wonderful issue!!! I love the festive Eerie collection from BasicGrey and Ali’s article!!!


  51. The stitching tips give us more ideas!!!

  52. I like seeing Mou’s room.

  53. I liked the page ideas for 4×6 pictures. I am trying to implement Library of Memories, and I have printed a bunch of 4×6 pictures.

  54. I like how tags were re-purposed for backgrounds for titles.

  55. I have always loved Becky’s sketches, but I love the photo ideas too!

  56. Loved reading about and looking into Mou’s room…always inspires me to see how others organise their scrappy spaces, plus, I’m a huge Mou fan 🙂

  57. I love Laura Vegas’ layout on the front cover!

  58. This is such a great issue so it is hard to pick just one favorite! Geuss I will stick with my all time favorites and say Jessica’s tip on typing on a curve and as always, Becky’s monthly scketch layout. There are so many great ideas and tips in this issue that I definitely want to try out, many a page has been dog eared!

  59. I have not bought a copy yet but I will soon. My fav part in the mag is Dear Lizzy.

  60. My favorite tip was the list of photos to take, some of them were really unique and nothing I would have thought of. It’s a great reference material.

  61. Ali’s stitching article was wonderful. I loved having this in addition to her Studio A column. I am now committed to breaking out my sewing machine and actually learning how to load it and use it!

  62. My favorite was the top 10 adhesives. I never know what to use and this was very helpful to me! =)

  63. I really enjoyed the article about Mou’s scrapbook studio. She and I have similar philosophies when it comes to organizing a creative space, so I enjoyed her room quite a lot!

  64. I always enjoy reading your magazine, and as always I have read this one cover to cover! my favorite is anything Ali has to say! love her style! her journaling, her pictures! Congrats on that beautiful baby!

  65. I like the stitching tips! I’m new to sewing and trying to get better, so this was awesome!

  66. I already enjoy stitching on pages, but I loved seeing all the other stitiching ideas.

  67. As always I love the pull out pages of sketches. Its always a great place to start when Im stuck, and most times it turns out nothing like the sketch! lol 🙂

  68. Becky’s sketch is ALWAYS my favorite…SO SAD TO SEE HER LEAVE YOU ALL!!!!

  69. I’m way excited about the chipboard ideas because I just got a bunch as a gift and wanted to add some personal touches.

  70. I absolutely LOVED Ali Edwards’ stitching article. I have not done much stitching on my layouts, but I am inspired to do LOTS more after that wonderful article.

  71. I really enjoyed the layouts with the 4 x6 photos!

  72. This whole magazine is jam-packed with tips so I can’t really pick one thing. I always enjoy everything Ali and Becky though 🙂

  73. I think the adhesive article has been my favorite … but all have been helpful! Hard to choose … this was a really, REALLY good issue!

  74. I loved Ali’s stitching article!

  75. I loved the stitching article!

  76. I loved the stitching tips…I am always looking for ways to add more texture to my paper crafts.

  77. I liked the whole mag, especially the cover. I’m a fan of Laura’s work (and blog), and I was thrilled to see her layout right on the front.

  78. Had to cut out the 10 Can’t Miss Photos to Take Each Month. Hoping to upgrade to a big girl camera soon and this list will be coming in handy!

  79. Jennifer’s Tools and Techniques article is always a favorite, but I also really enjoyed “The 10 Most Important Pages.” It’s always hard to write about myself.

  80. Layouts about you or I guess, me. I have never made a page about me and know I should. I can use some of your ideas and make one, now. Maybe.

  81. Becky’s sketches.

  82. i love getting to see others’ crafting spaces 😀

  83. I like the stitching article and the ways to dress up chipboard. Thanks for a chance to win.

  84. Loved Ali’s stitching article and even though I don’t have a sewing machine I am inspired to try some of her techniques with hand stitching!

  85. I loved Ali’s stitching article!
    So inspiring!

  86. I really like seeing the scrap spaces of everyone else! i always get a new idea for my own space.

  87. I’ve just recently started stitching on my layouts, so I loved all the stitching tips!

  88. I haven’t had a chance to read the issue yet, but I’m looking forward to reading about adhesives!! I always stick to the same adhesive (pun intended 😉 ) but I’d like to see if there’s something else that would work better for me!

  89. Big fan of Ali’s articles! Thanks for all the inspiration.


  90. The whole issue was great! I really liked the shortcuts for fast pages and the stitching tips!

  91. Hi, I really loved the stitching tips article and also always appreciate digi scrap help.
    Great issue. thanks hope I win.

