CHA Wrap-Up Week: Day 2

08/11/2009 at 1:10 pm | Posted in Insider's Look | 110 Comments
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meganIt’s day two of CHA Wrap-Up Week on our blog and there are very good things in store. For starters, I want you to grab your site-seeing shoes because we’re about to embark on CK’s CHA Cute Booth Tour. You’ll join Lori Fairbanks and me on this walk of the CHA floor, where we’ll stop at some of the cutest show booths in town. Here’s your itinerary. Let’s hit the floor!

CK’s Cute Booth Tour Itinerary

* Stop #1: Sassafras Booth—Check out the happiest little monsters in town and find out who one of them reminds me of.

* Stop #2: Doodlebug Design Booth—Who knew Santa and his Doodle elves worked in Orlando? This sweet stop screams Christmas in July and offers new and stylish organization solutions for you use in your cute space.

* Stop #3: Die Cuts With A View Booth—Say cheese! This booth comes complete with a photo booth and some serious peace and love. Groovy!

Product Demo

Now that we’ve got the lay of the land, I think it’s time we learn some creative die-cutting techniques. This product demo from Spellbinders will have you looking at letterpress in a new way, and Kazan Clark, the gal demonstrating, is about as delightful as they come!

A Look Inside

Ready for one more? Okay, how about a look inside the Ribbon Ring booth, where you’ll find an easy ribbon-storage idea as well as some super tasty crafting treats. Pour yourself a glass of milk. You’re going to need it after viewing these sweetie pie ideas!

That’s it for Day 2. Did you have fun? I know I did—maybe it’s true what the say about blondes having more fun. 😉 Peace.


No, I haven’t forgotten that we have CHA goodies to give away today. Leave me a comment here, letting me know what your Day 2 highlight is. Maybe it’s those ribbon chocolates that have you salivating. Or perhaps it’s the impressive ideas presented by Spellbinders. We’d love to know what stands out to you on this, day 2 of our post CHA adventures. Thanks!

I’ll see you again tomorrow!

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor



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  1. I love the giraffe from Sassafras!
    And I loved the saying in the frame with Doodlebug Designs “So many projects, so little time” how true!

  2. I love the new organizational stuff from Doodlebug!

  3. Doodlebug is so cute! And anything that helps me to get organized is huge.
    Thanks for the wrap-up.

  4. I love the sassafras lass stuff!

  5. The little giraffe from Sassafras is just precious! It would look very cute hanging in my little boy’s room!

  6. Did someone say chocolate?

    Seriously, though… I’m loving the new Sassafras and I’m always amazed by the projects and techniques from Spellbinders.

    Thanks for the peeks into the show!

  7.!! The ribbon chocolates are just adorable, as well as the cupcakes!!! So sweet! I loved the videos, thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Love me some doodlebug! Their stuff is always so cheerful and cute!

  9. I’m obsessed with those monsters.

  10. I don’t think I can pick just ONE! I so wish I could see the show in person.

  11. OMG, seriously, you have to ask? HANDS DOWN, KNEES DOWN, FACE DOWN, SASSAFRAS ME PLEASE! LOL

  12. Sassafras did it again!! How awesome! I love the monsters….

  13. Sassafras… it’s an addiction.

  14. love the sass stuff and the spellbinders well who doesnt love spellbinders

  15. Sassafrass–it is just so fun to say! And like the doodlebug color!

  16. The doodlebug shelf with the wire baskets! Loved that!
    Jennifer C

  17. I absolutely love the Sassafrass giraffe! Actually, I love every cute and funky representation of animals 😀 So this one really caught my eye!

  18. I love the tours of the cute booths! So much fun to see it all since I probably will never be there in person. They were all CUTE!!!

  19. Sassafras ALWAYS catches my attention, but I love the new Doodlebug stuff too!

  20. I need those monsters with three of my own hiding out in my house.

  21. I can’t get over how cute the scallop trim on the Doodlebug storage furniture looks.

  22. I love the hippie chick line from DCVW. It’s so totally me!!!!

  23. I love the drawers from Doodlebug where you add your own paper to the front. So many possibilities!

  24. Well, Sassafras for me!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  25. I need those ribbon rings…and the drawers…and…and…

  26. I love the Sassafras felties! Thanks for showing us!!

  27. Love those felties! Thanks for the tour! 🙂

  28. i’m obsessed with letterpress!

