CHA Wrap-Up Week: Day 4

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meganSo much to see, so little time. This is the story of the CHA life, both at the show and on the blog. Yes, we’ve dedicated an entire week to this exciting event, but even that doesn’t feel like enough. So, I hope you don’t mind that we’re going to cram a bunch of videos in today. We’re also going to add an extra day to the fun and extend our CHA week through Saturday. Good? Good!



Today I want to take you on a tour of some of the new exhibitors showing at CHA this year. These fresh faces always have beautiful and innovative things to offer the scrapbooking world and I hope you’ll join us in giving them a great big welcome to the industry.


Here’s an organization solution you’re going to love. Not only will it keep things tidy at home in your creative space, but it will also make crafting on the go a snap.

Lily Bee Design

This company is as delightful as the name implies. Join me in looking at two of their new lines and get another glimpse at my speech impediment. (Last round of CHA videos it was “aluminum” that caught me—I can never say that word—this show it’s “tulle.”) There’s nothing like feeling foolish on film to boost your ego. 😉

Album Concepts

Personalize your albums with your favorite digital photos. This company makes it easy and fun!

Kiki Art

Meet Kiki, the warm and adorable designer and owner behind Kiki Art. She’ll explain how her colorful designs are inspired by that happy child within.


Today’s product demo comes to you from the Zutter booth. Stephanie Ackerman, a dear friend of the CK family, shows how to use the Bind It All tool to make a charming little album in no time at all.


Tomorrow: We’re excited to welcome a special guest blogger who will take you inside the first-ever CHA Craft Super Show. I’m not going to reveal our guest, but I can say that you’re sure to form an attachment when you meet her. (That’s a little hint for you.)

Saturday: I know that there have been requests for photos. If you’re one who wants to see show snapshots, Saturday is your day. We’ll post a bunch of great show shots for your viewing pleasure. While we’re at it, we’ll be sure to include one or two more videos. A good time is sure to be had by all.


Here’s an original idea. Let’s say you tell us what you like the most about today’s post and we’ll select a comment to win a CHA prize pack. (Winners to be announced next week.) Again, the feedback is very helpful. Thanks so much for all of the comments left thus far. We love hearing from you.

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor



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  1. I agree that aluminum is a tricky word!
    My favorites today were the Lily Bee tour and the Bind-it-all demo, love that TC mini!!
    Lovin’ your CHA recap!

  2. I like the concept of the ScrapCessories. I also enjoyed seeing the Kiki Art because it is bright and different…and I love purple!

  3. I’ve always wanted to see the Bind-It-All in action, so thanks for that!

  4. Again, so many choices…I think my favorite is the Bind it All diary, that is so cute!
    I also love the Vintage Poppy line by Lily Bee.
    Gotto love the sparkly puzzle pieces and rub-on runner from KikiArt.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I loved the Zutter demo. I really want the rounder, is it on sale for purchase now?? I’ll go check it out. Meghan your doing a great job with the videos. luv them

  6. I love love love Lily Bee! awesome stuff 🙂 and thanks for the demo for the Zutter!

  7. The Scrapcessories a nifty! People need of a good Cricut storage solution! The custom albums are also interesting!

  8. I love the ScrapCessories stuff! Kiki Art was cool and different, I’ll be looking for that and I always love anything Zutter 🙂

  9. My favorite is the ScapCessories by far – wonderful concept and I’m loving it!

  10. I can’t decide if I like the ScrapCessories or the Bind-it-all demo best. Both are great. I want to see more!!!

  11. love love love the bind it all!!
    Thanks so much

  12. I love to see how creative all of the different companies are with showcasing their products in their booths. I wish I could be there!

  13. I love the Stickles holder from ScrapCessories and the leather-like books from Zutter the best.
    What I like most about your post today is that I can see these cool products before they are even in the stores. Now I know about things I want that I didn’t know existed! LOL!

  14. I love to see people cleverly come up with solutions to problems! The scrapcessories are great!

  15. Thanks for sharing the latest from the show!
    Love to see what I need to keep my eye out for in the stores!


  16. I love your videos so I can feel like I’ve actually gone to CHA too. I have never been so I am living vicariously through your videos!

  17. I like the Album Options – really a brand new product idea.

  18. I love the storage containers from that new company…especially the stickles storage. Now if they would make one for glimmer mist 🙂

  19. I love all the write-ups. It’s so helpful to see things in video form. Almost like being there.

  20. I love the storage for the cricut cartridges … super fabulous! Hugs, Christine

  21. I love Lily Bee too, but I also like the look of those organizers.

  22. I just got a Bind-it-All so I’m a little biased. Plus, I love Stephanie Ackerman!

  23. ScrapCessories! I need all the organizing help I can find.

  24. I loved hearing about Kiki Art … more about how designers get their inspiration, what their motivations are for creating what they do … I like to know1

  25. I love to see the new faces, to see what’s new on the scene!

  26. Lilly Bee sounds like a great new company to keep an eye on. Their stuff is so pretty. ScrapCessories stickles storage is genius!! And I never thought I needed any Zutter products, but now I need a “small” handful. Love the round it all, cuts like a dream and the journals…. totally cool.

