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lori-andersonI remember reading a quote by Saint Augustine which read, “The world is a book, and those that do not travel read only a page.” Whether you’re traveling to the next town or to a different country, exploring beyond your own backyard can teach you many things about different cultures, people and ways of life. The sights, smells and sounds are new and exciting and with each new adventure, you are learning and living. (And let’s face it, traveling is fun!)

After a vacation, don’t you find you return home with lots of fun stories to share, photos to scrapbook and memories to record? I know I do. Sometimes, things may not go as planned and other times you may return home even more exhausted than before you left, but scheduling a trip (even a short overnighter) is something all of us should try to do for ourselves.

Check out some of these travel tales from members of the CK team. Not only do we work hard, but we play hard, too.

The Trip of a Lifetime

The Trip of a Lifetime - Lori Anderson

The Trip of a Lifetime
A few years ago, my in-laws gave my husband and I two tickets to London, England to visit them while they were working overseas. My first feeling was panic, because I would need to arrange for the care of our four kids. After the initial anxiety wore off, I found myself looking forward to spending time alone with my husband and investigating all that London had to offer. My father-in-law was a wonderful tour guide and asked me each morning, “Do you miss the kids?” I did miss them, but I knew they were in good-hands, and I was having a wonderful time. It truly was the trip of a lifetime.

-Lori Anderson, Senior Editor 

The Tower of Terror (Times 13)

The Tower of Terror (Times 13) - Brittany Beattie

The Tower of Terror (Times 13)
While I was on a family trip to Disney World, a rainstorm caused most park visitors to leave an hour or two before the park closed. We saw the opportunity to ride the Tower of Terror (our absolute favorite) without needing to wait in line. One ride—fantastic. A race through the rain to enter the line again. Ride number two. Another race through the rain. We were making great time—enter the line, load the ride, enjoy the free fall and repeat. Before the park closed, we’d managed over a dozen rides. Bliss!

 -Brittany Beattie, Managing Editor 

An Under the Weather Honeymoon - Megan Hoeppner

An Under the Weather Honeymoon - Megan Hoeppner

An Under the Weather Honeymoon
My most memorable vacation is definitely my honeymoon, for both good and bad reasons. On the good side, I spent almost two weeks in paradise with the man I love. On the not-so-good side, we both got very sick. In fact, my husband got pneumonia and spent several days in bed. Being our honeymoon, you’d think spending a great deal of time under the covers would be a good thing, but I’m afraid that wasn’t the case for us. Oh well. We still managed to have a glorious time. We were there celebrating our love and commitment—even the Bubonic Plague couldn’t overshadow that kind of happiness.

-Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor

Headed South . . . Again - Beth Opel

Headed South . . . Again - Beth Opel

Headed South . . . Again
Usually I have a fairly good sense of direction. But my geographic orientation around the tiny town of Key West never really kicked in. Each time we set out, whether heading for a new locale or a place we’d already been, we always seemed to end up at the Southernmost Point in the United States! I can’t even explain what we were doing wrong, but maybe that colorful buoy had some kind of gravitational magnet, pulling us determinedly southward. Fortunately, we were in high spirits, so our navigational struggles, instead of frustrating us, provided a continual source of merriment!   

-Beth Opel, Senior Writer

Taking On the Big Apple - Maurianne Dunn

Taking on the Big Apple - Maurianne Dunn

Taking on the Big Apple
About three years ago, I spent six weeks in New York City for a summer intensive study program in publishing at NYU. I had never been to New York before and was going by myself not knowing anyone there. By the time I left, I had made many new friends, found old friends, and conquered the subway system—a true accomplishment! It was a lot of work and a lot of fun studying with some of the big names in publishing, which made it a memorable and rewarding experience. 

-Maurianne Dunn, Associate Editor

Do you have a funny, exciting, dismal or downright awful travel memory to share with us? We’d love to hear about it! Leave us a comment detailing your story (and link us up to a photo, if you have one). Here’s to fabulous adventures!

Lori Anderson, Senior Editor
Creating Keepsakes

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  1. My husband and I just returned from a week long trip to Ireland where we saw U2 in concert and actually met cousins from his side of the family who live there. It was a once in a lifetime trip for us and still feels pretty surreal to me that we were able to go!

    I kept a daily journal while we were there. I am now in the process of posting the journaling and some of the photos from each day of the trip on my blog.