  29. Love the bright colors from Doodlebug. They are cheerful

  30. I love the tour. Cute stuff! Thanks for letting us see.

  31. I LOVE the Doodlebug organizational products!! Delicious and cute, and oh-so practical! 🙂

  32. love sassafrass…can’t wait to get some of those felties!! 😉

  33. Love the BRIGHT colors of Doodlebug although the little monsters are adorable!

  34. I love the spellbinders – so many possibilities with so few supplies. And the ribbon cupcakes are adorable.
    Thanks for touring on our behalf.

  35. I am so inspired by the Ribbon Ring booth! What a great way to organize the ribbon… and I want to make some of those zero-calorie sweets! 🙂

  36. Love the spellbinders–they have the greatest ideas.

    Megan, I wanted to add that I took your class in Manchester and it was definitely the best class I took. Interesting and entertaining! Thanks again for a great class!

  37. love doodlebugs custom storage stuff. WOW!! And Sassafrass really made their brads look so cool in the cross-stitch hoops. And Spellbinders never stops. They’ve always got something cool up their sleeves.

  38. highlight is definitely the spellbinders! it looked like a lot of fun.

  39. i love the demo from spellbinders. 🙂

  40. I really love Sassafrass Lass and Die Cuts With A View always has really cute paper.

  41. I liked the demo from the Spellbinders booth. It makes me want to run out and get one.

  42. I just have to say that I LOVE the monstrosity line from Sassafras!

  43. Since I’m currently watching Monsters Inc. with a dancing 2 year-old I would have to say that the Sassafrass Lass monster stuff is high on my list!

  44. I love the storage items from Doodlebugs!

  45. I love love love that sassafras!

  46. I loved the doodlebug booth! I love anything to help me get organized!

  47. Love the Doodlebug organizer boxes where you insert the paper in front.

  48. You had me at ribbon chocolates.

  49. I would have to say that the felties are making my heart swoon! 🙂

  50. I really liked the inking, embossing and then cutting technique demonstrated by Spellbinders.

  51. Even though I am an aging hippie through and through, I fell in love with Sassafras’s Monstrosity the first time I saw it.

  52. love it all!!! 😀 especially DCWV 🙂

  53. Love the sweetness of all things Doodlebug! There booth always looks so darling from the photos that are posted! Thanks for sharing these inside looks with us–very fun!

  54. Love the Spellbinders embossing and cutting machine! What a great tool! Megan, you are just too cute! I read your column each month in CK.

  55. I love organizing so I’d have to say Doodlebug’s new stuff is rockin’ my world!!! 😀

  56. Hey Meghan, great video’s. I love the new doodle bug organization solution. I’m looking around for storage to buy after the wedding cause my stuff is everywhere and I really want one of their pieces. Does anyone know when its available for purchase??? and where????

  57. I’m totally digging on those ribbon rings! They will really help me with project organization. 🙂

  58. Love the monster card display at Sassafras!! Doodlebug’s organizing stuff is great, but I don’t have room in my craft closet 😦

  59. I love the monsters. I have no idea what I would use them for, but I would love some.

  60. I love the adorable little monsters and I have to have some of those Doodlebug storage solutions. Thanks for the tour =).

  61. I love the ribbon ring and the chocolates and cupcakes they made are amazing!

  62. I love the Die cuts with a view! The new hippie chic and I went to their website and saw their new All about a girl
    but then I just love all the scrapbooking stuff.
    Would love to have been at this show!
    thanks for the previews!!!

  63. The ribbon storage is too cute!!!

  64. The doodlebug store was too cute!

  65. Doodlebug organizational stuff… So cute!


  67. I love the Sassafras booth! Those little monsters are cute right along with the fruit felties! I must get some of those. Thanks for sharing your cute little videos with us.

  68. I liked the spellbinders video! I need this new machine!

  69. Hi Megan! What caught my eye the most was the lovely blond wig at the photo boot:):) Lovely! But really, what I could use most of all this stuff, is the cool frame at the doodlebug booth, to frame the layouts. Would love that.. Have a great day!

