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maurianneWelcome back for this month’s edition of “An Insider’s Look.” The September issue of Creating Keepsakes was so fun to put together because we all love the back-to-school theme—it’s such an exciting time of year with the new pencils, new classes, and even new schools. I’ll be heading back to school this fall to start a graduate degree, so this issue makes me even more excited than normal! It makes me want to go shopping for new school clothes and notebooks, but I have so many fun insights to share with you about this issue, so let’s get started.

Let’s start with the cover. This fun layout by Cindy Tobey has many techniques you can try on your pages. Make a number 2 pencil into something fun. Here, Cindy transformed the pencil into a branch by adding leaves and a cute owl. She also explains how she created the chalkboard effect on her blog. Check it out, and try it on one of your school layouts.


Sometimes, we call on our talented contributors to create more than layouts for us. On page 69, you’ll see this adorable art on the opening page for the article “Moving up a Grade.” This was created by Suzy Plantamura.


Next, I hope you loved Kelly Purkey’s article “Hot Fall Trends” as much as I did. It’s exciting to see some of this fall’s hottest fashion trends applied to scrapbooking. Beth Opel collaborated with Kelly to decide on which trends to feature. Then our graphic designers decided they would like to photograph a pair of brand new shoes for the opening page. It didn’t take Beth long to agree to provide the new shoes for the shot. They’re now happily sitting in her closet, waiting for fall to come.


Last up this month, I’d like to tell you a little more about the Tamron lens (AF18-270mm VC) that was featured in “Cool Things” this month (page 122). It’s the world’s first 15X zoom lens, and it’s a great all-in-one lens if you’re looking for the perfect complement to your DSLR camera (for Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras). It also features Vibration Compensation, which is an anti-shake mechanism. This allows you to take blur-free photos up to 4 stops slower than usual. Just think of the shots you can get from sunrise to sunset!

Tamron 18-270 VC (B003)_RGB

Here’s the most exciting part: Tamron is giving away one of these lenses (valued at $629) to a lucky CK reader! If you’d like a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post with what you loved about the September issue of CK or how you would find the Tamron lens useful in your photography. Check the “giveaways” tab at the top of the blog on Friday, August 28 to see if you’re the winner!

-Maurianne Dunn, Associate Editor



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  1. i loved reading and perusing through all the icandy layouts. i love scrap lifting ideas from all the different layouts. i esp. love to keep up with the latest and greatest products! keep up the great work…you keep me inspired!

  2. Always love the latest and greatest that is featured! That lens is a dream!!!

  3. I love looking at all of the ideas and projects. It gives me so much motivation and help with my own projects. The colors and designs are always so creative that helps me be a little more creative myself.

  4. I always love the back to school stuff. I started scrapbooking after my kids were grown, so I have a lot of catching up to do!

  5. I would LOVE that lense!

  6. I love that the Associate Editor is such an incredible woman!!

  7. i loved reading and perusing through all the icandy layouts. i love scrap lifting ideas from all the different layouts. i esp. love to keep up with the latest and greatest products! keep up the great work…you keep me inspired!

    i’ve always heard great things about the tamron lens. how much lighter the lens is and how much crisper the pictures come out. i would love to be able to try this on my canon. i think this lens would help out with the close-up and sports settings on my camera. g’luck all!

  8. Well, really///who can’t always use a fabulous new lens? OK, I don’t actually have a DSLR camera yet…but this lens would give me the final pusj to go get one 🙂

  9. i LOVE back to school layouts and ideas. my girls aren’t school age yet, but as a former teacher, back to school always gets me excited. happy tuesday!!

  10. I loved the faux-quilting technique! I can’t wait to try it on my next layout!

  11. I loved the September issue. It was full of great ideas for back to school layouts. I enjoy looking at the Reader’s Gallery section. i like seeing who is picked by CK and then by the blog readers as a great new LO. Thanks for the chance to win an new lense. It would be great to add to my new DSLR camera! Thanks!

  12. My daughter is heading to kindergarten next month so I’ve been pouring over the back to school layouts…trying to memorize which shots I want to take to capture the milestone. The Tamron lens…how wouldn’t it help my photography.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. This Tamron lens would be the perfect fit- I love taking shots from further away to either achieve journalistic-style photos or to zoom in on camera-shy nature; and to have vibration reduction in a lens would be heavenly!

  14. I loved the article on “5 do-it-yourself portrait ideas” This helps me have a plan for my back to school shots this year, maybe some fun variations from the standard ones I’ve been doing for 12 years 😀 Thank you for all the inspirational ideas on getting the kids to journal their memories and thoughts of their first days of school.

    The Tamron lens would be awesome for all those Fall Football games that end up having low light and are far away. The zoom range would mean cutting down on having multiple lens changes that cause missed shots, too!

  15. We are going to Africa in October and that lens would be just perfect for wildlife photography!!! And I love the LOs where the kids shared their feelings and stories about going back to school. I wish I had captured those stories from my own children.

  16. As always I love Ali Edwards article. Inspired by roles. Wow, would love to win this lens. Love that it can used with both Nikon and Cannon. Zoom on my point and shoot is what I always love about that one when I don’t want to disturb what I am taking a photo of. This would allow the same thing.

  17. Oh I’d love a new lense. . . and I LOVE CK magazine. I love when it appears on my desk and I take the afternoon to peruse through it. Great ideas, great layouts, great articles!

  18. I love seeing how people organize their craft space. It gives me great ideas for organizing mine! I also liked the ideas for taking your own school back to school pictures. Every year my kids are posed the same way. This year I’ll use some of those great poses!

  19. I always love the back to school issue, I am working backwards on school pages and this issue always gives me lots of ideas for completing the pages. Winning the Tamron lens would be an added plus to the one I already have and would allow me more flexibility in taking picture.

  20. WOW thanks!!! 😀
    i love all the inspiration in the magazine and the “clasess” you put in there, it’s like going to school all over again!

  21. A few things I enjoyed in the September issue of CK was: Becky’s sketch–so versatile and applicable to any page. I loved Ali’s column, as always, and have already completed a page about my work space. I also love the monthly sketch tear-out of all the pages from that issue. It’s a helpful resource. For the Tamron lens, this would be huge! I am going to Africa in December to work with HIV+ orphans ( and I do not have the ability to carry around a tripod on the trip. Having the flexibility to take pictures that would normally be fuzzy would be amazing. What a great product!

  22. That lens would certainly improve my picture-taking skills!

  23. Oh my gosh, I would love to win that lense! It would just look perfect on my Nikon D80!
    I love every edition of CK! But who can resist the back to school theme, especially with my big girl going to kindergarten this year!

  24. I would love to see in the September issue…creative ways to easily edit photos. Using either Elements or Photoshop (or both).

    I would love that tamron lens. I can’t even imagine how useful it would be to have this lens. It would eliminate toting around multiple lens. I would never had to miss a fun shot because I was too close or too far away. That opens up endless possibilities! Amazing..

  25. The “Save $$$ – Take your own School Portraits” was a great article and a great idea! During the economic crisis, we need all the ideas we can get on how to save $$$’s! I would love to win the Tamron lens for my Nikon DSLR. I still use the stock lens it came with and would love an upgrade!!

  26. I loved the Take you own School Portraits article. I am always willing to try new ideas when taking pictures of my kids.

    The Tamron lens would be the do all lens for my Canon, and what an addition for my upcoming trip to Washington DC.

    Thank you CK.

  27. I loved the layouts in the mag – fantastic inspiration as always, and also good for getting me in the back-to-school mood!

  28. I’ve drooled over that lens in our local camera shop so many times it’s a wonder that it’s not marked down for clearance due to drool induced rust damage! 🙂 With that kind of zoom I might actually be able to sneak up on my family and get photos of their faces instead of hands held up to the lens. 🙂

  29. Want the Tamron, so I can take better pictures of my baby

  30. With three little ones in school, I’m always on the lookout for new School-themed pages! I especially love the owl images for a hint of “wise”! 😉
    The Tamron lens sounds like just what I need…I love my Canon camera but hate the bulkiness of having to lug multiple lenses around with me all the time…This one lens may be the PERFECT solution to my problem!

  31. I love all the fall-related themes! I would love the Tamron lens to take some great fall-themed pictures!

  32. I love all the back to school layouts. My daughter isn’t school age yet, but I find myself looking forward to those days just so I can use some of those ideas.

    I also love looking at how other people organzize their craft space. As a crafter with a limited amount of space, I have gotten some really good ideas.

    The lens! I want it so bad! I know that I would use the lens to its full potential. Everything from close-ups of my daughter to beautiful scenery shots. I am going on a trip in a couple of months and I am going to be doing some landscape photography, that would be the perfect opportunity to try out my new lens.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. I loved the school layouts. And of course I always love all the inspiration I get from everyone’s wonderful LOs!

  34. I’ve really enjoyed the direction the magazine has taken over the last few months. This issue is no exception. Enjoyed all the tips about back to school photos.

  35. Well, I didn’t get this issue because of a “glitch” in my subscription. (NOT MY FÅULT) But I always love when you include the sketches of the pages. Such a great starting point. I have had my eye on that lens!!! I’d love to win it.

  36. I really love all the great back-to-school page ideas! I have 2 school-age children that are involved all sorts school and extra-curricular activites and I need a great lens like this one to get up close and reduce the blur/vibration (esp. at dance recitals!) Thank you for the chance to win one!!!

  37. I loved this issue. All the back-to-school layouts gave me such inspiration. I can’t wait to get back to my scrap table and play with a few of the layouts.

    I would love the Tamron lens to help me take better action shots of my kids. A lot of my photos do come out blurred. I’m thinking the Vibration Compensation would help with that.

  38. Blur free is a lovely thing. I would love to win this lens!

  39. ALL of the back to school stuff!!! My nephew started school this year and I am super thrilled to have all of these fabulous ideas to use for his kindergarten book!!!

  40. I love Jessica Sprague’s Computer Tricks and Ali Edwards’ Studio A columns, as always!

  41. I am a rodeo mom who loves to capture my kids in action. I think that lens could be a huge asset to my camera and aid in getting great action shots. My biggest problem is getting action shots indoors they are always blurry. In the winter our rodeos are indoors making getting great photos difficult. I think this lens would be an answered to my problems.

  42. As always, Becky’s sketches & Ali’s Studio A articles are my favorites.

  43. I am a birder and always wish I could take close-up photos of the many birds that I watch. The Tamron lens would enable me to share my love of birds with the people who see my photographs. I would LOVE to have this lens! Then I could give my photographs to my daughter-in-law, who is enjoying my birthday present to her, a gift subscription to CK. She’s the scrapbooker and maybe she’d do a bird book for me. What do you think?

  44. As in every issue, I enjoy looking at all the different layouts. They help to inspire and motivate me with my own projects.

  45. omg- i loved the whole september issue! we homeschool so don’t usually start up as early as the schools. these ideas are very inspiring as we begin planning.
    BUT the lens – wow! such a great idea. i’m asking for a DSLR for my birthday this month. we just had a new baby and i’d love to try my hand at some at home photo sessions and still be able to take zoom shots at our bigge kids’ soccer games. this all-in-one lens would almost be like a point and shoot but with DSLR quality and flexibility.

  46. I’m always sad when summer is coming to an end, so it’s nice to have something nice to look forward to with your articles! 🙂
    I would LOVE to win the lens! I love to take pictures of deer in my backyard and the 270mm would be fantastic!! And having that in the same lens that gives a nice wide angle.. wow!!