    I hope to make a blog book out of the posts for a simple scrapbook in addition to the layouts I hope to make :0)
    My blog address is http://maryjo1997.blogspot.com

  2. My most recent travel memory is of my honeymoon! We didn’t make any plans at all, we just drove out to California and did whatever we wanted. It was the greatest week! It was SO much fun to not have anything planned and just go with the flow. There was lots of ocean and In’N’Out involved. 🙂

  3. Traveling home for Christmas Eve + Huge ice storm + cancelled flights + sleeping on airport floor with hundreds of other stranded passengers = does not add up to alot of fun! Worst travel experience ever. I laugh now but I was in tears every 30 minutes then. I was only 18 and just wanted to get home for Christmas!

  4. I’ve got some crazy travel stories… from my aunt getting knocked over by a bus in Venice (Mestre) to getting stuck in elevators the size of a closet… one of my favorites, though, was from when my friends and I were in France a few years ago. We had gone up to Bayeaux to see the D-Day sites and misread the train schedule for the last train back and when were ready to leave we discovered our mistake – no more trains!. We would have just grabbed a hotel for the night, but we had 7am train tickets from Paris to Brussels in the morning and the first train to Paris didn’t arrive until after 9. There were no buses, nothing… so, we took a cab. It was like 580 euro and when we got on the metro back in Paris we looked up and there was a sign advertising trips to Egypt (including hotel and airfare) for 516 euro. We couldn’t stop laughing over the fact that we could have gone to Egypt for the cost of our cab fare. I did a quick layout of it here: http://gwenyth.typepad.com/photos/my_work_2_gifts/page_38_a_pricey_afare.html

  5. Our trip of a lifetime was on a cruise! We booked the cruise about a month and half ahead of the date. About a week after we booked I learned I was pregnant! So on top of dealing with sea sickness I had sickness from the pregnancy! It was still a trip to remember!

  6. long story short, due to a change in my hubby’s Army training schedule, we had to change our wedding date, and when we did, our honeymoon plans fell through. My MIL gave us a gift certificate for two nights at a hotel so we’d at least have a “mini-moon,” but when we made the reservations, they said we’d have the jacuzzi suite the first nite but would have to switch to a new room the second night- no big deal we thought. So we got there, and the hotel was a weird mix of posh Italian style {chandeliers, high-tech shower controls, push button for room service} and outdated 70s {mirrors EVERYWHERE in the room including the headboard, and cold continental breakfast and the hotel allowed smoking in half the rooms so our non-smoking room got wafts of smoke all night}. So the first nite was fine, but we woke up to find out the city had a power outage! We had planned to go out for a hot breakfast and a movie while we waited to check into our new room for the second night, but there was noooothing open in the whole city! We ended up canceling our second night and going to his parent’s house for the next night and then went up to our apartment the next day. Luckily we get to go on our original honeymoon to Disney World at the end of this month- hopefully it’ll go smoother than our mini-moon 😀

  7. I found travel stories and I would like to share it with you.
    The Funniest Apartments Stories gave another perspective of a travel. Tnxs.

  8. My 23 year old brother almost got murdered on our first night at Carnival in Salvador, Brazil. Separated from us and drunk, Pulse tried to walk from Pelourinho to Barra not knowing 1) it was 5 km away, and 2) one word of Portuguese. A block from his starting point he elected to venture down a dark alley to urinate. As he was doing the latter he noticed in the corner of his eye a 30cm machete coming for his head. He instinctively put his hand up and luckily grasped the attackers wrist. It had come from nowhere.

    There were two attackers – thin, black, ragged, desperate, aged about 18 years old – and a 10 second scuffle as the first attacker continually attempted thrusting the machete at Pulse’s head. A second, machete-less assailiant rifled through his back pocket, stealing all of its contents – two condoms. (Pulse had moved all of his money – $50 worth of Reals – from that pocket to his shoe about a minute earlier).

    In the end Pulse was strong enough to keep grip of the boy’s wrist and finally push him free. He then sprinted toward the streetlit end of the alley to safety. But to this day he believes the intent was to murder him with a savage blow to the to the head, and that he was a split second away from that happening.

    Note: An hour later he was mugged again, another attacker ripping the same back pocket and running off of the 150 reals that for some reason had been returned from shoe to pocket post machete-attack.

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