  92. The info on how to make ruffled borders was great!

  93. Pictures to capture your life every month of the year—that’s 120 photo ideas in the article. I always seem to take the same picture over and over.

  94. Layouts about myself! Yes, I have promised myself over and over again that I would do this and now with these fun quizzes I think I can finally get started. Thanks! Nancy

  95. I have to say, my favorite is Top 10. I love to see the best of the best!!

  96. My absolute favorite layout is Deena Wuest’s from the “Amazing Pages” article. I love the idea of using words in the photo as part of the title and matching the font, colors, and embellishments so closely to the photo.

  97. There are many articles that I like, but I love the Top 10!!! It’s the BEST!!!


  98. Halloween is my favorite!! I loved the stitching section for sure!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  99. As always…Becky’s Sketches!

  100. I always enjoy Becky and Ali’s articles , loved all the stitching ideas and I am also planning to download all the fonts–just love fonts! Thanks for the chance to win!

  101. I loved the whole magazine, but I really liked the quizes about me. I started my “Me” ablum last year and its been difficult to come up with ideas for pages.

  102. My favorite article was the clever ways to dress up chip board. I have a lot of chip board and I am always looking for new ways to decorate it. This was an AWESOME edition. Very good ideas! Keep them coming.

  103. I love the easy ruffle border instructions!!! Can’t wait to try it.

  104. I always get the most out of Becky’s sketches! I also loved the “10 Can’t-Miss Photos to Take Each Month” article and dressing up chipboard!

  105. Love the stitching tips! And the dressing up the chipboard too!

  106. I’m excited to read about the new ways to dress up chip board. I’m also quite interested in the adhesive article. Can’t wait to read the whole mag!

  107. I loved the 10 most important pages – especially the idea about the three most defining moments. When trying to figure out what my child might want to know about my life, it was hard to find a direction. This idea will help me journal about something very meaningful; and to write three points will be valuable but not overwhelming.

  108. Studio A is always my favorite! 🙂

  109. I really liked the photo taking tips and the pages not scrapped articles.

  110. I love the stitching article by Ali. I liked the 10 most important pages article as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. I love the photo ideas in any shape or form. I need to know how to take them, change them, scrap them and fit more on a page…so every little article helps!

  112. I love Halloween layouts. Fall colors are my favorite to scrap.

  113. I just re-read Ali Edwards’ 15 Easy Stitching Techniques as I’ve just made my sewing machine a permanent fixture on my craft table and I really LOVE all the hints/tips/ideas she gives in that article. I do more cardmaking than scrapbooking right now and this will also be a big help in that process!!!

  114. Great issue but I made sure to download the photos to take every month. I bore myself with the same photos every year so I’m posting each months list to my fridge to make sure I get a better variety of pictures. Thank you CK!

  115. I love pointers on stitchin- and fall layouts!! It’s nice to break out of the mold with new ideas!

  116. I dog-eared the page with a step-by-step to gathering crepe paper along the edge of a photo. It looks so fun and timeless, and I can’t wait to try!

  117. I loved Jennifer McGuire’s tips on using chipboard. And I always love Ali’s articles. She’s a fave.

  118. It’s a tie! I loved Jen McGuire’s article, and both of Ali’s articles!!! This was a great issue.

  119. Loved the stiching article!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  120. i love the fall layouts great colors.

  121. I loved looking at the inspirational pages from the top 10.

  122. My favorite was the Top 10 Layouts!

  123. I really liked the type paths for journaling in a shape. I’m always looking for ways to add little touches on my layouts, and this is a great way to do it!

  124. I love the all about me section, it has forced me to actually journal about myself and I already have three pages planned, now to find the time to do them!

  125. The adhesives article was very helpful. I hope to share at my next class.

  126. I haven’t finished reading the whole magazine yet, but I really have liked all the “10” ideas and suggestions. I like the 10 pictures to take. I spend a lot of the time looking over all the layout/projects putting my photos/occaions in their place. Great maagazine.

  127. The ’10 Can’t Miss Photos To Take Each Month’ – especailly while working on P365. I seem to have fallen into a rut lately & this got my creative photo juices flowing again.

  128. I enjoyed the 10 amazing pages and am off to check out the additional 10 that are online.

  129. I loved the stitching techniques, the chipboard ideas, and the top ten!

  130. How do you pick just one? This was an amazing issue! I loved it all! I do hope that the article about “missing pages” will motivate me to actually scrapbook about myself some day though. So far, it’s been all about the kids.

  131. 10 Shortcuts for Fast and Beautiful Pages was my favorite for this issue but my all time favorite would be Becky’s sketches. she will be missed.