  70. I love all the ribbon organization stuff. I love any and all things that help me organize. What an awesome idea by DCWV to have a photo booth, too!

  71. I thought I wanted to go to CHA before. HAHAHA! Now I would LOVE to go. Thanks for taking us with you, ladies.

  72. I love the Sassafrass booth! How cute is their product?!

  73. Sassafras, for sure–but the Ribbon Ring stuff looks pretty cool too 🙂

  74. Ohh thanks for the CHA preview. I love the Doodlebug drawers where you can change your paper out. Snowflakes for Winter, pumpkins for Fall. How fun!

  75. I’m so excited about the Ribbon Rings! It would be so much easier to see everything in my ribbon stash without taking up too much room.

  76. Love the videos, sassafras is always fantastic. Love the tours. Thanks for touring with us!

  77. Thanks for the insider view of “fun booths”…I’m a huge fan of the Doodlebug storage tower and drawer unit. All the other storage in my current room is white, so it’d coordinate perfectly! And I love how you can personalize it with your favorite paper…wonderful! Also impressed with Sassafrass…little monsters are uber cute!

  78. I LOVE the DCWV Hippie Chic!! Can’t wait to get my hands on some 🙂 The Ribbo Rings are awesome! Will have to get some of those too 🙂 Thanks for the tour girls!

  79. The Doodlebug storage is at the top of my wish list!!!! I can’t wait to get some in my scrap room!

  80. Love the monsters!!! And definitely love the ribbon storage idea, mines a mess right now!

  81. I love the sassafrass… love that giraffe!

  82. What girl doesn’t LOVE doodlebug glitter! YIPPEE!!

  83. I loved the ribbon “balls” they almosted looked like you could walk down the aisle with them!

  84. What stands out for me is that … You all have the best job! Love the Sassafrass lines, everything Doodlebug and all the ribbon. Thanks for the chance to win some CHA goodies.

  85. Always love Spellbinders stuff! I try to spend money on tools that I will use over and over again.

  86. I love the ribbon ring!! That is a great idea. Her box of ribbon chocolates is also darling. That would be an amazing Mother’s Day idea for a crafty momma!

  87. love the doodlebug

  88. i love the ribbon ring booth. the ideas for storing ribbon are simple, but effective. the samples displayed made me hungry… they were just adorable!

  89. I think the DCWV photo booth was great!

  90. Totally loving the entire Sasafrass collection! Just ship it my way! I’ll be sure to make good use of that stuff :)!

  91. I’m loving your cute booth tour – really love Sassafras Lass!

  92. I love Doodlebug designs! They are so creative! The sugar coating on everything really appeals to me since I love candy…
    I liked their booth the best on your cute booth tour.

  93. SASSAFRASS!!! Definitely my favorite from Day 2!!! I love it all! I love the booth, too! Those monsters are the BEST!

  94. Loving the Sassafras. So fun and funky!

  95. Love the new storage ideas from Doodlebug! I have been looking for cute storage everywhere…I think I found a winner! 🙂

  96. cute stuff

  97. Those ribbon chocolates are adorable!

  98. I love Sassafrass!!!! So stinkin cute!

  99. My favorite was the ribbon candies.YUM!

  100. love the cute storage items from doodle bug.

  101. i like the ribbon ring idea for storage! what i love more are those ribbon projects displayed at her booth!

  102. sassafras…..really just anything with that brand name on it gets me drooling!

  103. You guys look like you’re having fun!! Love the ribbon chocolates and the felties at Sassafras! tfs.

  104. Doodlebug always seems to have the cutest designs for their new products!!

  105. I love, love, love the Ribbon Ring booth! It had such wonderful creativity going on and a smart idea on how to store your ribbon! I also enjoyed the Sassafras booth…it was adorable!

  106. I love the Doodlebug organization goodies!!

  107. The chunky glitter from doodlebug- that looked fun to use!

  108. i love the ribbon storage ideas!

  109. its got to be the ribbon storage – practical and pretty!!!!

  110. I just love sassafras…such cute stuff! And the new organizational products from doodlebug…very nice! tfs another fun video Megan

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