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meganI bet you want some eyelets. Am I right? Okay, so maybe this is an easy bet to make, considering eyelets are fun and functional. If I’m right and you want to add a bunch of colorful new eyelets to your scrapping stash, then I’m happy to say you’re in luck. We’re  giving away an eyelet assortment pack from Eyelets Etc. right here on this blog.


If you caught my “Tips & Tricks” column in the August issue of Creating Keepsakes, you know that I shared an easy organization solution for eyelets, using bitty boxes and grommets. Well, the colorful eyelets we used in that magazine project are looking for a home, and it could very well be yours.


Here’s how to enter:

Leave me a comment, stating your favorite thing to do with eyelets between now and Sunday, July 19. From the comments received, we’ll randomly select a lucky winner. The winning name will be posted on the “Giveaways” tab (at the top of this blog) on Monday, July 20, so please check back to see if you’re a winner.

Eyelet forward to reading your ideas soon! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a silly pun.)


Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor



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  1. I use eyelets mostly for my tags. Sometimes i like to put them “front side back” for a nice, distressed look. Since i got my Scraparatus, I use them more often.

  2. I use eyelets to put ribbon on cards and pages. It looks so nice having my gorgeous ribbon pop out from the fun-colored eyelets. Thanks for giving us the chance to win!!

  3. I also use eyelets to put ribbon on my pages. I also use the shaped eyelets to decorate a page, for example…for a night time page for sleeping I would use the star eyelets…it just adds to a page. Thanks

  4. I am known as the eyelet queen, every single one of my layouts has either an eylet or a brad, to the point of people cringe when they see me coming for a crop because they know I will be loud. I use eylets for attaching velum and fabric to my LO since with time glue always shows, but If I had to pick out one single favorite way, it would be to dot the i or make an o or 0 on journaling and titles it just makes them stand out!

  5. i use eyelets for tags or for min-albums. 🙂

  6. I use eyelets for attaching vellum or acetate. I’ve also used them as the center of small flowers and on tags.

  7. Oh, I’d love to win those!! I use eyelets for ornaments and mini albums!

  8. That was a pretty good pun! I wouldn’t have thought of that 🙂 I love to outline things with eyelets… I have so many that using up a bunch to create a wavy line feels good.

  9. I attach pockets for memorabilia with them and they also work great to attach velum. And as decorations for most anything.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  10. I like to use them for attaching things. Tags, journal spots, stickers, all sorts of fun things. The colors and styles make them versatile.

  11. I use eyelets on everything! I love the extra little pop of fun they leave on my layouts.

  12. I like to place three eyelets in a row at the bottom or side of a picture, and put a little piece of beautiful patterned paper behind them!

  13. I mainly use eyelets for the centers of Prima flowers.

  14. Any idea when the “submit” tab will be updated for the new submission calls???

  15. I use eyelets to atatch vellum to my layout and also on tags, to put ribbon through them.

  16. I like metallic eyelets – they are neutral and go with all sorts of colors! I usually use them in pairs or threes to just add a little accent.

  17. I usually use them on the edge of a page and tie a ribbon through.

  18. I use eyelets to attach tags or other embellishments to my pages. I have also used them to attach and create a memorabilia pocket on my page. Thanks for a chance to win some goodies!

  19. I love using yellow ones for flower centers. I’m also planning to try out the Big Bite I just bought on scrapbook pages.

  20. I love eyelets, but I still have to find an easier way of setting them 🙂 That hammer I have now is just not my thing 🙂

    I like them best when adding pages together for mini albums… Put a ring and a nice ribbon through them and voila, says so much more than a bound album or just simple holes!

  21. Eyelets (and brads) are my favorite embellishments and I use them on everything! Some things I have done with them include creating shapes, adding a touch of color to a layout, threading ribbon through them, using as the center of flowers, on tags, cards, etc. I love that you can get eyelets in so many shapes, sizes, and colors! I also love how MM’s eyelets come in their own stackable container! My favorite tools for setting eyelets are the crop a dile, the big bite, and I have the MM Instant Setter as well. Just call me an eyelet addict!