  27. The Zutter demo was the best, thanks so much for sharing these with us!

  28. At first glance I thought this was a no-brainer. I had seen the LilyBee tulle flowers and knew I had to have some in every color. But
    the ScrapCessories alcohol ink/stickles holder stopped me dead in my tracks. I’ll take 7 of them please. Being slightly OCD, I have spent hours cutting holes in styrofoam to hold mine so they won’t fall over. Of course,again with the OCD, the holes aren’t perfect-so there you go more hours trying to cover them up. The people at ScrapCessories are my new heroes!

  29. Oh wow, that Scrap Caddy is amazing and SOOO versatile! What a great idea.

    I most like seeing all of the new products. I like that you do video on some of them to show how they work. It’s always easier on my mind to buy something when I’ve already seen it in action!

  30. I love the Cricut containers and organizers. That would be so cool to take to a crop!

  31. Loving all the scracessories stuff 🙂

  32. The product demos are still my favorite. It’s nice to see some new products in action.

  33. Love the videos…makes me feel like I was actually there. NEED the Zutter tools, especially the “Round it All.” So glad you featured some of the new exhibitors today, good to see people promoting their small businesses in today’s economy. Keep up the good work!

  34. I’m so inspired by the pretties by Lily Bee. I’ll be watching them.

  35. They were fun new exhibitors, each had something I dont have! Thanks for sharing.

  36. Loved the interview with the Kiki-Art person. It was fun to learn the name of that “kid” inside us all. My favorite today, though, is the ScrapCessories booth. Love the Cricut containers!

  37. I’m always up for new organization ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Love the Zutter tools – have some but need more!

  39. love the bind it all. and the storage containers are great too

  40. Lily Bee is really pretty. Plus I loved the corner rounder that Zutter has, will need to check into that.

  41. I love Lily Bee and Zutter BIA is one of my favorite tools.

  42. I like the bind-it-all demo. I have seen the book covers and straps advertised, and now I want to try them!

  43. i love the organization video .i all about being organized. everything has its place. and the other thing would be the demos. new stuff to buy

  44. Love the Scrapcessories! I’ve seen tons of CHA coverage and haven’t seen a thing about them! Way to go! 😀

  45. Definitely Lily Bee 🙂

  46. That Zutter round-it-all is cool! Looks like it cuts like buttah. 😉 I love the new lily bee lines too – seen some great stuff in the blog world, so it’s nice to see their booth at the show.
    Thanks for the videos – I was actually one of the ones who said that pictures would be nice too, but I know it’s easier and faster to get a lot of shots of different booths/examples of work just through the videos. You saw SO much at CHA – thanks for sharing all this w/ us readers!

  47. I really love the little album that Stephanie Ackerman made so quickly! Sweet and simple!

  48. I have wanted a Bind-It-All for about a year now…thanks for the great video.

  49. I liked the Kiki Art, very nice. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  50. The mini album demonstration by Zutter was fantastic!!! I certainly could use one or two of those tools!!! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  51. Cant wait to get my hands on some Scrap Cessories. They look fantastic. Nothing bugs me more than having to work out what I need to take when I go to a scrap night, with these I can take everything and not worry that I have forgotten something.
    Gina B

  52. really lovin the scrap cessories!!! so inventive 😀

  53. Thanks for the videos and letting us know about new companies out there!

  54. Love the new companies. I think ScrapCessories might me my fave. Anything to help me organize!

  55. I’m torn…the Albums, which seem very cool and unique or the demo of the Zutter tools, which I’d never really gotten the gist or purpose of before. I’ll have to try them all!

    I do like the videos. As one commenter said, it makes me feel like I’ve gotten a chance to go to CHA.

  56. I love the lily bee!

  57. I’m liking the Zutter! 🙂

  58. I really love that you guys are doing the videos at CHA–it’s so much fun to see the full “tours.” Thanks!

  59. I have a Bind-It-All and I really enjoyed seeing the new products that are available to use with it. Those book covers are awesome…the ideas are already flowing! Thanks so much!

  60. Loved the video from the ScrapCessories booth!

  61. Lily Bee, love their product!

  62. I like the lily bee designs. Their style of papers are the ones I always use.

  63. i loved the zutter video! i’ve made a free make-and-take at my LSS and used it to make a small scrap book. SO easy to use!

  64. The bind it all is so neat. There’s so much you can do with it. I love that they’re creating new things for it all the time!