  47. The Tamron lens has been on my wish list for practically forever. I take a lot of portrait type shots as well as sports photography and everything in between. I love that this lens does it all and well! Don’t even get me started on the stabilizer! 😀

  48. As for what I love about the september issue? I can’t pin point a thing, I thought it was all interesting reading. But, being a photographer I especially love the monthly columns relating to photography! As for why I’d like the lens? I really need a lens that I can shoot more wide with. My current lens’ range is from 24-70mm. Which is great! But the 18mm would be helpful at times! The zoom capabilities would be nice too! I already own a telephoto Tamron, and am pleased with the lens quality.

  49. I love the idea of using shoes for the fashion trend photo!

  50. What I loved the best about the issue was the chalkboard effect on the cover layout. Cindy is a genius! And in terms of how the lens would help my photography, I am in need of a good telephoto lens. And the IS capabilities would be a huge help for me.

  51. I always look forward to a new issue of CK. I especially love the overall mood for this last issue: BACK TO SCHOOL. I love this time of year, a time to start fresh.

  52. I would love a new lens to help me take better indoor shots.

  53. ooooh loving the LOs!!! so much fun 😀 can’t wait to read it 🙂

  54. oh my gosh I would just LOVE that lens! I have had my DSLR for about a year and I still only have the lens that it came with. I really need to get a new one that has a bigger zoom. Oh I am soooo drooling right now!

  55. I am a teacher so I LOVED this issue! It makes me excited to go back to school! I loved the article “Turn Scrapbooking Supplies into Teaching Tools.” I thought it had great ideas to use at home or in the classroom. Thanks for the chance to win the lens!

  56. I would love, love, love to have this lens when we go to Disney World this fall. I could get some great shots of the animals at Animal Kingdom as well as my own little human animals! 🙂

  57. This Tamron lense with 15X zoom would definitely help me get closer to wildlife I enjoy photographing. No longer will I have to endanger myself to get as close as possible to get the “shot”. Another bonus is the anti shake so even when I’m fleeing a charging animal I can still get clear pictures.

  58. Since I’ve been “volunteered” to make my niece’s school days album, the back to school layouts have been super helpful to me

  59. I really like all the 2-page layouts that the magazine is showing nowadays.

    A new lense, who wouldn’t LOVE that? I imagine fabulous macro shots 🙂

  60. Holy Moly could I use this lens?! My hands shake like an old ladies under arm sag. I’m fairly new to the DSLR world and could really use something like this to get me going. Thanks for the opportunity!

  61. I love the article on how to take my own school portraits…because the ones they have taken at school NEVER turn out well and they cost so much. Even the smallest packets with a disk is over $20. I would much rather take their photos and wouldn’t I do a great job with the new Tamron lens….I also love that it would eliminate having to carry around multiple lenses!!

  62. **I love the article on how to take my own school portraits…because the ones they have taken at school NEVER turn out well and they cost so much. Even the smallest packets with a disk is over $20. I would much rather take their photos and wouldn’t I do a great job with the new Tamron lens….I also love that it would eliminate having to carry around multiple lenses!!**

  63. The Tamron lens would add to my photography because I don’t have a good zoom lens. I only have the zoom lens that came with the camera (Canon Digital Rebel), and I really can’t use it for indoor shots. I would love to have a lens like this that can handle wider apertures without blurriness. Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. I liked the 1, 2, 3 ideas in the Month by Month: September. This lens would be a great all around walk around lens!!

  65. I am in love with this lens, and have been eyeing the price for awhile now, waiting for a little drop. Winning this lens would be the best thing that’s happened to me this year. Photography brings me such joy and happiness. And I love spreading that to friends and family and all who see my photos.

  66. 4 stops lower? Wow – that would be a huge help! I’m going to take photos at my sister-in-laws wedding next month inside!
    Thanks for the chance… 🙂

  67. As always, my favorite part of the Sept issue was Becky’s Sketches. It’s the first thing I flip to each month! Also, I loved all the fun school ideas and the tips for taking your own school photo.

  68. I have been looking at this lens! I would love to win this for my Canon Xti!!!!

  69. I really love Becky’s idea of making a ”Thank you in advance teacher” card. I just received some new supplies in the mail and I’m off to make 2 cards for my children’s new preschool and kindergarten teacher. And I could use that lens to make beautiful school pictures too!

  70. I really enjoy CK mag in general so it’s hard to choose just one thing I love about it.

    I’ll say my favorite regular columns are Becky’s Sketches, Seasonal Solutions (love the color palettes–reminds me of Color Play from Simple Scrapbooking), Jessica Sprague’s Computer Tricks (I’m a digi scrapper so I almost always get some use out of this column), and Brian’s Top 5 (he always chooses neat things and I think it’s neat to see a guy who actually pays attention to scrapbooking).

    Now, with all that being said, my favorite feature from this Sept issue was Lori Anderson’s Getting Inspired by Library Books. The library is my 2nd home but I never thought to get inspiration from library book covers/typesetting before.

    I’m so glad CK mag is still around and can’t wait until I can get subscribe again 🙂

  71. I would find the new Tamron zoom lens really helpful because not only do I tend to shake a little when I take photographs but I have a really ACTIVE 21 month old daughter who would take (I’m sure) a pretty cute non-blurry photo!

  72. I’m loving all the school layouts and loving that I don’t have to get anyone ready to go back to school this year. It’s been a quiet month and that’s kind of nice! 🙂
    I’d love to have that lens. It’s in my cart at Amazon… but maybe it won’t have to be bought there? Let’s hope!

  73. I always love looking for new ideas on documenting the first day of school. The Sept issue also means that fall is approaching soon and that is my all-time favorite season.

  74. Let’s face it–I love every issue of Creating Keepsakes! The wide range of the Tamron lens would be fantastic to work with. I would love to win it. Awesome!

  75. That lens looks amazing and I would love to use it and take amazing photos!

  76. I love all the BTS ideas in the new issue. I want to make all my school pages unique, and these ideas help me to do just that!

  77. I loved Jennifer Mc’Guire’s column on tools and techniques. As always it was brilliant.

  78. Let’s face it….with two young daughters many of my best photo opportunities are indoors. On the down side, I refuse to turn on the flash. So to say the Tamron lens would improve our photo library of life’s everyday moments is an understatement.

  79. I love it all, but my favorite things about CK mag… the sketches – they get better every month 🙂 I also live for that little section that lists the number of photos on the layouts in the mag. When I am stumped that is where I start!!

  80. OMG! I can’t believe you’re giving away a 18-270 lens!!! I recently bought a D60 (Nikon) and it came with a 18-55 lens, and already after two weeks I figured it would never be enough for me, but when I found the prices for better lenses (more expensive than the camera!) I reconsidered…

    I’d love to win one of these! That’d be like a dream 🙂 I’m traveling to the US soon (three week road trip on the West Coast) and I would love to have this baby to take shots of the Grand Canyon and so on!

  81. I would love that lens! We are going on a road trip in Oct. and that lens would be perfecto for our trip! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  82. i would use this lens so much on my crazy boys who always seem to be running and jumping and moving..maybe i could finally get a great shot of them in action!

  83. I have 2 young school aged children, so loved the school layouts.

  84. I would find the lens useful because of its 15x zoom! That’s incredible. It seems like a great lens to have!

  85. Loved the back to school layouts and colors through the September issue. Great inspiration.

    I’m avid outdoor photographer (most of my layouts are hiking related)and the lens has a zoom range that would be perfect for my trips.

    Thank you.

  86. First I LOVED the whole back-to-school theme! I cannot wait to incorporate some of the ideas onto layouts about my son.
    As far as the lense goes, this would be a lifesaver for me! I recently dropped my camera and my 18-55 mm lense was damaged and no longer focuses properly. I would use it to take photos of my son for my husband who is currently overseas in Korea. Thank you!!

  87. This lens would be great for photographing my two sweet girls – AND the amazing scenery that is all around me!

  88. I really enjoyed Ali’s Studio A this month. I think we sometimes forget to document all of the aspects of our lives as moms, wives, professionals, daughters, and sisters.
    And that lens is amazing! My standard lens doesn’t always focus properly (that’s what happens when the strap comes undone and your precious DSLR hits the tile floor–uugghh!!) so this lens would be a VERY welcome addition to our house!

  89. I would love a new lens for my camera! I am just starting to get into serious photography, and I would love to learn more about how to take fantastic pictures with this! Love the cover layout, I went to her blog, and I’ll be using her chalkboard idea as my oldest son starts preschool this year! Thanks for the great ideas, as always!

  90. I love every issue… but I was a fresh face in this one- so it was especially exciting. I liked Candice’s photo tips- I love the emotion of the picture of the kids from behind. (The lens would be great for that! LOL!) I liked Jessica’s tips on multiple pics on one 4X6. I love doing that (because of Becky higgins), but I liked the instructions in Word to share with friends who don’t have Photoshop and the creative grouping of photos in her last example. Anyway… I could go on and on… A+ issue!

  91. Oh yes, how I would love a lens like this – first of all I need zoom! 55m is the highest I have right now. And secondly, I love the range of it. The less changing lenses, the better, at least at times. Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  92. I didn’t add why the lens would be useful… I just took Candice’s online Photography class and I learned so much! I don’t shoot in Auto mode anymore!! All I have is the kit lens, a nice lens with a more open aperture with this great zoom would be amazing!!

  93. I Love CK! I get a lot of my motivation and inspiration from them. The September issue is a great inspiration for those back to school projects. The techniques of using everyday items like a pencil to look like a tree branch. Cute idea! Love it…I would also love that Tamron lens for my DSLR. That would be so nice!!!

  94. i’d LOVE to try that lens out at disney world when we go in october!!

  95. I love the back-to-school LOs! They’re so fun! But then I just love school supplies in general so of course it’s right up my alley!

  96. As always, Becky’s sketch article was my favorite. I just can’t get enough of her style and I loved the fall colors on her layouts. What an amazing giveaway! I would love the anti-vibration feature!

  97. I devour photography. I love photos of anything and everything. I have 2 gorgeous lenses; a 33 and a 70 but I would truely love a in between one!! It makes my heart soar!

  98. Everything in the Magazine was AMAZING! I particularly liked the article by Jennifer McGuire about the different uses for Brads. Her article every month is AWESOME!
    and the give away…I would LOVE THAT LENSE!! What a opportunity…thank you Tamron!

  99. I would love this for the photography class I just signed up for!!!!

  100. i really enjoyed all the back to school layouts in this issue; very inspiring. really adore Kelly’s trends article as well!! i’ve been eyeing the Tamron lens for quite some time now. what an awesome giveaway 🙂

  101. Love the chalkboard idea! 15x zoom WOW! That will get me some good shots on our next outdoor trip.

  102. I have always loved CK magazine and this site. I always get a lot o inspiration from the magazine and have scrap lifted several layouts. Thank yo for such a wonderful magazine.

  103. I always love the same two articles: the one from Ali Edwards and the one from Jessica Sprague. Those two alone are worth the price of the magazine for me! That lense is a beauty!

  104. I think this would be the perfect lens to improve my photography skills, specifically the low light shots!

  105. I loved the article about scrapbooking with older products because I hang on to everything. Those butterflies are adorable. I think I will be trying that tecnique.

  106. Oh, how I would love that lens! It would be fabulous for all those occasions where you need to see both the big picture and then zoom in on the amazing details, like weddings, trips to the zoo, county fairs, family reunions…

    Oh, please pick me!!! 😀

  107. I would LOVE to have a lens that I could use for everything! It would make my camera bag a lot lighter!

  108. Taking pictures of 15 grandchildren is never an easy thing. I could really use this new lense. Children are so spontaneous and zooming in on the perfect moment would enhance my picture taking possibilities without a doubt!

  109. OMG what an amaaaazing giveaway!!!
    P.S. I just *love* that page 🙂

  110. I loved the cover LO so much and all of the school Los were amazing. I have been wanting a Tamron lens for a LONG time. This lens would improve my photos so much and inspire even more pages.