  22. I’ll use eyelets anywhere and they are so much easier to use since I have my cropadile. No more noise!

  23. I love eyelets. I use them all the time sine I got a cropadile. My favorite use for them is to layer flowers. It just makes any crafting project stand out.

  24. I really like to use eyelets and brads to attach vellum and other transparent items. Makes it so much easier to use and you don’t have the mess of adhesive. I also love the shaped ones as embellies

  25. i’m learning pergomano/parchment craft so i use eyelets to attach the parchment to a base card because glue would show through:)

  26. eyelets can be used as “o’s” in the title or in the paragraph.

  27. I love reading other people’s suggestions! I use them on vellum – so much easier than adhesives! Thanks for the give away!

  28. Love eyelets! Especially the fun shaped ones – I add them to matted photos in the corners. I also use them to add ribbon or as letters in page titles.

  29. I love to use eyelets on flowers. It gives them that little extra pizzaz!

  30. I like to use eyelets to run fibers through a page. July 20th is my birthday, so that would be a great day to win!

  31. I love me some eyelets! I usually use them to form a swirl, circle or some shape I want on my page. I also use them in the corner of the page or mat as a “photo corner”. You can never have to many eyelets.

  32. I love to use eyelets for all sorts of things. I use them mostly for attaching photos, and on tags.

  33. I mostly use my eyelets to add a nice touch to any tag and for binding paper bag albums.

  34. I have some eyelets but I’ve never used them. I just got the cropadile and I am taking a Donna Downey class this week-end and will be using them in the class. I’m sure it will be a blast.

  35. I love to use them with floss to sew up rips in my distressed pages.

  36. I use eyelets mostly for tags or to layer cardstock.

  37. I actually haven’t used eyelets in a long time!! After reading some of these comments, it makes me want to go try some of the mentioned ideas. I do like to use eyelets to accessorize a page, putting a row of them under or to the side of a photo

  38. I like to put eyelets on the outside border of a picture and then lace ribbon through them to hold the picture in its place.

  39. I am a mini album junky and hence I use eye lets for every tag and finishing touchers….it makes such an impression

  40. I like using eyelets anywhere and everywhere.

  41. I like to add three to the center of my flowers and to use them for all kind of ribbon accents.

  42. I mostly use them on my tags!

  43. I use eyelets everywhere I can… I love them! My favorite project was creating a vellum sleeve to hold some mementos – I used eyelets around the edge to hold the vellum in place.

  44. I like to use eyelets for flower centers.

  45. In the center of flowers, on the edges of papers, photo frames….I love them for everything!

  46. I just got a Crop-A-Dile so I’m trying eyelets on a bunch of different projects; mostly to embellish cards 🙂

  47. I like to use eyelets to make interactive journaling spots.

  48. I use eyelets in a multitude of ways, but mostly on tags to loop fabric through. I also like to use them for attaching vellum or any type of transparent embellishment. 🙂

  49. I like to make designs with the eyelets or make large “pockets” using eyelets (as attachers) on a page for Misc. at the end of a scrapbook. Thanks for thinking of us!

  50. so funny! well I have some but haven’t used them lately!

  51. i JUST got my first set of eyelets this weekend, so i’ll have to see what my fav thing to do with them is 😀

  52. I have used eyelets for tags! I’d love to get the Big Bite some day so I can put them in the middle of a page!

  53. I like to use them as embellishments on small photos such as using a Lacrosse stick brad as three-dimensional aspect on one of my sons lacrosse photos in a layout or using a simple round eyelet, coated to match a font or part of a photo, to be the “dot” on an “i” in a title or a snowflake that is falling down into a child’s hand.

  54. Just got a cropadile so now they go everywhere! But I love using them to attach other elements such as tags or flowers in particular.