  65. I liked Scrapcessories idea for storing Cricut Cartridges. You just cannot keep those cartridges in the original boxes and have room for anything else! Can’t wait to get my hands on those scrapcaddy boxes!
    I’m having fun checking out CHA on this blog. Thanks so much!

  66. Love the bind it all

  67. Hmmm..Lilly Bee seems to have some really great designs! I will have to look for that stuff soon! I love the black and white stuff!

  68. Demo tutorials are always the best when on video. And I enjoy seeing the new products and ESPECIALLY fun are the new vendors! I may have to look into those new products. Thanks for taking the time! (Love the album option idea!)

  69. I love the Zutter Booth. I got a BIA not too long ago and have not used it yet! Makes me want to get mine out and play!!

  70. Love the new boxes from Scrapsessories! I was packing up last night for a crop and was whining about how I didn’t have anything to keep my paints and stickles in for easy travel (yes they are in plastic storage bags right now). Can we order these yet?!

  71. I loved Stephanie with the Zutter items. I read her blog all the time and it’s great to put a voice with a face – LOL!

  72. I am trying to organize my scrap room, so enjoyed the Scrapsessories piece.

  73. Love the ScrapCessories! Love things that help organize and make attending crops easier. Lily Bee products are nice.

  74. Love seeing all the videos, especially the bind it all demo!!! Very cool, feel like I was there too! LOL!

  75. Love Zutter products. and the colorful Kiki Art papers are very cheerful – great for cards.

  76. I think I’m in love with ScrapCessories! I love organization and the fact that you can see everything easily is a plus! Strapping it all together for a crop is super cool!! Thanks for sharing this. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for this one!

  77. The scrapcessories is awesome! I love the stickle storage and the fact that you can strap three together to carry to a crop. tfs!

  78. I am so thrilled t see you higlighting Daph isa very good freind of mine and was very blessed to receive two of the very first caddies!! I love mine and they have made my life so much easier. So far I just have the one for catridges but I hope to get all the extra pieces soon!!! Buy with confidence as Daph is great to work with and so much fun!!!

  79. Great video. It’s nice to see some of the new thing that are on the market. I really liked the caddies for the cricut cartridges.

    Looks like everyone was having a fun time.

  80. WOW – I have been trying to find something to store my cricut supplies in and have been getting increasingly frustrated by it – that scrap caddy from scrap cessories is awesome!

  81. I actually love that you decided to feature new vendors. It is nice to see new companies and what they are coming up with.

  82. i love the zutter demo. 🙂

  83. I love the Lily Bee stuff!!

  84. I totally loved the smart idea from the ScrapCessories Booth! Just a terrific idea all the way around! And the Zutter booth was great with the wonderful demo…

  85. I love the products from scrapCessories!!!! I cannot wait for Daphne’s stickles storage to become available. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing the video.

  86. Hey ladies! Thank you so much for all the nice comments! I know how important it is to be organized AND make it easy to go to crops!
    Be on the lookout for the Stickles organizer and an acrylic stamp one!
    Megan the videos are all great! Thanks again!

  87. I really like that you showed some booths and products that I haven’t seen before. Thank you for that. I really enjoyed the Zutter demo too! That was so fun!

  88. I love all things organization! Love the boxes from scrapcessories!

  89. Loved the Zutter demo, the effortless cutting was so cool (I read Stephanie’s blog so it was fun to see/hear her in your video!) that book was cute too.

  90. Thanks for sharing. Loved the Zutter demo!

  91. Lily Bee and zutter are my favorite from this post! Love the demo!

  92. The Cricut storage is cool! I also like the Zutter video. Thanks!

  93. I just got home from CKU Charlotte where I purchased a Zutter Bind-It-All, so I was excited to see your video in the Zutter booth at CHA. I think I now have to buy some of those cute fasteners for the books. Thanks for sharing.

  94. Thanks for the tour @ CHA!!
    I absolutely love the ScrapCessories yeah we also need one for the glimmer mist!! i need a few of those!
    I love the zutter however is been out for years(mine is blue) is always great to see it in action!

  95. my favorite would have to be the lily bee…but they are one of my favories anyway! Thanks for the peek!

  96. i liked the storage products

  97. Ooooh, clear stackable boxes!!!! Looks very handy!

  98. I loved the storage ideas from ScrapCessories I would love to find that in my local stores in MD that would be so nice to finally have a place to keep everything altogether. I would love those for my daughters Polly Pockets, Art supplies,and her beads stuff too. It looks like a perfect size for a lot of things not just scrapbooking related items. Please list all the stores or websites that would be carrying these please.

  99. Thanks for the demo of the bind-it-all that was so cool! I also can’t wait to see more from Lily Bee designs. Thanks Megan

  100. I love seeing what’s new. Thanks for sharing!

  101. Zutter stuff is wonderful!! Thanks for the demo, it’s time for shopping…

  102. The hard photo covers are definately a fave.

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