  132. I love the stitching tips and hope to start incorporating them soon into my layouts!

  133. Thanks for another great magazine! I’m traveling at the moment and looking forward to getting to read the full mag when I get home. Couldn’t resist a sneak on line peak though. For me, the article about journalling about yourself was the highlight… such a hard topic to address, and so much easier with prompts like these!

    Pedita Hall

  134. My favorite article from this issue is the Best Photos to Take This Fall. I love how it gives me ideas on different photos to take other than the usual.

  135. I love the text paths. And I also really like the stiching article too! 🙂

  136. I always turn to Ali’s article first when I get an issue. I have been playing more with my little sewing machine, so the stitching article was perfect. I also really liked the article on chipboard and all of the Halloween inspiration.

  137. I love it all, but I would say the top adhesives! Since my favorite is discontinuing, I needed this!

  138. the top 10 adhesives was a great help – i hate to spend money unless i know it will work – thanks!

  139. I loved ALi’s article.

  140. I’m completely excited about the text-on-a-curve in Photoshop Elements. I will definitely be using this!!

  141. I just started using Core’dination cardstock and it was great to see some awesome ways to use this neat cardstock!

  142. I love ideas to dress up your chipboard.

  143. I liked the curved typing article best

  144. There were so many to choose from…but I’d have to say my favorite was the tip for putting a sheet of craft/fun foam under cardstock when stamping! I’ve just started stamping & making cards…WOW! It makes such a difference! Thank you!

  145. I loved the stitching tips and how to dress up your chipboard, both were very helpful. Thanks for the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

  146. The October issue rocks! My favorite article was tips for photo taking. I learn new things each month, but this month had a lot.

  147. My favorite top ten article had to be “quick pages with 4 x 6 photos”. Mainly because that is my favorite size to create with. I have created albums and pages with all the sizes but I really love 4 x 6 size. Thanks for the chance!! 😀

  148. I haven’t had a chance to crack my October issue open yet! I’m sure I will love every page from cover to cover!

  149. Looks like there’s a LOT of greatness in the issue! I’ll have to check it out!

  150. It’s so hard to pick a favorite when I love every issue of CK from cover to cover. Since I just bought a Janome sew mini, I was particularly interested in the article “15 Stitching Techniques.” Thanks for putting together such a beautiful issue!

  151. Loved the stitching article and thought the whole issue was a great one!

  152. I took a look for your magazine at the local newstand and the most current one they had in stock was August!

  153. My favorite article was Ali’s on stitching – love all the ways she made stitching more accessible. I’m going to try stitching a title – I love how that looked.

  154. I liked the different ways to use chipboard, and of course, I loved Ali’s column and Amanda’s too!

  155. I know you have a ton of experts on your staff. . . like to see what others out in the real world are doing so enjoyed the “10 readers” in print and on the site.

  156. The entire magazine has lots of great information, but I keyed in on the “tools & techniques” this month. Sometimes it great to be reminded what you can do with chipboard, or any other technique or tool!

  157. I love Ali’s sewing tips. Beautiful layouts and inspiring ideas. Thanks!

  158. October was a great issue. My fav article is the 10 amazing reader pages. The layouts were truly amazing and it gave me hope that one day I could grace the pages of CK. Also all the giveaways in this issue is amazing. It’s unreal all the prizes that u guys have come up with for this month. Good Luck to all the ppl who enter.

  159. 10 Shortcuts to fast pages was one of my favorites. Although it would be very difficult to pick just one. I loved the whole publication. An excellent way for me to destress is to comb those pages. Thanks for the chance to win, I am a Halloween Queen!

  160. I loved the article about fast and easy layouts using 4×6 photos.

  161. cute stuff

  162. Got my magazine today in the mail – just in time! I really liked the Easy Stitching Techniques article. I love to stitch on my cards and that article gave me some great ideas!

  163. So much to love! I have to say the article on quick and easy pages with 4×6 photos is among my faves. Also the article on what’s missing from my scrapbooks. The quizzes in this article really helped me to junmpstart the journaling for these types of lo’s! Thank you CK!

  164. I loved the whole magazine but my favorite article was the 10 photos to take every month, I am going to post it up by my calendar to remind me to take some different pictures each month!

  165. I love the “Cool Things” who knew there was designer duct tape (I didn’t). Thanks for the chance at your giveaway

  166. The ten most important pages missing from your album article.What a great article!

  167. I love the photoshop tips, I’m a new ps user so can use all the help I can get!

  168. I loved the sewing techniques and the 10 photos to take every month.

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