  55. My favorite is still to use them in the center of flowers.

  56. I like using eyelets at the end of tags!

  57. I an addicted to eyelets. I use them on everything from paper craft to sewing projects. I just love them.

  58. I like using eyelets most for pulling ribbons through! Great ideas on this post that I had not that about in awhile!

  59. I really don’t use them that often. I guess I just use them for tags really.
    I have used them for little accent items too.
    I’d love to add them to my stash so I could find more creative ways to use them!

  60. Eyelets and brads are my favorite! I love to thread ribbon through eyelets (so I don’t have to use glue…yuck!). They also add extra pizzaz as photo corners or to attach tags.

  61. I love to use eyelets for the centers of small flowers. It allows me to layer different papers together so I can get the look I want. I also use ‘man’ colors (as my husband says) to hold together pictures and tags in my husbands Air Force Scrapbook. He really hates to have a lot of extra stuff in that book – The guys might see it. Thank you for the wonderful give away. Reading the comments has given me new ways to use eyelets.

  62. I love eyelets and use them often! I have used them in just about every way mentioned here. I recently used them to make a hidden journaling spot behind a hinged letter. I also use them alot for ribbon as well.

  63. I first have to admit I was not a big fan of eyelets at all! I was so exicted to buy some and once I had to start with the hammer and pad i was done! then comes the greates tool ever! the cropadile love it! now I can start using eyelets again! and I like them on tags, pages any size and even on some photographs!

  64. I like to use eyelets on flowers–can also use them for closures on paper box purses–put beads on one end of elastic thread, put through to loop on a button for closures!

  65. I use eyelets in the corners of photos to attach to a page. I also use them in a pattern to add a little design to a layout.

  66. Eyelets are probably my favorite embellishment. I use them as flower centers, to attach vellum, to create patterns and to attach ribbons. I feel like they make the layout look “finished.”

  67. I like to add eyelets as a border or an extra added touch of texture in a corner. Thanks for a chance to win.

  68. I use them to attatch vellum or trasparancy items. I also use them for ribbon.

  69. I like using eyelets for the centers of flowers and as “o” and various other letters in text!


  71. Eyelets are a great way to add that little something to a layout…they are great embellishments. And to anyone who is still hammering….try a cropidile they Rock!!

  72. I like to use them to attach transparencies

  73. I use eyelets in the center of flowers. Adds a nice little touch.

  74. I recently just started using eyelets, I never used them much before. Now I love using eyelets to attach ribbon and I love using them for flower centers. They always add a nice touch to any project. Thanks for the chance to win.

  75. yummy i love eyelets….my new favorites are ones in the sewing isle (the big ones) i love using them for lots of things, but my favorite is using them for my homemade scrapbook albums.

  76. I love just using eyelets right thru the eyes of the beautiful people on my beautiful photos… What?! Not normal?! ha J/k

    But seriously, eyelets are so much fun to use. I got Santa ones once for my C-mas cards and they were the perfect “simple” embellishment to add. They’re cutesy and that’s why I love ’em!

  77. i use eyelets for my tags or for fix my ribbons too
    thanks for the chance

  78. it’s great with transparencies or for tags of course
    But i don’t have a lot of eyelets, so i love to win some

  79. i always use eyelets on my mini albums
    it’s easier then to attach the album
    thanks for the chance to win

  80. i don’t use eyelets because I don’t have much but I like to use it more often
    thanks for sharing

  81. I love to use them on cards. I fun little accent for a little project.

  82. I like to use them to bring ribbon thru in the middle of the page or even from end to end. Gives a finished look & adds interest.

    I also use them with felt diecut “ribbon” in the shape of flowers. The red felt flowers really popped with white eyelets in the center of each.

    Finally in the center of paper Prima type flowers.

  83. I like to use them on my cards or scrapbook pages and then thread my ribbon through them…either for unique bows, as closures or just a creative element.

  84. I use them to make “photo corners”; lace ribbon and thread through them; attach tags, flowers, journaling spots and just all around accent.

