CHA Wrap-Up Week: Day 3

08/12/2009 at 11:39 am | Posted in Insider's Look | 91 Comments
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meganWe’re on a roll. It’s already day 3 of our CHA Wrap-Up Week. What do you think thus far? Are you having a good time? How are those feet holding up? Well, I hope, because we have more show floor to see today.



Let’s start things off with a little Trend Talk. Just as we’ve done here on the blog, Lori Fairbanks and I have joined forces (behind the camera this time) to talk what’s hot. This time we’re spotting a popular, puffy motif that popped up all over the CHA show floor. See what that trend is and how the following happy companies incorporate this look into their newest lines:


* Crate Paper: We start our Trend Talk at this inviting booth, where they’ve taken our spotted trend and incorporated it into their paper and their fabulous chipboard.

* My Little Shoebox: Our trend gets a dash of color at this bright booth. Plus, you get to hear how Lori and I date ourselves with a silly TV reference.

* Cosmo Cricket: This visit includes a special visit from company owner and product designer, Julie Comstock. She’s as delightful as her products, so this is one interview you won’t want to miss.



I’m happy to bring you not one, but two product demos today! You can thank me later. 😉

Stampers, make those stamped images shine with this technique demonstrated by Stacey at Stampee, a new CHA exhibitor.

I must have been in the mood for shimmer when I filmed these demos. Here’s another one that will make your projects shine. This time Christy, a talented friend at the Sparkle N Sprinkle booth, shows you how to add a dash of glitter to acrylic pieces.



Today I’m taking you inside the colorful Spanish Memories booth, where my new pal Nelson shows us some cool ways to use their products on layouts and small gifts. Plus, he’ll introduce you to his beautiful daughter.



Whew! We just managed to visit six booths in on blog post. We rock! After all that, I think I need to sit down. But, before I go I want to give you today’s CHA giveaway prompt.


Here at CK we’re always looking to grow and improve, so we really value your feedback on our posts. That said, I’m going to ask the same thing I did yesterday. What did you enjoy the most about today’s post? Is there a technique that really speaks to you? Are you a nut for talking trends? Maybe you love the gift ideas provided by Spanish Memories. We want to hear from you, and we’ll be sure to draw a name at random from comments received to win a new CHA prize pack. Hooray!


Now, go rest up so you’re ready for more CHA show-floor fun tomorrow. I’ll see you then.


Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor



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  1. I liked the interview with Julie Comstock. I always read the Cosmo Cricket blog, and it’s nice to finally see and hear one of the people behind the line and blog.

  2. Trend talk is always interesting. Thanks!

  3. I loved Christy’s demo with the glitter and acrylic…what a great idea.

  4. i like seeing all the newest stuff. kinda generic, but true!

  5. I love seeing all the new product but it’s really fun to see the new trends as well. love all the clouds!!

  6. I am not big into identifying trends, but really enjoyed your interview with Julie from Cosmo. I think it would be neat for CK to interview the “people behind the paper”-to highlight the different designers and let them tell us the little things that go into the product design. I think we would all find a greater respect for the work that they do by getting a glimpse into their creative process. We always hear about a design team member’s process when creating a layout, but never the process for creating the actual design on the paper. And kudos to Cosmo for their sustainable forest designation.

  7. It’s great to see all the new stuff. I wish there were pictures in addition to the videos!

  8. The demos were cool. I really enjoyed the interview with Julie 🙂 Most of all, I love that you showed the gift ideas from Spanish Memories!! Can’t wait to see more!

  9. I always love seeing and hearing about the trends since I havent been able to attend a CHA yet.

  10. Be still my crate heart! Love that company and their lines.

  11. i enjoyed seeing the ‘sparkle & sprinkle’
    look forward to more!

  12. Wow..I love the videos today!
    I loved the clouds by My Little Shoebox,
    The Earth Love line by Cosmo Cricket,
    the Sparkle & Sprinkle demo was adorable, and the projects by Spanish Memories were GREAT!

    Thanks for sharing

  13. I just love seeing any new trend or technique!

  14. I love talking about new trends!

  15. I totally loved the “inside” talk with Julie 🙂 cool stuff!

  16. I definitely benefit when I see a technique using specific products. Often I’ll see something new on the market and be totally clueless what to do with it. The “new product” videos are nice but the more specific the demonstrator is explaining the product, the more interested I become. “Panning” the product is not as effective as having the designer actually introduce the product. I’m not sure why, but I think the enthusiasm of the designer helps inspire me. Thanks for taking the time to make the videos!