  111. Oh my goodness, that lens has been on my wishlist forever! I would be in heaven if I was lucky enought to win one. 🙂

  112. Just one favorite? Hmm.. I’ll go with the article on the DIY school portraits. My dd is a homeschooler for the first, so this was very timely for me.

    Winning this lens would be a dream! I only bought my first dslr at the start of the summer and just have the 18-55 kit lens. This zoom would make my year!

  113. I love all the school layouts! The DIY portrait article was full of great ideas! What an awesome lens!

  114. I LOVE the layouts by Becky. The lens would be awesome to showcase everything. OH, and I esp love the articles on organizing tips!

  115. I enjoyed the “Hot Fall Trends” article by Kelly. I love her work. And of course, my favorite every month is Studio A. =)

  116. oh wow, I would love to have this lens. I recently started playing with different lenses and their results. It is amazing to see all the different looks you can get with different lens. Fingers crossed!

  117. I always look forward to getting my ck in the mail. This month my favorite article was Hot Fall Trends. I always love Becky Higgins column and that you include a bunch of sketches from the issue on one page. I am always inspired to try new things, thank you!

  118. I only have a point and shoot camera right now (a Canon PowerShot), but I’m increasingly passionate about photography and would love to have a high quality lens to add to my future DSLR! 🙂

  119. That Tamron would look great with my new Canon 40D that is coming in the mail tomorrow 😀 Getting CK in the mail is a highlight for me!! I love all the layouts and ideas. Such an inspiration. I look through it several times each month!

  120. What a fantastic giveaway!!! I am looking for a versatile lens so that I don’t have the need to change while photographing my busy little people. They’re either in your face or running away LOL!

    Love CK…always inspiration on every page…even the advertisements! I still go back through my old issues from way, way back and find inspitation. Keep up the good work B-)

  121. Love the ideas in this issue!

    also, l-o-v-e that Tamron lens!

  122. Love the sketches! Another great issue.

  123. I loved the back to school portrait ideas and Jessica Sprague’s column. Now that I have Photoshop and a new fast computer, I can actually do those things!

  124. I would LOVE that lens! Anti-shake? I definitely could benefit from that!

  125. would love to win this. would be the excuse I need to purchase a slr camera. I can but honey I have this great lens and it was free and I need that camera to go with it.

  126. I already use a Tamron and LOVE it…I would be so excited to have another option in my bag!!! 🙂

  127. I would really love that lens! I’ve been wanting a zoom lens for years now!

  128. This lens would be PERFECT for me! I love using my DSLR, but hate having to switch lenses in and out especially when I am on a trip somewhere. I think this would be the solution to my problems! Not only would it be very versatile, but it would also help with my camera shake. Yes, I would love to win this lens!

  129. I just got a new cannon camera for Mother’s Day this year. I have been learning to use it and would love a new lense to help me take beautiful pictures of my kids! Pick me! Pick me!

  130. That lens looks amazing! I love back to school layouts. There is just something about the smell of crayons and freshly sharpened pencils that always leaves me feeling inspired.

  131. My favorite part of the issue (besides the beautiful layouts!) was the “through the lens” article. I really enjoyed the inspiring ideas for Back to School photos. I plan on trying these shots on our first day of school next week.
    PS The Tamron lens sure would come in handy at the bus stop.

  132. I love the Taking Your Own School Portraits ideas. Next year my DD will be starting kindergarten and I will definitely incorporate many of those great ideas and take my own portraits each year! Thanks for a chance to win that amazing lens to take all those wonderful photos!

  133. This year I became the proud owner of my first DSLR. I took an online photography class and this lense would be extremely useful to me!

  134. I love all the realia that was on the pages! This is such a cool trend– using pencils, bingo cards, etc. to make projects just come to life.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  135. Oh my, someone is going to be in SEVENTH heaven with that baby!!! I just bought myself a new Nikon D90 camera – hasn’t arrived yet though, but that lens would be a PERFECT contribution to my upcoming 30th birthday hehe 🙂 I love playing with my photography skills, mostly taking photos of my two precious girls and some beach scenes and with the wide zoom range on that camera it will be so multi functional!! Love the simple elegance of layouts in CK, always chock and block full of inspiration!!

  136. I’m a junior high yearbook adviser, and I would use the lens to put on the new Nikon DSLR yearbook camera we just saved up for.

  137. Awesome lens and wonderful that you are giving us a chance to win one! I was super impressed with the September issue–from the darling cover layout by the talented Cindy Tobey to the always inspiring column by Ali Edwards–and everything in-between!

  138. I love the Back to School layouts and ideas. Scrapping the event is about the only thing I am looking forward to about the first day of school, I don’t want my little boy to be gone all day long!

  139. Loved the scrapbook idea… it goes inline with our blog. it all began from wedding blog then the journey begin, and a whole new world when having our first child in the future

  140. I love all things Jessica Sprague, Ali Edwards, & Jennifer McGuire!

    I don’t have that lens, but boy would I love to see what it can do. Thanks for a chance to win!

  141. That lens sounds amazing– and I can use all the anti-shake help that I can get. Back to school is such a great time of year, and I just love the fall colors that are popping up all over the place, especially deep purple!

  142. I love Tamron lenses. I used one on my 35 mm film camera in the “old” days and I have the 28-300mm lens for my Canon dslr. Only thing is I gave my Canon and the Tamron lens to my son to take with him to college. No problem, the holidays are coming up and I put a new Canon dslr on my wish list. This Tamron lens would be the only other thing on my wish list this year, that and world peace:)

  143. I love Jessica & Ali’s column (as always) and you can’t go wrong with Becky’s sketch. Also the school layouts were great!!! I think this lense would be perfect for all of my daughters school field trips this year :o)

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  146. I would love to win that lens!!! The back-to-school issue is always one of my favorites :)and I especially love Ali’s column!

  147. The September issue of CK was fabulous (as always!!!)! I especially loved the Back to school layouts and ideas. As usual, I enjoyed reading the photography tips (this issue was taking your own school photos, great idea for a column!). I believe the first way to make your scrapbook pages truly amazing is to focus on taking better pictures, so kudos to you for teaching your readers how to do that! Keep up the outstanding job! For 9 years straight CK has been my absolute FAVORITE magazine, bar none! Love it! Thank-you!

  148. I would love a more versitile lens! We find ourselves switching them out more often than I like when we are traveling.

  149. What’s not to love!

  150. Love the shoes. But I’d trade a bunch of shoes for that lens. I resisted buying a DSLR because I don’t want to haul around a lot of camera equipment, especially bulky, fragile lenses. But this one? Ooooo wheee! One lens for just about everything! This could change my photography…my scrapbooking…my LIFE!

  151. I gave up my subscriptions to all my magazines in order to save money but find myself picking CK up every month despite my resolve to stop. The September one is of course catering to back to school which really doesn’t work for me as I have no children but many of these layouts can easily be adapted for other subjects. I have been saving my pennies to buy this lens for my camera and winning it means I could finally re-up my subscription to CK LOL

  152. I know this lens will change my photography. I recently learned the lens is what makes the camera and not the body. The 15X is amazing!!

  153. As a teacher, the back to school layouts/ideas get me excited for the new school year to start and remind me to take pictures of my own kids’ back to school routines.

  154. I loved Becky’s sketch, as always. But I also adored Jen McGuire’s article on ways to use school supplies to teach younger children. As the mother of a 2 and 4 year old, it was PERFECT!

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  156. This would be a great lens to have!

  157. I just purchased a camera, but have no lenses for it. So, what I could do with that Tamron!! 🙂

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  159. Wow! What an awesome give away. We’re going to Italy in the fall to celebrate 5 years of marriage. Oh, the amazing photos I could take with that!

  160. I love the Sept issue. All the ideas are great! I really love the PSE7 tutorials!

  161. I always look forward to the “school” issue of CK. Lots of great ideas in there.

    AND THE LENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WANT THAT LENS!!!!!!!!!!!
    I JUST got a canon 50d this week so I am in desperate need of some lenses.

  162. I loved “Get Inspired by Library Books.” I teach elementary school and enjoy seeing how books inspire people, here’s a way I never even thought of! I still have the “starter” lens that came with my DSLR, it would be wonderful to have one a little more powerful.

  163. what a great idea using a pencil on a LO. I can just imagine my daughter’s pencil with a bit of the outside color shaved off and her name printed there. Or how about a rainbow color of pencils. Different length ones.My imagination is running away with me.

    I am not far from finishing my Diploma of Photography and and tools for the bags are great. The lens would be fantastic with night shots, starry skies, the moon. Oh dear, you better stop me. My imagination is running away again.

    with thanks
    tiff f

  164. While I love my prime lenses, I’d love that Tamron for a walk-around lens. At the beach or the pool or even Disney, it’d be fantastic to not have to carry more than one lens!

    Awesome give-away you guys!!!

  165. Oooooh! I would so love the new lens!!
    I always love Becky’s articles. But I really enjoyed “through the lens” – – so helpful!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I love photography!

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  169. I loved all the great ideas and layouts about school- I am hoping it will motivate me to get my pics from last year finished so I will be ready for this school year!! Thanks for the great chance to win!!

  170. I loved Jennifer McGuire’s Memory Matching Game using photos! Can’t wait to make one for my son.

  171. First, let me say that I have looooooved CK magazine from the start; it’s the only scrapbooking magazine that I savor from the first page to the last…yes, including the ads. I read it slowly from the first to the last over a week’s time. The September issue is awesome, even for a mom with (almost) grown up kids. (Just one year left of high school!)
    Second, I am an amateur photographer, shooting 95% of my time with my fixed 50mm lens,(which I love) but I long for a lens with a little more versatility. The inability to zoom in and out, the (not) wide angle lens, gives the 50 mm some frustrating limitations. But the quality of the photos is unparalleled with this lens, so I continue to use it everywhere. I would love to have an additional quality lens that gives me what my little workhorse ($88) lens does not.
    Thank you so much!
    Annie Mills

  172. I am faithful reader of CK magazine-grandmother of 6 precious little guys and twin grandaughters almost 4 months old. I am pursiung photography and trying to learn all I can. I’d love to win the Tamron lens to “help the cause”!

  173. We have been looking for a better lens for our Cannon Rebel XT for a while now. While I love my camera, the standard lens is not cutting it for sporting events. I would love to have some great shots of my son’s soccer team so that I could have better photos for the coaches scrapbook. Thanks for the chance to win!

  174. I found the September issue to be absolutely all around fabulous! I have read it over and over again already! I loved the Moving Up a Grade article and actually, I thought the teaching tools were awesome, too! I don’t have kids, but I plan to go back into teaching so I will use those ideas in my classroom!!! Thanks for another great issue!

  175. I love all of the back to school ideas, especially the photography article with ideas for taking pics on the first day. What a cool lens! Thanks for the contest.

  176. I have a new baby coming any day now, so this lens would be great for capturing her as she grows up! Thanks for the chance to win!

  177. I love Cindy’s cover layout so much!

  178. Wow–what a great opportunity to win a lens! I haven’t read my Sept issue yet because I’m saving it to read on our road trip to CA 🙂 I’ve had my Canon Rebel for three years now and would love the Tamron lens to get closer shots of my kids and to eliminate the blur in those low-light settings.

  179. I’d love to have the Tamron lens so that I can take candid photos of friends and family without them realising it. I’m not a fan of posed shots, and so many people are shy when they know a camera is pointed at them!

  180. I always love Ali’s articles. I would love to win that lense.

  181. I love all the back to school ideas in this issue. So many of my back to school photos all look the same. Appreciate new takes and great ideas. Thanks CK for a chance to win this awesome lens!