  85. I use them for everyday things but the most inereting, fun thing I’ve done is used it on a sports page as shoe eylets and tied it up like you tie a shoe

  86. I use my Crop-A-Dile and Eyelets for my plain summer sandals or flip-flop. I punch 2 holes on each side of the sandal strap. Then I string beads on wax-coated string or even thin leather lacing. I knot one end of the beaded section and feed it through one of the eyelets. Then I bring the beaded strip up over the front of the sandal strap and thread it through the other eyelet hole and tie a small knot (so as not to interfere with it rubbing on my foot). I can change the look of sandals with very little time and effort!

  87. I had to read the pun twice, very cute! 😉

    I use eyelets on cards for the center of flowers, to attach things and just a row as ornamentation! Yeah, eyelets!

  88. i have never used eyelets, but i would like to learn how to use them. i like them on other people’s layouts.

  89. I mainly use eyelets to thread ribbon through. I like how it gives it the finished look. Plus, I like that extra pop of color. Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. My favorite thing to do is put in the center of flowers. 🙂

  91. I most often use eyelets to create a ladder of ribbon, string, floss or whatever I am working with. Eyelets give the piece an added layer of texture and dimention.

  92. I used eyelets alot on my wedding scrapbook to attach vellum and transperencies. I also did a layout with them purely as decoration – it looked great

  93. I love them for attaching velum and other tricky items to a page or card.

  94. I love eyelets because of they dress up the punched holes I make when creating tags or cards.

  95. I love using eyelets on my cards.

  96. I use eyelets to attach vellum and other sheer elements. I also love using them for tags. I have also used the larger ones for the ribbons I used to bind mini-albums. The hole for the mini-album is much more durable this way. I use brads for attaching journaling, and for making elements that “move”. I would love a better way to organize my collection! Thanks for this opportunity.

  97. I love to use eyelets in the corners of journaling and in borders.

  98. I use eyelets for bullet points, and to accent page corners.

  99. I LOVE eyelets everywhere! But love them especially with ribbons threaded through a row…..

  100. I love eyelets! I use them for lots of things, but my favorite is to use them as flower centers.

  101. I use eyelets with ribbon, cards, invitations, pages, mini albums – you name it!! The more colorful the better. They really make a things like more finished and fun.

  102. I use eyelets to attach small vellum pieces to my pages– I’m always worried that an adhesive will eventually show through. I also like to use them to add tiny pops of color in unexpected places!

  103. I like outlining any circle shapes with eyelets – just makes the circle a standout element.

  104. I use eyelets for so many things, its hard to name a few. I like to use them in spelling wherever possible. Also I like to attach things to my pages when adhesive won;t work. I also like to use them as flower centers to hold the flowers on.

  105. I love to use eyelets to fasten pictures, vellum and just pieces to my pages. I use them to for string holes and to just put them on the page cause they just look good. I use them on journalling tags to reinforce them for string or ribbon. I have also used them in designs on my page.

  106. I love to use eyelets to fasten pictures, vellum and just pieces to my pages. I use them for string holes and to just put them on the page cause they just look good. I use them on journaling tags to reinforce them for string or ribbon. I have also used them in designs on my page.

  107. I use eyelets to fasten transparencies and vellum to my scrapbook pages.

  108. I like to use eyelets to reinforce memorabilia pockets on my pages. They add a pretty touch of color to the pockets.

  109. Oh this is just what I need right now, I just bought the Crop-A-Dile 2 and I cant seem to find any brads or anything to use it with. I like to use eyelets as periods in my sentences, kind of to do this… and attaching ribbon and fiber and oh there’s so much but I better stop writing.

  110. I love to use eyelets to attach vellum quotes to a page, because then I don’t have to worry about having just the right adhesive that won’t show through vellum.

  111. Like so many others here, I use them to attach velum, add accents to a photo by creating whimsical designs with them, and instead of using photo corners to attach a photo, I will sometimes use larger eyelettes to anchor them down.

  112. Eyelets are essential for tags and attatching vellum papers. I also use them along the folded edge of the card to make a “spine”, making the card open like a book…

    And after getting my hands on a Silent Setter – no more noise! 😀

  113. I love to use eyelets on gift tags. I place eyelets on a paper crafted or fabric crafted tag, add a matching ribbon and secure the tag on a gift.