  17. I loved Crate Paper’s new chipboard!

  18. I like the product demo’s. It is fun to see how it is done. I also loved the views of the various booths and projects and new products. I love it all. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I like the heads up on the CP polka dots. Sometimes it takes a while to go through all the products in a line; I like direction toward the cute stuff.

  20. The product demos were really nice. I have seen all the trends on other sites as they were being released at CHA.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. The trends are interesting, but I am trying to stay away from what’s ‘cool’ and only buy what I like and will use. I already have a ton of deer and hedgehogs that I have no idea what to do with!
    I like seeing new techniques.

  22. loving the Spanish Memories 😀 so cool!!

  23. The little crafts in Spanish Memories were very cute—especially the one for Tic Tacs! I also am loving the cloud trend right now. Adds the perfect touch of nature to a layout. Of course I live in the NW so maybe that’s why I can relate to clouds so well!! I particularly loved the line from My Little Shoebox! TFS

  24. I’ve been familiar with and loving Cosmo Cricket for a while. But it’s also been really fun to see companys that I don’t know and haven’t seen yet at my LSS. Thanks!

  25. I’m really loving all the trend talk and the demos are fabulous as well!

  26. I love the foil stamping. and I don’t need to buy a new expensive tool to use it that is a plus!!! more money on other fun things 🙂

  27. Love the stamping foil and the acrylics with the glitter. Makes me want to dig into stamping.

  28. I love the colors in the Spanish Memories products! Beautiful! I love the tic-tac cover idea, too 🙂

  29. I love seeing new trends. I haven’t shopped much for supplies lately (I know– how is it possible? =) because I trying to use what I have, and trend talk makes me want to go and try something new!

  30. I love, love, LOVE seeing the new trends! Especially paper. I’m a paper addict through and through. 🙂 Technique is also fun to discuss, as it’s great to learn new things.

  31. I liked the demo at I think that heated powder along with heating the foil onto the cardstock would be much better than other methods I’ve tried. Foil is really pretty on cards and scrapbook pages!

  32. I liked the cosmo cricket portion best. I love their products and it’s great to get a little extra peek into the company.

  33. I just like to see all of the new product!

  34. love all the sparkle!

  35. I liked Julie Comstock’s interview and I really liked the Sparkle and Sparkle product demo! Todays post was lots of fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. I am totally in love with the cloud trend! I love all of them!!!!

  37. I always like to see the new products. A girl can always put a few things on her wish list!

  38. I like the glitter demo – I use a lot of glitter and it’s fun to see new aplications.

  39. Loved the Earth line by Cosmo Cricket!

  40. i feel like I was at CHA now. Thank you!! I’m excited to see the Stampee stuff… very cool. And I’m rooting for Spanish Memories. They’re obviously creative and innovative.

  41. thanks for giving us a peek inside CHA! I liked the Stampee demo; nice to know a good ol’ iron can do the trick as well as a more expensive alternative!

  42. I always love any time Julie Comstock is involved. She is so fun and full of energy. The foiling technique you showed us was very cool and would be perfect on cards. I can’t wait to try that sometime.

  43. I always enjoy anything with some bling and new techniques. Thanks for sharing all of this post with us.

  44. I enjoyed Christy at the Sparkle and Sprinkle Booth. The work was just beautiful. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about embossing, and she makes it look so easy. Thanks for sharing!

  45. I love to see all the new goodies and the demos are great!!

  46. I too love seeing new products!

  47. The Sprinkle and Sparkle video was fantastic. Full of great tips, I’ve been going crazy trying to attach photos to the back of acrylic ATC’s neatly. Now I know-thank you!

  48. Thanks for the trend talk – my only suggestion for the blog would be to include still photos instead of all video from the showroom floor. It’s more difficult to view the videos via iPhone/Blackberry (and I’m always reading blogs when I’m waiting for my kids!). Thanks!

  49. I love “meeting” the owners/desingers/creators! It is really fun to see them and get to know them. Thank you for sharing all of this!

  50. I enjoyed the clouds trend talk today. In general though, I’d really like to see less focus on new trends and techniques and more focus on journaling prompts, sketches, challenges, and project ideas. A jumpstart like that really inspires me to go create.

  51. I loved the My Little Shoebox, especially the page samples they showed. I rely on you showcasing the new lines of product…that way I know what I want to search for when I’m shopping online.

