Weekly Warm-Up: Terrific Trims and National Scrapbooking Day!

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img_2057Ah, May! We’ve reached one of the most beautiful months of the year. Just makes me want to frolic about amongst the flowers. Here in Utah, the lilacs have reached their peak—those lovely, fragrant harbingers of warmer days ahead. Isn’t it wonderful when you can actually adorn your home with vases of bouquets without having to visit the florist?

I think that scrapbooking’s equivalent to fresh flowers just may be ribbons and trims. Their colors and textures add such vibrance and femininity to your projects. For today’s warm-up, let’s play with our stash of trims. Check out the June issue of Creating Keepsakes (p.41) for some inspiring ideas from Jennifer McGuire, and get festooning!

And who can forget the most significant day of the year for us scrapbookers? Quick! What were you doing Saturday? Were you catching up on chores, rooting for a long shot in the Kentucky Derby, shuttling kids to practice . . . ? Or were you part of the hoopla and excitement of National Scrapbooking Day 2009?

What? You missed it!? Well, never fear. You can still get in on some super cool goodies. Head here for:

  • Free journaling spot downloads
  • Free classic CK font downloads (3 of ’em!)
  • Free download to create a CK cover featuring YOU!


Beth Opel

Senior Writer, Creating Keepsakes



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  1. I wish i was scrapping…but household chores called my name all weekend. I did partake in some of the activities on here and another site

  2. mmm… lilacs. the scent of lilacs is one of my all time favorite smells (along with pine trees and babies!)

  3. Aww Beth, lucky you! Lilacs just don’t thrive in Florida. But I’ll live the joy through you 🙂

  4. awesome freebies! thanks! =)

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