Weekly Warmup: Artsy Made Easy

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lori-andersonYou know who you are. You are the serious scrapbooker who loves your go-to tools. You stick to your tried-and-true methods, and you sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed when trying a new technique. Maybe you are fearful to try because you aren’t sure how to complete all of the steps involved. Perhaps you’re afraid the technique won’t turn out “like the picture” you see in the magazine and you don’t want to ruin your page.

Never fear! It is possible to be artistic in your scrapbooking (even if artistic isn’t your “comfort zone”). In this month’s Creating Keepsakes, 2009 Dream Team member Mou Saha steps you through easy and achievable techniques in her article titled “Artsy Made Easy”. You (you know who you are) really can add artistic touches to your scrapbook pages.

This is one of the adorable layouts Mou created for her fantastic article. See the cute watercolored stars in the layout? She created these stars using liquid-watercolors and glossy photo paper. Follow her steps below to create these adorable embellishments.

All American by Mou Saha

All American by Mou Saha

Step 1: Lay glossy photo paper flat. Hold liquid-watercolor bottle upright and spray. Let watercolor dry.


Step 2: If using a second color, rotate your paper and spray a blank location with watercolor. Repeat if desired.


Step 3: Die-cut, punch or hand-cut shapes out of the paper to use as accents.


Be sure to check out Mou’s article in the July issue for more easy-to-follow instructions. Being artistic is easy. You just have to give it a try!

Lori Anderson
Senior Editor, Creating Keepsakes



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  1. Love that idea!!!!!
    Hugs from Brazil

  2. […] the Creating Keepsakes blog for a quick and easy tutorial by Mou Saha, on adding artsy effects to your scrapbook pages. Go to […]

  3. What a great tip! It seems like this idea would work well for those times when I try a technique and it smudges/burns/etc in one area but there are smaller sections that are ok. I could punch sections of any technique and call it ARTSY! Thanks for the encouragement!

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