  182. I would love to own this Tamron lens so that I wouldn’t have to lug two lenses around or risk missing a great shot because I couldn’t switch lenses quickly enough. Of course I love to snap pics of my kids but I also love to catch what I call “God Moments” in nature. I am in recovery from alcoholism & so much of my life seemed to be spent in “black & white” with no gratitude. Now I am full of gratitude & amazement at God’s work, especially the flowers, sunrise, sunset, the colors of things are amazing, you catch my drift. Well, thank you for a great magazine as scrapbooking is my new addiction-I may need a 12 step program for that too. LOL. Good luck to all who enter & God Bless!!!!

  183. what a wonderful giveaway! wow…i think i am like m sloan just posted above..i need 12 step programs..could do one big program for all the little things i am addicted to? i love the beginning first signs of fall, like back to school. i could hardly wait to crack open the september issue..mmmm love the colours the feel..and all of it! it is so inspiring.

    thanks so much

    donna in london ontario

  184. I would love to use this Tamron lens. It would produce great photos for my scrapbooks.

  185. I LOVE the faux quilting technique! The page looks awesome…..and this lens would definitely help improve my photos, so my scrapbooks will look fabulous!

  186. I would love to use this lense for sporting events!

  187. I would luv, luv, luv to own this lense- this Sept CK issue was chalked full of ideas- need to try and capture more close-ups of my kids while in action.

  188. I just loved and adored the entire back to school theme, how original! The lens would be a dream come true in improving my photo skills of the grandkids!

  189. What a fantastic cover layout! I loved how she incorporated the pencil. How cute!

  190. I loved the ideas for the back to school kid pictures.

  191. I enjoyed the back to school portraits. Really helpful. Heck, I enjoyed the whole issue!! As usual!!

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  193. Total dream come true to be in the running to win that lens! I love all the back to school layouts. It helps to inspire me for back to school pages.

  194. Lately I’ve been wondering if I’m doing something wrong with my camera – or if my camera is starting to act up. My pictures are looking more fuzzy than usual. I compared my reunion pictures from two years ago and the more recent shots just don’t seem as sharp to me. I’ve always used Canon and I don’t want to change cameras. But then it occurred to me. #1, I’m getting older. Maybe I’m just not as steady as i used to be, and #2, I’m shooting more pictures without flash using a higher film speed, and, go back to number one. I have a good feeling that the Tamron lens would solve my problem!! What an awesome giveaway! I’ll be holding my breath until Friday!!

  195. So excited about this lens. I am currently trying to start up a photography business without loans or credit cards so this would help immensely!!

  196. As usual, Ali Edwards article is the greatest! What a great lens!

  197. Would LOVE the lens! I love the back to school stuff because my child starts kindergarten!! The lens would just be perfect for me to take some wonderful photos of my children so I can get a layout published in ck 🙂 hee hee I really hope I win!!

  198. I love the use of the no. 2 pencil. I’ll have to try that! Thanks for the giveaway!

  199. I LOVE all the back to school ideas this month! My little guy will be starting preschool this year and I can’t wait to start documenting his school years. I’m expecting twins this December which means MANY more moments to be captured! How awesome would it be to win the Tamron lens!?! I’ll let you know on August 28th! :o)

  200. I liked reading the photography tips and would LOVE to win the lens to get some better pictures of my grand children!

  201. Wow, that would be the perfect travel could get so many shots from just standing in the same place!

  202. With my two in school this fall…I’m focusing in capturing their frist day of Pre-school & 1st grade. Wow…how fast this time is passing.

    The lens is awesome! I can’t imagine a 270mm lens….amazing.

    Thanks CK & Tamron!


  203. i always love Ali’s, Jen M & Dear Lizzy!!

  204. The Sept issue was great and now an amazing offer to win a wonderful lens. Too good to be true!!!!

  205. I liked “The Road Ahead” and the advice for learning and teaching others. I too believe that the true power of knowledge is only achieved through sharing with others.

    Our son is too young to go to school, but this was a reminder of things to come, and prepare our minds for the future.


  206. A new Tamron lens would be wonderful! I am always striving to improve my photography and this would be perfect. Especially since I have a newborn in the house and another one off to pre-school this fall 🙂

  207. I always love Jen M’s column. I can easily incorporate the techniques into my LO’s or cards. Thanks 🙂

  208. I love the cute LO by Cindy and the adorable art work by Suzy! My birthday is coming up on Sunday and I think that lens would be the perfect gift, don’t you? 😉 The zoom lens would definitely come in handy with soccer season starting!

  209. most useful? I would say Becky’s sketch, though Jessica’s computer tips are a close 2nd. I would love that lens…I’m trying to improve my skills & the kit lens is just not working for me.

  210. I really enjoyed the Fall trends. I have already used rosettes on a page, and they look cute!

  211. The tamron lens would be so great to have. My DH and I took our DGS to the beach recently, right before school started. After the long walk through the sand and setting up, I found that I was kinda far from where DH & DGS would be playing in the water. But, I had to take pictures from where I was at because on December 08 I broke my ankle in an upside-down V (I now have a plate) and was told to be careful because I could easily break it again. I couldn’t venture down towards the water with the sandy slope to go up and down. Being 50 puts a scare into having to use crutches. (that was not fun for me, too many falls) So the pictures I took ended up being far enough away that almost all of them are hard to see. That new awesome lens would have been the best thing for those kinds of shots.. TU


    (Pattie’s passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!

  212. Great back to school issue! It’s hard to pick out my fav part, it’s all wonderful!

  213. There is so much I love about this issue! i am go through it everyday…love Becky’s sketches, new trends, Jessica’s tips. Well there isn’t anything I do not like! i feel like you are all my friends when I read CK. I would love to win this lens! I have 3 kids that are photographed daily! and this would help make those photos even better.
    Thanks for the chance! Love you guys!

  214. I LOVE back to school layouts and ideas! I teach preschool and love taking lots of pictures of the children, for myself and to give to the families. It would be great to have a lens like that to be able to take much better pictures of the children!

  215. I love the reader’s gallery column.
    It’s always nice to see new talent!
    What a great giveaway 🙂

  216. Awesome giveaway! I’ve been studying zoom lenses online for a week now, looking for something versatile and of good quality. This lens sounds perfect! I’d love to take more portraits, perhaps more journalistic-style – a good zoomlens is a great tool for that. Thanks for the giveaway – another good thing about revently having discovered the CK blog! 😉

  217. I love seeing the new fall products!

  218. LOVE THE LENS>>>I’ve gotten so disappointed to get what I thought was a great photo to get home & upload it to find out it has a blur to it….I loved the whole issue of CK as I do every one that comes out…one of my favorite sections is Dear Lizzy, but do love all the inspiration & eye candy

  219. I love the how-to on creating handmade rosettes — what a great addition to a page or card. the lens would really expand my capabilities with my dslr and i would absolutely love to have it. a lens with VR would really improve my photos! thanks for the chance to win!

  220. […] Keepsakes is giving away the Tamron AF 18-270mm on their blog! Click here to go to the blog and follow the instructions to enter. Giveaway ends August […]

  221. We love to travel, but it can be hard to pack around a ton of lenses, and it is a pain to be switching them all the time. Our Europe adventures would sure benefit from this all-in-one lens! Plus, the zoom would be great for portraits and since our one year old never stops moving, the vibration compensation would be fantastic! Thanks for a great give-away and all the great layout ideas!

  222. With one son entering his final year of junior high and the other beginning high school, lots of pictures will be taken. One son plays lacrosse and this lens would be perfect for capturing those tough to get action shots. Love it! Thanks for all you do CK!

  223. What a great giveaway!
    I’d love to read how to make cool photos of my works

  224. I love the back to school layouts. This lens would super helpful ( and less intimidating) to learn how to use his DSLR and move up from my point and shoot. It would be great to be able to capture great action shots during this soccer season.

  225. My children are older so the back to school issue isn’t one of my favorites. The most useful information in the issue to me was the information on PSE. I’m still learning how to use my DSLR and PSE and would love to have a new lens!

  226. I love that faux quilting technique. I’ll be trying that soon for sure.

  227. That is a very nice lens… I would love to have it 🙂

  228. Wow what a lens!I’m learning to use my Cannon and love it. THis would be the perfect compliment! Thanks for the giveaway!

  229. WOW! I would love to get this lens because of the vibration compensation feature! I’m not as steady as I’d like to be, so this would help out a ton!

  230. I would use the Camera Lens to take pictures of my babies. Maybe having them display my cutesy kids crafts & post on my blog. It would be great!

  231. I have to say that if I had that lense, then the BEST photos wouldn’t always be blurry!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  232. I loved the article in your September issue where the layouts were inspired by different book covers or concepts. It gave me so many great ideas…I can’t wait to get started!

    And the lens you are giving away is fabulous. I got a new Canon DSLR for Christmas and am trying to get used to changing lenses for all the different shots I want to take.

  233. Oooo… I was drooling over that lens at the Arlington scrapbooking convention I went to this year. I’d Loooooove to have that one for nature photography … much easier to snap the critters if you aren’t right up on them!

  234. I would love that lens to capture the beauty of my life in Alaska. It would provide great photos for me to use your scrapbooking examples as inspiration to document my own life experiences.

  235. Wow- this would be a fantastic win. I would love to have this lens to capture our family memories. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  236. I love the article about fabrics. Especially page “Poolside” is georgeous!

  237. I love the back-to-school layouts and ideas! That lens would make me one happy wannabe photographer…especially with Fall coming up!

  238. I would love the lens. My husband graduated last weekend and I could only get pics where he was a tiny dot in the sea of people. Plus, it would give me an excuse to buy a DSLR 🙂

  239. I love organization and loved the Sept. issue article on spaces. We just purchased a DSLR to capture memories of our 17 month old BB identical twin boys. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

  240. Fall is my favorite season along with back to school so the September issue was right up my alley! I just got my dslr last fall and only own one lens so I would LOVE to be able to add another one to my collection esp. a zoom lens! thanks for the give away!

  241. Wow, what a great giveaway. That lens would be awesome to have in my bag. I have a great Canon lens but, since it doesnt have Image Stabilization, I am ready for a change!

  242. This lens would help me out so much! I chase children around all the time during sessions, and having the huge range would keep me from changing lenses so much (and decrease the risk of me dropping one!).

  243. I loved the layout section!

  244. i really enjoyed the back to school ideas. I would love this lens. I only have one very basic lens and this one sounds amazing.

  245. I would LOVE to have this lens. I would love to have the zoom and the IS feature. THis is a sweet lens!

  246. I would love this lense to take some great portraits of my son.

  247. I really like the layout sketches. What a great idea. The lens looks like an excellent all around traveling lens. I have a 50mm prime now and could really use something with more versatility!

  248. Eeek! I would LOVE to win this! As for the September issue, I always love anything Jessica Sprague does. I also really, really appreciated the sketches in the middle!

  249. I like all of the creative ideas available from CK. In the Sept issue I was particularly drawn to Mandy’s Challenge: Framing Pages. Would love to be entered in the contest for the Tamron lens so I can be more creative with my dSLR.

  250. My daughter is an avid photographer and scrapbooker. She is also an avid reader of CK. Your contest is great and I appreciate being entered in the drawing. My daughter will make good use of the lens.

  251. My daughter has a new photography business and is finding choosing the perfect lenses to be one of the most difficult parts for her! With two weddings to shoot this winter, I’m sure this lens would come in handy especially considering she cannot be up front for those special pictures.


  252. This is an amazing prize – your company is so generous! To have a lens such as this, goodness…..the possibilities are endless! Thank you for the opportunity to partipate in the drawing. I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed.