  114. I’m looking forward to using my Crop-A-Dile for the first time. I Can’t wait to see all the many uses for eyelets.

  115. I love to use eyelets just about anywhere. On my photos, on journaling; sometimes on both.

  116. I mainly use eyelets on my tags, they give a more ‘finished’ look which I love!
    I have been noticing all the amazing new eyelets in my local stores and would love the opportunity to explore using some of them!


  117. i like to use eyelets to dress up the ends & edges of my papers, usually when i adds strips to a page…they are a quick embellishment that punchs up a page

  118. I mainly use them to attach pages of altered books together.

  119. I would use them in a couple sets of notecards.

  120. Who doesn’t love eyelets? I love using eyelets as journaling bullet points and to thread ribbon/twine through them.

  121. I have only recently purchased an eyelet setter, so I haven’t done a lot with it yet. I really like the way they look in the center of flowers though.

  122. I love them, they add a new look to things, there’s such a variety now, and also they are great to attach things.
    Love them.

  123. I like to use multi colors eyelets to finish a page.

  124. I like to use eyelets, but to be honest I like brads more! ( can I win those instead? LOL)

  125. I use eyelets for oh so many things…they are a nice embellishment that doesn’t add too much bulk, they are great for attaching translucent/transparent papers that adhesive would show through, etc. My all time favorite use was a card shaped like a tennis shoe and I put laces through the eyelets…so fun!

  126. Your pun was funny! Good one!

    I love to add eyelets in unexpected places for dimension. Example: when using patterned paper with circles, add one or several in the center of the circles. Use in place of eyes for dragonflies or bugs. String them into jewelry. Purposely use the back side of the eyelet for stars or what looks like fireworks. Fun!

  127. OMG! What don’t I use eyelets for…I use them to attach things to my pages, making pockets, attaching vellum, creating little bugs, flowers, etc., making mini albums, centers of flowers, adding bling and just for reinforcement. I have every color, I think, and am always adding new shapes…you can never have enough shapes!! I would love to win and add some more to my collection.

  128. I like to use eyelets as bullets for journaling

  129. I use eyelets for many things…making points (instead of the somewhat boring polka dot) in my journaling, adding vellum and other tricky products to my pages, on the center of flowers, as the dots in my ” i ‘s “, around a special person’s name, to accent ribbons, on title strips, there are so many uses. In my greeting cards to accentuate important areas. I really enjoy using them, they add something special to each page, without going over board!

    There are several shape/themed ones that I use regularily too to add pizzazz to my layouts. With three boys to scrabpook for and a sweet hubby too, I’m always looking for new ways to use them to make their pages stand out and be unique!

  130. I love to use eyelets to attach paper flowers to my art. I also have been making art dolls and use them to attach the arms and legs.


  131. I use them on photos to get a 3-D effect. For example, on a close up picture of a person with a button up shirt – I’ll put a button over the shirt buttons. As ornaments on a Christmas tree. To put tags on Christmas/B-day gifts. To put a flower in a girl’s hair. To put a bug in a nature scene.

  132. I use eyelets in tags. Making flowers on a 12X12 page layout. I sometimes even use them on paper flowers

  133. Loved your ideas in the Augus issue. I love to use eyelets as supports for pulls for hidden journaling tags and also for bulleted lists on layouts. Thanks for the contest!

  134. I mainly use eyelets to string ribbon through. With 2 little girls ribbon is used frequently on their pages.

  135. I absolutely love eyelets… a staple of my scrapbooking stash… one of my favorite things to do is use them as a border on a page, picture or embellishment to make it stand out… love them and the chance to win!

  136. I like using eyelets to add a dimensional element to a border or an embellishment.

  137. My favorite thing that I have used eyelets for is to create a lace effect up the side of my layout….simply place the eyelets in two vertical lines and then lace with ribbon.

  138. just curious… who won?!

  139. I was thinking about the same thing Patty

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