  52. Love seeing all the new product and the technique demos are great also. Thanks for sharing!

  53. I like “visiting” the booths and seeing the new products displayed in so many creative ways. It is much more exciting than just looking at them on a website! Love the focus on trends with clouds today. I also like interviews.

  54. I love the demos 🙂

  55. I’m definitely all about trend talk! I enjoy being kept to be up to date on products and themes that are hot on the market right now. Thanks!

  56. I love seeing the new trends but also ways to use them. Sometimes new things can scare me a little!

  57. it was really awesome to see the small little design details that help pull together CC lines e.g. Earth Love as seen in the video — pretty neat! i also thought it was fun to watch the foiling demo thanks for the behind the scences!

  58. The sparkle and sprinkle (or is it sprinkle and sparkle?) demo was very cool. Hadn’t really thought about stamping on acrylic.

    Cosmo Cricket is the coolest line out there and I liked the peek behind the scenes with Julie.

    Why the mushrooms all over the place? I just don’t get it.

  59. I love new trends….ok so I love all things new in the SB world!

  60. I loved seeing the trends, and I loved the interview with Julie from CC.

  61. I really enjoyed the Sparkle and Sprinkle demo. I love working with acrylic so to see new ways to use a products you love is always a bonus. I’m not as interested in the new trends, but I do like demos on new products and new ways to use old products. Thank You

  62. I love techniques…of any kind! Keep them coming!

  63. Loved the demos! Thank you for sharing all the new goodies with us. Can’t wait to work with all this great product!

  64. I am ALWAYS a fan of Cosmo Cricket!

  65. I liked the Trend Talk – not necessarily because I want to follow the trends but because I want to see all the new products. That’s definitely my favorite.

  66. I like seeing the demos, but I like the Trend Talk because I love to see what’s up and coming.
    I really need to get to a CHA someday! Thanks for sharing with us:)

  67. I love the demo!

  68. I like the videos visiting the booths to show us some new companies and their product. I also enjoyed Julie’s video.

  69. The stampee stamp foil was really kool. The colors look great. Got to check out the website. Loved Full House and I so remember cut it out.

  70. I love hearing about new trends. But is also nice to have videos so you can really see how a technique or a trend is used.

  71. I love the fact that you not only wrote about CHA but that you took videos!! Love that pink Zutter BIA!

  72. I loved the Tic Tac gift idea! Also liked hearing about what inspired the Cosmo Cricket line of paper!

  73. I love the Spanish Memories line and all the project they had.

  74. Videos are such a great tool to use. I can see products better and it makes me just so excited to buy and create.

  75. I do love clouds! especially the flat bottomed clouds and patterned clouds. LOVE!

  76. Being a supporter of saving the planet, I’m a huge fan of Cosmo Cricket’s Earth Love line and the message they send by using sustainable materials and soy ink. Love that they love the Earth and it shows in Earth Love!

  77. i love the video featuring stampee. looks fast & easy…. and do-able!

  78. I loved the interview with Julie from Cosmo Cricket-I love their stuff!!

  79. more techniques please. 🙂

  80. Loved the sparkle and sprinkle…I’m gonna need some of that!!

  81. Cosmo Cricket and Crate are two of my all time favs! Glad they were on your list!!

  82. I really enjoyed the Sparkle & Sprinkle booth…She did a wonderful job on that snowflake! The Cosmo Cricket booth was also neat especially interviewing Julie! That was great!

  83. I love the mls clouds in the trend talk!

  84. looking forward to “jolly by golly” from cosmo cricket, I really have a thing for Christmas papers

  85. Loved the interview with Julie from Cosmo Cricket. I follow their blog and love all their products!

  86. loved Cosmo Cricket!! LOVE IT SO COOL!!

  87. the trend talk is very inspiring – makes me want to create

  88. I can’t really decide! I want it all, I want it all! 🙂 Wouldn’t know where to put it because I already don’t have enough room around here, but hey 🙂

    The cloud paper & others from Earth Day were really stunning, and so was the booth from Spanish Memories… I’m a paper gal 😉

  89. I really liked all the shimmer and sparkles on that acrylic…nice look! Clouds…What a fun new trend…love it!

  90. I have just found all these wonderful website. I love Paper Crafts Mag, Moxie, everything, I love seeing all the new trends and what all is coming out. Thanks you so much. Keep up the great work.

  91. I love, love, love the glittery acrylic!!

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