  253. I really enjoyed the cover in three ways. I would have never thought of using pencils on my pages, but I love it! My mind is swimming with so many other possibilties using pencils or even colored pencils.
    I have always wanted to expand my photography skills. I love a great close-up, but my camera will not allow me to manually focus in the artistic way I desire. Having this new lense would open so many doors for me. Maybe even going into a side business for child photography like I want. Here is hoping!

  254. I would love this lens because my twin daughters are just starting to become mobile and they end up being little blurs in my photos. The IS would be great!

  255. I would love to have this lens because I have 4 beautiful children that are growing too fast….and I need to capture every fleeting moment!
    I loved Sept CK! My favorite article was Moving up A Grade. I am always looking for new ways to use my stash.

  256. We have a very active almost 2 year old. The lens would be a great asset in chronicling his passage through life. It would allow me to get the closeups that I need, but also stand back and observe him from further away, but still get that must have shot.


  257. This would be a great all-round lens. I’d be able to get close in photos of my busy little boy without having to disturb him if he’s doing something especially cute. 🙂

  258. How wonderful it would be to have such a versatile lens! I don’t like to drag all my lenses around, but of course a lot of times the one I should have used is the one I left at home! I loved the September CK too!

  259. The Doodlebug Design ad is over and beyond cute…but the ideas for scrapping it old school is where it’s at for me today! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  260. The new issue has lots of great ideas. I will definitely be using the layouts to scrap this school year. As for the lens, it would definitely be wonderful to win it so that I can capture everything I’d like to without anyone knowing.

  261. I take LOTS of pictures! Lately I’ve noticed that my photos seem a little fuzzy. At first I thought it was my Canon, but now I’m thinking that maybe it’s me. I’m getting a little older.. but I’ve got to be able to keep up with shooting all our Boy Scout troop activities. The boy are always on the go and capturing candid shots takes a steady hand -OR AN ANTI-SHAKE LENS! 🙂 Winning the Tamron lens would be a dream come true. Thanks for the chance!

  262. i love all new layouts and the feash ideas. I really like the front cover with the back to school layout!!!
    why I would love the lens is b/c its has so many differnt ways to use it,so I would not have to carry 3-4 different lens everywhere I go! It would make my life alot easier.

  263. PS I’ve had a subscription to Creating Keepsakes Magazine for years and years. I love every issue! The back to school September issue is always a favorite – I particularly look forward to seeing what Jennifer McGuire and Ali Edwards are teaching in their articles. Wonderful inspiration!

  264. I love getting ideas from CK — thank you!

  265. I’ll be so professional with the lens!!!!!! And CK is always incredible!!!

  266. The lens would be amazing! I’m trying to expand my skills and try new things with photography all the time. My tiny lens collection is not always conducive to getting that perfect shot. It would be wonderful to expand!

  267. I really liked the Sept issue of CK. The back to school layouts were great and got me motivated to start really scrapbooking my kids activities! And, this lens looks amazing!!!

  268. i always love elizabeth kartchner’s articles. great creative inspiration.


  269. That lens would be awesome! I need a better lens than I have now – my pictures haven’t been the greatest lately.

  270. Winning that lens might give my husband a reason to buy me a better camera! hehehe:)
    I also liked the article about silhouettes. I have been wondering how to do that to my pictures. I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks!

  271. I love every issue of CK… love to see the fabulous layouts & the new products….so much inspiration!!

  272. This is my dream! Thank you! By the way, I love you guys, your magazine is the best! I read it and reread it many times.

  273. Love seeing new things that you guys come up with. My kids are grown, but I too, have not finished their albums, so this is still inspiring to me also. Can’t use the lens myself since I have an Olympus, but my nephew has a Nikon and is trying to find his place in the photography world.

  274. This magazine always gives me great ideas on how to scrapbook since sometimes I get in a rut , but what I always enjoy about the magazine is the photography tips , I work at a photo lab and picture taking has become my new hobby of mine and I look forward to sharing the tips with my customers, so thank you and continue with the great tips you share.

  275. oooh, this is one of my favorite issues yet – I can’t choose one favorite thing (sorry, is that cheating?)! I could most definitely use a new lens…I’ll be crossing my fingers! 🙂

  276. that would be an amazing lens to have! to be able to have that ability without changing lenses would be awesome! Thank you for the chance at such a generous giveaway!

  277. I can’t lie, I love looking though all the ads for ideas and to add to my ever growing wishlist.

  278. I loved all of the school ideas. They have inspried me to complete my childrens school albums. Love CK!

  279. Another great issue – keep going!

  280. What’s not to love about Septembers issue, what’s not to love about any issue’, the mag is always so full of inspiration and I love teh the layouts and styles are so varied? This lens would be awesome for trips away or the kids sporting events or any situation where you wanted to get great shots but not lug around a bag full of lenses. a great giveaway.

  281. Did I missed something?! I mean is it April 1th already?! Giving a way a lense like that can’t be for reall…or is it?! WOW!

  282. Oh, no matter how still I am, there’s always a blur! This lens might just be my last chance for a decent photograph. Plus, it seems I always find something just far enough away not to be able to get the pic I want!

  283. Love anything related to back to school! Makes me want a newly sharpened pencil bouquet for my desk…
    I would love the lens to take photos of my new (and first!) grandbaby!

  284. That would be a fabulous addition to my camera bag!! I use my point and shoot for most wide angle shots so this would really improve my landscape shots.

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  286. Oh boy, what a thrill it is going to be for one lucky winner. There is nothing I don’t like about CK magazine. I pour over each issue over & over!!

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    Not for me, but for a friend who’s recently picked up photography as a hobby – and she’s REALLY good!
    She’s struggling with her bills and with her health, and this would be such a great pick-me-up for her…
    I hope you pick me so I can gift this lens to her!

  291. I LOVE back to school layouts and this time of year in general as it marks the beginning of fall my absolute favorite season. Thank you for the chance to win! Lynn 🙂

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  293. Some very nice ideas in this issue!! Loving that lens…..

  294. I loved all the great back to school ideas and the school portrait ideas….will be trying these in 2 weeks!!

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    That’s an awesome lens…it would look even more awesome on my Nikon D80!!! 🙂

  297. I also am a big fan of Jennifer McGuire’s column. I’ve already used up a bunch of my brads making a framed layout about my son, Luke, and the funny way he says “I love you”—his way is “I lub you”.

  298. I would love to win this!! I would use it for close ups of my kiddos! 🙂
    -Amy S.

  299. The school portrait ideas was something I really enjoyed. With three kids – the oldest in 8th grade and youngest in 3rd grade – I have a lot of those portraits that I just haven’t known what to do with. Loved the suggestions.

  300. Fall is my favorite time of year. It is also my favorite time to photograph my kids, I just love the rich colors of the changing leaves. Septembers issue has lots of fun new and cute ideas of how to scrapbook those pics. I could use this lense to capture my favorite time of the year.

  301. I LOVED seeing Wendy Sue’s scrapbook space in the Sept issue of CK, as well as the back to school layouts of course! It would be totally AWESOME to win this lens. I just got my Canon camera with a kit lens less than a year ago. A brand new lens like that would be icing on the cake!!!!!!!

  302. I’m not sure of the title of the article–making the grade? It was about stepping up your skills by using products differently. Fabulous ideas.

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  308. Tamron makes great lenses and this one would be a great addition to the 90mm macro lens I already own. You can’t go wrong with Tamron.

  309. I’m in such a need for a zoom lens like that. I scrapbook … but I photograph first, and I find myself not being able to get close enough with my current lens. I’d be in HEAVEN if I had that lens. (I also loved that issue, and tore out several pages for my idea binder – if I had it handy, I could tell you my favorites 😉 )

  310. I do a lot of sports photography so this lens would be perfect for me! Our church has “adopted” a local college ladies’ basketball team and I take action shots all year for an end-of-season CD that we give to all the girls as a keepsake. I could use that anti-shake feature on the sidelines! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great product! Keeping my fingers crossed….

  311. I always love the sketch section but the whole magazine is great! I would love a new lense for my camera!

  312. I would love to have this lens for my Nikon D60 and all the times that I go to the zoo! I love animals and of course you just cannot get that close to the animals in the zoo, so this would be prefect! I also love all the page sketches in the magazine, they save me so much time! Thanks!

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  318. The self portrait was interesting!

    I am past the “going back to school or first day of school” but grandson starts next year!

    I need to plan…

    He took 68 fotos with my Sony D2 last weekend… he is good!

    That lens give away would be fantastic, my Dad is very very good with his new camera, but another lens would be great!

  319. Oh Wow this lens is amazing. I would of course take pics of my kiddos and family, and nature shots. Oh I could just imagine all the great shots I could get with this. The fav thing I liked about the September issue was the teaching tools section. It was a neat twist on what you can use your scrapbook supplies for. Thanks for the chance to win.

  320. I have been a subscriber to your magazine(s) from the start. I love all the inspiration I get from them. I like seeing how other scrapbookers organize their rooms. I especially liked Wendy Andersons! I would LOVE to win the lens–the pictures they would make possible would be wonderful.

  321. Loved KP’s column!!

  322. I love it all. Just sitting and realaxing and going through the entire magazine. Then keeping it close by while i scrapbook for great ideas.

  323. I loved every bit of the Sept. issue, of course, but my favorite part was the back-to-school inspiration. Now that I’ve got a first grader, it’s time to get serious about scrapping her school experiences!

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  325. Wow! What a generous give away! I have to say that every month, I look forward to Jessica Sprague’s section on digital scrapbooking. She’s changed the way I scrapbook so that I can cut the time in half by making photo collages and then scrap them with the papers that I love from the stores.

    I’d love to win this lens. Both my little boys play baseball and I’d love to get the shots of them on the field! A tripod doesn’t really cut mustard with sports shots — they are running all the time and that image stabilization would sure come in handy!!!

  326. Would love this new lens. Just finished taking a photography class and love the new options that I now have. Love having your magazine each month to look foward to reading.

  327. Wow! What a sweet giveaway! I have a Nikon DSLR, so this would be perfect for me to use for my family photos, as well as my blog pics. Thank you so much for the chance!

  328. Oh what a sweet giveaway ! This would be great to use on all my travel photos. I can’t capture all the day to night pictures. It’s such a shame because I love to travel and be able to remember all the beauty that I see!!

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  330. I always love all of the pages and shares. I also enjoy Elizabeth Kartchner’s how to’s. I still enjoy it all.

  331. I loved Lori Anderson’s Getting Inspired by Library Books. I have loved books for as long as I can remember. My memories of our library’s summer reading program are some of my favorite childhood memories. Ali, Jessica and Becky’s articles are also something that I look forward to in every issue. Tamron makes such awesome lenses and I would love to have this one! The anit-shake feature would be especially helpful as I photograph the scenery and wildlife while hiking and snowmobiling. Thanks so much for an awesome give-away (and an awesome magazine!)

  332. I love Tamaron lenses. It would definately help me improve my my portrait photography. I rent lenses and being able to have one of my own would rock!!!

  333. I have been dying for a new lens. Every time we take the wee ones to the zoo, I wish I had a better zoom, they love to print out the pictures and make their own storybooks later.

  334. As always I love Becky’s sketch! Love to see all the different ways people interpret it. I would love that lense! Would help me to get close shots of my kids when they are playing outside!

  335. i luv the back2school layouts! sep is always my favorite issue..

  336. I would love, love that lense–My daughter is having a destination wedding this Nov. and I would be so darn happy to have that to take pictures in the Carribean!!!!

  337. loved the september issue. always fun to see the back to school ideas, love jennifer’s column, becky’s sketch was a new favorite, and loved seeing more of wendy’s scraproom! a good zoom lens always comes in handy with the little ones. my daycare kids are FAST, so my camera is always trying to keep up with them. lol!

  338. I would love the tamron lens because it is very versatile. I get really tired of lugging my case with the two different len pieces I have. I’d love to have one lens to suit all my photography and this one is the one I have my eye on!

    I always love every issue of CK magazine and am always inspired by each and every layout. But in particular as my daughter prepares to head off to Kindergarten and I prepare to create a scrapbook to capture each year, the back to school layouts definately inspired me to get going on that project!

  339. the school layouts were very inspirational. I am in need of a new lens, but the budget just won’t allow it. This would be a great way to give myself a belated birthday present.


  340. I love the September issue because it still is, with all of the changes in Scrapbooking I am so glad to see CK still up and running and doing such a great job in publishing the best magazine. I also think using the Tamron Lense on my Canon Rebel to capture those adoring momeries of my greatgrandsons and granddaughter as they accomplish all those toddler moments.

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  344. I would love to try out the lens on my Canon camera. I just finished taking a two-part photography class and I’m hoping my scrapbook pictures turn out a little bit bitter with my new skills!

  345. The lens would be perfect to capture those special family moments! Thanks for the chance!

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  348. I loved the CK september! I am a teacher myself and got a lot of ideas for scrapping my class pictures…for instance the chalkboard!

    If I’d win the lens, I would give it to my boyfriend, who just recently bought a DSLR, but has no money to invest in lenses of this quality!

  349. I loved all the back to school ideas and I always look forward to Ali’s segment in there as well. I would love to have this lens! I am an avid photographer and hope it would help me with my pics! Thanks to you both for the amazing giveaway!!

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  351.!!!! Sign me up to win the lens! I am in LOVE!! 🙂

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  353. I would LOVE that lense! Thanks for the chance to win it! I just love the Sept. issue. So fun to see all the back to school ideas. Can it be that time already????

    Janet – WI

  354. My favorite thing about September Ck was the article on “Connecting with your grandparents”. As they get older, i realize the importance of documenting all their stories. I would love the lense to help capture those “sneaky moments”, like today when my son helped himself to the jar of jelly beans.

  355. Great lens. Thanks for the chance!

  356. I always love Becky’s sketch and seeing the different takes on it. Thanks for the chance to win the lens! 🙂

  357. Now that’s an awesome lens!!! I take photos daily, so it would be HUGE to have that awesome lens on my camera for every focal length. It would be really great to only carry one lens for Disney in November, too! As far as the Sept issue, I really enjoyed Ali’s article and the photography tips. Of course, it’s still sitting next to my bed to be read through over and over again until the next issue arrives! 🙂

  358. Loved the September issue. So many great ideas.
    That lense would be amazing. Not having to change back and forth between my zoon lense and regular one would be a huge time saver!

  359. I have an upcoming Disney trip and only have my 50mm lens to take with me. This would be great to give me additional shooting options but is sooooo not in our budget right now.

    Thanks for the chance!

  360. I always love looking at the back to School layouts. There is always something so fresh and new about going back to school…a new journey. One of my dreams is to become a better photographer. I have a nice camera, but just the kit lens that came with it. This lens would help me get a step closer to that dream. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  361. I LOVE this magazine!! I get so excited every time it comes in the mail!! This lens is great and I would love to have it!!

  362. Some of my favorite articles in the September issue of CK were: It’s Back to Business by Amanda Probst. I love the ideas she gives each month to get the creative juices flowing. I also really enjoyed the school journaling ideas article. Not only did it have journaling ideas, but also great school photo ideas and color paletts to try. The layouts were excellent in this article! So hoping to win the Tamron lens! I shoot alot of Boy Scout activities and an anti-shake lens would be a dream come true! thanks for the chance!

  363. I’m using a Tamron 28-200 from my old 35mm Rebel on my digi Rebel. It’s great to have an all-in-one lens so I don’t have to constantly be changing lenses. This digi Tamron lens would be great for the longer zoom. Even if I don’t win, I’m sold on Tamron lenses!

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  366. I’d love the lens for a dream trip my husband and I are taking to Australia this fall

  367. I would love the lense to take pictures when I go on vacation to California. I love CK September issues because I love all the ideas on back to school, since I have children in grade school.

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  369. I picked up the magazine for the school layouts (after 8 years of school I’m running low on ideas), but was really inspired by Mrs. McGuire’s use of brads (definitely going to use brads on my next project). Thank you CK!

  370. What wouldn’t I do with a lens like that? Wow!! With 3 small kids on the run, the anti-shake piece would make taking pictures so much easier inside the house. Pick me!! Pick me!!

  371. There’s not an issue of CK that I don’t love but I particularly loved this one because I am working on a mini-album of all of the photos I took in my daughter’s kindergarten class last year (I had the honor of being designated Photo Mom, which meant that I was allowed in the classroom for every single event to capture the official photos for the class – yay!). It was great to get inspiration from all of the school-themed layouts. Thanks so much!

  372. WOW! What a fantastic give-away! I always like taking a peek inside different scraprooms, so that was my favorite part of the September issue. I just wish there were more pictures! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome lens!

  373. Thanks for all inspiration over the years! The lens would be a great little cherry on top of it all for me.

  374. What did I love about the September issue?? EVERYTHING! It had so many fabulous ideas that I am now so inspired to scrap – now if I can just find some time!! 🙂

  375. I love all of the back to school scrapbooking ideas. I just want to copy every layout! Wonderful magazine! Keep up the great work!

  376. The first photo would be
    creating a keepsake
    of winning the Tamron.

  377. I need help with creativity and this magazine does just that. It gives me great ideas to make fabulous pages and wonderful keepsakes that my kids will have forever.

  378. I always enjoy the back-to-school issue! Love that it means that fall is around the corner. I have to say that Studio a and the listing of all of the LOs by the number of photos that they have are my 2 faves in every issue. Ali for her constant inspiration and the # of photos list b/c it is a quick reference to help me if I am stuck with a starting point when I know how many photos I want on my LO. Thanks again!

  379. Love the back to school ideas. And the sketches. Thanks CK!

  380. Wow! What a fantastic giveaway! 🙂 I especially loved the back to school layouts in the September issue! Thank you so much for all of the inspiration!

  381. The back to school pages are great inspiration since I always have trouble with those! I’m drooling over that lens!

  382. I saw this lens in the magazine and wanted one so bad! I have a tendency to blur many of my photos by shaking. I have a Tamron lens and love it. So awesome that there is a chance to win one!

  383. I have loved Creating Keepsakes forever!! Attended CKU’s starting in 2003. You always have the best layouts and latest and greatest trends. It is the best read ever!

  384. Winning that lens would be so AWESOME!!!!!
    Trying to catch my 5 year old sometimes leaves a little blurriness in my photos!

  385. Who wouldn’t want a chance to win that lens. I am taking a photography class right now and my wish list of things I want keeps growing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  386. Thanks for a great magazine and for offering this lens! It would be wonderful to have a lens with so much range. Your design staff does such a great job! I’m always so impressed–kudos to them.

  387. wow, what a wide range. I’d love to try that lens out!

  388. I really love the hot fall trends! So many great ideas gathered and shared.

    As for the camera lens, My husband is just getting his photography business started, and equipment is so expensive! That lens would be so huge for him, and for us! What a surprise that would be to give it to him! And it would also mean some amazing pictures for me to blog and scrap with!

  389. I neeeeed need neeeeed a new lens! The most frustrating part of scrapbooking for me is going to grab photos from an adventure we took and finding most of the images all blurry. Either because we were moving or because I was too far away. I just know the Tamron lens would solve *all* of my problems with my less than stellar images. Thanks for the chance to win!

  390. To have great layouts, you need Great photos!!!

  391. I don’t have an extra lens, but am ready to start improving my photography skills. I have been scrapbooking for 7 years and really need to work on bettering my pictures. This would be a great help. CK is my main scrapping magazine. Lisa Bearnson has been a mentor to me in my scrapbooking and cardmaking venture. Whenever I need a new idea, I go to my CK stash. Thanks.

  392. I’d love to try it out too! Please pick me to win, lol!!!!

  393. What an incredible giveaway! What a great lens! I shoot lots of pictures with my Canon digital camera, but lately my pictures seem more blurry. Maybe because I’ve learned from Ali Edwards to love to shoot without flash and therefore I’m using a higher film speed in lower light situations, or maybe because I’m getting older and not quite as steady…Or maybe it’s because i’m taking lots of pictures of kids on the go – from my own four to our Boy Scout troop where I’m the “official” team photographer and scrapbooker. Anyway a super lens like the Tamron with anti-shake features would be a dream come true! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  394. What a beauty this lens is and what beautiful pictures it would take.
    Thank you for the fun contest.

  395. Love CK – especially the LOAD of 150 ideas for summer! That was awesome.

    Would use this lens to shoot my projects. Of course!

  396. I am relatively new to the DSLR world and just ready to start exploring other lenses. This would be a fabulous addition and learning tool!

  397. I actually broke my lens while traveling back from Germany, so this would be a fantastic win! Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize!
    I love your magazine. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  398. Loved ck’s Sept. issue!! I loved that room, very nice. Great lens too by the way. Thanks for the chance. Sandy

  399. Oh…the back to school inspiration was awesome, I love looking at all the school related product! The lens would be lovingly used in my house which does not get much natural light and being able to go 4 stops lower would help greatly!


  400. I loved the cover LO on the Sept. CK.
    Thanks for the chance to win the lens. It would be a great addition while photographing my 4 busy little boys!

    Happy Saturday!

  401. I loved the Sept. CK issue. I love seeing all of the back to school layouts. It really helps me with new ideas for my own pages. I would really love this new lens. It would help me take much better pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  402. I would love to have an all-purpose lens with that kind of zoom to it. I would love to get some good, sneaky candids—without the kids knowing I was shooting. (Say Cheese!)
    Thanks for this chance!

  403. That lens would be awesome. No dragging around different lenses, switching them out while trying to juggle little kids. And the anti shake. A MUST HAVE!

  404. Love looking at all the layouts in each issue.

  405. My camera bag with camera and extra lenses (valuing about $2200) was just stolen last weekend on a family trip. So, can I tell you how much I would love this lens??

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  407. Wowsa on that lense, that baby is awesome. I’d cry like a baby if I won!

  408. Wow, I would love to try out that lens! Perfect for photos of my kids as they start school this year!

  409. Loved the sketches and the details shown in handmade rosettas.
    Earning the Lens would be wonderful…imagine the possibilities! wow…

  410. I would love to win the Tamron lense – it would help me take better pics. The September CK rocked – loved all teh back to school layouts and tips

  411. Love, Love, Love the Sept. issue. I can’t pick one favorite topic,picture,article, b/c they all rock. Now if I can get the drool off the pages I would be happy. hee,hee..

  412. even though my childern are grown…I love the back to school issue!! Every issue is like a mimi-vacation! so much eye candy….just sit & relax & view & review every page!! 🙂 thanks for a chance at the lense! what a prize!!

  413. I loved the quilt feature in the sept issue…I love the idea of using scraps for pages! And I could really use the tamron lens to photograph my son’s football games this fall! We are in season 3 of little league and that lens would capture plays on the field so well!

  414. I loved the quilt feature in the sept issue…I love the idea of using scraps for pages! And I could really use the tamron lens to photograph my son’s football games this fall! We are in season 3 of little league and that lens would capture plays on the field so well!

  415. I would love to win this lens, it would help to be able to take better pictures up close. I love creating keepsakes magazine, thanks so much

  416. I always love looking at Ali’s column and she never disappoints me.

  417. I loved all the school layouts. I am one that forgets to get those done, so they are more than helpful!

  418. I am an up close junkie with the camera… The closer the better and with my family you can not really get in their face. you have to be tricky and take it from a distance. I would love to own this new Tamron lens.

  419. Love the layout, love the lens!

  420. My favorite part of the September issue were the school layouts, they really inspired me to get going on the new school year. I would be so thrilled to have the Tamron lens, I could only imagine all the creative angles and zoomed images I could take!

  421. I just picked up the Sept issue to read on my plane ride home yesterday. I LOVED all the back to school ideas. I think the idea I liked the most was the list of photo ideas for the first day of school. I will be keeping the list with me on the 31st! THANKS CK for a great contest!

  422. LOVE the back to school stuff.

    15x? incredible.

  423. I LOVED the September issue! Next week my youngest is off to preschool for the first time {tearing} and I was so inspired by all the beautiful layouts and photography, especially the school portraits from home! My husband already has his marching orders for my Xmas gift – a new camera!! The new lens would be sooo fab to start off with! Thanks CK!!!!

  424. All the back to school stuff rocked! Thanks for the chance ;o)

  425. With 2 kiddos going back to school, I loved the school ideas in the September Issue!!!

  426. I loved the multiple photos on 4×6 print. I loved it!!

  427. I love the back to school ideas! Great magazine!

  428. pick one thing in septembers issue? the fantastic expanded version..and the awesome layouts! that always gives me great ideas!!!

  429. I would love to win this lens for my husband! I know he would just love it…he is all into photography! lol…love your web site too. So many things to try! thanks for posting! janie

  430. I look forward to every issue of CK when it comes in the mail. Great ideas and articles. The lense I think speaks for itself. My friend recently purchased one and loves it. I need some zoom….

  431. I loved reading about taking your own portraits. Thanks!

  432. As a beginner this would help out a lot.

  433. I haven’t seen the September issue yet 😦 But hopefully soon. That lense would be a great addition for me and maybe I would get some great photo’s to scrapbook!

  434. As a subscriber for years and years I’m always amazed with all the new ideas each month. I think my creative juices stopped long ago so now I just scrap-lift! There’s so much in each issue!! September’s issue was no exception – Becky Higgins sketch ideas for 10 pictures is great for me because i always use multiple photos on my layouts. My favorite though is the tear out sheet with lots of layout ideas! I’m really hoping to win the Tamron lens! Lately my pictures have looked blurry and I’m thinking that maybe I’m not as steady as I once was. But I have to be able to keep up with our Boy Scout troop to document all their activities – not to mention my four children. Winning that lens with the anti-shake feature would be a dream come true! Thanks for the chance!

  435. I haven’t rec’d the Sept. issue…but I’m dying to get it. But, I’d LOVE this lens because I just got a DSLR and I’m just starting to look at new lenses. This would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  436. I love all of the back to school layouts this year. I don’t think I’ve seen nicer ones since the magazine started! They are yummy! I would love to win this lens and be able to get a canon dslr that I have been dreaming of! Thank you for the chance to win.
    Take care,
    Kim Thomas

  437. The fabric frenzy was so inspiring; I have some beautiful fabric and did not know how to use it until I read your article. But I must say, the September issue is hot from beginning to the end; the layout this month are very inspiring. Love it, love it, love it!

  438. I would give this lens to my “surrogate” daughter…she loves to take photos of her babies (my surrogate grandkids!…they call me GRAND-BECK!) and that way I would get even MORE photos of my babies!!!

  439. I am just learning about photography. I would love to win the lens. Thanks!

  440. Oh my gosh! Can you imagine what kind of school photos I can take with the new Tamron lens? Back to school is one of my favorite times of the year so this issue of CK is a favorite. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  441. I just took a photography class and I think this would be the perfect lens to improve my photography.

  442. I loved the ideas by Suzy and Dear Lizzy! Would love to use this lens to capture wonderful moments spent with my two little boys!

  443. My darling wife would love the lense. Especially as its her 30th birthday in Sept. A great present!!!

  444. I need a new zoom lens – the mechanism in mine stopped working!

  445. Just as in every issue of CK, I start with reading Lisa’s message and end with the store locations in the back (just to see if anything new has opened near me). In the September issue I did enjoy the back to school ideas. With 3 new great nieces and nephews, making a textured ABC book for each of them is an easy and different Christmas gift. Thank you for all your issues!

  446. 5 do-it-yourself portrait ideas and back to school ideas 🙂

  447. My wife loves scrapbooking, and I love photography. I’ve been looking for a quality telephoto lens so I can take some really nice close-up wildlife pictures for her to include in some of her scrapbooks. I have read some good things about the Tamron 18-270 VC. If I had that, I could get rid of my other lenses!

  448. I always love the back to school pages. I would love that lense!

  449. I really enjoyed Ali’s Studio A pages and Jennifer’s Technique column.

    Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  450. I can’t tell you how many shots I have missed while I was swapping from my regular lens to my telephoto lens. What freedom it would give just to have this one Tamron lens on the camera and be able to shoot close-up or far away.

  451. I just bought a new SLR camera and would love to have this lens!! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  452. I always love the Back to School issue. So many great ideas and just in time to take fun fresh photos—which would of course be even MORE awesome with this lens!

  453. Well… I don’t have a digital SLR yet, but my boyfriend plans to buy one soon! *hopefully* but the lens will help me take great pictures.

  454. I absolutely adore my digital SLR (a gift from my wonderful husband-to-be!)…I’d love to introduce it to this lens. I think they’d make the perfect couple! 🙂 My issue favorite this month was Ali’s Studio A. Thanks!!!

  455. The lens would be very useful to take pictures of flying aircraft. I love to take picture of those but i don’t have a big enough lens to take good pictures. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  456. This lens will be a great addition. I currently have a Tamron 28-75mm lens and would like a lens with more zoom.

  457. I always love the articles by Ali Edwards – she is so inspirational. I also enjoyed the article about turning supplies into learning tools – I will be making some of those projects. And, oh, how I would love a zoom lens. It would open up a whole new way of capturing memories. Thanks for the chance to win!

  458. I would love that lens! my brother just moved across country and his wife just gave birth to their 3rd (a beautiful baby girl). I have not seen them since christmas but am planning a trip out for the fall and would love to take some beautiful photos to share with the family back here. i know this lens would be perfect for that and much loved.

  459. i am still considering buying a lens…im a beginner with lots of practice already…would love that lens big time

  460. i love the issues on the ck sept. issue…too many ideas for just one summer and fall is also great time to pick up those ideas

  461. The tamron lens would help me to take higher quality pictures of all 26 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren

  462. I love looking at the lastest in great products and the wonderful layouts ready to scraplift. That lense is eyeballing me…
    I just told my husband how I needed a new lense and my birthday is Sunday. Hint Hint. I doubt he will get it for me, since he thinks my camera is awesome. It is, but I really need a lense!!!

  463. The lens would be a great addition to my fiancee’s camera seeing as she is going to try getting into photography professionally. I would love to win it for her.

  464. I have been oogling that lens for a long time now…blur-free photos sound very enticing!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  465. I have two lenses I am constantly switching between. It would be so nice to have one lens that does the job of two. I can just imagine the possibilities.

  466. i always love to read ali’s article… she has a very simple way of scrapping.

  467. Ohhhhhhh! I need that lens and I loved the Sept issue!

  468. I am trying to expand my photography skills & become a better picture taker, this lens would definitely help! Thanks for doing a give-away!

  469. I love your mag, I look forward to reading it cover to cover! I am taking a photography class soon and I need to get a new lens!!

  470. I loved the “Back to School” photo ideas!! And having a 15x zoom lens for my Nikon D80 would make me giddy!!!

  471. I always use the “Back to School” LO’s and ideas. I always love the traditional and seasonal ideas in CK. These are the pages that I’m always certain to gain inspiration from because I know I’ll have photos of these events coming up soon to scrapbook.

  472. Oh, the lens would be perfect for my upcoming vacation – I would only have to pack one lens, instead of three!

  473. This lens would be awesome to use!

  474. I loved Ali’s article featuring layouts about the roles in our lives. And I always love Brian Tippett’s article about cool stuff!

  475. Please enter me in the lens contest. I love the new product section and ideas to scraplift. Thank you!

  476. This lens would have a huge effect on my photography because I just upgraded to a digital DSL camera but I couldn’t afford another lens in addition to the basic one that came with the camera. I find that I don’t have enough options with the lens I have. Yesterday I tried to take pictures of the Cattails across the street from where I work and wound up ankle deep in mug and rancid water because I couldn’t get close enough to them!

  477. This Tamron lens would be perfect – I love taking shots from further away to capture those camera-shy people and to have vibration reduction in a lens would be amazing!

  478. I would love this lens for my camera to shoot photographs of my granddaughter.

  479. I would use this lens to capture all of the special moments of my daughter.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  480. Thank you for the chance to win such an amazing product! I would love to win the Tamron lens!

  481. I really loved the do-it-yourself school photos! I’m an avid photographer and love taking pictures of my girls. Since my oldest just started preschool this was a great article for me to get some great tips. Thanks!

  482. I just picked the issue up today and I am anxiously awaiting a hour or two on the couch with it this evening, along with a good hot chocolate. 🙂 Thanks for the peeks!! 🙂

  483. I absolutely love Creating Keepsakes magazine! I’ve been a subscriber for at least 9 years and I’m amazed that the creativity continues to get better and more inspiring every month! My favorite contributers are Ali, Becky and Jennifer – each month they consistantly have great new layouts and creative ideas! I love the tear-out pages of layout designs that are now included in each issue. I’ve become a total scrap-lifter and love the page and journaling prompts – especially those in the “School Journaling with a Twist” article. I’m so excited about this giveaway! I’ve noticed lately that my pictures have been slightly less sharp and was concerned that my camera was on the blink, but maybe it’s just me. I’ve started taking more shots in low light without flash (because I love the way Ali Edwards documents life with her photos) and maybe I’m just a little less steady these days. An anti-shake feature on a zoom lens would be awesome! I take lots of pictures of our Boy Scout troop and they’re always on the go – not to mention my own four kids! What I could do with a Tamron lens!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  484. Very cool to give away a lens!

  485. I love the school themed layouts. The inspired me to not only do some layouts, but to make sure i take the time to get some great first day of school shots!!!

    Also one of the layouts had a questionaire. I had my 2 girls write up a letter to their teacher telling them about themselves and having the teacher answer a few questions. I plan on scrapping the answers with a photo of each girl and their teacher.

    Thanks for the inspiration and the LENS!!

  486. I would absolutely love to have that lens just for an all around lens. I don’t have one of those and it would be fabulous to take pictures of my family and friends whom I scrapbook most.

    thanks for the chance to win!

  487. Wow! What a great giveaway! I look forward to the new products section, and of course the article with Jessica Sprague. I hope I have her name correctly! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  488. I like Ali Edwards’ Studio A column

  489. […] you have to do is just leave a comment on their blog here. But you have to hurry! Deadline for your comments will only be accepted until Friday, August […]

  490. Wow, what a giveaway! With such a large zoom, it will be so much easier to get those action shots of the kids when they are in soccer or riding a bike or whatever… right now they are pretty much tiny people in my viewfinder!

  491. This lens will help combat the shakiness (from all the laughing) that happens when I start shooting!! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  492. The back to school layouts look like fun! I’ve been thinking about buying a new zoom lens for my Nikon, this one would be great for those lower light shots:-)

  493. The article about taking your own back to school photos was exceptional and much appreciated because I have 4 to be photographed! I could only dream about owning a lens like that for martial arts and football competitions I TRY to photograph! 🙂

  494. My husband purchased a Canon Rebel Xsi for our anniversary. This lens would give us some great new anti-shake photos. Trust me…we need anti-shake to take good pictures. I bet it takes great shots in the school gym which has always been a challenge.


  496. I LOVED the back to school stuff! That lens will help me finally be able to shoot from afar!

  497. I loved the back to school stuff! The lens would be great to shoot wildlife from far away, like whales and dolphins out here in Hawaii.

  498. The ideas for back to school are great… and new ways to journal…. there is always something to learn.

    WOW!! the lens…. “It also features Vibration Compensation, which is an anti-shake mechanism.” How cool would that be when taking photos of my husband drag racing… it is so hard sometimes to get the best pictures as I move with the car and take pictures at the same time. It would be awesome to add this lens to my NIKON D50… thanks for the great giveaway… I will share this opportunity with my blog friends…

  499. Wow! that lens sounds amazing. I have minor tremors in my hands and a lens that would help to hide some of my flaws would be fabulous.

  500. i’m often outdoors at concerts or family gatherings. changing the lens for different pics often takes tooooooo long, so i’ll definitely have to have a lens like that!

  501. OMGosh! What could I do with this lense? ha, this is only the most amazing thing I’ve heard of in a loooong time! I have just recently (about a yr ago) started to work on my photography and I have learned alot and I know that this lense is the lense of all lenses – hehe. This lense would allow me to get the pictures of my family that I have always wnated! angled, black and whites, but not so much those things will be clear and almost perfect but that I will be able to catch them in almost any posistion and/or area that I can imagine. Not having to run and trip over my flip flops anymore to try and get closer to get really cute pictures would be nice. : ) I know it’s a long shot but winning this lense would make me the happiest person this side of the US – hehe

    Thanks for chance and I can’t say enough about CK’s magazine. I am always eagerly awaiting the next issue. So many creative people, so many instances for inspiration!

  502. This lens is just what I need. Thanks for holding this giveaway!

  503. This lens looks perfect for me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  504. WOW! What a great giveaway. This Tamaron lens would not only take my photos to a whole new level, but my scrapbooking as well.
    Capturing those moments that I might not have been able to get without such a cool lens and getting them into the scrapbooks would be such a wonderful accomplishment.

  505. I would love to win that lens! It would be useful because the kit lens that came with my camera won’t hold focus if it is aiming down at all, so that’s a big problem! And that Tamron lens would be SO perfect for travel.

  506. The layouts are just so adorable. I can’t wait to start using some of those ideas. Would love to get a lense like that. It would help so much when taking pics of all the wonderful poses my daughter gets herself into.

  507. Whats not to love about CK…constantly reminding us that scrapbooking is a whole different kind of art. I do more looking now than being inspired by and making. And what do you know, I recently acquired a D5000 with the basic lens kit. Then found two manual Nikon lenses my mom had for her old film camera…and while some say its all the photographer or the camera… but the lenses, oh the lenses. I feel like Willie Wonka making chocolate wonders. And what I would do with the Tamron lens. Let me count the ways.

  508. I was introduced to Tamron lenses by a relative who is a semi-professional photographer when I was looking for a lens to photograph indoor sporting events as I have grandchildren involved in basketball and gymnastics. I purchased the Tamron lens he recommended and have been very pleased with it. When looking for lenses in the future I will always investigate what Tamron has to offer first. They offer quality at a reasonable price.

  509. This is my first time commenting on a blog. When I saw the camera lens being given away, I knew I had to try for it. My daughter, Linz, has a natural, God given gift for taking photos. She took her first photography class last year as a sophomore. When she learned about all the different lens she wanted to try everyone. We haven’t been able to buy her any different ones yet, so winning this one for her would be awesome! I would love to see what she could do with it!

  510. Hi! I just wanted to say how much I love CK. It’s still the best magazine out there. My favorite article in Sept. is the Jessica S. article about printing 4 pictures on a 4×6 photo, gotta love that!!! Thank you for the chance to win. P.S. I read all of the article over and over.
    Take care,
    Kim T.

  511. My favorite article in the September issue was COMPUTER TRICKS by Jessica Sprague. I’ve always wanted to learn how to get multiple photos on one 4×6 print so I was very excited about this article.
    Amy S.

  512. I would love, love, love to win this lens.

  513. My dad’s dream has always been to be a wildlife photographer – this would be his dream come true!

  514. The back to school layouts are great. I love the use of the pencil as a branch for the owl. School days offer a rich source of inspiration for memories and scrapbooking.

  515. WoW! So Cool! This lens would go perfect with my Canon DSLR that I already have. I would love to use it to get even closer pics of my kiddos…capture the moment. 🙂 thanks CK for this awesome opportunity!

  516. Hi this whole idea of CK putting up so much cool stuff is awesome . What is more exciting is the “Tamron” thing 🙂

  517. My husband use to be into photography during film days. He quit. I just got him to get a Nikon and this lens would be great for me to give to him to use. He’d love to go shooting on the weekend at sunrise in the east of New Orleans. It is a great way to start a day together watching the sun rise and shooting it as well as the birds and other animals. We could even take a photo of us together. Due to health we almost lost each other so it would really be special. Thanks.

  518. Your layouts are so inspiring. I love all the new ideas each month! Would also love the Tamron lens. Don’t have a DSLR yet….but what an inspiration to get one!!! Love taking pics…of everything! Thanks

  519. This lens would be just what the doctor ordered for a 3 year colon cancer survivor! They got rid of the cancer but left me somewhat shakey hands from the chemotherapy and radiation. We now travel more and try to record our family in photos because life can be very short sometimes. Thank You!

  520. The pictures are the most important piece to the layout, so having the perfect camera and LENS to take those pics is essential to scrap-booking! I would love being able to take blurr-free pictures of my grandkids and our family events! Thank you for sharing this info and for having a give-away!

  521. I would love to have that lens to take better nature shots of the birds outside my window. Since I have hand tremors, it would be perfect for me and provide assistance. Thank you very much!

  522. I loved the article on how to use photoshop to create a 4×6 photo with multiple photos in it. I love learning how to use photoshop from the magazines. I am a bit of a computer dunce but your directions are always fantastic. that sure looks like an amazing lense!

  523. Oh My what a wonderful giveaway! Just completing an eight week class with Karen Russell and could really use that BEAUTY!

  524. I love the article about printing more than one photo on a 4 x6 print, I am not photoshop savy and any help to learn more about the program is awesome!


  525. Looking forward to the October issue! Always love reading the magazine.

  526. I have a new Canon XSi, and my pictures still aren’t good. A new lens would help, and I think I’ll need to take a class or two, also! Love your magazine!

  527. I love the zoom power of this lens. I will flip if I win this.

  528. Beyond my wildest dreams! This oldtimer recently acquired a GOOD DSLR and the best lens she could afford with a 18-105mm lens… I actually used to shoot with regular SLR and 35mm film. Imagine! I must admit it will be a while before I learn all the features of my new camera, which is wonderful, but having the Tamron 18-270mm lens would afford me the opportunity to get those nature shots I can only dream about.

  529. Creating Keepsakes is always an inspiration and the September issue is no exception!! Meanwhile, as one poster noted Tamron equipment is reasonable for the scrapbooker/photographer as far as price and ease of use. I have been eyeing a Tamron lens for some time squirreling away my money and sooner or later I am going to add a Tameron lens to my collection!!

  530. I would be over the moon happy to be able to use this lens. My photography skills need every drop of help possible. Please throw my name in the hat. Thanks!

    Beth of Salvage Studio

  531. Creative Keepsakes is constantly fueling my imagination with new ideas on how to document the lives and adventures of my family (and friends!). Photography is a newly found artistic passion of mine and this lens would help me to create even better memories!!
    Thanks so much!

  532. Creative Keepsakes is constantly fueling my imagination with new ideas on how to document the lives and adventures of my family (and friends!). Photography is a newly found artistic passion of mine and this lens would help me to create even better memories!!
    Thanks so much!

  533. I loved the article “5 do-it-yourself school portrait ideas”. Got the cutest shot of my kids walking hand-in-hand from behind. I would be so happy to win the Tamron Lens. We have a upcoming trip to Disney World, and would like up close action photos! Creating Keepsakes is the best!

  534. I would love to win this lens! The macro feature is just what I need for taking pictures of my jewelry. I’ve been having trouble getting good closeup shots.


  535. I LOVE your magazine and all of the great ideas and inspiration I find. Thank you so much for all you do for scrapbookers and paper crafters everywhere!

  536. I am really getting into using sketches lately and LOVE that you have started to include sketches of all the layouts featured in the magazine. I would LOVE to win this lens. This is one of my dream lens and would use it for all my photoshoots of babies and children.

  537. What a wonderful give-away! I am retiring in a month and will finally be able to have more time for paper crafts and photography. I plan to purchase a digital SLR camera (Canon) and this lens would be perfect. We have a Tamron lens for our film SLR camera and love it! My husband & I are also editors of a newsletter so we are playing with layouts and photos for that!!

  538. That lense would be fab. Fingers crossed. XXX

  539. I would love that lens! My fav part of the Sept. issue?-Those shoes! They were gorgeous and I literally drooled over them! LOL!

  540. Loved the Sept issue! My favorite articles were the Journalin with a twist – great ideas and layouts! Becky’s sketch always helps me when she has multiple photos – this month’s was no exception! I save Ali’s column for last – it’s my favorite! But the biggest thrill is the chance to win this great lens from Tamron!! What a dream come true that would be! I take lots and lots of action shots of our Boy Scout troop and NEED an anti-shake feature! I’m holding my breath until tomorrow!

  541. I would like just now to buy new photo equipment (for autumn vacation). I love take pic in details and to use macro for detailed pictures of flowers, moss, bark and other things from nature. It would be great to win this lens for completing whole set. Thanks. Lubica – nature lover.:-)

  542. cover to cover it’s the magazine i look forward to the most!! the new products, seeing layout ideas, and of course the articles! thanks for the great giveaway offer, something exciting in these last few days of summer!!

  543. I’m a newbie to digital SLR photography, and that Tamron lens would be great for me, as I would not have to switch between my wide angle and telephoto lenses. I’ve read that it has the largest zoom ratio of all SLR lenses so far. I bet the wildlife shots would be great!

  544. That lens would be perfect for my photography! I enjoy getting shots of my 17mo twin daughters.

  545. It would save me lots of money to win the lens instead of renting one everytime I use it. My business would have more of a shot taking off!

  546. it would be a great add to my lens collection!

  547. My wife is the crafty one in the family and loves CK. It helps her create great ideas that she can implement in our lives. I’m more of the photographer in the family and would love an all-in-one lens. It will save me time from changing my lens which will mean more opportunity to get great pictures.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this!!

  548. What a great giveaway! I have always had a Canon camera but lately my pictures have looked a little blurry. I thought it was my camera but now I’m beginning to think that maybe I’m not as steady as I once was. I’m also not using my flash – thanks to great inspiration by Ali Edwards – and I’m shooting in low light situations. I also take lots and lots of pictures of our Boy Scout troop always on the go. I guess the point is, I could really use, and would LOVE to win the Tamron lens – especially with the anti-shake feature! I’ve got my fingers crossed. Thanks for the chance!

  549. I enjoy the entire September issue. I always look forward to receiving it in the mail and skim through it briefly and then read it in detail – cover to cover. I would love to win the Tamron lens to help capture two high energy boys, ages 4 and 2.


  550. I just simply love Ali’s article!!!

  551. I just simply love Ali Edwards’s article!!!

  552. […] And now for the moment most of you have been waiting for. In an earlier blog post, we were giving away a Tamron lens to one lucky reader. We received 550 comments as entries to the […]

  553. Love this lens –amazing

  554. JUST WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  555. What’s not to love about back to school pages. And I do think I’d love this lens, since I always seem to miss what I’m really seeing with my own two eyes with my camara at my boy’s sporting events!

  556. OMG I’ve been dying to have this lens. I could finally get those great pictures of my family I keep missing.

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